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Pro-conservative fiction

An article by Sam Francis, the godfather of paleoconservatism, on H. P. Lovecraft rekindled my love of speculative fiction. So I think it appropriate I mention my latest short story here on CHT.

My story, Spell Check, is in the latest Kzine, a British sci-fi/fantasy magazine. A young woman doesn’t believe a mysterious client when he tells her she possesses unusual powers. But one morning she hears something in her attic and decides to investigate. She realizes the client was right.

Kzine for the Kindle is available at and

Quote of the day

“Equality incurs tolerance, and tolerance has become but another word for nihilism. It’s easy to be tolerant, if you don’t believe in anything. A civilization practicing high standards must perforce be highly intolerant, becoming more and more intolerant as it becomes better and better.” Tito Perdue, in his talk to the H.L. Mencken Club.

The above is just one of numerous sizzlers in an insightful, no-holds-barred speech. You owe it to yourself to read the whole thing.

What’s a conservative Scottish Nat to do?

A good article here on Takimag on the dilemma conservative Scottish patriots have. Do you support the nationalist party which is ultra-leftish (the SNP) or do you stick the Unionist Tories who are very unpopular with most Scottish voters? A good case to be made to create a conservative wing of the SNP. I think this situation would also apply to Quebec and Wales as well.

Giuliani Receives Kudos At Star-Studded Gala

By J.D. Salyer

INN High Society Correspondent

Wed May 23, 5:33 PM ET

Barad-dûr, Mordor



The silverware was polished and the paparazzi were out in force as New York City mayor and Republican presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani received the coveted “Up-And-Coming Overlord” Award during the 12th annual meeting of the Totalitarian Demagogues’ Guild, held in the Hobbes Room of the Barad-dûr Hyatt last evening.

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Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
Maryann Mott
National Geographic News
(MST3K-esque Commentary Courtesy J.D. Salyer of INN)

Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimeras—a hybrid creature that’s part human, part animal. (OF COURSE FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW THAT LINE HAS ALREADY BEEN BLURRED VIA THE DONALD TRUMP TELEVISION SHOW, “APPRENTICE”.)

Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University in 2003 successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs. (SO IT IS CRITICAL THAT AMERICA LAUNCH A CRASH-PROGRAM TO CATCH UP WITH THEM — DEMOCRACY MUST TRIUMPH OVER COMMUNISM… WE MUST BRIDGE THE “WASCALLY WABBIT” GAP.)

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Random Thoughts On The John Sharpe Affair


By J.D. Salyer

INN Correspondent

Wednesday, March 28 ’07


Ron Howard’s exciting new movie The Protocols of the Elders of Vatican City is positioned to be the blockbuster-hit of the summer, with an all-star cast and a plot as thrilling as it is thought-provoking.

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 J.D. Salyer

 INN Correspondent

March 26, 2007

The discussion about Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign has been swept aside by the startling buzz about the latest Republican candidate:  Princeton philosophy professor Peter Singer.


            At first glance Singer’s announcement that he has become a Republican and seeks the GOP presidential nomination seems to make little sense.  The eccentric philosopher does, after all, advocate granting silverback-gorillas with metaphysical and legal status equal to that of human beings, is openly contemptuous of the right to gun-ownership, and supports the ongoing extermination of 4,000 children per day via abortion. 

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Southern Poverty Law Center Sues Southern Poverty Law Center


J.D. Salyer
For INN Thu Mar 22, 9:33 AM ET

In a daring move Morris Dees, long-time director of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), announced yesterday that he intends to bring a lawsuit against himself and his organization so as to “compel removal of the blatantly racist term, ‘Southern’” from the
organization’s title.

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The Once and Future Fugitives

The Once and Future Fugitives

 By:  J.D. Salyer

Future:  Dystopic sci-fi film Logan’s Run depicts a contented future-city where Man lives out endless amusements, orgies, festivals of mesmerizing music and anesthetizing drugs.  All-I-Wanna-Do-Is-Have-Some-Fun-Before-I-Die, croons Crow. 

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Anton shivered and turned away from the mess as the gunmen began cleaning up. His modest moustache twitched as his nostrils caught a whiff of residual gunsmoke in the air. The gunmen commenced loading the corpses onto wheelbarrows and carts, to roll them off toward the woods, one by one.

“What a waste,” Anton murmured, watching a lush beard hanging over the side of a wheelbarrow, swaying in the wind. Pavel smiled faintly at him.

“It is a waste,” Anton insisted. He put his hand to the thick curls of hair curving back from his forehead, and frowned. “We do not have enough workers to spare that we can afford to shoot every last person who goes to church. The revolution needs live bodies, not dead ones.”

Pavel’s tilted his head away from his friend to survey the carnage. His comely, elfin-delicate face contorted as he spat, a fleck of the spittle sailing through the air to land next to a cloudy-blot of crimson on the shirt of one of the corpses.”