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Potential 2016 GOP Candidates not Looking Good

Here is a Townhall 2016 straw poll. Vote if you like. It’s quick. You do have to enter your e-mail which will get you on some e-mail list, but I already get Townhall e-mails so no biggy. You can also always unsubscribe. I post this mainly to illustrate how abysmal the potential 2016 lineup is. I voted other/none of the above because write-in were not allowed.

Here is the list of candidates:

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida
Benjamin Carson, Doctor of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins University
Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey
Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas
Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana
John Kasich, Governor of Ohio
Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska
Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky
Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana
Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida
Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin
Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania
Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin
Other/None of the Above

What a sorry lot. Rand Paul is the closest to acceptable. As I said before, we need to start talking up potential acceptable GOP primary candidates and potential Constitution Party and Libertarian Party candidates.

Here is the comment I left.

There is no one in this list that represents non-interventionist conservatives. Rand Paul comes the closest, but he has already drifted too far away from the principled non-intervention of his father. I will not vote for a GOP interventionist. If they don’t do better than this it will be third party for me in 2016.

Ron Paul Wins July TownHall Poll; Perry on the Rise.

This is from a TownHall e-mail that unfortunately I don’t have a direct link to. A link to the results can be found below, but not the text.

The July results are in and Texas Rep. Ron Paul has prevailed again despite slightly losing some support. Since we began polling in January, Ron Paul has now won three times.

The biggest news from July might be the biggest mover and shaker. Another Texan, Governor Rick Perry rocketed from 6th place all the way to 2nd with a huge increase of almost 11 points! That’s pretty impressive for someone who isn’t officially running!

May’s Straw Poll winner Herman Cain continues to slide. After peaking at 24.8% he has slipped all the way to 10.6%, having lost 7.6 points this month…

See full results here.

Paul continues to do well in Internet polls, even when TownHall readers are not his base. Cain, who I predicted would be the conservative break-out candidate, continues to fade. Bachmann, whose top tier status I didn’t expect, still has a way to go to become the conservative alternative to Romney. All the love for Perry, who hasn’t announced, reflects dissatisfaction with the current field.

Citizens Party Presidential Poll

Here is a Citizens Party presidential poll.

This is an early Citizens Party 2012 Presidential Preference Poll  of announced, expected to announce, possibly announcing candidates and draft and expected draft candidates.

The Citizens Party is a mixed bag on the issues, populist on economics, strongly anti-immigration, but liberal on socials issue.

The reason I post this is because one of the candidates is Paul Craig Roberts. I would vote for PCR in a heartbeat assuming he is pro-life. Consider a vote for PCR to bump him up in the poll.

HT: Robert Stark

CNN Doesn’t Report on Their Own Debate Poll has the story.

While the online poll conducted by CNN shows Ron Paul as the clear winner with 75% of the votes, CNN reporters pull a fast one by citing a lesser known poll hosted at National Journal claiming Ron Paul came in at 0%.

CNN discards their own poll in favor of another poll that shows results more to their liking.

This is overt propaganda.

The National Journal poll cited by CNN now shows Ron Paul in the lead with 33% of the vote.

Call CNN: 404-827-1500

Email CNN here

I realize that online polls are not scientific and tend to reflect the enthusiasm of the candidate’s base, but CNN should have at least reported the results of their own online poll since the purpose of an online poll is generally to direct attention to their website.