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Judge Roy Moore Stands With Chick-fil-A

Below is an e-mail from Judge Moore:

We are going August 1 in support of Mr. Cathy and their stand – will you?


Montgomery (AL)  Judge Roy Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law support Chick-fil-A and the Cathy family for their stand for traditional marriage.

Judge Moore stated that, “Marriage between one man and one woman is an institution ordained by God and is the foundation of the family, upon which the future of our nation rests.  Like the great majority of the Country, Alabama has recognized in its law that marriage, to be valid, can only occur between one man and one woman.”

At a time when moral values are under attack by a philosophy which contradicts everything upon which our Country began, it is encouraging to see Chick-fil-A boldly stand for truth and virtue in our society.

The Foundation for Moral Law, a national non-profit legal organization, is located in Montgomery, Alabama, and is dedicated to restoring the knowledge of God in law and government through litigation and education relating to moral issues and religious liberty cases.

Cheer up! Roy Moore close to being Alabama Supreme Court Justice once again

Losing in politics is like being slugged in the gut. It’s not like losing in sports because team can console themselves with the fact there’s always next year (unless you’re a Cubs fan). It’s not that certain there’s going to be a next time and when you lose it’s a majority of the people saying that don’t want you.

I agree with much of Red said about state of our current politics but instead of adding to the dreariness I’d like to cheer ourselves up with some happy news. Judge Roy Moore is this close to make his comeback complete has scored 50 percent in the primary for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. Even if he is forced into a runoff he finished well ahead of other two primary opponents.  For someone written off as politically dead, he sure knows how to play the part Lazarus I will say.

Now, we mustn’t overinterpret this. Moore ran twice for governor and lost badly both times. Alabama voters have decided that while they may not want Moore to be their chief executive, they have no problem having him be chief justice.

Now, if you’re in politics long enough you’re going to take your fair share of losses. But if you are persistent enough and hold fast to what you believe in, but make changes where you need to, then you can be ultimately successful or at least what you work for can be successful. Times change and people as hard as it may be to believe but they do. But you can’t take advantage of it unless you get into that arena like it or not.

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Good Luck To Ron Paul Tomorrow in Alabama and Mississippi and Judge Moore in Alabama

I knew tomorrow was the Republican primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, so I knew we would be hearing some results from Ron Paul, but I was reminded by the Roy Moore campaign that he is on the ballot tomorrow as well. He is seeking his old job of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

I don’t expect Paul to do well because he seems to have a lower ceiling in Deep South states (a situation that frustrates me to no end) and the race seems to be coalescing into a two man race between Romney and Santorum with Gingrich messing up the works in some Southern states. 

But I have no idea what to expect in Moore’s race. It will be interesting to see if the voters in Alabama make the distinction of liking Moore as a judicial candidate while not being as enthusiastic about the prospects of him as Governor, or if the failed Gubernatorial campaigns have tainted his brand.

Judge Roy Moore Receives Courage of Daniel Award

On June 3, 2011, the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) awarded Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and the current President of the Foundation for Moral Law, the “Courage of Daniel Award.” After Judge Moore addressed attendants of the IOTC’s “First Friday” lecture, IOTC co-founder Michael Peroutka presented the award to him “for choosing to obey God, and acknowledging Him both in word and in deed, regardless of the consequences; who like Daniel resisted a government which thought it was God.”

This is a bit dated, but I just got the e-mail today.

Moore is exploring a potential Republican primary bid, but there has been substantial speculation that Moore really has his eye on the CP nomination. While Peroutka is no longer affiliated with the CP, this might contribute further to that speculation.

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New Roy Moore Introductory Video


This video was sent to me by the Moore campaign. It is well done, IMO. Moore has a very compelling personal story even beyond the well know Ten Commandment stuff. I still think, however, that Judge Moore would be better off declaring for the Constitution Party nomination. Ron Paul is sucking up all the “far-right” air in the GOP primary, and to a lesser extent Bachmann is probably sucking up a lot of the “religious right” vote. But if he could secure the CP Presidential or Vice-Presidential nomination, that would assure us of a strong paleo voice in the general assuming Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination.

The Daily Kos Disses Roy Moore

See here.

First of all, Roy Moore is not a “disgraced former Chief Judge of the Alabama Supreme Court” because he was kicked out of his job by a bunch of cowards. (Emphasis mine.) (Something tells me that the Daily Kos would not describe those blacklisted by Hollywood in the 50′s as “disgraced.” It would see them as martyred heroes.) Moore is a man of principle who stood up to the powers that be and paid a high personal price for it. I guess “disgrace” is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak.

But besides the obvious contempt, the Daily Kos story actually does a decent job of updating us on the Moore campaign. Something that can’t be said of many conservative sites who should be chronicling the campaign.

Now I realize that some people, even people at this website, are skeptical about why we should cover the presidential campaign of a man who has twice lost primaries in his own state, but read this:

And while it is hard to know how seriously to take his campaign, I think the best approach is with a certain willing suspension of disbelief.

What news coverage Moore gets tends to be in the places he visits on his testing the waters tour.

We should cover Moore’s campaign* and give him the respect he deserves at a website like this precisely because he won’t get it from the mainstream media or the mainstream right.

So check back here for your Roy Moore updates.

*My hunch is that Moore actually has in mind the Constitution Party nomination, and is just announcing for the GOP primary to increase his visibility and raise funds (As I have said before, this is a bad strategy IMO.), but until we know this for sure, we should cover his campaign as if he is genuinely seeking the GOP nomination.

World Net Daily Plugs Roy Moore Candidacy

World Net Daily is plugging a possible Roy Moore candidacy at the top of it’s front page. The article is titled “Trump and Huck out, now a new name looking to jump in.” Moore is an occasional columnist for WND. The article is very favorable.

If for some reason you can’t support Ron Paul, perhaps because of immigration, I suggest you give Roy Moore a hard look. With Huck out of the race, that should open up some space for other candidates vying for the support of social conservatives.

Moore also has a new designated web address, something we earlier suggested he needed. Maybe Moore is reading CHT. :-)

Roy Moore’s Exploratory Committee Website is Up

See it here.

The site looks good, but one unsolicited piece of advice I would give him is that he needs to get his own domain name. I had a hard time finding the site.

Here is his Roy Moore for President Facebook page.

(Also, on a curious side note, the “Qualifications” section used to contain a copy of Moore’s long form birth certificate which has now been removed.)