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Bomber LeMay again…

I have not read, and may not ever get to, Patrick Buchanan’s latest book on Nixon, but I am reading the reviews.  Jared Taylor reviewed the book, and relays points I am interested in:

Mr. Buchanan agrees with the general assessment that Wallace was badly hurt by his choice of running mate, General Curtis LeMay. LeMay had run the B-29 bombing campaign against the Japanese, and when Wallace first introduced him to the press, a reporter asked if LeMay would use nuclear weapons in Vietnam. LeMay left no doubt that he thought it was a good idea, and Wallace had to step in to stop LeMay going any further. For the rest of the campaign, Wallace had to dodge shots aimed at “Bombs Away” LeMay.

It doesn’t answer my vexing question as to just how LeMay got the spot, and wrecking what might have been a real Beyond Left and Right alliance–particularly in intellectual circles–and it must be noted, that Dr. Fleming seems to believe there is some credence behind the Nixon folks trying to assassinate Wallace in ’72–none of that appears to be addressed.

Still, it is a solid nugget to find.


My Man Dale Peterson is BACK!

OK, this story is not new. I don’t know how I missed it. Peterson is running for Auditor of Alabama. There has already been a four way primary, and Peterson is in a run off. The run off is 15 July.

We posted here about the two run-ins with the law that Paterson had, so I am surprised to see him back on the scene. According to this website from Feb., he was found guilty on both charges and the sentence included some jail time which seems like overkill to me. He is appealing and had a jury trial scheduled for May. I have searched to see what came of that trial date, and couldn’t find anything. Peterson briefly and somewhat cryptically addresses the incidents here. He says he saw some doctors and had some tests and was diagnosed with “short-term memory problems” which he has addressed with medications and vitamins. While the incidents sounded medical to me, and I said so at the time, as someone who knows a little something about these things, I am skeptical that his explanation is giving us all the information, but I won’t publicly speculate further.

That said, Peterson seems to be taking a lower profile this time. Here is his ad for Auditor. It contains the recognizable imagery, but Peterson doesn’t speak.

Here, Peterson goes off on Obama about the Bergdahl prisoner swap.

First of all, I’m not sure what Bergdahl has to do with being Auditor of Alabama. Second, I don’t totally agree with Peterson here. I don’t in principle have an objection to a prisoner swap. As the original Bergdahl as deserter Rolling Stone article we discussed here makes clear, if we were going to end the war in Afghanistan, then we really had to get Bergdahl back. Ending the war and leaving him over there wasn’t really an option. I do, however, think the Administration handled it very badly, which they have no excuse for because the politics of it all were predicted precisely by the Rolling Stone article in 2012. Instead of announcing it like it was some sort of triumph, they should have announced it solemnly and prepared people for the controversy. Obama also was required by law to inform Congress, and his failure to do so should be pursued.

That said, I still find something very powerful about Peterson’s folksy, down home delivery. As things become less left vs. right and more the Elite and their minions vs. the people, I believe that people like Peterson will help bring that message home. I think it would serve us well to study his presentation. I’m not suggesting people play a role. You have to be who you are. But Peterson is going to be one type in the rebellion. Brainy outsiders like Brat and hopefully a couple of billionaire populists like Perot and Trump will contribute to the mix as well.

How Conservative Third Parties Can Win Third World Voters

The following was submitted by frequent commenter Savrola. The opinions expressed are his and do not necessarily represent the views of Conservative Heritage Times.

How Conservative Third Parties Can Win Third World Voters.

Communication is key.

Whites and conservatives don’t communicate well because they lead sterile lives.

Americans of European extraction have left their ethnic culture behind and become atomized yet differentiated particles in a sea of adversaries.

A form of racial socialism is prevalent in the U.S. because ethnicity has been nationalized.

Before a blended humanity could be created, our overlords had to oversee the management of all the varying ethnic groups into four major categories based on skin color, white, black, brown and yellow.

Once these categories were established, they began to work towards the creation of a blended humanity.

Multiculturalism not assimilation is the answer to the West’s Third World problem.

Anglo conservatives since WWII have forcibly imposed their culture on European and non-European cultures, alike. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Whites fear multiculturalism because they have lost control of their own identity. Their culture is controlled by interlopers, their ancestors are forgotten and descendants marginalized.

Why does the White man do nothing? Because he is a White man. More precisely he is not a Teuton, he is not a Celt, Slav or a Gaul. He has no homogeneous ethnic roots, no loyalty to any particular culture.

Europeans have been mongrelized, as Wyndham Lewis suggested in his book, “Paleface.” And why shouldn’t a German-Anglo-Gaul breed with a non white to fulfill their biological imperatives?

To argue that interracial relationships ruin cultures is a waste of time because the entire purpose of the Western Powers That Be is to destroy all cultures and create a blended humanity with a single corporative culture.

Whites are often embittered towards blacks and Amerinds due to these races being used against them in a variety of ways by the contemporary media culture.

The fact is that both these races and their cultures have been under assault by the corporate media for decades and have crumbled sooner due to the fact that they are not as resilient to propaganda as Europeans are.

The answer to the problem in the short-term is to ban Satellite-Media outreach into regions of the country that are still controlled by fairly conservative legislatures.

That’s correct. Ban Clear Channel, FOX, and MTV among others, from the South and Midwest.

The second step is to appeal to minority communities while they remain minority communities.

Encourage Hispanic, Asian (and soon) African immigrants to remain true to their own language and culture.

Assist in the establishment of foreign language radio and TV stations to cater to the immigrant communities.

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