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Soccer to Atlanta?

Major League Soccer is coming to Atlanta. Say it ain’t so. If Atlanta has any self-respect left as a Southern city, then soccer should fail here as the foreign “sport” that it is. I consider soccer a foreign invasive species like the Asian carp. It threatens the native fauna like football, baseball, basketball, wrestling and NASCAR and must be eradicated.

Congratulations Bubba Watson!

Congratulations to Bubba Watson. I was rooting for Bubba for two reasons. First, because he’s a Bulldawg. Second, because there is just something right about a guy named Bubba winning a prestigious golf tournament. A guy named Bubba winning the Masters is like a guy named Preston winning the Daytona 500.

Bubba Watson, 2014 Masters champion, is an absolute mess of contradictions that somehow come together to form a world-beating whole.

Start right at the very top: This is a guy named “Bubba” who’s won the most prestigious golf tournament on Earth not once, but twice. “Bubba” is a name for the guys who spent the weekend at the NASCAR race over in Darlington, not for gentlemen of means who gather beneath the majestic oaks and towering pines of Augusta National.

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Mercer is Goin’ Dancing Baby!!!

Mercer is goin’ to the Big Dance baby!!! By virtue of beating rival Florida Gulf Coast in the the final game of the Atlantic Sun tournament. If you recall, Florida Gulf Coast made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year, and was the tournament sensation earning the name “Dunk City.”

This team is full of seniors. Two years ago they won the College Insider post season tourney. Last year they won the regular season A Sun Championship, but lost in the finals of the conference tourney to FGCU, so they went to the NIT. This year I think they have a chance to bust a lot of brackets. Keep an eye on the Mercer Bears.

Ray Guy Has Finally Made it in the Hall! It’s About Time!

Ray Guy has finally made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s about time. That he didn’t make it before this is a travesty. That he had to make it as an ify “seniors candidate” suggests that the people who make these decisions don’t know what they are doing. Guy was the best or nearly the best at his position for an extended career. What more do you have to do to get in the Hall? Now, I’m probably biased because Guy is a fellow Georgian, but when I was a kid watching him on the Raiders I didn’t know he was from Georgia. I just knew that when I was playing football with the neighborhood kids (kids used to do that sort of thing), and I went back to punt, I would always declare “I’m Ray Guy.”

Guy and Humphrey — presented by the Hall’s seniors’ committee — were so uncertain it took more than 40 minutes to discuss each in a closed-door session that lasted a record nine hours.

If there was a problem with them, it was this: Together, they failed to make it in 11 previous tries, with Humphrey passed over once as a seniors candidate. But the Hall’s seniors committee, which meets every summer to sort out the best two nominees who have been out of the game 25 years or more, brought him back — along with Guy — because it believed both were the best choices.

The move was a risky one, but it paid off. Both reached Canton on what were surely their last tries…

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Was it just the fact that he was a punter that held the committee back? You almost have to wonder if he didn’t do something at some point to tick some people off, because this delay is really inexplicable.

I guess I should be happy that justice has finally been done, and I am. When I saw the crawl at the bottom of the screen anouncing his selection I cheered, and my son asked me what I was so excited about. But I can’t help but be miffed by how it happened. Guy should have gone in on the first ballot, no questions asked, because he was what the Hall is supposed to honor, the best at his position in his generation.

Heavyweight Boxing Champion Running for President … of the Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko has stepped down as WBC Champion in order to run for President in the Ukraine, which has recently been experiencing political turmoil. The neocons favor the opposition so I’m not sure that Klitschko is necessarily the good guy in this situation, but I thought this was worth pointing out for two reasons. First, not every Presidential candidate has to come through the typical elected official route. (He has been a member of the Ukrainian parliament for 1 year.) America could learn something from this. Second, the US market has shamefully underappreciated the Klitschko brothers. His brother, Wladimir, is the heavyweight champion of every major boxing organization except the WBC.

Atlanta Tea Party Group Opposes New Braves Stadium

I like the Braves and think their move to the suburbs is probably for the best, but no professional sports team should get a new facility built for it with tax money. None. Ever. If that means they extort some other city and then move there to burden their tax-payers, so be it. I like sports, as anyone who follows this blog knows, but principles should come before rooting interests. If a sports team can’t afford to build its own venue, then it needs to do something different. This is no less the corporatism that we decry than are farm subsidies or the Export-Import Bank.

The Atlanta Tea Party is doing the right thing.

The Atlanta Tea Party is gearing up to oppose the new Atlanta Braves stadium being planned in Cobb County, arguing the $672 million project is a bad deal for taxpayers.

The statewide group will be reaching out to county voters through emails and automated calls detailing its opposition and urging them to contact the county commission ahead of a key vote Nov. 26, said Debbie Dooley, co-chair of the Atlanta Tea Party. The group is also organizing an event for early next week, looking to call attention to the financing details of the project that calls for public funds to be used to cover 45 percent of costs.

“This is another example of the good ol’ boys getting rich and the taxpayers getting the shaft,” Dooley said in an interview. “They are going to have to raise property taxes.”…

Johnny Hendricks Was Robbed … and it’s Time to Start Asking the Fix Question

Johnny Hendricks was robbed! He won at least three rounds clearly and probably four. I had it four rounds to one. The only round St-Pierre clearly won was the third. I’m not naive. I assume every ultimate fighter is using steroids until proven otherwise, for example, but I haven’t been one to yell fix at every bad decision. But this is becoming a pattern. Someone needs to start asking the question, “Are gambling interests influencing decisions?” I’m not suggesting that the outcome is per-determined. If Hendricks or St-Pierre knocks out or submits the other guy then nothing can be done. But are judges told if at all possible to give rounds to a favored combatant? Dana White was not happy with the decision and insinuated corruption.

The Real Reason the Braves are Moving to Cobb County

The Braves recently announced that they are leaving Turner Field in downtown Atlanta and moving to a new stadium in suburban Cobb County Georgia. I have mixed feelings about this move. Mostly I oppose the use of public funds to pay for private sports facilities. In this case, Cobb County  won a tax payers’ bidding war with Atlanta. But one reason cited for the move is fear of crime in downtown Atlanta. Cobb County, on the other hand, is virtually crime free. And you know why Cobb County is virtually crime free? Because the spirit of The Big Boss Man still roams Cobb County, that’s why!

If you ever take a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia.
You better read the  signs
Respect the law and order.
You’ll serve hard times.
You’ll be  serving hard times.
You know the Big Boss Man will make you walk the  line.
You better watch out boy or you’ll be serving hard time.
He carries  a big stick, a ball and chain too.
If you’re looking for trouble he’ll be coming after you.
You’ll serve hard times.
You’ll be serving hard  times.
You know the Big Boss Man will make you walk the line.
You better  watch out boy or you’ll be serving hard time.

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This morning, the local (Macon, GA) am sports talk hosts said that whenever they think of Cobb County, the first thing that comes to mind is The Big Boss Man. You’re darn right! And those self-absorbed people up there think the rest of us peons in outer suburbia and beyond think everyone thinks of the Big Chicken.

I sure do miss The Big Boss Man. :-(

UFC 166 Thoughts and Predictions

Rooting for Montague. Predicting Dobson.

Rooting for Jordan. Predicting Gonzaga.

Rooting for Sanchez. Don’t know enough about Melendez to make a prediction. (The line is huge for Melendez.)

Rooting hard for Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Predicting Cormier.

Rooting hard for Junior Dos Santos. Unfortunately predicting Valasquez.

I like Big Country, but he doesn’t do well if he doesn’t knock his opponent out in the first round. He is coming off a pretty bad loss. I’m surprised they made his next fight against such a difficult opponent. They should have given him a few tomato cans to pad his record and get him back on a winning streak. Nelson is a potential marketing bonanza if the UFC utilized him right and got him into a heavyweight title fight.

I’m rooting hard for JDS, but I don’t see him winning this. I see it going the same way their last fight did with Velasquez taking him down repeatedly and grounding and pounding him. But I think the UFC put this rubber match together too soon. Cain only had one fight in between against Silva who he had destroyed once before. Is the heavyweight division really that shallow?

Leave the Redskins’ Name Alone

I’m a Falcon’s fan, but when I lived near DC courtesy of the USAF, it was all Redskins talk all the time, so I started following them somewhat and still root for them in general when they aren’t playing the Falcons.

Now the PC Brigade is out in force trying to get the Redskins to change their name. Even Barack Obama has chimed in. So far, the Redskins’ owner, Daniel Snyder, has bravely resisted the baying forces of Political Correctness citing, appropriately, tradition. But there may be some cracks forming in the dike. The very PR sensitive NFL is said to support a change.

First of all, Redskins is only offensive if you want it to be. A team would chose the name Redskins and the image of an American Indian brave because the Indians are largely viewed as brave, rugged, and capable fighters. No one is naming their team the Washington French. (Sorry for the gratuitous swipe at the French, which is unwarranted, but it is the only example I could think of.) Not all American Indians take offense to the name and logo, but the ones that do should turn it around as a positive. “Darn right we’re a tough people!”

If the Redskins go, who’s next? The Florida State Seminoles, named after a particular tribe? The Atlanta Braves, named after the Indian warrior class? The Kansas City Chiefs? The Cleveland Indians? Or are only the Redskins unacceptable because it is a term that was once sometimes used as a term of derision. 

But the main reason that the name change should be resisted is because PC should be default resisted as a matter of principle. (With some nuance depending on what is meant by PC. We should not support rudeness or crudeness.) This nonsense has got to stop somewhere. Each victory for the other side is one more victory for them and one more defeat for common sense. If Redskins was OK in 1932, why is it suddenly not OK now? Yes, sensibilities change, but there is no broad outcry to change the name. The name change is being pushed by grievance groups who sense they can take advantage of the new oppressively PC atmosphere, and the PC rightthinkers (I’m talking to you Bob Costas.) who automatically go along with them.

Go Gustafsson!

I’m rooting for Gustafsson. I really don’t like Jon Jones, and I have liked Gustafsson from the start.

On a humorous note, I accidentally ordered the Spanish language version of the pay per view. I was trying to order the non HD version because it is $10 cheaper, but ended up ordering the Spanish version instead. Oh well!

Update: I had Gustafsson winning rounds 1-3 and Jones winning rounds 4 and 5. But Jones came close to finishing the fight in the 4th, while Gustafsson never did.

Fox Sports 1 UFC Fight Night Predictions

First of all, is there room for another all sports network? It will clearly do better than the Speed Channel it is replacing, but is there enough live sports to support Fox Sports 1 and 3+ ESPN channels? Plus FUEL TV is converting to Fox Sports 2. Anyway, here are my predictions.

Rua vs. Sonnen: Rooting for Sonnen. Predicting Sonnen.

Overeem (Roidereem) vs. Brown: Rooting for Browne. Predicting Overeem.

Faber vs. Alcantara: Rooting for Faber. Predicting Faber.

Brown vs. Pyle: Rooting for Pyle. Predicting Pyle. (It looks like he cut it, but Pyle used to sport a sweet mullet. Anybody with a mullet has to be rooted for.)

Howard vs. Hall: I don’t know enough about either to make an informed prediction.

Lauzon vs. Johnson: Rooting for Lauzon. Predicting Lauzon.

Machida Was Robbed!

That was one of the worst UFC decisions I’ve ever seen. Machida easily won every round. The only round that was even close was the first because of Davis’ late takedown. Rounds 2 and 3 easily went to Machida.

Prediction: Weidman Defeats Silva

I haven”t made it a secret that I’m not a big fan of Anderson Silva. I think he is a showboater, and I think his in ring antics are disrespectful. But my bias aside, I think Weidman is going to take Silva down and pound him out, like Chael Sonnen did for 5.5 of the 7 rounds he fought with Silva. Silva is unarguably a great striker. but he can be had by a great wrestler.


All good paleos should be rooting for the Spurs. The Spur are organic and homegrown. The Heat are corporate and manufactured/artificial. The Spurs are all that is right about professional sports. They’re the Braves of the NBA. The Heat are all that is wrong with professional sports. They’re the Yankees of the NBA.

OK, I’m kidding. Well mostly kidding. I primarily needed an excuse to post about the Spurs.

Normally I root for the home team, as all paleos should. I root for the Georgia Bulldogs. I root for the Atlanta Falcons. I root for the Atlanta Braves. I root for the Atlanta Hawks. But I also root for the Spurs. I was stationed in San Antonio for a substantial part of my Air Force career, and during that time I became a fan of the Spurs, so I have a legitimate reason to root for them. So no one should accuse me of bandwagon jumping. (If the Spurs ever play the Hawks in a NBA Finals, I’ll have a delimma.)

People say the Spurs don’t get enough love nationally because they play in a small media market, and that’s true, but there is a flip-side of that. In San Antonio there are no other pro teams. The Spurs are the only pro game in town. For that reason they are embraced and dearly beloved by the city.  It is hard to live in San Antonio for any period of time and not become a fan of the Spurs.

For the record, I don’t hate the Heat despite their artificialness. (I do hate the Yankees.) For one year as a child (1st grade) I lived in Homestead, Florida (It’s a long story.), so I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Miami teams as well, the Dolphins in particular. Last year I actually rooted for the Heat because I wanted LeBron to get the championship monkey off his back so people would stop talking about it.

Anyway, all that said, GO SPURS!

Update: 1 down, 3 to go!

Feeling left out

I’ve just wrapped up the winter portion of the high school sports season where I live and work  as a journalist so I’ll be able to enjoy some time off for much of this week. One of the sports I cover is wrestling and I was at a pair of state tournaments over the past few weeks. And needless to say the Olympics decision to remove wrestling from its line-up for the 2020 games is a not a popular one.

Someone once said being involved in wrestling isn’t really about having fun, it’s about fulfillment. You dream of something like a gold medal in the Olympics or the state or NCAA tournament, you work your tail off night and day to achieve it. See the goal – achieve the goal. Considering the amount of sweat equity and pain put into this sport having covered it for over 20 years, I get that. To have a bunch of elites take those dreams away just so they can have wushu in the Olympics is just sickening.

Although wrestling is one of the most popular participatory sports around the world, it doesn’t have the mass media appeal other sports have to the casual viewer. Thus, the wrestling community tends to be rather isolated from other athletic endeavors. And isolation often times leads to feelings resentment. Wrestlers often feel put upon by people who don’t understand them or who take their sport for granted and these feelings I do concur with out of sense of fairness. After all, it’s sport which really has no scandals in it (unlike say, cycling, one of the dirtiest sports man has ever created and it still has its Olympic slot). Nobody gets into wrestling for the money. Wrestlers live a hand-to-mouth existence, especially when training for the Olympics.  Wrestling champions, at least in the U.S anyways, never receive the fame or the endorsement deals other Olympic gold medalists get like gymnasts, swimmers or track stars. For the most part, these largely middle class boys and girls are the kinds of people (most, not all, but most) you want representing your county and being a good example to children. So why, given all these positives, and given the fact wrestling has been around since Biblical times when Jacob wrestled an angel, would the Olympics simply say “Nahh, we don’t want you around here anymore. Get lost.”? Why is it wrestling, which is one of the cheapest sports in comparison to others, is the one to feel the budget ax at many colleges and universities?

I would hate to think wrestling would no longer be in the Olympics  because wrestlers refuse to engage in politics or because they didn’t supply enough hookers and blow to those folks making the decisions at the IOC or because they did “sex up” their sport just for the sake of the cameras. It’s a sad commentary on what the world values most these days if true. Wrestling’s only hope is that broad numbers and the outrage this decision has caused would be enough to make the IOC change its mind. It’s a hope but not something I want to bet my life on knowing how one has to take a shower after dealing with that crowd of elites. It’s sad, it really is when a whole community which generally tries and usually does do things the right way, ends up being punished for it.