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No Emmy Nominations for The Walking Dead or Longmire?!

This is an outrage!!!

Seriously, surely The Walking Dead deserves a nomination for best dramatic series. And surely David Morrissey (a Brit) deserves a best supporting actor nomination for his portrayal of The Governor and Robert Taylor (an Aussie) deserves a best leading actor nomination for his role as Sheriff Walt Longmire.

The Emmys did get it right by recognizing Fargo with multiple nominations. If Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t win his category, something is wrong with the world.

On a side note, as Dr. Clyde Wilson has pointed out before, it is probably of interest to our “thing” to note that so many stereotypically masculine American males (for example, The Gov. and Sheriff Walt) are played by foreigners.

24 Commentary


#JackisBack was all the rage yesterday on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. I says screw Jack. I’m rooting for the new blonde chick!

Kidding aside, I do think there is some truth to the criticism that 24 operates on neoconish/security state premises. That its routine to subvert laws against torture by turning captives over to extra-national entities for “enhanced interrogation techniques.” That the release of classified information in an attempt to bring transparency is bad. That major existential terrorist threats exist and are plausible/likely. That beefed up intel can prevent such things. Etc. I did find it interesting that they cast the generally well like and sympathetic (if annoying) character of Chloe in the Edward Snowden role.

That said, sometimes you just have to put politics aside and relax and enjoy something for what it is. I like 24 and will no doubt watch and enjoy it. I think the first couple of seasons of 24 was some of the best series television ever. It did get repetitive after a couple of seasons, so I think this extended break has been good for the series.

Oliver North Gets Story Credit on an Episode of The Americans

Here is a little gee whiz fact I missed at the time. It was the episode from last Wednesday, not yesterday, and it involved a Contra training base so they asked North to consult. Apparently his involvement has caused some anger.

At the time all the Oliver North/Iran Contra stuff was going on, I was still a big anti-Communist interventionist. (Hey, I was a teen. Cut me some slack.) While now I would say we should have been minding our own business and not have gotten involved in the affairs of Nicaragua, I don’t bear any hard feelings against North in particular for his involvement. I just wish he and the rest of organized conservatism would convert to non-interventionism. But apparently some lefties still get their panties in a wad about North. Who knew? You would think they must have been rooting for the Sandinistas or something.

True Detective as Americanist Myth

The HBO series, True Detective (8 episodes, 2014) fits neatly into the genre of Americanist altright fiction.  Without spoiling too much, the underlying mystery is focused on the ancient legend of widespread child abduction for the purpose of grotesque Occultist ritual.*

The detectives: Matthew McConaughey is brilliant as is Woody Harrelson—Woody whose father was alleged to be one of the three tramps in JFK assassination lore, and McConaughey, who got his start in film with a B-movie edition to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (should I beat to death some more the importance of this Lovecraft circle outgrowth?) series, and the Indy classic for Gen-Xers, Dazed and Confused.

The underlying theme of the show, which is not revealed until the end, is not plot twists, turns, and grand conspiracy, but of the eternal battle, Light vs Dark, and in this case, two seriously flawed, heavy drinking men, Americans, who stand against the bureaucracy, against the Dark.

No doubt, many were disappointed with the conclusion, the masses that have HBO (those who enjoyed the free HBO streaming this past week being a different class) being as they are, but this series is not for them, as it turned out, it was for whatever is left of the American soul.

And in time, this series will be seen.

*Just to name two characters in this legend from our time:

Janet Reno – made her name in Florida with child abuse convictions at a daycare center, with all sorts of dungeons and macabre pressed onto children’s memories

General Paul Vallely—Currently with some neocon outfit, he promotes various impeachment tactics at Tea Party events.  In the 80s, he co-authored a book (Mind Wars) with an out and about Occultist, who was linked to the Presidio daycare abuse case as well as the granddaddy, the Franklin Cover-up.

Ed Note Update: The website, Vigilant Citizen, that covers Illumanti/Occult symbolism in the culture has a review (full of spoilers) of the series.

Did Phil Robertson Dis the Confederate Flag?

Here is a NY Post article that alleges that Phil Robertson isn’t too fond of the Confederate Battle Flag. In the typical PC manner, it suggests that this is somehow evidence that Robertson is not a “racist.” You see, according to PC rightthink, respect for the Confederate Battle Flag is  prima facia evidence that someone is a racist. The story is from 30 Dec, but I didn’t hear about it until a comment about it appeared recently on my FaceBook feed. And interestingly, when I Googled to find some more commentary on the issue not much came up. This mention from a blog called The “Right” Scoop seems to accept the PC association in a “See, we told you Phil Robertson wasn’t a racist!” type of manner. (This is so typical of mainstream conservatives to accept the leftists’ PC framing of an issue.)

First of all, proud Southerners should be careful not to get too carried away just yet. This is an account of someone relating what he thinks he saw and heard. These are not Robertson’s own words, and as far as I know he has not commented on the issue. It is possible that he was bemoaning the fact that certain unsavory elements have used the flag for their own purposes, but this is not the conclusion the senario the witness recounts suggests. Mr. Robertson needs to publically clarify his true feelings.

That said, if this is a true recounting of the event, then it is very disappointing. Robertson is old enough to know better, so he doesn’t have the excuse of youth. The modern demonization of the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) is a relatively recent phenomenon, and Mr. Robertson should know this. The Duke boys proudly sported a CBF on the roof of their car, named the General Lee, on prime time TV in the 80′s. Until fairly recently it was assumed that Southerners would be proud of their heritage. This relentless PC/Cultural Marxist attack on all things Southern is of relatively recent vintage. For some perspective on this, this artcle by Prof. Clyde Wilson should be read again and again. I wish Phil Robertson would read it.

There is a lesson here that conservative (and especially conservative Christian) Southerners who wish to distance themselves from the CBF lest they be tainted desperately need to learn. The PC beast is monolithic in it’s desire to eradicate every stray unegalitarian thought or at least the public expression thereof. (It is my belief that the mind of the typical PC stormtrooper is besieged by unegalitarian thoughts, and their PC shock troop role playing is a form of reaction formation, but that is for another post.). The PC beast is without nuance or subtlety. It doesn’t matter to it that Mr. Robertson’s thoughts on homosexuality are  based on his acceptance of the long held historic teachings of the Christian faith and his belief that God has explicitly condemned the act in His Holy Word. Nope. The senior Robertson has committed wrongthink and must be condemned and re-educated. The same article that says Robertson might not be a racist, begins by saying “Phil Robertson may be homophobic…,” whatever that means. (A more absurdly silly term than homo”phobia” is hard to imagine.)

Conservative (as in traditional/orthodox [small o] more so than political) Christians who wish to maintain the inherently unegalitarian teachings of their faith such as the condemnation of homosexuality and various other sexual practices, the endorsement of gender roles, Jesus as the only means of salvation, etc. need to resist the PC beast with every fiber of their being.  It can not be placated by throwing it sops such as distancing yourself from the CBF. Robertson, if this was his motive, whether thought out or visceral, for his comment on the CBF, is woefully niave to believe so.  If you are a wrongthinker on any issue, you are a wrongthinker in toto. There is no middle ground with this mindless beast. The fight for the CBF very much is the fight for a Christian understanding of homosexuality. The two can not be disentangled.

This is not to say that traditionalist Christians should not denounce malice and ill will based on race, which is not a Christian attitude, but racism has long since ceased meaning just malice or ill will based on race if it ever did. It means any unegalitarian thought. Conservative Christians need to understand this and understand it quickly, lest they empower the beast that ends up eating them and the civilization they created alive.

More Phil Robertson Reaction

Jim Goad at TakiMag is his usual irreverent self.

Clearly the Christian Bible preaches that “men who have sex with men” will not go to heaven. Despite what the Lavender Lobby and the Gay Mafia and the Homo Militia and their rainbow coalition of allies and enablers and apologists would have you believe, homosexuality is explicitly condemned in the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Quran. None of the three major Western monotheistic religions is down with the idea of men going down on other men. So you can either be a faithful adherent to one of these religions, or you can have sex with persons of your own gender—pick one and stick to it. But you can’t have both. Hey, I don’t make the rules—I only report them.

Kid Rock crudely but concisely says political correctness is out of control.

I support Phil Robertson and his choice to express his faith and beliefs. Shame on A&E. I hope all my friends, straight or gay, will stop this bulls**t a** PC game being played by ALL of these stupid a** coalitions, groups and idiots…

MERRY CHRISTMAS – F**K HAPPY HOLIDAYS…. and F**k PC!! Keep it real.

Read more…

Doug Wilson says conservative religious leaders need to get down off their high horse and join the battle that the rank and file are already fighting.

The contrast must not be between how unsophisticated Christians fight and how sophisticated Christians . . . what do they do? At most, they demur, with a throat-clearing caveat or two. Theologians and ecclesiastical eggheads can make merry over this kind of pop culture melee if they like. The material is there — “look at those rubes, standing against the principalities and powers with their duck calls, zz top beards, and chicken sammich haute cuisine, hold the mayo.”

But the lack of self-awareness in this criticism is staggering. These are shepherds who feed only themselves (Ezek. 34:2). When shepherds have neglected the flock for so long, and the wolves are ravaging them, and the sheep come up with some kind of strategy to defend themselves, and the shepherds sit up on the ridge, laughing at the tactical inadequacy of what the sheep are attempting, what shall we call that?

So what do we need? We don’t need generals. We have that. We need generals who fight. We don’t need leadership councils. We have those. We need national leaders who fight. We don’t need pretty boy preachers. We have those. We need preachers who fight. We don’t need evangelical regiments of pajamaboys. We have that. We need fight, and we need to fight with everything we have — heart, strength, and brains. All in.

Show me your forearms. Unless there are scars all over them, then I honestly don’t want to hear your views of the inadequacy of these cultural clashes (Gal. 6:17). When the barbarians are throwing their scaling ladders against the city walls, if the only defenders at the top of those walls are Chick Fil A employees in paper hats and hot grease from the deep fryer, and rednecks with their beards and shotguns, and nobody at all there from Red Brick Memorial Reformed, Rev. Forsythe P. Snodgrass, D.Min, minister, then let us be frank. We shouldn’t blame the folks who are there.

Read more…

What Was Cracker Barrel Thinking?

Cracker Barrel thought they would get out in front of the Phil Robertson controversy and be the first to officially ban Duck Dynasty items from their stores.

Hmmm …? Cracker Barrel? What could they have possibly been thinking? Who does Cracker Barrel thinks eats there, urban hipsters and metrosexuals? (Maybe urban hipsters eat there to be “ironic.”) I thought Cracker Barrel was known as a Republican leaning company. I could have told you this wouldn’t end well for them, and it hasn’t. Now after a major outcry, they have returned Duck Dynasty items to their stores.

Update: Rod Dreher comments on the Cracker Barrel incident here. His thoughts are the same as mine. Does corporate Cracker Barrel know who eats at Cracker Barrel?

Phil Robertson Stands Up to PC Gestapo and Refuses to Back Down

Phil Robertson is refusing to back down. Here are a couple of links.

The Daily Mail

Gary DeMar says good for Phil.

I missed this announcement, but apparently Sunday was Wear Camo to Church Sunday to show support of Robertson.

For the record, I don’t routinely watch Duck Dynasty. I watched it a couple of time just to see what all the fuss was about, but I don’t like reality TV in general, and to me much of DD seemed obviously staged. But I do think it is good that there is a show that portrays a Southern Christian family in a largely positive way. If Phil is rehired and DD returns to A&E then I watch it. If it moves to another channel, then I’ll watch it, just to show support.

Update: The Robertson family is sticking by Phil. If A&E doesn’t back down, DUck Dynasty may be done.

Update II: Aaron Wolfe at Chronicles chimes in.

League of the South Responds to Phil Robertson Suspension


19 December 2013

Re: Phil Robertson and A&E

For Immediate Release

The League of the South, the premier Southern Nationalist organization, supports Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty in his Biblical condemnation of sodomy. Moreover, we encourage our members and supporters to boycott the A&E Channel and their advertisers until they issue a sincere apology to Mr. Robertson and end his suspension from the program.

League President Michael Hill said the following: “The executives at the A&E Channel have shown their contempt for Mr. Robertson’s right to speak the truth from God’s own word about the sordid nature of sodomy. This is merely one more incident that proves that the purveyors of American popular culture are committed to an anti-Christian and anti-Southern agenda of hatred and lies. We urge Southerners and others of good will to support Mr. Robertson and to let the A&E Channel know that they will not be watching Duck Dynasty or buying the products of their advertisers until this matter is rightly settled.”

The League of the South can be reached for further comment at (800) 888-3163 or at More information can be found at

The Company Name? ——-> Say My Name!

*** spoiler alert***

This is sad, but as I await the final episode of one of the best TV shows ever, I feel anxious the same way I do before a big game or a big fight. Most great TV shows finish poorly or at least disappoint a lot of people. But the last three episodes of Breaking Bad have been increadible. Last week was a bit slow at first, but it was necessary to set up the ending which I thought was one of the greatest scenes ever.

Walter White was a beaten man, ready to turn himself in. His realizes his son hates him, and he knows he will never be able to get them the money he made. Then we see that old Walter White ego spring into action. Elliot and Gretchen have done gone and done it now. Untold death and destruction awaits because they dared to dis Heisenberg on national TV. That was a bad move. I get goose bumps watching this scene.

I’ll be satisfied with the ending as long as Walter gets to go all “Say my name!” on Gretchen and Elliot. And please don’t kill Lydia who is sneaky hot.

Update: Nooooo! Why did he have to kill Lydia!!!!!

Still on Team Walt!

***Spoiler Alert*** read ahead at your own risk.

Vince Gilligan has reportedly been surprised by how many people are still rooting for Walt. This whole final half season seems to me like Vince Gilligan’s all out effort to shake off the last of the Walt sympathizers.

First of all, it has always come naturally to me to root for the protagonist, even if he is an antihero. Were we really supposed to hope that the Feds busted Tony Soprano? When? Episode one? Then what is the point of the show? A lot of the “how could you still be rooting for Walt” feigned outrage strikes me as moral posturing. (See here for example.) It’s a TV show. Of course I don’t approve of making meth, poisoning kids or offing witnesses, but to follow the logic that we aren’t supposed to be rooting for Walt because he is a bad man we would never make fiction about anything other than positive things. While we do need more positive  TV shows, spare me the “I’m supposed to hate Walt” moralizing.

Second, Walt offered all his money, 80 million dollars, to save Hank’s sorry butt, even though Hank had just arrested him and obviously could no longer stand him. He also made that phone call to take the heat off Skyler and put it all on him, presumably for the benefit of the police and Walt Jr. No one asked Jesse to be a rat. No one asked hysterical Marie (a truly hateable character) to force Skyler to tell Hank Jr. What was the point of that? And no one asked little rat Walt Jr. to call the cops. Eat some pancakes and keep your mouth shut boy. His mom clearly attacked Walt, not the other way around.

I’m defiantly on Team Walt until the end.

Fox Sports 1 UFC Fight Night Predictions

First of all, is there room for another all sports network? It will clearly do better than the Speed Channel it is replacing, but is there enough live sports to support Fox Sports 1 and 3+ ESPN channels? Plus FUEL TV is converting to Fox Sports 2. Anyway, here are my predictions.

Rua vs. Sonnen: Rooting for Sonnen. Predicting Sonnen.

Overeem (Roidereem) vs. Brown: Rooting for Browne. Predicting Overeem.

Faber vs. Alcantara: Rooting for Faber. Predicting Faber.

Brown vs. Pyle: Rooting for Pyle. Predicting Pyle. (It looks like he cut it, but Pyle used to sport a sweet mullet. Anybody with a mullet has to be rooted for.)

Howard vs. Hall: I don’t know enough about either to make an informed prediction.

Lauzon vs. Johnson: Rooting for Lauzon. Predicting Lauzon.

Mad Men Season Finale and Wardrobe as Communication

Who here watches Mad Men on AMC? Last night was the season finale. Here is a synopsis of last night’s episode and this season, but be warned, it contains significant spoilers so don’t click on the link unless you have seen last night’s episode.

As broadly as possible, the theme of this season and last night’s episode is the main character, Don Draper’s, inability to change. Don is a man of tremendous talents and tremendous flaws. When his talents are at work, his flaws are overlooked. But eventually his flaws overtake his talents, and people are no longer willing to look the other way.

This theme is communicated in many ways, but one I have paid particular attention to is wardrobe selection. The show began in the 50′s and has now progressed to the late 60′s. As all the other characters’ wardrobes have been changing to reflect the late 60′s, even three piece suit Rodger has updated, Don is still wearing the same 50′s look suit, pocket square and fedora that he started the show with. But one does not get the impression that Don is doing this as a conscious conservative statement. He appears simply oblivious. He is stuck in his heyday, so to speak. He is like the star highschool athlete who peaked at 18.

So what’s the point? When I wrote the post below on Fred Perry as the choice of French Nationalists, I thought one of three things would happen - I would be flamed for bringing it up, it would be met with silence, or it would generate a useful discussion. I think it did the latter.

I think it is important that we explore this intersection between politics and culture, and I hope to do so with future posts. The point here is that wardrobe makes a powerful statement. Our paleo activists need to be aware of this, but consciously, not obliviously like poor Don. I doubt there are many more powerful ways to communicate your “counter-cultural” conservatism than through your choice of attire. This is important when we present ourselves as activists, and in our everyday lives.


Tony Soprano is Dead!

This is terrible news! What a shot in the gut. Was there ever a better TV character than Tony Soprano or an actor that came to embody a character more that James Gandolfini did Tony Soprano? In fact, Gandolfini was cursed by how well he played the Soprano role. People couldn’t disassociate him from his character after The Sopranos ended. I know I couldn’t. He couldn’t appear in anything after The Sopranos where I didn’t think, “It’s Tony Soprano.”

May he Rest in Peace.

Bay Buchanan has Left TV

This is news to me. Bay Buchanan apparently decided after Romney’s loss to leave TV punditry and pursue a career in real estate. I kid you not. The ridiculously prolific Warner Todd Huston has the story.

Here is the source Washinton Examiner story.

But Bay Buchanan, a top Mitt Romney lieutenant who’s been involved in politics ever since serving as treasurer of Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, saw last November’s loss as a signal to get out of presidential politics.

“It was so tough. It was brutal,” she said of the loss to President Obama. “I think it’s the toughest because we really expected to win it,” added Buchanan, a former Treasurer of the United States who also ran her brother Pat’s three campaigns for president.

Bay’s strong support for Romney has always been baffling and can only be explained by “the Mormon thing.” (Bay is a convert to Mormonism.) But his sister’s involvement with the Romney campaign is widely speculated to be the reason Pat seemed to hold his fire where Romney was concerned.

Erick Erickson Leaving CNN

Our favorite mainstream con whipping boy is leaving CNN. This announcement is mostly a collection of thank yous. He doesn’t say why he is leaving or where he is going? Possibly FOX? I’m sure we’ll know more soon.

I do think this paragraph is telling.

For some reason saying something negative about the GOP was fine here at RedState, but saying the same damn thing on CNN brought in a flurry of emails from conservatives accusing me of selling out. Funny how that works.

Our criticism of EE from the right has always been that he was either attempting to quash authentic expressions of conservative resistance (opposition to the Fed, gold, Ron Paul, secession) to the Machine, or that he was peddling an inauthentic variety of “conservatism” (globalist interventionism). It was never that he was being insufficiently faithful to the GOP.

This illustrates the two fold task us paleos have. We have to counter the inauthentic versions that call themselves conservative with an authentic version, and we have to overcome blind partisanship.

Addendum: BTW, EE recently floated his name as a possible primary challenger to Taxby Chambliss. Now that Taxby is out of the picture, does this mean a Senate campaign is in the works?

Update: This is from EE’s Facebook page: “Now the rest of the story: As of this afternoon I am a Fox News political contributor.” Well that didn’t take long.

Update II: Was Erickson actually let go as part of a purge at CNN?

Predictions for Tonight’s UFC on Fox

Tonight’s card is stacked. The UFC is to be commended.

I’m a big fan of the Diaz brothers. I’m not sure why. They’re both pains in the butt. But I still like them. I like their striking style. Anyway, I’m predicting a Diaz victory over Henderson.

I’m a big fan of both Gufstasson and Rua, but I’m a bigger fan of Gustafsson because I’ve been following him as his career has progressed. I’m predicting he’ll dominate the striking game. The winner will be the number one contender for the Light Heavyweight Championship. Gustafsson vs. Jones would be awesome.

I’m rooting for BJ Penn who was one of my first favorites, but I doubt he’ll win. MacDonald is a talented fighter.