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Donald Trump, Unlike Obama, Mans Up When Challenged

I’m sorry, I just can’t resist posting about this story.

One thing that I have maintained all along about the “birther” issue is that Obama, whether guilty or not, has behaved like a guilty man. When he released the short form birth certificate and people questioned its authenticity and wanted to see the long form birth certificate, the thing to do is not to brush it off or roll your eyes or make snide comments or hide behind your spokesman or call the other side names or hire lawyers to fight it in court or claim that Hawaii won’t release it or whatever else. All that makes you look either like you have something to hide and/or like you’re a dude who is completely oblivious to guy code. (This being a family friendly site prevents me from saying that in a more graphic manner.)

When Philip Berg, for example, questions your credentials, particularly in the context of this already being a big story, (not just some random claim from a lone wacko) the appropriate response is to march into the Hawaii DOH and demand they release a copy of your long form which you would then wag in the face of all the doubters and personally attempt to shove up Philip Berg’s posterior. When they ask for it in court you gladly turn it over saying “Here you go Judge. Anything else I can help you with?”

When Donald Trump calls you out publicly and says he will donate 5 million dollars to the charity of your choice if you produce your college records, you produce your college records. This does three things. It clears any doubt there may be about you, it makes Donald Trump look like a fool, and it get your charity 5 million dollars. What did Obama do? He wiffed. (I’m not defending the way Trump led us to believe he had something new when all he had was a challenge.)

So, when Bill Maher laid down a five million dollar challenge to Trump, what did Trump do? He did what a man would do, he stepped up and produced.  Obama should take a lesson. I didn’t see the Maher interview. I’m sure he was his usual snide mocking self. But now that Trump has called his bluff, is he going to pay up or look like a sniveling weasel?

Trump’s Big Announcement Today

This should be fun.

Trump has a history of over hyping things. I hope he has learned his lesson. If this turns out to be a big nothing burger, then people are going to be ticked. Since he knows he has set expectations so high, I’m mildly hopeful that there will be some there there.

If it is divorce papers, some have jumped to the conclusion that divorce is imminent and find this not likely. I would agree. But my first thought was that these were old divorce papers. That the First Couple was near divorce in the past has been widely rumored.


Ron Paul Should Attend the Trump Debate

It looks like most of the candidates are dropping out of the Trump moderated debate. This is unfortunate.

Trump has gone out of his way to criticize Ron Paul, I think because his ego was bruised when people were chanting for Ron Paul during Trump’s speech at CPAC, and Paul’s supporters went after Trump for his response. So I can see why Paul might have a legitimate beef with Trump, but I think Paul should have agreed to attend the debate anyway. Not attending, gives the appearance, whether real or not of shunning Trump because of the birther stuff. This then gives the appearance of deliberately attempting to avoid conspiracy “taint” which I think empowers the conventional wisdom right think enforcers. Paul should have gone to the debate if for no other reason than to not be accused of not going to the debate base on Trump’s birther history and giving the conventional wisdom enforcers the satisfaction if that makes any kind of convoluted sense. It looks particularly bad since Paul was one of the two earliest to decline. Huntsman, the other candidate to drop out early, was clearly looking to avoid Trump taint.

Assorted Paul and Trump Links

In order not to clutter up the site with multiple links only posts, I will combine some Ron Paul and Donald Trump related links of interest in a single post. My minimal commentary will follow some of the links.

Ron Paul gets a little love from The Hill. In the same blog post The Donald gets dissed.

Bussiness Insider also give Paul a little love and respect.

Public Policy Polling says we should take Paul seriously.

Politico has the story on Paul’s announcement. This story irked me a bit. It begins:

“Ron Paul will move one step closer to a long-shot presidential bid Tuesday, when he announces the formation of an exploratory committee in Iowa.”

Ron Paul’s campaign honestly is a “long-shot,” but it is poor form for the allegedly neutral Politico to inject that editorial description of the campaign into its story, especially in the first sentence.

Trump questions how Obama got into Harvard Law School. The reigning assumption of a lot of people including Trump (and Wayne Allyn Root who has harped on this issue a lot) seems to be that Obama is not disclosing his school records because his grades were poor, and this seems likely true, but I also think he may not want his school records revealed because they might reveal he attended school as a foreign student or have some other embarrassing information. So the focus shouldn’t just be on grades. That said, it is good that this issue is being brought up because it also focuses the attention of a lot of people on the unfairness of Affirmative Action. We do know that Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law because that information is public, so he is no dummy, but he likely didn’t earn his way in.

Trump claims Obama’s birth certificate is missing. This is a bold and reckless, if not true, claim. Does Trump know something? The problem is Trump tends to shot from the hip. He says he has been “told.” Anyone else I would think they might know something. Trump I’m not so sure.

De Niro criticizes Trump. Trump fires back. As much as I appreciate Trump for having the balls to raise and pursue the birth certificate issue, he really is too thinned skinned for politics. Trump has a tendency to respond by going for the neck. For example his famous exchange with Rosie O’Donnell. Here he calls De Niro dumb. Trump’s handlers, if there can be such a thing, need to help him reign in this type of reaction.

HT: IPR, Lew Rockwell

Franklin Graham Says Obama Should Release His Birth Certificate: White House Fires Back

This is the other headline Graham made that I referred to below. Franklin Graham takes the obvious common sense position. Christiane Amanpour clearly wasn’t expecting this answer.

“He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly … I don’t know why he can’t produce that … It’s an issue he could answer pretty quickly.”

The White House has gone from being dismissive and snarky to angry. I suspect the White House understands that Graham is someone who is respected by a broad cross section of the public and can not be easily dismissed. Of course there isn’t a dang thing the White House can say that can’t be unarguably countered with “Just release the long form birth certificate.”

Hopefully we are marching toward critical mass. (People do need to make clear that what they want to see is the long form birth certificate. That way the White House and Obama’s apologists can’t say he has already released it.)

Pat Buchanan Says Obama Should Release His Long Form Birth Certificate

Ha! I dare my anti-birther critics to call Buchanan names. You know why Buchanan says Obama should just release his long form birth certificate? Because it is the common sense position. Notice the liberal host and the liberal commentator falling all over themselves with their pathetic apologia. Do you really want to be like the deliberately incurious Bill Press? “Move along. Nothing to see here.” Or do you have natural curiosity like that displayed by Pat Buchanan? The choice is yours.


Birtherism and our Deliberately Incurious Press

Incurious - Lacking intellectual inquisitiveness or natural curiosity; uninterested.

One reason I am so emotionally invested in the birther issue despite the fact that I don’t think Obama was born in Kenya, is because the failure of our press to do their basic job infuriates me. I have called our press “deliberately incurios,” and I think that label fits perfectly. It’s not that our journalists are incurious by the definition above. If they were they wouldn’t be journalists. It is that they have willed themselves to be incurious in this case.

This blog post by Jack Cashill illustrates perfectly this dynamic. George Stephanopoulos interviewed Obama on the Thursday (14 April 11) edition of Good Morning America. Stephanopolous brought up Trump and his pursuit of birtherism. This was Stephanopolous’ hard hitting question:

“I mean all of us have been struck by Donald Trump rising to the top of the Republican field by feeding fantasies about your background. What do you make of that?”

I think the idea that Obama was born in Kenya is highly implausible at best, but the use of the word “fatasies” by Stephanopolous is inexcusable and clearly reveals his bias, especially since the “fantasies” being referred to are about Obama’s “background” (which is much in question) in general and not his alleged Kenyan birth specifically. 

Obama told Steph he was born in Hawaii and doesn’t “have horns.” (Yuck, yuck. What a funny guy. That was a real side splitter.) Would it have killed Steph to just ask the simple follow-up “Mr. President, why don’t you just release the long form to put this issue to rest?” There is a name for an obvious and simple follow-up question of that sort. It’s called journalism. Obama shouldn’t be able to put his face in public without 100 mainstream journalist yelling “Mr. President, why don’t you just release the long form?”

I know I’m pretty much just making the same point Cashill makes in his post, but I had had this conversation with someone before I saw the Cashill post. I guess great minds think alike. :-)

Trump Embracing Birtherism Because He is … You Guessed it … a Racist!

You knew this was coming. But here is a surprisingly good rebuttal. I say surprisingly good because it appears at the mainstreamish Big Journalism website. Mainstream conservative websites usually fall all over themselves to prove their anti-racist bona fides, but here the author essentially ridicules the allegation and gives us a very astute analysis of just how the MSM Obama Protection Racket works. I don’t like the way he characterizes the Ann Coulter vs. the birthers clash, but besides that he makes some real common sense observations. (I agree with Coulter that “orthodox birtherism,” meaning that Obama was born in Kenya, is highly implausible, but I think you have to be careful about denouncing birthers in general because the term has come to mean more than just orthodox birtherism and has come to include the “He may be hiding something” crowd. For this reason I have essentially adopted a no enemies to the right of me position, although I am more than willing to correct misstatements of fact and have highly discouraged dogmatic assertions where dogmatic assertions are not warranted.)

A few weeks ago, Trump came along and asked simply, “Why doesn’t Obama clear this up once and for all and release his long form birth certificate?” Naturally, Obama’s MSM Palace Guards immediately became obsessed with Trump (Trumpers?) and tried to marginalize the billionaire as one of those “crazy birthers.” But the problem for them (and Obama) is that Americans already know Trump. They know he’s no fringe extremist and so a lot of reasonable voters are now starting to ask, “Yeah, why won’t he release it?”

Miscellaneous Trump and “Birther” Links

I do not want to turn CHT into all Trump and/or “birther” all the time, so instead of doing separate posts I have been compiling links. Here they are below, some with commentary.

Tom Piatak discusses “Trump and Trade” here.

Trump meets with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus about a possible 2012 run.

David Limbaugh on Trump taking it to Obama.

Trump explains why he is now pro-life. (I don’t doubt that Trump will stick to a rhetorical pro-life position, because he knows he must to win the nomination, but this is not a particularly convincing explanation.)

Trump second in new national poll.

Trump second in New Hampshire.

Trump sent private investigators to Hawaii to investigate Obama. (This needs to happen. Hopefully a private citizen like Trump who has the ability and willingness to throw some money around can help us get to the bottom of the murky Obama narrative. Since the MSM refuses to do their job, someone needs to.)

More later.