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How Conservative Third Parties Can Win Third World Voters

The following was submitted by frequent commenter Savrola. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily represent the views of Conservative Heritage Times.

How Conservative Third Parties Can Win Third World Voters.

Communication is key.

Whites and conservatives don’t communicate well because they lead sterile lives.

Americans of European extraction have left their ethnic culture behind and become atomized yet differentiated particles in a sea of adversaries.

A form of racial socialism is prevalent in the U.S. because ethnicity has been nationalized.

Before a blended humanity could be created, our overlords had to oversee the management of all the varying ethnic groups into four major categories based on skin color, white, black, brown and yellow.

Once these categories were established, they began to work towards the creation of a blended humanity.

Multiculturalism not assimilation is the answer to the West’s Third World problem.

Anglo conservatives since WWII have forcibly imposed their culture on European and non-European cultures, alike. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Whites fear multiculturalism because they have lost control of their own identity. Their culture is controlled by interlopers, their ancestors are forgotten and descendants marginalized.

Why does the White man do nothing? Because he is a White man. More precisely he is not a Teuton, he is not a Celt, Slav or a Gaul. He has no homogeneous ethnic roots, no loyalty to any particular culture.

Europeans have been mongrelized, as Wyndham Lewis suggested in his book, “Paleface.” And why shouldn’t a German-Anglo-Gaul breed with a non white to fulfill their biological imperatives?

To argue that interracial relationships ruin cultures is a waste of time because the entire purpose of the Western Powers That Be is to destroy all cultures and create a blended humanity with a single corporative culture.

Whites are often embittered towards blacks and Amerinds due to these races being used against them in a variety of ways by the contemporary media culture.

The fact is that both these races and their cultures have been under assault by the corporate media for decades and have crumbled sooner due to the fact that they are not as resilient to propaganda as Europeans are.

The answer to the problem in the short-term is to ban Satellite-Media outreach into regions of the country that are still controlled by fairly conservative legislatures.

That’s correct. Ban Clear Channel, FOX, and MTV among others, from the South and Midwest.

The second step is to appeal to minority communities while they remain minority communities.

Encourage Hispanic, Asian (and soon) African immigrants to remain true to their own language and culture.

Assist in the establishment of foreign language radio and TV stations to cater to the immigrant communities.

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