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Oh No! Putin is a Mean Evil Sexist!

Here is even more reason for us to bomb Russia. Putin is a sexist! He dissed Queen Hillary. I know, I know, it’s outrageous, isn’t it? It’s the year 2014. No country should have to endure having a sexist for a leader. We must commence bombing immediately and liberate the people of Russia from this knuckle-dragging menace to the modern mind.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a blistering response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comparison of his actions in Ukraine to those of Adolf Hitler leading up to World War II in a television interview that aired Wednesday.

Putin accused Clinton of not being the most elegant speaker and made remarks implying women in general are not well-suited to politics.

“It’s better not to argue with women. But Ms Clinton has never been too graceful in her statements,” Putin said in a French television interview Wednesday.

Putin went on to suggest Clinton was weak and make more disparaging comments about her gender.

“Still, we always met afterwards and had cordial conversations at various international events. I think even in this case we could reach an agreement,” said Putin. “When people push boundaries too far, it’s not because they are strong but because they are weak. But maybe weakness is not the worst quality for a woman.”

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Ted Cruz Wins RLC Presidential Straw Poll, Ben Carson Comes in Second

It isn’t news that Ted Cruz won, but it is news, IMO, that Ben Carson came in second. I don’t know that much about Carson. He may be a good guy. And as I have said before, I’m not going to criticize him just because he is a non-traditional candidate, because I don’t think there are any traditional candidates out there so far who would advance our thing. But I have no real reason to think he is some sort of paleo. But this is further evidence that conservatives are desperate for a black candidate so they can say, “See look. We’re not racists.” Do these conservative not realize that this reinforces the liberal PC narrative?

The Spurs vs. the Heat, Round 2. GO SPURS! (Plus a word about the Donald Sterling lawsuit.)

So it’s going to be the Spurs vs. the Heat again this year. I guess we should have just skipped the regular season and went straight to a second finals. This outcome was fairly predictable. Here’s hoping that this year we’ll have a different outcome.

I like the Hawks because they are my home team, and I like the Spurs because I lived in San Antonio for a while coutesy of the USAF, but I hope Donald Sterling sues the NBA into bankrupcy. I would gladly do without the Hawks and the Spurs if that was the cost of crushing that little PC enforcing bug, Adam Silver. Sterling has filed a 1 billion dollar lawsuit, and according to this analysis of the NBA Constitution, it looks like Silver grossly over stepped his authority.

So go Spurs, and go Donald!

Jeffrey Tucker vs. the Rockwellians

Recently there was a dust up in libertarian land over an article by Jeffrey Tucker which essentially struck a PC pose, and seemed clearly intended to distance himself from his former colleagues at the von Mises Institute. I never got around to discussing it at the time, although it is mentioned in the comments of this post about another libertarian squable.

To be honest, I was not even aware that Tucker had left the von Mises Institute, so I was prompted by the squable to search for news/gossip related to the separation. I found surprisingly little. I am certainly not privy to the inner workings of the von Mises Institute, but I was under the impression that Rockwell and Tucker were friends, so I presumed the lack of gossip was an indication that the parting had been amicable. When this squable first broke out, I went to to see what they had to say about it. While they addressed the issue, by my memory and current searches, they did so less than I expected. I took this as evidence that the Rockwell crowd might be holding its fire to some extent out of deference to Tucker. (Similarly, I have a hunch that LRC holds their fire at Rand Paul somewhat out of deference to his father.)  I couldn’t decide whether to consider this honorable or unwise, since the Tucker article was so clearly aimed at the Rockwell orbit.

With this in mind, it was with interest that I stumbled upon this tidbit at the Economic Policy Journal. The article is about a separate but related post Tucker brutalism article PC dust up, where some PC suck up hack was whining about libertarian racism. Of interest is that Rockwell orbit heavyweight Tom Woods weighs in in the comment section with a direct attack on Tucker. As best as I can recall, this is the most direct addressing of Tucker specifically that I have seen. (Let me know if I’ve missed something.)

To continue in that vein, she would have had to break with Tucker, and that gig is evidently too lucrative to give up.

Meanwhile, Tucker, who from his recent writing appears to be a delicate flower who feels pain at every unkind word or thought entertained by anyone at any time, couldn’t spare three seconds to stand up in defense of Ron Paul, who has done so much for him, or for Walter or the others. Let’s hope this phase passes soon.

Ouch. That stings a bit. I would really like to know if anyone has any inside intel on all this business because Tucker’s new found persona seems to have come from out of the blue.

Santa Barbara shooter had history of posting racist, misogynist comments on hate site

Does the above headline send shivers down your back? Good. That means it worked.

The ghouls at the Southern Poverty Law Center rake in their millions by trolling the news for tragedies, selecting facts out of context, and spicing up the story with their own special spin. Then it’s a simple matter of contacting their secretarial pool (aka, the mainstream media) and releasing their lurid tales to a breathless public. Et voila – everyone’s talking about how another dangerous racist has terrorized our multicultural utopia. In their next fundraising letter, the SPLC will conflate neo-Nazis with immigration control activists, conservatives, and critics of big government as “haters” and “racists” inflamed by uncontrolled “hate speech” (aka, non-leftist speech).

The latest example is Elliott Rodger, a mass-murderer who killed nine people in Santa Barbara on Friday:

According to the hate-tracking Southern Poverty Law Center, alleged Santa Barbara shooter Elliott Rodger had a history of posting misogynist and racist comments on anti-woman website …

According to the SPLC, Rodger posted comments in January, beginning with “Saw a black guy sitting with 4 white girls,” causing him to admit his frustration over white women socializing with minority men.

But even a cursory examination of this troubled young man reveals a delusional, frustrated sociopath who resented all women who rejected him and the men who dated them. In his seething manifesto, Rodger threatened to “slaughter every single blonde s**t I see.”

Does that sound like something a white “racist” would say? No matter. The SPLC will go on with its fear-mongering fundraising, and the mainstream media will go on transcribing SPLC releases.

It’s All a Conspiracy Theory … Until it Isn’t (Re. Donald Sterling Set Up)

Well, well, well … Lookie what we have here.

Rush Limbaugh suggested Donald Sterling might have been set up.

Salon wagged their finger and made fun.

But now it turns out that the LAPD is investigating just that.

Hmmmm … Wonder if the PC Gestapo and their lackey Adam Silver will apologize to Donald Sterling if this proves true. I wonder if Salon will apologize to Rush.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office apparently thinks enough of the  accusations against Stiviano to do something about it.This comes after multiple  rumors surfaced that Magic Johnson conspired for Stiviano to record the conversation and leak  it so that Sterling would be forced to sell the team and Johnson could then buy  it.

This came after Johnson immediately said he’d like to buy the team  once the recording was made public.


PC Gatekeepers go After Andy Nowicki – He Responds like a Man

The PC gatekeepers are going after Andy Nowicki, who teaches Enlish at a state university  in Georgia.

He sent an e-mail to his colleagues attempting to pre-empt the whisper campaign. This is how a man responds to the PC police. Take note … Well, I thought about naming some names, but I won’t. They know who they are. They have to deal with their own shame.

I am aware that some of my expressed views are outside the bounds of what are generally considered to be “acceptable” beliefs by contemporary (and quite arbitrary) standards of discussion and discourse. Be that as it may, I make no apologies for anything I have written… though I also think it’s quite possible that certain articles have been misunderstood by some of you.

I also don’t deny keeping company– both professionally and personally– with people who many of you would find to be dubious characters. Again, so be it. My writings are my writings, and my friends are my friends, and I don’t repudiate anything or anyone, although it should be kept in mind that professional association and/or friendship with someone shouldn’t imply a presumption of identity of viewpoint with said person. (emphasis mine)

Remember: Let your enemy make all the rules

What a story…

Donald Sterling is the most eeevil man in the world because, in what he thought was a private conversation with his Black/Mexican trophy wife, he made statements revealing he did not want her bringing black people to basketball games.

Yes, on the Hate-o-Meter, this is bigger than the Holocaust and slavery combined.

But the truly pathetic thing about this story is how Republicans took that ball and ran with it while screaming that the latest “most evil man in the world” was another racist Democrat. In the Bizarro world of the Republican Party, Republicans are the true inheritors of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of color blindness. Not only that, but – and they’re especially proud of this – Republicans are Israel’s best buddies, defending that country no matter what it does. As EVERYONE KNOWS, criticizing Israel’s policies is just a cover for anti-Semitism. Plus, defending Israel’s interests is what defines real conservatism. Really.

So once again, Republicans have endorsed leftist ideology. “Racism” is a leftist concept. Its core idea is that anything that impedes the leftist agenda is evil and irrational. But the word can be quickly modified to include racial hatred, or arguing that there are differences among the races, or that race even exists. By using the word, Republicans have implicitly agreed that it is not just wrong, but evil to hold views that can be considered “racist.” And never forget that it is leftists who get to define whether an idea, policy, group, or individual is “racist.”

This latest absurdity is amplified by revelations that Sterling was due to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP, and that he is actually a registered Republican. Oops. Proving once again that lunacy can only lead to more lunacy.

Clive Bundy is … You Guessed it … a Racist

You just knew this was coming. The Machine can’t let someone who opposes the Fed Gov be seen as a sympathetic figure, so you just knew the slurs would be coming. Some already were … kook … terrorist … wingnut … deranged … unhinged … And now of course comes racist. Unfortunately Bundy gave them the ammunition, although his underlying point about welfare is legit, the way he expressed it was very impolitic and now the PC Cultural Marxist feigned outrage chorus is kicking into overdrive to prop up the Establishment.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Comes Out in Favor of Gay “Marriage”

This is very disappointing. There have always been two primary reasons why people oppose gay “marriage.” First, because they are personally religious and believe homosexuality to be immoral. Second, because while not personally religious, gay “marriage” (and homosexuality in general) just do not seem right to them. They are viscerally opposed to it more than intellectually. What we have seen with the recent sea change in public attitudes toward gay “marriage” is that the second group has begun to flake off, and most all that is left is the first group. Why this Stone Cold rant is so disappointing is because Steve Austin is the kind of person, a hyper-masculine testosterone addled male, that should be the last to flake off. A person like Austin should be embarrassed/afraid to support gay “marriage” lest someone have some suspicions about him. The visceral has been unable to withstand the the intellectual drumbeat in favor of “equality” above all. This country really is going to Hell in a hand-basket. We have an intellectual culture that is assaulting both God and nature.

We Believe in God the Father…

One criticism of contemporary Christian music is that it is often theology weak if not in outright error. But the song below, which is currently popular, is practically a creed in song. Now whether this actually sings all that well is debatable, but in this time of so much depravity in popular culture, such blatant declarations of truth are much welcomed.

When all we know is doubt and fear
There is only One Foundation
We believe, We believe
In this broken generation
When all is dark, You help us see
There is only One Salvation
We believe, We believe

We believe in God the Father
We believe in Jesus Christ
We believe in the Holy Spirit
And He’s given us new life
We believe in the crucifixion
We believe that He conquered death
We believe in the resurrection
And He’s comin’ back again, we believe

So, let our faith be more than anthems
Greater than the songs we sing
And in our weakness and temptations
We believe, We believe!

We believe in God the Father!
We believe in Jesus Christ!
We believe in the Holy Spirit!
And He’s given us new life!
We believe in the crucifixion!
We believe that He conquered death!
We believe in the resurrection!
And He’s comin’ back again!

Let the lost be found and the dead be raised!
In the here and now, let love invade!
Let the church live love our God will see
We believe, We believe!
And the gates of hell will not prevail!
For the power of God, has torn the veil!
Now we know Your love will never fail!
We believe, We believe!

We believe in God the Father
We believe in Jesus Christ
We believe in the Holy Spirit
And He’s given us new life!
We believe in the crucifixion!
We believe that He conquered death!
We believe in the resurrection!
And He’s comin’ back,
He’s comin’ back again!
He’s comin’ back again!
We believe!
We believe

Lyrics thanks to

Buchanan Hearts Putin Too

Steven Seagal isn’t the only one showing Putin some love these days. So is Pat Buchanan.

Putin is entering a claim that Moscow is the Godly City of today and command post of the counter-reformation against the new paganism. Putin is plugging into some of the modern world’s most powerful currents. Not only in his defiance of what much of the world sees as America’s arrogant drive for global hegemony. Not only in his tribal defense of lost Russians left behind when the USSR disintegrated. He is also tapping into the worldwide revulsion of and resistance to the sewage of a hedonistic secular and social revolution coming out of the West.

In the culture war for the future of mankind, Putin is planting Russia’s flag firmly on the side of traditional Christianity.

PC Scolds Attack College of Charleston President Select

The PC hysteria caucus is predictably outraged because a long time South Carolina Republican who may have something other than scorn and contempt for his ancestors and state has been picked to head the College of Charleston.

I don’t know if a retiring politician is actually qualified to be a University President,  but a school picking a politician is certainly not without precedent. David Boren became the President of the University of Oklahome. Donna Shalala became the President of the University of Miami, and those are just off the top of my head. So who really believes these PC enforcers are more worried about credentials than they are right think?

McConnell, who spent more than 30 years in the state Senate (including 11 as  its leader before becoming lieutenant governor) is being eyed suspiciously for  two reasons: his political connections and his association with Confederate  history.

Faculty said the search process was a sham, given that McConnell emerged at  the top of the heap despite reports the search committee didn’t choose him as a  finalist.

His critics also paint him as a Confederate sympathizer. He used to own a shop that  sold memorabilia of the South’s rebellion; he appears in a widely circulated  picture dressed as a  Confederate general; and he is a longtime supporter of flying the  Confederate flag on the statehouse grounds. McConnell, whose office did not  respond to a request for comment, has previously  said his affiliation with Confederate regalia has to do with history and  states’ rights.

Read more: Inside Higher Ed

David Yeagley R.I.P.

David Yeagley has passed away from cancer. I was not aware he was sick. May he R.I.P. From the linked announcement, it sounds like he was a Christian.

Yeagley was recently the subject of a flurry of headlines because of his lawsuit victory over the folks who shut down the 2010 American Renaissance conference, although the significance of that victory outside the state of Oklahoma is disputed. It was at the least a moral victory, despite the protests of the “antifa.”

I am not familiar enough with Yeagley to know where he stood on all issues, but I appreciated his battle against the machine.

An Update on Richard Spencer at CPAC

Richard Spencer posted the following on FaceBook. It is a retweet, but I assume it reflects his feelings about his recent foray into CPAC.

Retweeted Dark enlightenment (@enlightdark):

CPAC is an exercise in futility. Libertarianism is the most coherent ideology currently available and it’s completely suicidal.

Libertarianism is a coherent philosophy, and that is one reason I believe it is so attractive to young people. It is coherent and reductive and eliminates messy contradictions. While there are libertarians who can be sensible on immigration, the non-nuanced libertarian position is borderless with no governmental restrictions on movement. IMO, NPI types might do better making their pitch to more traditional conservatives on the basis that demographic change dooms the Republican Party and conservatism. Conservative intuitively understand this, they just make public PC arguments because they are afraid to do otherwise.

Update: I looked for a comment on CPAC at Radix Journal, and didn’t find one, but it turns out they were in the blog section rather than the front page.

Here is a post on the plans for the conference.

Here is a post on immigration at CPAC.



Yawn … SPLC Labels Liberty Alliance a Hate Group

The SPLC has labeled Liberty Alliance a hate group. Liberty Alliance affiliated sites send me a lot of emails, and while they tend to promote articles full of red meat for the base, they are always well within the norm of mainstream conservatism. So the SPLC is essentially naming a mainstream conservative enterprise a hate group because it’s perhaps a more scrappy mainstream conservative group. That’s a reach even by SPLC smear standards.

(The most interesting part of this story is identifying the various Liberty Alliance sites which explains why I often get similar emails from different sites.)

Steven Seagal Calls for Obama’s Impeachment

Since we’re on the subject of pop culture, this is worth noting. Steven Seagal has called for Obama’s impeachment.

The actor appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, AZ on February 22, 2014, and was not aware that he would be speaking but what he did say, he spoke plainly in the seriousness with his message.

During the conference, a lot of funny political jokes were said but Seagal said that what he is about to say will not fit into the funniness of the night’s event.

Seagal said, “What I have to say is quite serious. What I want to say is that never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people, like the people who are running it… at this day.”

See more …

I know that Seagal is mostly a straight to video actor these days, but since so few people in Hollywood and pop culture are on our side, any defections are noteworthy. I don’t know where Seagal stands on all the issues, but what he says here is pretty hard core, and that he was willing to attend this venue is comendable. He has clearly identified himself with us Reds in the us against them war.

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Let’s see, Ellen, practically dressed like a man, was the hostess.

Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor.

Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture.

The bottom three were entirely predictable.

I’m not saying that McConaughey and Leto didn’t give deserving performances or that Twelve Years a Slave wasn’t well done. What I’m suggesting is that having a PC angle clearly gives you a leg up on the competition. For example, last year Django Unchained won recognition way out of proportion to its merit because it was a white guilt fest.