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Is Paul Ryan the candidate of war and cheap labor?

It’s a little amusing to watch movement conservatives act so jubilant about the choice of Paul Ryan for VP.   I haven’t seen movement cons act so foolishly since they declared Bush II “a real conservative” in 2000.

While Ryan might be good about cutting a few things from the budget, his overall record is disappointing.

First:  Ryan is a warmongerer and has surrounded himself with neocons. Doesn’t the budget cutter realize that the military is a huge expense?

Second:  Ryan is in the pocket of the cheap-labor lobby.  So while he might make some gestures against “illegal immigration,” he will want to flood the US with more legal immigrants and will probably eventually seek some sort of amnesty. In short, Ryan only exemplifies how much the GOP is controlled by big business.

Third:  The Ryan plan to slash medicare and social security is suicidal.  Sure, they’re huge entitlements, but older whites (i.e. Republican voters!) disproportionally benefit from them.  Why target them first?  Why not save them for last, after everything else has been cut?  Why not go first after programs that overwhelmingly benefit Democrats (like medicaid, HUD, all the education-related entitlements, etc.)?  Carl Schmidt said the first rule of politics is to know your enemy, which only again proves the Republicans to be the Stupid Party.  The Democrats (the Evil Party) who get the score will be more than happy to slash medicare and social security to save medicaid.

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Paul Ryan Reaction and Links Thread

Since there will be much discussion about Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate, I decided to created a thread specifically for reaction and links. Your reactions in the comments section. Links below. Expect more links to follow. I haven’t yet read all the links because the reaction is coming fast and furious, but they are from trusted sources.

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