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Steven Seagal is Da Man!

Steven Seagal, who has spoken out before in defense of Russia and Putin, played a gig in Crimea recently that was allegedly pro-separatist.

…Seagal played a weekend concert in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, appearing on a stage adorned with the flag of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

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The Russia/Ukraine situation is complicated. Ethnic Ukrainians have a reason to be sore at and distrustful of Russia, but the problem is that Ukraine, like so many other countries, is too large and attempts to keep unlike elements together in a political alliance that is unnatural. Separation of the more Russian Eastern parts of Ukraine is probably the most natural outcome.

But whatever you may think about the Russia/Ukraine situation, you have to admit that Seagal has some serious nads. Publicly supporting Putin and Russia is not a popular position, and he is taking a risk by doing so.

Sid Vicious defends Mel

Gary Oldman chose the path of Alt Right dissident as his media character to aid his career in Hollywood. Getting his movie start with the iconic portrayal of Sex Pistol “musician,” Sid Vicious, in Sid and Nancy and finding himself a romantic indy hero for the wrong lesson learned, he worked television and took the bit parts, some better than others—like Lee Harvey Oswald, in Oliver Stone’s JFK.
Oldman has worked consistently through the years, and after landing the role of Commissioner Gordon in the Chris Nolan Alt Right version Batman series, finds himself at the height of his game in the year 2014, with two big budget films—and as he ages, and finds his moments, he can still deliver a few lines.

Oldman blasts liberal Hollywood, Defends Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin



They’re remaking Kickboxer. What is wrong with some people? What kind of a heartless, soulless person would do such a thing? Is there no movie just so right that they won’t taint it’s legacy with a needless remake just so they can make a quick buck? This is serious business. I’m throwing down the gaunlet. I’m drawing a line in the sand. If these clowns ever remake Bloodsport, I’m grabbing my pitchfork!

Steven Seagal Hearts Putin

Dang! Steven Seagal has really gone rogue.

Mr. Seagal also took occasion in the newspaper interview to slam America for its policy on Ukraine.

“[I’m] an American, and I love my country,” but the current Ukraine policy from the White House is “idiotic,” he said, USA Today reported.

“It’s no secret that I have Republican views, and policies of Obama does not appeal to me,” Mr. Seagal said in the report. “In many ways, it is not even his fault, but the people who are in his inner circle who have views on world politics are diametrically opposed to Russia. In my opinion, a situation where the U.S. and Russia are on opposite sides of the fence is abnormal. And I see my task is to do everything to facilitate the normalization of relations.”

This shows some real insight. There is no reason we should have an antagonistic relationship with Russia. I’m going to rent a Steven Seagal movie the next time I use RedBox.

Steven Seagal Calls for Obama’s Impeachment

Since we’re on the subject of pop culture, this is worth noting. Steven Seagal has called for Obama’s impeachment.

The actor appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, AZ on February 22, 2014, and was not aware that he would be speaking but what he did say, he spoke plainly in the seriousness with his message.

During the conference, a lot of funny political jokes were said but Seagal said that what he is about to say will not fit into the funniness of the night’s event.

Seagal said, “What I have to say is quite serious. What I want to say is that never in my life did I ever believe that our country would be taken over by people, like the people who are running it… at this day.”

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I know that Seagal is mostly a straight to video actor these days, but since so few people in Hollywood and pop culture are on our side, any defections are noteworthy. I don’t know where Seagal stands on all the issues, but what he says here is pretty hard core, and that he was willing to attend this venue is comendable. He has clearly identified himself with us Reds in the us against them war.

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Let’s see, Ellen, practically dressed like a man, was the hostess.

Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor.

Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture.

The bottom three were entirely predictable.

I’m not saying that McConaughey and Leto didn’t give deserving performances or that Twelve Years a Slave wasn’t well done. What I’m suggesting is that having a PC angle clearly gives you a leg up on the competition. For example, last year Django Unchained won recognition way out of proportion to its merit because it was a white guilt fest.

Whites Only Laundry

On a related topic: I was recently shocked to discover D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation on Netflix Instant Video. Funny how that movie makes the cut, but we’ll never see Gone With the Wind, It’s a Joke, Son!, and Song of the South on Instant Video. Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings backs mass illegal immigration after all.

Similarly, each year Barnes and Noble shocks us with a display of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, but we’ll never see James Edwards’s Racism Schmacism nor James Kalb’s The Tyranny of Liberalism.

HT: “Sam” from James Edwards’s blog comments for video.

A Road House Remake?! Attention Hollywood: LEAVE THE CLASSICS ALONE!!!!!

Alright now, this does it! First Hollywood had the audacity to remake The Karate Kid, the closest to perfect movie this world has ever known. Then they remade Footloose, the movie that introduced us all to Kevin Bacon who inspired a generation of tousled hair and unstructured blazers and whithout whom we would never have had the six degrees game. Then they remade Red Dawn with the North Koreans as the villians. I don’t even have to explain why that was such a travesty.  Now comes word that they are remaking Road House. What is Hollywood thinking? Have they no shame? LEAVE THE CLASSICS ALONE! And especially, LEAVE THE SWAYZE FILMOGRAPHY ALONE. As if Red Dawn wasn’t bad enough.  If there is any justice in this world, the actor who plays the Swazye role will be struck deaf and dumb on day one of filming. What’s next? Are they going to remake Donnie Darko? I’m seriously contemplating getting out the pitchfork.

Aww … Machete Kills Only Made 3.8 Mil its Opening Weekend

I’m so disappointed that Kill Gringos II … err … I mean Machete Kills tanked at the box office. Not!

Director Robert Rodriguez had a big bomb on his hands this weekend with Machete Kills, which flopped in 4th place with a paltry estimated $3.8 million debut. Machete Kills opened up on 2,500 screens and scored one of the worst openings ever for such a wide release, and was also one of the worst debuts of 2013.

Machete Kills grossed roughly 1/4 of what the first Machete opened with, and this sequel had the added star power of Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, and Sofia Vergara. Marketing alone for the film is reportedly in the $20 million range.

Attention Robert Rodriguez and Hollywood: a lot of the people who go to see movies in this country are white, and perhaps, just perhaps, they don’t like seeing movies that portray them as evil thought criminals in need of killing.

Ministry of Love condemns Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game is Orson Scott Card’s best novel. A movie version is about to be released, but the enforcers of approved thought don’t like it — not for ANYTHING said or done in the movie or novel, but because Card is a firm supporter of traditional marriage:

Orson Scott Card has been an outspoken opponent of gay rights for several years. In 2009, he joined the board of directors at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which opposes same-sex marriage and was created to pass California’s Proposition 8. His own personal views on the LGBT community were expressed in a Mormon Times piece that same year: “Marriage has only one definition, and any government that attempts to change it is my mortal enemy. I will act to destroy that government and bring it down.”

In that same op-ed piece, Card wrote that gay marriage “marks the end of democracy in America,” that homosexuality was a “tragic genetic mix-up” and that “allowing courts to redefine marriage was a slippery slope towards total homosexual political rule and the classifying of anyone who disagreed as ‘mentally ill.’”

The enforcers have therefore tried and convicted Orson Scott Card for his unforgivable thoughtcrime:

Geeks OUT has launched an online protest of the film due to author Orson Scott Card being an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. Called “Skip Ender’s Game,” the boycott urges potential audiences to steer clear of the film, which is based on Card’s popular 1985 novel.

“Do NOT see this movie! Do not buy a ticket at the theater, do not purchase the DVD, do not watch it on-demand,” Geeks OUT officials write. “Ignore all merchandise and toys. However much you may have admired his books, keep your money out of Orson Scott Card’s pockets.”

No thought that fails to meet the approval of these ruthless Inquisitors can be tolerated. That’s how thoroughly totalitarian modern America has become: Any person who states an idea that violates approved thought will be denied permission to make ANY OTHER statements, no matter how innocuous.

Welcome to the United Stasi of America.

American Spectator Publishes More Lincoln and WBTS Dissent

AmSpec has published a review of the new movie Copperhead.This is the second recent article that expresses dissent on Lincoln and WBTS groupthink. This is progress. Here is my comment:

When I saw this review I clicked on it because I knew the comments would quickly evolve into a debate about The War to Prevent Southern Independence. I wasn’t disappointed. It did so with the first post from The Mighty Lincoln Shill.

AmSpec deserves kudos for posting some dissent on Lincoln and the War, instead of the Jaffaite revisionist boilerplate that normally passes for history and philosophy at most mainstream “conservative” outlets.

White House Down is Left-Wing Hollywood Propaganda

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen White House Down and intend to, then you may not want to read further. You have been warned.

I haven’t seen White House Down and don’t intend to. I never intended to because I just wasn’t that thrilled by the concept  and the trailers, but if I had intended to I wouldn’t now. It turns out that White House Down is blatant obnoxious left-wing propaganda (as opposed to the slightly less blatant left-wing propaganda Hollywood usually turn out.) The newly elected President is a Black man (Obama by another name) played by Jamie Foxx. Turns out the people trying to kill him are conservatives who are want to install the Republican Speaker of the House (John Boehner by another name) as President.

First of all, the idea that John “Crybaby” Boehner would have the balls to orchestrate a coup against the President is laughable. Second, how delusional and out of touch do Hollywood screen writers, producers, etc. have to be to think that this is a credible plot that movie audiences would flock to see? You wonder if they just said “Screw it, we’re going to make a propaganda piece that demonizes Republicans and damn the consequences,” or if they really were so insulated and deluded that they thought this was an idea that was credible and would sell.

Fortunately, the movie tanked. (Note: I think this link might change every week.) I don’t think it tanked just because of the political angle, which was largely unknown before the movie was released. It tanked partially because it’s concept was so similar to Olympus has Fallen which was released earlier this year and over performed at the box office. (BTW, Gerard Butler is also a more credible leading man than Channing Tatum who suffers the curse of the pretty boy.) But word of mouth has been horrible, and it has divided people politically if the IMDB message board is any indication.

Note to Hollywood writers, producers etc. The people who go see action movies are disproportionally Reds. You might want to consider not shoving your Blue sensibilities down their throats if you actually want them to see your movie.

Tony Soprano is Dead!

This is terrible news! What a shot in the gut. Was there ever a better TV character than Tony Soprano or an actor that came to embody a character more that James Gandolfini did Tony Soprano? In fact, Gandolfini was cursed by how well he played the Soprano role. People couldn’t disassociate him from his character after The Sopranos ended. I know I couldn’t. He couldn’t appear in anything after The Sopranos where I didn’t think, “It’s Tony Soprano.”

May he Rest in Peace.

The Decline of Masculinity

Take a look at this provacatively titled article from TakiMag: “This Week in Epic Beta Male Faggotry

First a disclaimer. This is not an endorsement of the amoral “game” concept from which we get the terminology Beta Male, but I’ll leave my Christian objections to “game” for another post so as not to detract from the main point of this post. Nor is it an endorsement of the author’s use of the other F word, which is unhelpfully provocative. That said…

When did deliberately attempting to look … shall we say … less than masculine become cool? And why is that look cool?

I have a confession to make to all my straight male friends:

I thought you were gay.

Call it a hazard of big-city living: I’ve automatically assumed every guy I’ve met over the course of the last twenty years was homosexual, then I worked my way backwards as evidence of his straightness piled up. (Say, spontaneous, repeated expressions of appreciation for Monica Bellucci, Motörhead, or both.)

Can you blame me? Consider the allegedly straight dudes you see on the subway, at the office, and at the coffee shop, sometimes with wives and even offspring in tow. Add up all the man-purses, the too-visible hair “product,” the pretentious eyewear, the borderline anorexia, the Tintin hairdos, the finicky food fetishes, and the little dogs in adorable outfits. (The Marquess of Queensbury was accidentally ahead of his time.)

We started mocking this personal style as “metrosexual” almost twenty years ago, but that word was always problematic. The “metro” prefix is utterly apt; it’s the “sexual” part that’s off. These nominal heteros are consciously or subconsciously mimicking gay twinks, and those fellows usually want to get laid. Their fragile straight counterparts, in contrast, don’t look like they could manage it, or even want to.

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I don’t have anything individually against hair products, retro eye-glass frames, thinness or even man-bags. (If Jack Bauer can carry a man bag, then they can’t be all bad.) It’s the overall gestalt that is the problem. No one would mistake Jack Bauer for a beta male, despite the man bag. No one would mistake Michael Corleone for a beta male despite the hair product. What is bothersome is this cultivation of an overall look that is deliberately unmasculine.

Our society has been emasculated. This is a symptom. I think conservatives should be deliberately counter-cultural (in the good sense) and fight this trend. I say bring back the power suit. Either that or dress like Dale Peterson.

Sarah, fancy and small

Fox News continues to jettison some its most notable “contributors”  and when I heard the news Dick Morris joined Sarah Palin on the Fox ash heap (but not Karl Rove? What’s up with that? Does he have pictures or something?) I got Palin’s fate stuck in my head and pondered it.

So I dug around online and saw Game Change for the first time last night and while I still think much of it is a self-serving attempt by people like Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace to shield themselves for future political employment opportunities, one could not help but feel sorry for Palin to be thrown into difficult situation. Both she and her family had to deal with a lot they weren’t completely ready for. Had the McCain people been a little more understanding of the situation, perhaps much of the unpleasantness could have been avoided.

That being said, where Palin realy screwed up was  not so much in the campaign but in its aftermath leading up to her now apparent political exile back to Alaska. No can deny she has natural political talents that made her be able to connect to voters on an emotional level very few politicians have not to mention she’s one of the few Republicans, if not the only one, with the kind of star quality which transcend politics to pull the casual citizen into politics and campaign they normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

And yet, she squandered it all to point where not even Fox News wants her around anymore. People assumed she was going to run for President. No one would have begrudged her leaving the governor’s office early in term or any of her TV gigs or her campaigning on the Tea Party Express bus if it all done for a larger purpose, which was for the Oval Office. But when she didn’t run after so much teasing (including the fact she had people in Iowa trying their best to stir up a campaign for her on their own), she destroyed the link she had between the voters who loved her and herself. Not running made her just another celebrity, another talking head, another ex-politician trying to cash in. She made have thought it served her purposes better four to eight years down the road but it wound up wrecking such chances.  And by leaving elected office and not doing anything which would have helped her prepare to be President only made her look less serious. She self-fulfilled everything the Schmidt and Wallace said about her in the book and the movie well after that campaign concluded.

Maybe she’ll get back into politics in Alaska to try rebuild her career but I have my doubts. I vacationed there in 2010 and even at that time I saw very little from Republicans or the public-at-large which wanted to acknowledge her existence outside of a few airport T-shirts. She became a parody of Conservative INC., more interested in profit than policy. That’s fine for her and family, but for those whose hopes and dreams she spoke to from her personal story and background (and I think we all know who I’m talking about), it doesn’t do much for them.  They needed a champion and instead they got Mitt Romney. No wonder turnout was down.  She may dream of comeback but who, even amongst the talk show hosts and other activists who would be her biggest fans, even speaks of her now or takes her seriously? No, Palin can dress fancier now but she’s also shrunk a few sizes in stature.