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The Death of Jim Hellwig, the Ultimate Warrior

Jim Hellwig, aka the Ultimate Warrior, died yesterday at the age of 54, shortly after being inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame and giving a speech, that whatever the case, was prophetic, and recalls the epic The Wrestler.

Jim Hellwig came up through the Von Erich run Texas outfit, World Class Championship Wrestling, as the Dingo Warrior.  The last living member of the tragic Von Erich family, Kevin, tweeted on the news:

“Jim Hellwig, Warrior, who ever, he was Kerry’s friend, and was always up front with me. RIP Dingo, life turns on a dime”

Jim Hellwig flamed out in professional wrestling after one too many disputes with Vince McMahon, going so far as to legally change his name to the Ultimate Warrior to protect his copyright, which Vince claimed.  After leaving wrestling, he hit the speaking tour scene, as a conservative Republican, until he spoke too plainly in those early Oughts for Young Republicans–sensitive as they are, long before A&E met with the Duck Dynasty Clan.

James Fulford reports Hellwig was a vdare reader.

From Hellwig, on Monday Night television, hours before his death:

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something that’s larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized by the storytellers—by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him, and make the running the man did live forever.”

NPI is Going to CPAC 2014

Well, this is interesting. Richard Spencer is taking his National Policy Institute (NPI) show on the road to CPAC this year.

For years, supporters have urged NPI to make an appearance at CPAC. This year, we’re doing it.

I will be attending panels that are relevant to our movement, and on Friday, March 7, we will host a private gathering for friends, supporters, and  interested attendees.  We will be joined by a special guest, whose identity will be revealed in the coming days.

In attending CPAC, we must be realistic about what can be accomplished. NPI is not an official sponsor, and thus our ability to affect CPAC’s agenda is limited to say the least.

Read more…

While I have my disagreements with Spencer, I agree with this approach. That said, I do see how this could go awry. CPAC made the news last year because a group of white nationalists attended and managed to go viral. I’m sure CPAC wants to avoid that outcome this year. Once word of this gets out to the SPLC and other PC enforcing organizations, it wouldn’t surprise me if CPAC makes an effort to prevent it. CPAC can not, as far as I know, prevent a private get together at the hotel. (Unless they have some sort of contract with the hotel that gives them a say with regard to all room usage? I’m no lawyer, so I’m just shooting from the hip here.) But I do think that they, as a private entity, could refuse to allow a particular person to register. Maybe Spencer will be going as press. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Two Brits Attack the Dark Enlightment

Boy, those Dark Enlightenment folks have sure gotten the attention of (what they call) the Cathedral recently. The hit pieces continue to roll in. John Derbyshire discusses the situation in an essay at TakiMag. He also discusses it in a separate article at VDare. Two recent articles in The Telegraph, formerly a somewhat conservative paper, have taken their shots. The first is by Jamie Bartlett who I am not familiar with. The second, very disappointingly, is by Tim Stanley, who you may recall wrote a fairly friendly biography of Pat Buchanan and was thought by many to harbor some conservative sympathies.

Update: Tim Stanley is taking it on the chin in the comments section. It helps to make them sort oldest to newest, then just start reading them from the beginning.


Oklahoma politics is the place to watch.  Don’t bother looking for it, it’s not there, to quote Marti DeBergi, but I wrote about it a few years ago on a defunct blog, anyway.

A couple sessions ago, the Congress decriminalized home brewing, and placed a referendum on the ballot banning Sharia Law-passed, if to be struck down-only the humorless cannot see the natural consistency–and the gonzo political humor.

Word, from WorldNetDaily, that an Oklahoma legislature, a Republican, is moving forward with a plan to eliminate marriage is ever more encouraging as it seems to have conservative support.

Seeing as the other legislative angle would be to make divorce impossible,..

The Latest General and Conman: Paul Vallely

Retired General conman, Paul Vallely (pension receiver who would never risk it—lets face it) is leading a plan amongst so-called Tea Party groups, strangely popular in “conservative” South Carolina, to push forward with a Congressional strategy of voting “No Confidence” in the Executive Office holder.

 The subject of ex-military men, generals in particular, sold as “rightwingers” is a topic of mine (here, and here), just as an aside, as I point out the most recent incarnation.  My angle carves back to General Walker who Oswald is said to have taken a shot at…

 General Vallely—Vallely appears to be an Irish name– was leading up the charge for the Syrian rebels not a few months ago–literally in theater, but of note,  “late to the game by design”/I see nothing sort of sites like WND are going along with the ruse.

While the rest of us are turning up on lists, even if just by the algos, let it stew on your person, that this tool is taking a government pension, in spite (LOL) of the entire surveillance state.

Hipster Racism

Mitt Romney, back in the day, supported bailing out all those who found themselves a loser when the mortgage backed securities were revealed as worthless and the collateral calls were made.  One of those companies, GE, owner of MSNBC, made out okay–good to employ Alan Greenspan’s wife after all.

MSNBC, is a worthless cable channel, literally, as nobody watches it.  Street theater with the up-and-coming is all they have left, and hence the comments about the Romney Christmas card, where Mitt clearly uses children as a political prop–unless this card was not meant for public consumption–with the newest Romney, an adopted ‘African-American’ child, seated on his lap.  If it looks like a “see, I am not a racist” sort of pandering, it is a fair and reasonable observation (of course the MSNBC host is walking back, short lived street theater.)

And at the same time, if the angle the MSNBC team was working is that adoption should be done within the most similar circumstances, that is a fair point as well, and the conservative point up until the 1970s, where black social workers were adamant that whites should not adopt black babies.  It should be further noted Mitt Romney supports homosexuals adopting children (reducing supply) and signed the surrogate contract for his son Tagg (that included an abortion clause, and not just for life of the mother.)

The predictable response from Conservative Inc., was to play the victim–look at those liberal racists! as they start showcasing their bona fides as the true promoters of ‘diversity’ (which is code word–wait, you have heard this one before.)

The whole thing is embarrassing and pathetic, in light of Mr. Robertson over at Duck Dynasty running rings around the media.  Classic pathetic Romney and all that–he must seriously be thinking of running again.


The Tea Partiers are Making John McCain Depressed

Aww… how sad. Pardon me a moment while I shed a tear.

Sen. John McCain’s daughter says her dad is “depressed” and “frustrated” with the tea party faction of the Republican Party, which she called “the hyper-conservative wing.”

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What ought to make John McCain sad is looking at his traitorous mug in the mirror every morning and knowing he has to live with himself.

US Nearly Exploded Nuclear Bomb Over North Carolina in 1961

To clarify the following: A plane flying over North Carolina actually falls apart, two bombs stronger than those used on Japan (WWII) were dropped, one nearly activates.

From The Guardian:

This document was written on 22 October 1969 by Parker F Jones, the supervisor of the nuclear weapons safety department at Sandia national laboratories. The document has recently been declassified having been acquired under freedom of information provisions by the investigative reporter Eric Schlosser for his new book Command and Control. It is published here for the first time.

In the document, Jones gives his response to a passage in a book by Dr Ralph Lapp, a physicist involved in the Manhattan Project that developed the first nuclear bombs, that describes the accident in 1961 in which two hydrogen bombs were dropped inadvertently over North Carolina. An extract of Lapp’s book is reprinted on the left hand column of the first page of this document, and Jones’s expert response is printed on the right hand column.

From the first page of the document, Lapp writes:

[T]he 24 megaton warhead [Jones: bomb, not warhead] was equipped with six [Jones: not six, four] interlocking safety mechanisms, all of which had to be triggered in sequence to explode the bomb. When Air Force experts rushed to the North Carolina farm to examine the weapon after the accident, they found that five of the six had been set off by the fall [Jones: one "set off" by the fall. Two rendered ineffective by aircraft breakup.]

From the second page of the document, Jones writes:

One simple, dynamo-technology, low voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe!

If a short to an “arm” line occurred in a mid-air breakup, a postulate that seems credible, the Mk 39 Mod 2 bomb could have given a nuclear burst.

Also see:

An NPR blog covers story
BBC covers story

Tebow Goes to Russia?

A Russian promoter has offered Tim Tebow $1 million dollars to play two games of American football in Russia.  Reports indicate that Tebow’s advisers are telling him not to, though Tebow wishes to accept as an ambassador of American football—let alone the payday.

The dissident Right community has been very critical of the American Old Right such as it is, from Ron Paul (let alone Rand) to the Evangelical Community.  They raise solid points, particularly around the Evangelical Community as being found hopeless politically and culturally.

 And yet, if ever there was a movement for a Yockeyite Right in the States, it is found in the populist “libertarian” community that has found a place on RT, and finds itself in line with Putin and Assad on the case of Syria.


Tim Tebow playing in Russia for $1 million would be well watched on the Internet.  It would be a major propaganda coup—yet another—for Putin’s outreach to a “normal” American political instinct.

American professional football is owned and run by the Corporate Cowards.  The NFL was the one entity that had the power to achieve some justice for Pat Tillman, and yet, they chose to side with the State and just took the exploitation for commercial gain, while running off singing songs of patriotism.

Tebow should go visit Russia.

Old Kentucky Ointment

This past January, on a Patroon column criticizing Jack Hunter amongst others, I wrote:

Would you agree that the best message that can be sent is a hard right challenger against McConnell/Benton?

It’s never so simple as one Matt Bevin, a native of New Hampshire, reached out to “Tea Party” sorts a few weeks, maybe a month back, and put together a challenge.  Bevin is a typical stock jobber Republican of the Romney mold, but unlike Romney, actually seems to have a nose to for politics.

Not exactly Hard Right-don’t mention the War, drones, NSA, and no mention on immigration, but if Bevin wants to win, he might just start using some now tried and true tactics in Kentucky…might be worth following.


I wrote on Kentucky elections here.


Find your way back

When I attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the early 1990s, there was a fella who sold fruit drinks from a mobile stand on the campus’s Library Mall. It was called “Loose Juice.” If the name Karleton Armstrong didn’t ring a bell, you would have figured the bald, 6-4, pony-tailed guy as just another street vendor. But if you did know your history, you would have also realized Armstrong was one of the most notorious domestic terrorists in U.S. history, causing millions of dollars of damage as the often one-man shown known as the “New Year’s Gang” and who, along with three other co-conspirators, was also responsible for the destruction of Sterling Hall on the UW campus and the death of researcher Robert Fassnacht. back in 1970 to protest the Vietnam War.

Now Armstrong isn’t running for public office and is more or less a regular fellow in Madison these days. But there were other 1960s radicals from Tom Hayden to Bill Ayers to Bernadine Dohrn who went onto careers in politics and academia who advocated the violent overthrow of the United States government and some cases tried to bring this about. Yet these persons were allowed back into the “mainstream” of American life to the point where they can get elected to public office, become important public figures or teachers and generally be accepted in many walks of life.

Jack Hunter, on the other hand, simply advocated the secession of the South from the United State, not the overthrow of its government. The most controversial thing he did was wear a wrestling mask with a Confederate flag on it, not make bombs or rob banks. Yes he wrote some anti-Lincoln/pro-Conferedate things but in recent years he was trying to put that past behind him and work for U.S. Sen. Rand Paul. Unfortunately, there is no “mainstream” for Jack. He stepped down from Paul’s staff and is probably done with national politics. It goes without saying this case is an example of how some people’s way back to the “mainstream” is a lot easier than others depending on your point of view and the controversial things you did. If you’re going to be an ex-anything, be an ex-Commie. They don’t elect or sing the songs from ex-Nazis or ex-LOS members that’s for sure.

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Gustavus Obamus

I’ve mentioned how the internal conflict in Syria in some ways is similar to that of the Thirty Years War. Well, in those very same “some ways” we’re witnessing history try to repeat itself with the announcement the U.S. will begin to directly arm the insurrectionists in Syria against Assad government for its reported use of chemical weapons in the conflict, even if such claims are once again regarded as dubious and unfounded (you see, history repeating itself.)

The Thirty Years War was on the surface a sectarian conflict between Catholic and Protestant in central Europe but very powerful political, financial and imperial reasons influenced the fighting as well, at least for those major powers who were either directly involved in the fighting or working their influence behind the scenes. The U. S. announcement of intervention is reminiscent of the Swedish intervention into the conflict, led the warrior king Gustavus Adolphus. 

While the Swedes intervened in the conflict with every intention of saving the Protestant side from defeat, its larger aims basically transcended this religious conflict. Sweden wanted to be the dominant power in the Baltic by securing control of both Pomerania and Courland directly and secure the means of making itself a power through economically controlling the resources of the Baltic area, both natural and through trade routes. Likewise, Gustavus Obamus, may want a democratic Syria but has much larger goals than just setting up ballot boxes. He wishes for the U.S. to to have a role in Syria’s political future (which depends upon military intervention) and economic future (which depends upon the political intervention). U.S. intervention cannot make the Syrian rebels “win” but it can keep them at least going for the foreseeable future so that conflict drags out and some settlement is reached (which would likely mean a partition of some sort). The U.S is  also intervening because Iran and its Lebanese Shiite allies in Hezbollah are intervening in the conflict (the real “red line” which has been crossed) and Gustavus Obamus wants to make sure they gain no advantage for themselves if the Assad regime survives.

Swedish intervention was crucial in preventing the defeat of the Protestant armies and blocking the continental ambitions of Hapsburg family. Gustavus Obamus hopes U.S. intervention has the same kind of decisive impact. But sending small arms to a bunch of doctors, lawyers and merchants turned soldiers and training them doesn’t sound too decisive to me. Right now it’s the only kind of intervention Gustavus Obamus can get away with politically. Pretty soon however, if nothing changes, the calls for intervention on a greater scale (like no-fly zones,  special forces incursions, and the ultimate move, boots on the ground) will grow now that the U.S. is committed itself to both supporting the rebel side but seeing to it Bashar al-Assad falls in the process. At least Gustavus Adolphus, an acknowledged military genius, went into the Thirty Years War fully committed with his forces and his nation’s prestige. Gustavus Obamus, on the other hand, has just entered the Syrian war with the U.S. prestige but not much else to back it up. And as repeats itself once again, steady but inevitable escalation (unless you wish to cut and run and leave the insurrectionists to their fate) will be the only U.S. option as well.

It seems that the year 2014 could well be out of Afghanistan and into Syria.


9/11 Again

When Americans found themselves lucky enough to receive the vestiges of something representing an Anglo-Saxon or Classical Education, and received, if nothing but, a sketch of English History, say from King Alfred down to the George III, one likely had a taste for the nature of intrigue and esoteric politics.

What is now called “conspiracy theory” was the proper mindset offered to those who were “educated.”  The purpose of educating a certain segment of folks on how things really were, was to encourage order by showing the ways of the world, and not to be shocked by it.  That virtue still mattered, even if one became part or some adjunct of the elite.

Of course, this was not our time.
The reader likely missed that the owner of the Venice, Florida area flight school that trained, amongst others, Mohammed Atta, one Rudi Dekkers, was arrested last December on charges of attempt to traffic heroin  (and where does the H come from?).  What should have been, at least, a worthwhile footnote, barely registered.

This past week, a FOIA court battle, forced the FBI to concede that a local Venice, Florida, Saudi family (of some import) was quite familiar with the 9/11 hijackers, and ingesting the syntax, the FBI had lied about their supposed lack of knowledge,

After the story broke, the FBI acknowledged its investigation but claimed it found no evidence to connect the Ghazzawis or the al-Hijjis to the hijackers or the 9/11 plot. Agents maintained, too, that the FBI made all of its 9/11 records available to Congress.

The Freedom of Information lawsuit was filed last September, after the FBI declined to release any records on the matter.

In March, as the case moved toward trial this summer, the Bureau unexpectedly released 31 of 35 pages it said had been located. The partially censored records flatly contradict the FBI’s earlier public comments and state that the Sarasota Saudis had “many connections” to persons allied with the hijackers.

Read more here:

and further, withheld the information from the 9/11 Commission.

The educated man doesn’t assume that the numerous hay-makers thrown at the “official story” finally landed a punch, as he considers that perhaps, particularly in light of the assault on the IRS at this moment, there is some broader agenda in play.

There are always more layers…

Benghazi Fugazi

In 1997, with the weight of several years of Internet and more primitive mail order activism accusing the Executive Branch of gross criminal behavior, a new scandal was suddenly injected into the conversation: Chinese political contributions—we have laws about that!

In retrospect, the move seems almost comically brilliant.  The scandal expanded to tech transfers from Loral (which Richard Perle cleared up –scroll to the comments from this chap, JohnGalt for my old fans–,for his usual fee of course.)  And without breaking a rhythm, Laurie Mylroie had turned the OKC Bombing into something Saddam done.  Like he done 9/11.

Laurie Mylroie had once worked for the Clinton Administration, and was clearly in the Gore faction—anyone who thinks Gore, had he won, wasn’t going to invade Iraq still doesn’t get it.

 In the aftermath of the Benghazi SNAFU, the old rightwing blogshpere suggested the ambassador was gay, and that might have something to do with his death.  I keep in the back of my mind, that maybe that is the cover-up.

Bonkers Bolton thinks Benghazi will bring Obama down—like China Money brought down Bill Clinton, not, as they said.

The heart of the matter is that the CIA was using Libya to traffic arms to terrorists in Syria and some noise has to be created to obscure this reality.  Back at the time, WND rolled out Family Research Council spook and Waco criminal, General Boykin to say that CIA is not running guns to jihadist terrorists—someone figure out why he could say such things if not one of the actors?

Like the top being down on Kennedy’s car, we’ll never know why the hit was  allowed, but one must continue to shut out the noise.

…to Find My Wooden Leg

For those who found themselves on the dissident side, rather than seek it out, one could find various soothing ideas from over a hundred years ago (e.g. “we win in the end”) to find some out for positivism.

Failing that, a piece of prose: “the system will collapse under the contradictions of its own message.”

But that is not true either.  The totalitarian state is embraced and celebrated; where a contradiction was imagined, none existed.  One doesn’t actually trade liberty (read power) for security of course, one just cedes power and has little say.

The humiliation of it all encourages the reactionary support for symbols of power and strength.


The events in Boston constitute a confirmation of what that area is.  Boston, as most major cities do, lives off subsidies funneled to the “higher education system”, Pharma & Hospitals, the MIC, and some tech, though now a shadow of its former self, as the former Wang and Digital employees enter the latter stages.

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Neocons Heart Chechnya

American Committee for Peace in Chechnya was founded in 2004–it’s gone now– by the usual suspects, Right and Left–Frank Gaffney, Bill Kristol, Michael Ledeen–we have done this drill so often it gets boring, that same old cast of those who contrived a case for Republicans to support invading Iraq, as Saddam done 9/11 dontchaknow?

At the time, the Guardian’s John Laughland noted that the war on terror stopped in Chechnya for this crowd of the usual suspects.  The purpose, as always, was to use a force to destabilize Russia, just as they had used radical Islamists in Afghanistan against the then Soviet Russia many years prior.

It goes hand in hand with CIA or Pentagon intervention abroad, that the United States receives a boat load of refugees from said country, be it Hmong, Somalian, Iraqi, or…Chechnya.

There are certainly more angles to pursue, especially, on-going, bipartisan support (e.g. Obama/Clinton/Kerry, McCain, Graham, Rubio) from the usual suspects, to work with jihadists in Syria (including those from Chechnya as reported March 6).

Lone-wolf street theater, or some actor in the Black Arts will be the subject of speculation for the while, but  in the coming days of analysis, let it sink in that the members of the ACPC will sleep uninterrupted tonight.

For additional reading: Sibel Edmonds on the Neocons & Chechnya.


Marriage and meaning

There has been some discussion on the idea of conservative support for homosexual marriage. The reason I believe such sentiment, although certainly not widespread, exists is the notion being “conservative”  means living an Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle.  (And its not just Huntsman who thinks this way, so does leftist Ted Rall and libertarian Justin Raimondo do too.)

Certainly “mainstreaming” homosexuality away from the gay pride parade image  in has been a goal of said activists for many years whether through institutions like marriage (or the military for that matter). While that might be fine for them, it doesn’t do institution much good. Yes, many heterosexuals haven’t done the institution much good either  but that’s besides the point.The question isn’t about lifestyles it’s about meaning. And if marriage is not about one thing, it becomes about everything and then it means nothing. A man marries his horse, marries his favorite ball team or marries his dead mother? Yes, very extreme examples but with western civilization coming to the conclusion than persons can marry regardless of biology because marriage is all about love, then the possibilities are out there for the crazy or the attention seeker to indulge in.

But what’s  not crazy and what’s very real is marriage of men to multiple wives, men married to child brides or marriages prearraigned or the very old marrying the very young. These are common practices all throughout the world, primarily in non-Western cultures. When marriages can’t be a fixed thing and anything goes, then there’s nothing legally the state can do to prevent it, especially when latter cultures immigrate to the former. That should be the conservative view of marriage, not shoehorning couples into a televised fantasy of wedded bliss and family life.

And the band played…

The insignificance of Margaret Thatcher is underscored on CHT with the lack of a timely post on her passing.  Certainly, in a nation of stock jobbers, some ‘happy recollection’ would be understandable in Conservative Inc., and the absence on CHT, equally understood.  Nothing to do with us.

What struck me, reading the epitaphs and myths (both pro and con) was that Enoch Powell did not receive a mention.  Thatcher, like Powell, had been a rival to Heath (who?) in British conservative/Tory politics.  Powell removed himself from the scene that Thatcher inherited, bits and parts of the rhetoric retained, if not policy, execution, or even an inkling of understanding in Powell’s thought.  (Powell attended a Bilderberg gathering back in the day, so like Robert “Bonesman” Taft, has to be understood in a larger context of jobbing out.)

Thatcher was able to retain Powell’s wing despite being a Pro-American Cold Warrior (Powell considered the US of A an enemy and Russia, a natural ally) thanks to a compliant media that suggested the National Front was her street army—these were the days when Screwdriver was earning for the National Front and it would be news to that crew that they were Thatcher supporters, save they were Cold Warriors rather than Yockeyites or Powellites.

Powell, who still holds some position in American Right mythology, is famously recalled for his Rivers of Blood speech, which is a piece of rhetoric, but he is also the Anglo politician who introduced something close to Austrian School economics language into British political discourse.

Peter Brimelow called Powell the original paleolibertarian; Lew Rockwell recalled Powell’s support for gold and non-interventionism.  And I should mention that Brimelow dissents from Sam Francis and Rockwell on the idea that the Rivers of Blood speech cost Powell his career (and I agree).

Only point being is that the passing of Maggie Thatcher, reminded me of Powell and what might have been.