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Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Why Don’t They Just Get it Over With and Start Calling the Oscars the PCscars?

Let’s see, Ellen, practically dressed like a man, was the hostess.

Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor.

Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor.

Twelve Years a Slave won Best Picture.

The bottom three were entirely predictable.

I’m not saying that McConaughey and Leto didn’t give deserving performances or that Twelve Years a Slave wasn’t well done. What I’m suggesting is that having a PC angle clearly gives you a leg up on the competition. For example, last year Django Unchained won recognition way out of proportion to its merit because it was a white guilt fest.

Rod Dreher Has Invoked the Wrath of the PC Crowd

Rod Dreher, who is normally pretty squemish regarding un-PC topics, has stirred up a hornets nest with a recent post about evolution and the culture wars. His blog post has 348 comments at the time of this writing. Brad Delong has responded with typical PC outrage. I don’t know how many comments his post has because I can’t see where they are numbered, but Steve Sailer says there are 250+.

I have not read the comments at either site yet. I wasn’t even aware that there was a raging Dreher post at TAC until I read the Sailer article above. I’m just passing along the controversy for now. I’ll try to wade through some of the hysteria when I have time.

Dreher has replied here.

Will the Real Jordan Bloom Please Stand Up

Walter has already commented below on Mark Shea’s recent PC rant against the Dark Enlightenment. Shea’s post is a virtually content free denunciation of wrongthink, but I want to comment on one of the comments. That comment is by Jordan Bloom, and is an eminently sensible response to Shea’s rant. What stands out about it is that Jordan Bloom (or J. Arthur Bloom) is the same guy who recently wrote a hit piece against Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute for the Daily Caller. We discussed that hit piece here. I replied to Jordan in the comments. I should have replied specifically to his comment, but I wasn’t thinking at the time and just commented in general, so who knows if I he has seen it. So what gives? Does Jordan oppose PC denunciations of wrongthink, or does he engage in them? Will the real Jordan Bloom please stand up.

For the 1000th Time … Martin Luther King Was Not a Conservative

Every year in the days leading up to the MLK Holiday, we are subjected to the absurd spectacle of mainstream and other neutered conservatives attempting to claim that MLK was one of our own. This rant is occasioned by several such posts I have seen today on FaceBook. I don’t know whether this is more pathetic or transparent, but it is clearly both. Anyone with any intellectual honesty at all should be able to see through this foolish narrative. It is rank historical revisionism, and I highly suspect that most of the people who do it know this. It certainly does not fool liberals who mock us for it. The only people it seems to fool is the mainstream conservative masses who lap it up. “See, we’re not the racists. It’s those evil Democrats who are the racists.” But I’m not convinced that even most of those folks believe it. It is simply a narrative thay can latch on to to innoculate themselves against charges of wrongthink, and think they can get the better of liberals in a debate.

MLK was a man of the left. This is not debatable. It is a fact. King is sometimes accused of being a communist (either big C or little c) by his opponents who have yet to sell out. While King was never, as far as we know, a Communist, he surrounded himself with Communists, addressed Communist front organizations, and attended a Communist front training facility (the Highlander Folk School). As I said with regard to Nelson Mandela, I don’t really like communist (big C or little c) as an epithet so I don’ necessarily hold his associations against him per se. MLK was a far leftist by the standards of his day and such people were bound to interact with Communists because that was the far left milieu at the time. But his associations with Communists and other radical leftists does contextualize who he was in his time. He is never accused of being a secret McCarthyite, for example, because that is not the milieu he traveled in. This was obvious and taken for granted by people at the time. Conservative voices like National Review and Human Events had no problem placing King on the left in his day. Attempts by conservatives striving to prove they are not politically incorrect to appropriate King and his legacy is a relatively recent phenomenon, and only passes the laugh test because enough time has passed and people forget their history.

The narrative goes something like this: King was allegedly a Republican. It was Republicans who were largely responsible for the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and mean nasty ol’ Southern Democrats who opposed it. If they’re really laying it on thick, they’ll cite Lincoln freeing the slaves and how blacks voted Republican during Reconstruction and for decades beyond. Since the Republican Party is supposedly the conservative party today, ipso facto, King was a conservative. While this is all technically true up to the assertion at the end, it is meaningless.

First of all, it is not even true that King was a Republican even thought this is widely asserted by the craven cons. See here for example. For the sake of brevity, I’ll let the link speak for itself, which it does, although I’ll take up Kings’ opposition to Barry Goldwater below.

That said, yes, it was Southern Democrats along with self-identified conservative (that should tell you something) Republicans like Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley who opposed the Civil Rights Acts, but Southern Democrats and self-consciously conservative Republicans were the conservative element of the day. It was liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans who supported it. Some free-market and small government conservatives will protest that Southern Democrats couldn’t have been the conservative element of the time because they openly loved their pork, which is true, but again largely irrelevant to the point at hand. (A lot of modern conservative Republicans love their pork too, despite their rhetoric to the contrary, but that is for another post.) The two parties have not always been aligned as they are today. The division of the two parties along perceived left vs. right lines was just beginning in King’s day as was the transformation of both parties, which is what makes this all more confusing than it ought to be.

Historically we have traditionally had two parties that were organized around the perceived commonality of interests of a rather diverse coalition of forces. The Republicans were the Court Party and the Democrats were the Country Party, so to speak, and whatever ideological considerations there were were primarily a pretext for self-interest. Since the 60′s, the parties have largely switched roles and taken on the left vs. right dichotomy. White Southerners have migrated to the GOP and blacks have migrated to the Democrat Party, the latter a phenomenon that started with FDR and the New Deal. Now why and how this happened deserves a discussion of its own, but happen it did and racial issues clearly had a lot to do with it. To pretend otherwise, as the PC cons do, is to be willfully ignorant.

The PC preening conservatives sit on their high horses and bash those bad ol’ Southern Democrats, but demographically speaking those old Southern Democrats and their progeny are the modern base of the GOP and they know it, although they may pretend not to. Five Deep South states, including my own state of Georgia, broke the strangle hold that Democrats had had on the “Solid South” when they voted for Goldwater in ’64, largely based on Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act. Did, the alleged Mr. Republican Martin Luther King support Goldwater in ’64? Inconveniently for the PC cons’ tidy little narrative, no he did not. See the link in paragraph 4 above. Most of those same states, again including my own state of Georgia, voted for George Wallace four years later in 1968. This gradual transition of the South from a Democrat to a Republican bastion was seen up through the Clinton elections. That transition is now complete. (And potentially being reversed again due to other demographic forces.)

Do the PC grandstanders assert that all these suddenly enlightened white Southerners who now dutifully pull the lever for Republicans are actually all transplants from the North and Midwest who have demographically displaced those mean nasty ol’ racist Southern Democrats who continue to remain a small remnant of the Democrat Party? In fact, the opposite is the case. It is the migration of liberal whites (along with immigrants) into the South that has made states like North Carolina turn purple. Who were the whites in North Carolina who pulled the lever for Obama in 2008 that gave the state to him? Was it the old Southern Democrat remnant? That is absurd on its face, and again the grandstanders know it. When they bash those mean ol’ racist Southern Democrats, they are bashing their own demographic base. But I guess scoring PC brownie points is more important to them than honor and intellectual honesty.

Regardless of what someone may think about Martin Luther King and his legacy, he was not a man of the right and to argue that he was is intellectually discrediting. The PC cons should just be honest and admit that they have turned over their intellectual man card to the Cultural Marxist Division of PC Rightthink Enforcement, and spare us all, left and right, their farcical historical revisionism.

Addendum: I understand why some conservatives might want to sit out the MLK debate in order to not bring the PC rightthink enforcement apparatus down on their heads. I think it’s weak, but I can understand it. But it is one thing to sit the debate out cautiously and another thing to join in the debate on the side of the Cultural Marxists. Even though their revisionism is obviously inaccurate, their regurgitation of it still feeds into the PC narrative and empowers the PC Beast. As I have said repeatedly, conservatives who feed the PC Beast are fools. They will never keep it from attempting to devour them and the civilization they say they want to conserve. They are contributing to their own demise. This is ultimately what I am decrying even more than the specifics of their MLK retelling.

Tortious interference has consequences

Great news from Oklahoma! The self-appointed censors who shut down the American Renaissance 2010 conference just got their knuckles rapped:

On August 8, 2011, David Yeagley of Oklahoma filed suit against Jeffrey Imm and Daryle Lamont Jenkins in the District Court of Oklahoma County of Oklahoma for allegedly civilly conspiring and tortiously interfering with his contract to speak at the New Century Foundation’s American Renaissance February 2010 conference. …

Yeagley’s motion for summary judgment was filed on December 3, 2013, and Jenkins did not file a responsive brief to it. During the morning of January 3, 2014, a hearing on the motion occurred, and the judge granted it: Jenkins has been ordered by a court of law to pay Yeagley $50,000.00 for shutting down the 2010 American Renaissance conference.

Hurrah for David Yeagley! Check out his website here.

Ted Cruz Praises Mandela … His Supporters Object … Media Has a PC Spasm

Ted Cruz posted a tribute to Nelson Mandela on his Facebook account. Some of his supporters then expressed their displeasure. Now the PC Media thinks his supporters expressing displeasure is a news story. Here is what Cruz wrote:

“Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave prison himself, declaring in his autobiography, ‘Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.’ Because of his epic fight against injustice, an entire nation is now free. We mourn his loss and offer our condolences to his family and the people of South Africa.”

First of all, regardless of what facts and opinions may be in dispute, Cruz’s post is gratuitous PC grandstanding. Best to say nothing at all because almost anything you say is going to appear to be PC placation, and the PC beast needs to be resisted and challenged, not placated. If you must say something then a simple Rest in Peace would do.

As the Daily Beast article linked above points out, US conservatives long took for granted that Mandela was the bad guy in this drama. (Of course the Daily Beast pointed this out as an indictment, not for educational purposes.) He was a Communist who headed a terrorist Communist organization. Now I believe people should be judged in the context of their time and situation. So I don’t much like Communist as an epithet. Mandela was a revolutionary, and African revolutionaries at that time were likely to be communists (big C or little c) because that was the milieu they were in. This is similar to the random pre-war German who is accused of being a Nazi. Well yeah, he might have been a Nazi, because a lot of pre-war Germans were Nazis. And a lot of the people who throw around the accusation would have been Nazis also if they had been Germans at the time just based on numbers alone. So I’m not crazy about communist as an simple epithet coming from rightist any more than I am Nazi as an epithet coming from leftist. That said, the fact that he was a Communist is not nothing either, and shouldn’t be swept under the rug the way the fawning media is doing. I hold against him that he was a member of an authoritarian and viscous Communist party more than I do the fact that he might have thought Marx was on to something.

But the fact that conservatives used to routinely criticize Mandela but now supposed conservative stars like Cruz feel it necessary to praise him says a lot about how oppressive the PC atmosphere has become.

My Thoughts on Jack Hunter’s Mea Culpa at Politico

Let me begin by saying that I have always liked Jack Hunter. I have only met Jack once at a Ron Paul event in Georgia, but I consider him a virtual friend. He is my Facebook friend. I was always especially fond of Jack because in addition to us both being Southern paleocons, we also shared a love of professional wrestling, especially of Ric Flair and the old NWA/Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS era. We also shared a fondness for old school action movies.  Jack, while a few years younger than me, reminded me a lot of myself. He was an intelligent guy who talked about Kirk, defended the South and seemed to really get it politically, but also couldn’t get beyond his Southern, blue collar tastes. The combination of someone who could talk intelligently about Kirk and Weaver one minute and then be a geeked out fanboy of Ric Flair and Sylvester Stallone the next was rare. Most people who can do either, can only do one or the other. Very few can do both. Hence I always felt a kinship and familiarity with Jack that exceeded our actual familiarity. While I don’t know if Jack felt the same way, I know he knew who I was and that he was familiar with this website.

I have been aware of Jack’s Southern Avenger persona since well before he revealed his identity. In fact, I recall going on an internet snooping session at one point to see if I could figure out who he really was. (To no avail.) The reason I was curious to figure out his true identity is because he seemed so well versed in paleospeak that I figured he might be someone I was (virtually) familiar with. We frequently posted his videos on this site. Contrary to Jack’s protests that he was young and naive, part of the reason that I liked his commentaries so much was because he was very articulate and often threw in references to Kirk and others that seemed intended to established his paleo bona fides. They struck me as winks of a sort. His way of saying “I’m one of you” without wearing it on his sleeve.

So it was with dread that I read his “Confessions of s Right-Wing Shock Jock” which appeared yesterday at Politico. I knew before reading it that he was going to prostrate himself before the gods of political correctness begging forgiveness and seeking to be accepted back into polite company, and he did, as I expected, just that. No worse than what I expected but no better.

I don’t now dislike Jack. I’m not going to disown him. I’m not going to call him names. I’m not going to un-friend him. In fact, when this “scandal” first broke, I counseled others against attacking Jack personally. Since I do consider Jack a virtual friend, to now attack him would be disloyal. It’s also unhelpful. I will say that I’m disappointed that this is the way Jack has responded to the “revelations,” which as someone noted (David Weigel maybe?) when this first broke, had always been hiding in plain sight.

When this came out, Jack had two options. He could do what he did and is doing which is backtrack and denounce his past. Or he could defend what he said vigorously. As I pointed out at the time, nothing he said, taken alone, was all that scandalous. Everything he said was common amoung paleos and in many cases mainstream conservatives. He could have appologized for some of the way he put things – suggesting that Lincoln and Hitler would have been best of friends is a bit provocative – without apologizing for the substance. He could have said he had become more libertarian over time, without casting aspersions on his old belief systems. His backtracking didn’t save his job them, and I’m not sure it will get him back into polite company now. What I do know is that he has hurt the cause he once (maybe still?) supports by accepting the framing of the enemy that what he said was scandalous. It was not. What the system needs is not another generic libertarian. What the system needs is smart articulate people like Jack who aren’t afraid to defend authentic conservatism against the PC mobs whether they be liberal “anti-racists” or Lincoln idolizing neocon thought policers.

I don’t doubt that Jack over time has become more libertarian. The simplicity and reductionism of libertarianism is seductive and has a way of drawing in people who are around it. And while I never got the impresion that Jack was hostile to religion, I did sense that he wasn’t personally very religious, so the slide into libertarianism was likely easier for him than it is for religious socons. Also, I don’t doubt that Jack has become over time more politically pragmatic. Playing the political game tends to do that to people. I had noticed this myself as Jack became somewhat of the designated spokesman for the Ron Paul campaign against conspiracy theorists and no-compromise libertarians. Now whether this was a job Jack was asked to do because it was felt he had credibly with the proponents of these issues or if this was a cause he took upon himself, I don’t know. It is possible that realizing his own past put him in jeopardy, Jack was trying to establish his reasonable bona fides, but this is just speculation.

That conceded, his handling of the racial and Southern issues in the article struck me as completely craven. Jack sort of walks back his support of secession as a principle for example. The passage where he addresses it is confusing. Jack is a good writer and there was no need for the passage to be confusing. I think the passage reflects his own ambivalence.  I suspect he felt he needed to say something that he didn’t really want to say. Jack is schooled enough in Southern conservatism and Rockwell style libertarianism to know that secession is on firm intellectual and historical grounds.

His framing of racial and immigration issues as largely matters of sensitivity was pretty pathetic. As I pointed out at the time, the shock quote that was trotted out in the original hit pieces that was supposed to be so damning regarding race, wasn’t shocking unless you’re a lefty PC hysteric or an easily PC intimidated cowardly conservative. It wasn’t pro-white racialism. It was a standard color-blind conservative denunciation of the racial double standard. Jack’s yammering on and on about the need for conservative sensitivity on racial issues per se and Southern issues in general is profoundly harmful because it gives aid and comfort to the enemy. It accepts their framing of the debate. When a PC hysteric points and sputters because you denounced Cultural Marxist double standards, the way to respond is not, “Oh I’m so sorry. I’ll be more sensitive next time.” The way to respond is “You’re darn right I decried the Cultural Marxist racial double standard! What kind of conservative would I be if I didn’t? Do you defend it?”

My hunch is that Jack doesn’t believe his own crap here, and is just throwing himself on the mercy of the PC rightthink guardians. While he may believe that more care when discussing racial issues is prudent, in the same way he now embraces more pragmatic politics, I don’t think he really accepts that conservatives should abide by PC strictures with regard to language and policy lest they be guilty of wrongthink. Likewise I don’t think he really believes that defense of the South, secession, states rights etc. automatically means one is guilty of thoughtcrime. He’s too smart for that and too much a product of the roots that gave rise to the Southern Avenger.

So I am disappointed that Jack has chosen this route. I wish he had chosen the honorable route that Jason Richwine chose which was to vigorously defend himself because he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong. If Jack wants to remain a libertarian and a politcal pragmatist, I’m fine with that. I think that transformation is genuine. But accepting the framing of left-wing PC obsessives and neocon hit men is not OK. Hopefully Jack’s conscience and pride (the good kind) will set him back on the right path and one day he’ll write a mea culpa for his mea culpa. Maybe Jason Richwine can give him a call.

Hoax: Noel Ignatiev Retires and Goes Out With an Anti-White Bang

Attn: This story is now officially a hoax. Ignatiev is not even retiring.

I actually didn’t doubt the quote, because I knew Ignatiev’s history, but I did doubt the sincerity of the website that was praising it. But finding out this was a hoax was not easy. I ran several web searches before I found the story above.

Original story begins below.                                                                              

Noel Ignatiev is the infamous white hater who edits the journal Race Traitor (Yes there really is a “journal” called Race Traitor.) and is probably most infamous for this quote:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

Not content with that little gem, he recently used the occasion of his retirement to let lose with this doozy:

“If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live.  You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He’s good for nothing. Slavery, genocides against aboriginal peoples and massive land confiscation, the inquisition, the holocaust, white males are all to blame! You maintain your white male privilege only by oppressing, discriminating against and enslaving others!”

Ignatiev, who is of Russian Jewish heritage, of course looks as white as I do. (See above link.) The link is to a site called Diversity Chronicle. I have yet to decide if Diversity Chronicle is legit, or if it is really an elaborate spoof of the foolishness of people like Ignatiev. This paragraph makes me think it may really be a spoof:

The good Professor’s sound and reasonable words resonate with every enlightened and progressive mind. They are indisputable and no one can debate them. They should not be controversial in the slightest, yet remarkably a few far-right extremists object to the Prof. Ignatiev’s advice.

No one could seriously be that clueless, could they?

Addendum: The whole quote along with Diversity Chronicle may be a spoof. I’m still looking into it.

Anti-Racist Tim Wise Accused of … You Guessed it … Racism

I know some here aren’t crazy about Top Conservative News, but this is too rich to pass up.

White hater Tim Wise is in hot water for … wait for it … wait for it … alleged racism. Ha ha. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here is the article that TCN links to. Read the anti-Wise tweets if you can stomach them. If they don’t make you weep for the future of this country, nothing will.

These White haters (often self-loathers) have their own language. If you have ever seriously uttered the words “cis male” (look it up) or “white privilege” then you should be permanently banned from polite company and nothing you say should be taken seriously again.

BTW, Tim Wise has apologized like the wuss he is.

I won’t try and defend the tone of most of my remarks. It was inappropriate. Period.

I fell into the same kind of vitriolic and sometimes personal attack mode that had gotten me angry in the first place. I shouldn’t have. I will strive to do better.

He showed a tiny flash of manhood by calling out his hecklers and now he must retreat back into eunuch status lest the anti-White peanut gallery hound him out of his profitable gig. You can’t make this crap up.

Much Ado about a 35000 Swiss Franc Handbag

Oprah recently accused Trois Pommes, a Swiss luxury shop, of racism after it was hesitant to sell the billionaire a handbag for 35000 Swiss Francs. Likely the sales clerk routinely recommends a cheaper item to any but a very few known wealthy, but Oprah declares she’s the victim of racism. This isn’t the first time Oprah has created drama at a luxury shop. In 2005, Oprah was “victimised” by the Hermès flagship store on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré for denying her entry at closing time. (The French store owner made a televised walk of shame to make amends in 2005.)

Trois Pommes shop owner, Trudie Goetz, responds to the recent 2013 accusation (from same Reuters article):

Of course that’s not the case. Who wouldn’t want to sell a purse for 35,000 francs?

From The Irish Times, Goetz further replies:

My salesperson, she wanted to give her the handbag in her hand but Mrs Oprah didn’t want to take it in her hand, she just wanted to look at the bag

From BBC, Goetz declares:

[The salesclerk] takes care of the most spoilt customers from all over the world.

It appears that neither Goetz nor the Zurich Tourism office has formally apologised. Good, why should they when there’s been no wrongdoing?

This might be the 35000 Swiss Franc handbag by Tom Ford that caused such a stir:


Why the Martin Zimmerman Case Was a Litmus Test

As I said in the post below, I never followed the intricacies of this case the way some did. When I would argue about the case on blogs, I was often amazed at how much detail some people knew. I guess if I knew that other people clearly knew more about the subject than I did then it would have been wise for me to keep my opinions to myself or at the least to hedge,  but I was aware of the general scenario, and I had such confidence in my thoughts about that that it gave me confidence to speak on the matter as a whole. Perhaps that confidence was unwise, but it was there nonetheless, and in hindsight it looks entirely justified.

What I knew was the general scenario. The original local jurisdiction did not charge Zimmerman because they didn’t think they had a case. The State appointed a Special Prosecutor in response to the cries of the PC mob with the assistance of a complicit liberal media because they didn’t get the indictment they wanted from the local jurisdiction, and that Special Prosecutor brought an indictment (surprise, surprise!).

Here is why I think this case is a litmus test. It indicates where a person believes bias predominantly resides. If you asked me who I think is more competent to investigate a potential murder case, the state or the local jurisdiction, then I would say the state because they obviously have more experience, more tools at their disposal, etc. In fact, I could imagine a local jurisdiction that doesn’t deal with this kind of thing much doing a pretty incompetent job of it (unless the local jurisdiction is Sheriff Walt Longmire’s. Then the killer is as good as in jail. :-) ). But this was never largely about competence. Some alleged the local jurisdiction did a slap shot job with the investigation, but the issue of the competence of the investigation was always in the context of the question of bias. What was primarily being debated here was the issue of bias. So here is the issue boiled down: do you believe the local jurisdiction is more likely to be biased because the victim was black and the perpetrator was non-black and that a PC outrage motivated  state investigation is more likely to be less biased, or do you believe that the local investigation is less likely to be tainted by bias?

The latter seems so obvious to me that it is hard for me to even frame the question without indicating my own thoughts on the matter. The former accepts the obvious and known bias of the external calls for an indictment, and still thinks that is less bias than the unknown bias of the local jurisdiction. This is almost unfathomable to me. Imagine how much unknown bias you have to presume on the part of the local jurisdiction for that to be more than the known bias that is behind the state investigation. I am no apologist for the police, as anyone who knows where I’m coming from will know. I think police officers often have a power complex and abuse people’s rights. And cops are people so I don’t doubt that they often engage in the same kind of profiling that we all do on a daily basis. But what group A has to presume here is not just profiling or commonplace bias, but that an indictment was not brought because Martin was black and Zimmerman was non-black. In fact, I think it is much more likely that the local jurisdiction was actually more careful to avoid the appearance of bias because of the sensitiveness of the situation and the scrutiny, than it is that they refused to indict Zimmerman because of bias. My assumption when arguing with the anti-Zimmerman crowd was that the motives of the local jurisdiction were likely either benign or excessively scrupulous. This strikes me as a no-brainer, and why I had such confidence in trusting the motives of the local investigators over the obviously politicized state investigators. The assumption of the anti-Zimmerman crowd was that the motives of the local jurisdiction were malign and that the state case was necessary to set that right. This strikes me as borderline delusional.

Daniel McCarthy’s Tepid Defense of Jack Hunter

In all the hoopla over the Jack Hunter smear campaign, Daniel McCarthy’s rather tepid (and telling) defense of Jack Hunter deserves to be commented on separately. His defense is conciliatory from the start and basically says that  ”Jack has re-examined his thinking” so we shouldn’t hold his past views and persona against him.  ”Jack Hunter has grown” we are told and is now attempting to “apply conservatism to uniting a country riven by ideological, economic, and yes racial divides.” But the conversation turns truly bizarre in the comments section. I complained in a comment that “the tone of this post is needlessly and unhelpfully conciliatory” and defended a past Hunter column on race that McCarthy said was naive. McCarthy’s reply to me is truly a jaw dropper.

It’s naive because there’s a very obvious reason why white Americans shouldn’t express their ethnicity in the same way that nonwhites might. The historical status of whites in this country is very different from that of any other group, and to say whites are “not afforded the same right to celebrate their own cultural identity” as others is rather clueless. And no, affirmative action doesn’t change that.

As you say, Red, Jack was merely giving voice here to the conventional right-wing view, but it happens to be wrong. I’ve parroted lines like that too, and it takes work to tear up the ideological script—which Jack has done.

What?! McCarthy just explicitly endorsed the Cultural Marxist double standard that sensible conservatives complain about. I responded and didn’t pull any punches, but I don’t think my response was out of line. Unfortunately, my comment did not make the cut. Since it has been a few days and comments have appeared below mine, I think it’s safe to say that my comment is not going to be approved. Here it is below. You tell me if it was out of line.

“It’s naive because there’s a very obvious reason why white Americans shouldn’t express their ethnicity in the same way that nonwhites might. The historical status of whites in this country is very different from that of any other group, and to say whites are “not afforded the same right to celebrate their own cultural identity” as others is rather clueless. And no, affirmative action doesn’t change that.

As you say, Red, Jack was merely giving voice here to the conventional right-wing view, but it happens to be wrong. I’ve parroted lines like that too, and it takes work to tear up the ideological script—which Jack has done.”

I’m so dumbfounded by this response that I hardly know how to respond. The essential element of the Cultural Marxist narrative that we anti-PC forces are trying to combat is precisely that, that ethnocentrism and ethnic identity and pride is OK for non-Whites but anathema for Whites. What is considered natural and good and healthy in non-Whites is the vilest of thoughtcrimes for Whites. This is an obviously obnoxious construct and should be called out and denounced whenever it appears. Either everyone gets to be ethnocentric (the natural order) or no one gets to be ethnocentric (ideological “color blindness”). And historical status has nothing to do with it. Let’s look at an analogous situation. Japan has long oppressed their Korean minority, but do only Koreans in Japan get to have ethnic pride, while the Japanese don’t? When is the last time you saw a PC Enforcer hand-wring about Japanese ethnic identity and pride? As the white nationalists are fond of saying, Cultural Marxist PC is not anti-racist. It is objectively anti-White.

In the Free Beacon article, one of Hunter’s alleged sins is writing for the “paleoconservative” websites The American Conservative and Taki Mag. That “stank” is still on you Daniel, and no amount of front page articles about gay civil rights is going to remove it. I really don’t know who you think you are going to impress with such nonsense. So Daniel, what are you going to do when the long knives of the PC Rightthink Enforcers come after you? I can read the article already. “McCarthy attended meetings of the racist John Randolph Club. McCarthy used to write for the racist … secessionist … neo-Confederate … Lincoln hating … anti-Government extremist … blah, blah, blah … website Lew Rockwell…” And if that happens, who do you think is going to come to your defense? It will be me and people like me who can be reliably counted on to counter attack the PC Beast. It won’t be Jon Huntsman or David Lampro. They’ll be fleeing for the tall grass just like all the rest of the “respectable conservatives.”

The PC Beast must be kicked in the teeth, not placated.

L’Affaire Zimmerman, Again

As times before, the modern Baptist/Bootlegger coalition emerges again with the trial of George Zimmerman.  Rumors that a riot will come if Zimmerman is not found guilty, come from the money grubbing agents of the local security services--ever looking for a payoff.  The race hustlers are assuredly looking for a payoff as well, or the mob gets unleashed–or not, it’s all acting to try and get some coin.  The Rent-A-Mob beckons to serve “higher” purpose, be it in Egypt or Florida.

I wrote on the case in April of 2012, that Zimmerman would be railroaded, but there is “happy” talk, after a ridiculous trial so far, that Zimmerman will be acquitted.

American Hard Right dissidents, of whatever persuasion, recognized right away that this was a case of self-defense that called our attention–not just an apathetic, who cares, but engagement–without regard to who Zimmerman might be, where he came from, what his DNA says.  Tales of American “materialism” would have to be put on hold.

A similar effect, though slower developing I might add, has occurred with Snowden (are we harder on our own, or what?) as the dissidents from many persuasions, now Right and Left, follow his case.

Salon: “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American”

I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

The author, David Sirota, has a picture at the bottom. He appears to be white. Can you say “self-loather?

The article is laughable. He babbles about “white male privilege.” It reads like something written buy some race or gender studies academic. How do people like David Sirota look at themselves in the mirror? Has he no shame?

HT:  Southern Nationalist Network

Addendum: I have been struggling to figure out just how to characterize this article. When I first read it I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I know Salon is a liberal magazine, but in my experience it generally attempts to be pretty serious. I can’t imagine William Saletan writing something like this for example. But this article is just not serious. It reads like a paper written by an undergraduate in some gender or race grievance studies class who is desperately trying to impress his professor. I mean he starts babbling about white privilege in the first freakin’ paragraph! Take a breath David. Here is a piece of unsolicited advice: you should probably lead off with a few explanatory paragraphs before you drop the white privilege bomb if you want real people to take you at all seriously.

White privilege and missed opportunities

In yesterday’s spring election in Wisconsin fairly liberal Department of Public Instruction (DPI) head Tony Evers defeated a pretty conservative state Assemblyman Don Pridemore by landslide margin 62-38%. But this result had nothing to do with ideology. Most Republicans thought Pridemore too extreme and did nothing to help him, more concerned with protecting state Supreme Court Justice Patricia Roggensack in her re-election bid (which she won) Even Gov.  Scott Walker wouldn’t endorse him.  Thus he had no money and no TV ads and in Wisconsin politics you might as well close up shop.

But Pridemore really wasn’t a good candidate. If he was, he might well have made an issue of a set of suggested curriculum guidelines issued by the DPI through the federal VISTA program for those school districts looking to deal with the ever-confounding problem of white privilege. Indeed, it is such a problem that even George Will chimed in on it in his latest column in the Washington Post today.

“White Privilege” is the latest guilt racket dreamed up by Cultural Marxists.  It’s a theory which states that matter of one’s skin color and only one’s skin color is sole proof  of a person’s racism because that skin color gave this person an unfair advantage in life, a “leg up” if you will over blacks or Asians or Hispanics. Of course anyone living in Appalachia or Minnesota’s Iron Range or the pockets of white rural poverty across the Midwest, South and West will tell you this is a crock of crap who ultimate goal logically is legitimizing any sort racial economic redistribution of resources (like slave reparation for example) because obviously one cannot darken or face paint their way out of “white privilege”. And such garbage would remain a “theory” and quite harmless unless someone in a position of policymaking in any government institution (like DPI) decides to test such theories out in the same manner the Bolsheviks tested out communism after the Russian Revolution. This is exactly what has happened in Wisconsin in such places like the Delevan-Darien school district just outside of Milwaukee.

Had Pridemore made attacking these guidelines a centerpiece of his campaign, it might have gotten him somewhere, certainly better than 38 percent. The fact the DPI took down the guidelines from its website after online columnists began to shine light upon them shows the sensitivity of the matter. Certainly Evers nor his upper management staff was not going stand up for an educational program which condemns persons  for racism simply by the fact of their skin color rather than by word or deed. Indeed, given the fact that whites will no longer be a majority of population by the middle of the century due to immigration and birth rates (and white males even more so), one wonders why anyone in a position of responsibility would entertain such mad if not racially incendiary ideas in the first place? But that’s whole point. If one cannot use white’s majority status as means of guilt no longer,  then other means will have to suffice, even if it’s to brand whites with the Mark of Cain to indicate permanent sinfulness (as whites in the South know all to well) which cannot be washed off.

I myself cannot wait for such minority status to take place because it will mean the Cultural Marxists will have a hard time kicking around white people anymore. The fact such theories are being discussed with any kind of seriousness, let alone being tried in a K-12 school, shows their desperation. If one’s proof of “white privilege” can easily be proven BS by any visit to a trailer park, then it will be rewarding to see such awful people get their comeuppance. But what’s sad is that such well-off people who should know better would be willing to deny a person’s humanity and their poverty and their struggles to make ends meet in this country simply because of their skin color. Is that not racism? Such Leftists are no better than those on the Right who want to pretend the class struggle doesn’t exist in the U.S.  They just do it for different reasons.

The troubling lessons from Tinley Park

The good news is that five racial socialists have been sent to jail for attacking unsuspecting restaurant patrons. The bad news? For starters, the perpetrators benefited from free legal aid from attorneys who agree with the attackers’ notion that anyone branded a “racist” has no rights, so an attack on them is justified.

While the authorities who handled the case did not openly embrace the attackers’ ideology, they definitely failed to prosecute the thugs with the vigor they should have, as Nicholas Stix explains in this disturbing and eye-opening article.

Particularly ominous is that supporters of the “antifa” (anti-fascist) bullies who commited this assault openly brag about violently confronting anyone they deem “racist.” The Anti Racist Action goons entered the Tinley Park restaurant yelling, “Hey, bitches, the ARA is going to f— up this place.” One “anti-racist” web site said this about the Tinley Park attack: “The Five heroically showed that these [racist] groups have to be crushed sooner than later.” Here’s an account of their “heroic” action:

Panic shot through the small Tinley Park restaurant as quickly as the stream of determined, black-clad assailants marched in, clubs and hammers in hand.

The wide-eyed hostess frantically dialed 911. Old men leapt from their tables and grabbed chairs to fend off the surprise attack.

Instantly batons and fists were flying, launching food, plates and chaos. In less than two minutes, the attackers headed for the doors, fighting off customers and restaurant staff into the parking lot.

Ten people were injured, at least three of them needing staples to close bloody head wounds.

An unpublished restaurant security video viewed by the Tribune of the bizarre Saturday afternoon melee had no sound — but it screams with images of fear and aggression.

Men in their twenties hide behind masks so they can launch a sneak attack on elderly victims. Yeah – real heroic. But the attackers were motivated by noble intentions, you see. They saw the attack as a “pre-emptive” action against “racism.”

That’s the toxic thinking that led to this crime. Now we have the added incitement of Tarantino’s “Django,” in which, as one enthusiastic viewer wrote, an ex-slave “triumphs over white supremacists.” As if that wasn’t sufficiently blood-curdling, here are tweets from viewers who openly call for the murder of whites after viewing the movie.

No wonder folks are arming themselves these days.

Judge finds racial bias played a role in three death row cases

In the name of “racial justice,” a North Carolina judge has overturned the death sentences of three murderers. Here’s an introduction to the “victims of racism” the court has spared:

A Cumberland County judge has sentenced three death row inmates to life in prison without possibility for parole after finding that racial discrimination in jury selection played a key role in securing their death sentences.

Judge Gregory Weeks issued the ruling on Thursday for Tilmon Golphin, Christina Walters and Quintel Augustine after the challenged their sentences under the 2009 Racial Justice Act.

Walters was convicted of killing two women in a gang initiation ritual. Golphin was convicted of murdering two law enforcement officers at a traffic stop. Augustine was convicted of killing a Fayetteville police officer.

Commenting on the case, Ken Rose of the Center for Death Penalty Litigation proclaimed that the ruling proves “our capital punishment system is infected by racial bias.”

But if that’s true, then SOMEONE had to commit an act of racial bias. Who was it? What exactly did this person do that demonstrated racial bias? Is Mr. Rose going to prosecute that person?

Or is it possible that no single perpetrator can be identified because “racism” is what defines Western society? I think that’s what Rose is claiming. He’s not alone – that argument can be found here. And if that is the case, then the entire fabric of Western culture must be dismantled. Private property, the right of association, inheritance, any aspect of a free society that results in a “disparate impact” for protected minorities is a target.

We are racing toward Third-World anarchy.

The Sailer Strategy

I’ve seen the Sailer Strategy work in Wisconsin, so I will not say it cannot work at all. However there are many different circumstances which have to be met for it to work and often times those circumstances never come to fruition even in overwhelmingly white areas of the country.

The circumstances included either heavily segregated regions of the country (like the Milwaukee metro area) or areas where there is clear polarization of the racial divide around the two-party system, as one finds in the South. But in areas where there is not a large population of minorities, then other questions and concerns trump race because is not the everyday present reality (such as a state like Ohio where the auto-bailout helped Obama with white voters there). Red asks why white Iowans, Minnesotans, and Wisconsinites don’t vote the same as white Alabamans, Georgians and Carolinians? Well, I think we both know the reason why. Put it this way, you can live in parts of the Upper Midwest your entire life and never meet anyone of different race in person. How do you think that’s going to affect their mindsets as compared to living near county which is in the “Black Belt”?

Now some point out the state’s of the upper South (from West Virginia to Oklahoma) don’t have large minority populations either and voted in huge margins for Romney and Republican candidates, which is true. But in four years you won’t have Barak Obama on the ballot anymore, you may well have Hilary Clinton, you know, Fox News’s favorite Democrat, the woman conservatives turned from a marriage-hating radical into Norma Rae back in 2008. I would be curious to see what those numbers would be if Clinton vs. Romney in Kentucky or Arkansas. In four years we may find out and it may not be pretty for the GOP if there’s a white face on the top of the ballot for the Dems.

Now this is not to say such voting patterns will stay the same.  Minority populations have actually grown in many areas that were once all-white due to immigration (which just adds more Democrat votes) which may affect voting turnouts in the future (as they have in Milwaukee). But given the fact the Romney campaign pretty much ran away from any discussion of the President’s birth-certificate, or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or immigration or any other such items in the campaign which could have increased its percentage of the white vote in theory, why would anyone think any party candidate will make a deliberate attempt to win 70 percent of the white vote in future campaigns (if they had to) given the demographic trends and given the fact the party may very well have a re-think on issues like immigration? Just remember this, when the top ranks of both the GOP and Conservative INC. come to a consensus, they will act in unanimity and cast off those who don’t, just like they did with the Iraq War. And this goes from the think tank leaders down to the talk show hosts to the politicians and as we all know, when you’re on the outside you really are out. Once upon a time publications like the National Review once strongly supported segregation. You can, if you wish, head out to the desert to be a Minuteman and arrest illegals but no longer will Rush Limbaugh laud you publicly or even give you attention on his show.

So the reality is if you really want to see the Willie Horton or the “Hands” ad again from Republican candidates I’m afraid you’ll have to do so on You Tube because you won’t see them from GOP candidates. Will some conservatives object to this and leave the party? Perhaps, until  elected officials do so I will not hold my breath because if there’s one thing conservatives know how to do well, it’s to get in line.