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On Tolkien’s Beowulf Translation

As someone noted here not long ago, J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf has finally been released to the public.  The translation is accompanied by philological commentary, some of Tolkien’s poems about Beowulf, and also by Sellic Spell — an alternative, folksy version of the epic composed in Old English (!) by Tolkien himself.  (For those of us who can’t read Old English, there’s a Modern English translation of Sellic Spell.)

The following is from my Catholic World Report review, which is mainly devoted to a theme explored in more depth and detail by Tolkien’s fascinating essay “The Monsters and the Critics”:

Surveying [Beowulf] from beginning to end, Tolkien raises a powerful theological question: “What are we to think of the nobility and heroism of the heathen past?  Was it all just evil, damned?” This question defined a serious controversy in the newly-Christian England of antiquity, and the consensus of Old English scholarship is that the Beowulf poem is, in part, a response to them. As Tolkien observes, the poem implicitly takes a side: “[T]he mere fact that the poet wrote a poem about the pagan past shows in general that he did not belong to the party that consigned the heroes (northern or classical) to perdition.”

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Agrarianism & Gay “Marriage”

As some readers may be aware, a while back the agrarian activist Wendell Berry announced his support for gay “marriage.”  At Catholic World Report, one disgruntled former Berry fan critiques Berry’s position thus:

[...] Berry’s insistence upon a wall of separation between church and state reveals a profound confusion inherent to liberalism itself. How can any church possibly be relevant to the world we live in without in some sense being “political”? How can the religion which is abandoned every time one enters a voting booth or assumes the lawmaker’s chair or dons the magistrate’s robes be anything other than a hobby?

The Church & State issue aside, there is something bizarre about the cozy coexistence of the “localist” movement with the sodomy lobby.

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Bomber LeMay again…

I have not read, and may not ever get to, Patrick Buchanan’s latest book on Nixon, but I am reading the reviews.  Jared Taylor reviewed the book, and relays points I am interested in:

Mr. Buchanan agrees with the general assessment that Wallace was badly hurt by his choice of running mate, General Curtis LeMay. LeMay had run the B-29 bombing campaign against the Japanese, and when Wallace first introduced him to the press, a reporter asked if LeMay would use nuclear weapons in Vietnam. LeMay left no doubt that he thought it was a good idea, and Wallace had to step in to stop LeMay going any further. For the rest of the campaign, Wallace had to dodge shots aimed at “Bombs Away” LeMay.

It doesn’t answer my vexing question as to just how LeMay got the spot, and wrecking what might have been a real Beyond Left and Right alliance–particularly in intellectual circles–and it must be noted, that Dr. Fleming seems to believe there is some credence behind the Nixon folks trying to assassinate Wallace in ’72–none of that appears to be addressed.

Still, it is a solid nugget to find.


The Liberty Church Project Is Underway!

By Chuck Baldwin

I am excited to announce that we have met our goal, and we are launching the Liberty Church Project!

Just a little over two months ago, I told readers of my plans to launch a project through which we would be able to travel the country and help people start independent non-501c3 churches and Christian fellowships–and help established pastors resurrect the patriot pulpit. Thanks to the generous contributions of the readers of this column, we are now prepared to begin the application process.

If you have a group of Christian people (even a small group), with or without a pastor, and are serious about wanting to start a non-501c3 church or fellowship, I encourage you to go to the Liberty Church Project website and fill out the online application. If you are a pastor who has a congregation of believers (even a small one) and want help in starting a non-501c3 church or fellowship, please fill out the online application on the website. If you are a pastor of an existing church and would like to have help in schooling your people in withdrawing from the government 501c3 non-profit status, or in helping to educate your flock in the Biblical Natural Law principles of liberty, I encourage you to fill out the online application also.

Another element of this project is the desire to help patriot pastors and liberty churches get together. Kind of like an for pastors and churches. (Chuckle) I know of scores of ordained ministers who are extremely desirous to pastor a group of freedom-loving Christian people. And I also know of hundreds of Christian people who are desperately looking for a patriot pastor and cannot find one. This part of the project might involve a pastor to move to a location where a small group of Christian patriots are anxious to help, and stand with, a patriot pastor. If you are a layman or ordained minister such as this, I encourage you, too, to fill out the online application.

A note about the application process is in order at this time. First, we will take the time to thoroughly analyze each application in order to determine the seriousness and commitment of each applicant. We only plan to invest the kind of time and money that this project requires on people who are truly serious about this, and who are committed to seeing it accomplished. I am very serious about being a good steward of the money that folks have invested in this project and of my time away from home. Frankly, only folks who are serious about this project should apply. Second, the priority determining the time and place of these conferences depend on several factors, and we will take as much time as we need to properly study and plan each visit. This is a marathon to me–not a sprint. Some events will take weeks, others months, before coming to fruition. Applicants should be prepared for that.

Here is the online application form for the Liberty Church Project:

Liberty Church Project Application

Now, there is one more appeal I am impressed to make. And before I make the appeal, I realize that I may be speaking to, perhaps, only one person in the entire country. Then again, perhaps there is no one at all in a position to do what I’m asking. But, for the sake of the work that we are undertaking, I will make the request nonetheless.

The accomplishment of the Liberty Church Project will require a tremendous amount of flying. In the last few years, I have flown commercially over a quarter-million miles, and I don’t mind telling you I detest it. It’s not the flying I mind; it’s the entire airport/TSA experience. I can tell you that you probably could not suggest a TSA-nightmare scenario that I have not experienced firsthand. Couple the TSA-Nazi treatment with the problems that routinely come up when flying with the major carriers, and, well, this is the part of the task that I truly dread. Not to mention the tremendous amount of time wasted sitting in airports waiting on connecting flights.

Therefore, I am asking for a qualified IFR, multi-engine rated pilot who is financially independent–and who owns his own plane–that would be willing to fly me and my staff to these Liberty Church Project meetings. The plane should probably be a twin-engine turboprop with a range of at least 1,000 miles that can seat at least six people. I am not offering a salary; hopefully, I would be able to pay for the fuel–and, of course, the meals and lodging of the pilot–at the events. The complete cost of a plane such as this would quickly consume all of the funds that we have for the entire project; and I want to visit as many places and help as many people as possible to help start liberty churches. I, myself, am not receiving a salary from the project; the money is being used to help start churches.

Believe me, I realize what I am asking. And I almost talked myself out of asking it, but the Lord seemed to impress upon me the need to ask. I further realize that there might not be such a person in the entire country who is willing and able to help me with such a request. Not only does this person need to be a qualified pilot with the appropriate plane and financial independence, he must also share the burden we have to help plant non-501c3 churches and help resurrect patriot pulpits across America. That’s more than a tall order. It’s a Mount Everest kind of order. But this entire project is a Mount Everest kind of project. So, as I initially left the funding for the project in the hands of God and the readers of this column, so I leave this need. If this person does not exist, we will gladly bear the burden of commercial flying.

If you believe you are the kind of person I am looking for, please email my assistant at and I will be happy to speak with you further.

So, the Liberty Church Project is underway!

Once again, I want to thank all of you folks who gave so generously to the project. And I covet your prayers. Now, the hard work begins. The Lord willing, we will be able to help folks start liberty churches for at least the foreseeable future.

Those of you who would like to continue to support the Liberty Church Project, you may certainly do so. If you are writing a check or money order, here is where to send it:

Liberty Church Project
P.O. Box 610
Kila, Montana 59920

Or, if you prefer to use a credit card, go to the website here:

Liberty Church Project

I truly believe that the only permanent answer to America’s woes is to resurrect patriot pulpits and liberty churches, such as existed in Colonial America, throughout the United States. I also believe that the Liberty Church Project is at the tip of the spear in what might lead to the next great spiritual awakening in our country. Please pray for us as we launch the Liberty Church Project.

The F-35 is a “Stupid” Mess

This video of the designer of the F-15 explains just what a mess the disastrous, and disastrously expensive, F-35 has been. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

When I was first in the Air Force, I recall a lot of people talking up the new generation fighter. We weren’t going to believe what it could do, we were told. I think a lot of people were misled.

I originally accessed this video here.

Hackard’s Take On Ukraine

Freelance Russia analyst Mark Hackard is one of the few people who can make the accusation of fascism without coming off as a leftist:

Also set in historical precedent is US collaboration with fascists. Far from limited to sponsorship of Pinochet-style military governments in Latin America, it’s worth recalling that Wall Street actively financed Adolf Hitler’s rise to Weltmacht. And so today the ultra-nationalists of Ukraine enjoy Washington’s tacit support as they drive to ethnically cleanse the country’s south and east of Russians and attain a pyrrhic victory for their ideology. Since Right Sector, Svoboda and other radical parties are enraptured by the legacy of National Socialism, they would do well to remember not only its fate, but also its dialectical function. The wholesale destruction and dehumanization wrought by Nazism merely cleared the way for the triumph of international capital, which from the end of World War II has enforced its dictates through liberal political economy, cultural Marxism and American military power.

Hackard’s point is that fascists often inadvertently pave the way for Marxism.

For what little it’s worth, I don’t mind saying that my own reservations about the Ukrainian nationalist movement have had less to do with the Ukrainian experience of World War II than with said nationalists’ connection to the US government.

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The Iraq Mess

Reaction to the situation in Iraq is breaking down two ways on my FaceBook feed. Either it’s Obama’s fault for withdrawing the troops too early, or it’s Bush’s fault for invading in the first place. Here is what I posted:

If you think the original invasion of Iraq was a good idea, then you will believe that the current mess means we left too soon. If you think the original invasion of Iraq was a bad idea, then you will see the current mess as evidence that you were right all along. I’m very firmly in the latter group, but I think we should all be able to agree that the people who said the war would be a “cakewalk” and that we would be greeted as liberators were deluded ideologues. So perhaps we should stop listening to them.


The Death of Jim Hellwig, the Ultimate Warrior

Jim Hellwig, aka the Ultimate Warrior, died yesterday at the age of 54, shortly after being inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame and giving a speech, that whatever the case, was prophetic, and recalls the epic The Wrestler.

Jim Hellwig came up through the Von Erich run Texas outfit, World Class Championship Wrestling, as the Dingo Warrior.  The last living member of the tragic Von Erich family, Kevin, tweeted on the news:

“Jim Hellwig, Warrior, who ever, he was Kerry’s friend, and was always up front with me. RIP Dingo, life turns on a dime”

Jim Hellwig flamed out in professional wrestling after one too many disputes with Vince McMahon, going so far as to legally change his name to the Ultimate Warrior to protect his copyright, which Vince claimed.  After leaving wrestling, he hit the speaking tour scene, as a conservative Republican, until he spoke too plainly in those early Oughts for Young Republicans–sensitive as they are, long before A&E met with the Duck Dynasty Clan.

James Fulford reports Hellwig was a vdare reader.

From Hellwig, on Monday Night television, hours before his death:

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something that’s larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized by the storytellers—by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him, and make the running the man did live forever.”

NPI is Going to CPAC 2014

Well, this is interesting. Richard Spencer is taking his National Policy Institute (NPI) show on the road to CPAC this year.

For years, supporters have urged NPI to make an appearance at CPAC. This year, we’re doing it.

I will be attending panels that are relevant to our movement, and on Friday, March 7, we will host a private gathering for friends, supporters, and  interested attendees.  We will be joined by a special guest, whose identity will be revealed in the coming days.

In attending CPAC, we must be realistic about what can be accomplished. NPI is not an official sponsor, and thus our ability to affect CPAC’s agenda is limited to say the least.

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While I have my disagreements with Spencer, I agree with this approach. That said, I do see how this could go awry. CPAC made the news last year because a group of white nationalists attended and managed to go viral. I’m sure CPAC wants to avoid that outcome this year. Once word of this gets out to the SPLC and other PC enforcing organizations, it wouldn’t surprise me if CPAC makes an effort to prevent it. CPAC can not, as far as I know, prevent a private get together at the hotel. (Unless they have some sort of contract with the hotel that gives them a say with regard to all room usage? I’m no lawyer, so I’m just shooting from the hip here.) But I do think that they, as a private entity, could refuse to allow a particular person to register. Maybe Spencer will be going as press. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Two Brits Attack the Dark Enlightment

Boy, those Dark Enlightenment folks have sure gotten the attention of (what they call) the Cathedral recently. The hit pieces continue to roll in. John Derbyshire discusses the situation in an essay at TakiMag. He also discusses it in a separate article at VDare. Two recent articles in The Telegraph, formerly a somewhat conservative paper, have taken their shots. The first is by Jamie Bartlett who I am not familiar with. The second, very disappointingly, is by Tim Stanley, who you may recall wrote a fairly friendly biography of Pat Buchanan and was thought by many to harbor some conservative sympathies.

Update: Tim Stanley is taking it on the chin in the comments section. It helps to make them sort oldest to newest, then just start reading them from the beginning.


Oklahoma politics is the place to watch.  Don’t bother looking for it, it’s not there, to quote Marti DeBergi, but I wrote about it a few years ago on a defunct blog, anyway.

A couple sessions ago, the Congress decriminalized home brewing, and placed a referendum on the ballot banning Sharia Law-passed, if to be struck down-only the humorless cannot see the natural consistency–and the gonzo political humor.

Word, from WorldNetDaily, that an Oklahoma legislature, a Republican, is moving forward with a plan to eliminate marriage is ever more encouraging as it seems to have conservative support.

Seeing as the other legislative angle would be to make divorce impossible,..

The Latest General and Conman: Paul Vallely

Retired General conman, Paul Vallely (pension receiver who would never risk it—lets face it) is leading a plan amongst so-called Tea Party groups, strangely popular in “conservative” South Carolina, to push forward with a Congressional strategy of voting “No Confidence” in the Executive Office holder.

 The subject of ex-military men, generals in particular, sold as “rightwingers” is a topic of mine (here, and here), just as an aside, as I point out the most recent incarnation.  My angle carves back to General Walker who Oswald is said to have taken a shot at…

 General Vallely—Vallely appears to be an Irish name– was leading up the charge for the Syrian rebels not a few months ago–literally in theater, but of note,  “late to the game by design”/I see nothing sort of sites like WND are going along with the ruse.

While the rest of us are turning up on lists, even if just by the algos, let it stew on your person, that this tool is taking a government pension, in spite (LOL) of the entire surveillance state.

Hipster Racism

Mitt Romney, back in the day, supported bailing out all those who found themselves a loser when the mortgage backed securities were revealed as worthless and the collateral calls were made.  One of those companies, GE, owner of MSNBC, made out okay–good to employ Alan Greenspan’s wife after all.

MSNBC, is a worthless cable channel, literally, as nobody watches it.  Street theater with the up-and-coming is all they have left, and hence the comments about the Romney Christmas card, where Mitt clearly uses children as a political prop–unless this card was not meant for public consumption–with the newest Romney, an adopted ‘African-American’ child, seated on his lap.  If it looks like a “see, I am not a racist” sort of pandering, it is a fair and reasonable observation (of course the MSNBC host is walking back, short lived street theater.)

And at the same time, if the angle the MSNBC team was working is that adoption should be done within the most similar circumstances, that is a fair point as well, and the conservative point up until the 1970s, where black social workers were adamant that whites should not adopt black babies.  It should be further noted Mitt Romney supports homosexuals adopting children (reducing supply) and signed the surrogate contract for his son Tagg (that included an abortion clause, and not just for life of the mother.)

The predictable response from Conservative Inc., was to play the victim–look at those liberal racists! as they start showcasing their bona fides as the true promoters of ‘diversity’ (which is code word–wait, you have heard this one before.)

The whole thing is embarrassing and pathetic, in light of Mr. Robertson over at Duck Dynasty running rings around the media.  Classic pathetic Romney and all that–he must seriously be thinking of running again.


The Tea Partiers are Making John McCain Depressed

Aww… how sad. Pardon me a moment while I shed a tear.

Sen. John McCain’s daughter says her dad is “depressed” and “frustrated” with the tea party faction of the Republican Party, which she called “the hyper-conservative wing.”

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What ought to make John McCain sad is looking at his traitorous mug in the mirror every morning and knowing he has to live with himself.

US Nearly Exploded Nuclear Bomb Over North Carolina in 1961

To clarify the following: A plane flying over North Carolina actually falls apart, two bombs stronger than those used on Japan (WWII) were dropped, one nearly activates.

From The Guardian:

This document was written on 22 October 1969 by Parker F Jones, the supervisor of the nuclear weapons safety department at Sandia national laboratories. The document has recently been declassified having been acquired under freedom of information provisions by the investigative reporter Eric Schlosser for his new book Command and Control. It is published here for the first time.

In the document, Jones gives his response to a passage in a book by Dr Ralph Lapp, a physicist involved in the Manhattan Project that developed the first nuclear bombs, that describes the accident in 1961 in which two hydrogen bombs were dropped inadvertently over North Carolina. An extract of Lapp’s book is reprinted on the left hand column of the first page of this document, and Jones’s expert response is printed on the right hand column.

From the first page of the document, Lapp writes:

[T]he 24 megaton warhead [Jones: bomb, not warhead] was equipped with six [Jones: not six, four] interlocking safety mechanisms, all of which had to be triggered in sequence to explode the bomb. When Air Force experts rushed to the North Carolina farm to examine the weapon after the accident, they found that five of the six had been set off by the fall [Jones: one "set off" by the fall. Two rendered ineffective by aircraft breakup.]

From the second page of the document, Jones writes:

One simple, dynamo-technology, low voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe!

If a short to an “arm” line occurred in a mid-air breakup, a postulate that seems credible, the Mk 39 Mod 2 bomb could have given a nuclear burst.

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