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The Second War Between the States has begun

Governors of States that respect gun and property rights are openly appealing to individuals and businesses to leave high-tax, anti-freedom sinkholes such as California and New York, and to take refuge in more hospitable States, namely, in the South. And no, I’m not the only one to interpret this trend as a new WBTS. From Fox News:

Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry attempts to lure California businesses to the Lone Star state with the promise of lower taxes and fewer regulations in the latest of what’s been dubbed the second war between the states.

Here’s the larger significance: Those who do not want to live in post-American, socialist Multicultistans are moving to States that still respect tradition and liberty.

It’s the General Pemberton phenomenon: A disuniting and recombination of people into bluer and redder States. And it’s happening before our eyes.

Too many people – the world’s worst enemy

Too many people – the world’s worst enemy

Robert Henderson, Quarterly Review, Winter 2010

A hulking elephant sits ignored in the green crusaders’ room. Amidst  all the angst about man-made greenhouse gases, the greatest and most  obvious cause of increases is ignored by mainstream politicians – the  already great and rapidly rising population of the world and the rapid  spread of industrialisation to major parts of what until recently was
the Third World .  The world population is projected to reach 7 billion in 2011.  Extrapolations to 2050 go as high as 9.5 billion (1). At a generous  estimate, a billion live in the developed world in 2010. If the 9.5  billion projection for 2050 comes true, the disproportion between what  are now the developed countries and the developing countries now will  have become even more skewed in favour of the developing world,  because the populations of underdeveloped countries have startlingly  younger populations than those of the developed world, viz:

“One of every six people on earth is an adolescent. In the developing  world, more than 40 percent of the population is under age 20. The  decisions these young people make will shape our world and the  prospects of future generations.” (2)

The US Bureau of Census projections for the populations of individual  countries for 2050 show only one country (the United States) from the  currently developed world in the largest twenty countries by  population in 2050, with the first European country (Germany) coming  in at number 22 (3).

If the swelling world population was overwhelmingly due to increases  in the still very white First World , you may be sure that we would be  daily berated for our selfish breeding. We would be told that any  increase in our population was at the expense of the Third World,  that the production of every extra Western mouth to feed, house,  clothe and supply with energy was absolutely unconscionable. Western  governments would be signing up to programmes of ever more punitive  reductions in their countries’ greenhouse emissions and some of the  bolder would be advocating the rationing of children.

But the overwhelming majority of people living today do not live in  the developed world and the projected future expansion of the world’s  population is due almost entirely to increases in the developing  world….

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