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White privilege and missed opportunities

In yesterday’s spring election in Wisconsin fairly liberal Department of Public Instruction (DPI) head Tony Evers defeated a pretty conservative state Assemblyman Don Pridemore by landslide margin 62-38%. But this result had nothing to do with ideology. Most Republicans thought Pridemore too extreme and did nothing to help him, more concerned with protecting state Supreme Court Justice Patricia Roggensack in her re-election bid (which she won) Even Gov.  Scott Walker wouldn’t endorse him.  Thus he had no money and no TV ads and in Wisconsin politics you might as well close up shop.

But Pridemore really wasn’t a good candidate. If he was, he might well have made an issue of a set of suggested curriculum guidelines issued by the DPI through the federal VISTA program for those school districts looking to deal with the ever-confounding problem of white privilege. Indeed, it is such a problem that even George Will chimed in on it in his latest column in the Washington Post today.

“White Privilege” is the latest guilt racket dreamed up by Cultural Marxists.  It’s a theory which states that matter of one’s skin color and only one’s skin color is sole proof  of a person’s racism because that skin color gave this person an unfair advantage in life, a “leg up” if you will over blacks or Asians or Hispanics. Of course anyone living in Appalachia or Minnesota’s Iron Range or the pockets of white rural poverty across the Midwest, South and West will tell you this is a crock of crap who ultimate goal logically is legitimizing any sort racial economic redistribution of resources (like slave reparation for example) because obviously one cannot darken or face paint their way out of “white privilege”. And such garbage would remain a “theory” and quite harmless unless someone in a position of policymaking in any government institution (like DPI) decides to test such theories out in the same manner the Bolsheviks tested out communism after the Russian Revolution. This is exactly what has happened in Wisconsin in such places like the Delevan-Darien school district just outside of Milwaukee.

Had Pridemore made attacking these guidelines a centerpiece of his campaign, it might have gotten him somewhere, certainly better than 38 percent. The fact the DPI took down the guidelines from its website after online columnists began to shine light upon them shows the sensitivity of the matter. Certainly Evers nor his upper management staff was not going stand up for an educational program which condemns persons  for racism simply by the fact of their skin color rather than by word or deed. Indeed, given the fact that whites will no longer be a majority of population by the middle of the century due to immigration and birth rates (and white males even more so), one wonders why anyone in a position of responsibility would entertain such mad if not racially incendiary ideas in the first place? But that’s whole point. If one cannot use white’s majority status as means of guilt no longer,  then other means will have to suffice, even if it’s to brand whites with the Mark of Cain to indicate permanent sinfulness (as whites in the South know all to well) which cannot be washed off.

I myself cannot wait for such minority status to take place because it will mean the Cultural Marxists will have a hard time kicking around white people anymore. The fact such theories are being discussed with any kind of seriousness, let alone being tried in a K-12 school, shows their desperation. If one’s proof of “white privilege” can easily be proven BS by any visit to a trailer park, then it will be rewarding to see such awful people get their comeuppance. But what’s sad is that such well-off people who should know better would be willing to deny a person’s humanity and their poverty and their struggles to make ends meet in this country simply because of their skin color. Is that not racism? Such Leftists are no better than those on the Right who want to pretend the class struggle doesn’t exist in the U.S.  They just do it for different reasons.

The troubling lessons from Tinley Park

The good news is that five racial socialists have been sent to jail for attacking unsuspecting restaurant patrons. The bad news? For starters, the perpetrators benefited from free legal aid from attorneys who agree with the attackers’ notion that anyone branded a “racist” has no rights, so an attack on them is justified.

While the authorities who handled the case did not openly embrace the attackers’ ideology, they definitely failed to prosecute the thugs with the vigor they should have, as Nicholas Stix explains in this disturbing and eye-opening article.

Particularly ominous is that supporters of the “antifa” (anti-fascist) bullies who commited this assault openly brag about violently confronting anyone they deem “racist.” The Anti Racist Action goons entered the Tinley Park restaurant yelling, “Hey, bitches, the ARA is going to f— up this place.” One “anti-racist” web site said this about the Tinley Park attack: “The Five heroically showed that these [racist] groups have to be crushed sooner than later.” Here’s an account of their “heroic” action:

Panic shot through the small Tinley Park restaurant as quickly as the stream of determined, black-clad assailants marched in, clubs and hammers in hand.

The wide-eyed hostess frantically dialed 911. Old men leapt from their tables and grabbed chairs to fend off the surprise attack.

Instantly batons and fists were flying, launching food, plates and chaos. In less than two minutes, the attackers headed for the doors, fighting off customers and restaurant staff into the parking lot.

Ten people were injured, at least three of them needing staples to close bloody head wounds.

An unpublished restaurant security video viewed by the Tribune of the bizarre Saturday afternoon melee had no sound — but it screams with images of fear and aggression.

Men in their twenties hide behind masks so they can launch a sneak attack on elderly victims. Yeah – real heroic. But the attackers were motivated by noble intentions, you see. They saw the attack as a “pre-emptive” action against “racism.”

That’s the toxic thinking that led to this crime. Now we have the added incitement of Tarantino’s “Django,” in which, as one enthusiastic viewer wrote, an ex-slave “triumphs over white supremacists.” As if that wasn’t sufficiently blood-curdling, here are tweets from viewers who openly call for the murder of whites after viewing the movie.

No wonder folks are arming themselves these days.

Judge finds racial bias played a role in three death row cases

In the name of “racial justice,” a North Carolina judge has overturned the death sentences of three murderers. Here’s an introduction to the “victims of racism” the court has spared:

A Cumberland County judge has sentenced three death row inmates to life in prison without possibility for parole after finding that racial discrimination in jury selection played a key role in securing their death sentences.

Judge Gregory Weeks issued the ruling on Thursday for Tilmon Golphin, Christina Walters and Quintel Augustine after the challenged their sentences under the 2009 Racial Justice Act.

Walters was convicted of killing two women in a gang initiation ritual. Golphin was convicted of murdering two law enforcement officers at a traffic stop. Augustine was convicted of killing a Fayetteville police officer.

Commenting on the case, Ken Rose of the Center for Death Penalty Litigation proclaimed that the ruling proves “our capital punishment system is infected by racial bias.”

But if that’s true, then SOMEONE had to commit an act of racial bias. Who was it? What exactly did this person do that demonstrated racial bias? Is Mr. Rose going to prosecute that person?

Or is it possible that no single perpetrator can be identified because “racism” is what defines Western society? I think that’s what Rose is claiming. He’s not alone – that argument can be found here. And if that is the case, then the entire fabric of Western culture must be dismantled. Private property, the right of association, inheritance, any aspect of a free society that results in a “disparate impact” for protected minorities is a target.

We are racing toward Third-World anarchy.

The Sailer Strategy

I’ve seen the Sailer Strategy work in Wisconsin, so I will not say it cannot work at all. However there are many different circumstances which have to be met for it to work and often times those circumstances never come to fruition even in overwhelmingly white areas of the country.

The circumstances included either heavily segregated regions of the country (like the Milwaukee metro area) or areas where there is clear polarization of the racial divide around the two-party system, as one finds in the South. But in areas where there is not a large population of minorities, then other questions and concerns trump race because is not the everyday present reality (such as a state like Ohio where the auto-bailout helped Obama with white voters there). Red asks why white Iowans, Minnesotans, and Wisconsinites don’t vote the same as white Alabamans, Georgians and Carolinians? Well, I think we both know the reason why. Put it this way, you can live in parts of the Upper Midwest your entire life and never meet anyone of different race in person. How do you think that’s going to affect their mindsets as compared to living near county which is in the “Black Belt”?

Now some point out the state’s of the upper South (from West Virginia to Oklahoma) don’t have large minority populations either and voted in huge margins for Romney and Republican candidates, which is true. But in four years you won’t have Barak Obama on the ballot anymore, you may well have Hilary Clinton, you know, Fox News’s favorite Democrat, the woman conservatives turned from a marriage-hating radical into Norma Rae back in 2008. I would be curious to see what those numbers would be if Clinton vs. Romney in Kentucky or Arkansas. In four years we may find out and it may not be pretty for the GOP if there’s a white face on the top of the ballot for the Dems.

Now this is not to say such voting patterns will stay the same.  Minority populations have actually grown in many areas that were once all-white due to immigration (which just adds more Democrat votes) which may affect voting turnouts in the future (as they have in Milwaukee). But given the fact the Romney campaign pretty much ran away from any discussion of the President’s birth-certificate, or the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or immigration or any other such items in the campaign which could have increased its percentage of the white vote in theory, why would anyone think any party candidate will make a deliberate attempt to win 70 percent of the white vote in future campaigns (if they had to) given the demographic trends and given the fact the party may very well have a re-think on issues like immigration? Just remember this, when the top ranks of both the GOP and Conservative INC. come to a consensus, they will act in unanimity and cast off those who don’t, just like they did with the Iraq War. And this goes from the think tank leaders down to the talk show hosts to the politicians and as we all know, when you’re on the outside you really are out. Once upon a time publications like the National Review once strongly supported segregation. You can, if you wish, head out to the desert to be a Minuteman and arrest illegals but no longer will Rush Limbaugh laud you publicly or even give you attention on his show.

So the reality is if you really want to see the Willie Horton or the “Hands” ad again from Republican candidates I’m afraid you’ll have to do so on You Tube because you won’t see them from GOP candidates. Will some conservatives object to this and leave the party? Perhaps, until  elected officials do so I will not hold my breath because if there’s one thing conservatives know how to do well, it’s to get in line.

What’s your conspiracy?

The SPLC’s Hatewatch blog is guffawing at some of the conspiracy theories floating around the web about Super-Storm Sandy:

“It’s punishment for gay rights – no, for Obama’s attitude toward Israel – no, it’s an excuse to confiscate guns – no, it’s an excuse to cancel the election.”

Oh, those silly right-wingers and their conspiracies! Enlightened lefties don’t believe in conspiracies.

But wait – what’s this?

Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals

After years of stubbornly trying to implement pie-in-the-sky goals that assumed all children are above average, one state school board has decided to give reality a try:

The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race.

On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent.

Naturally, this evoked the expected howls of protest from the usual suspects:

But Palm Beach County School Board vice-chairwoman Debra Robinson isn’t buying the rationale. …

Robinson called the state board’s actions essentially “proclaiming racism” and said she wants Palm Beach County to continue to educate every child with the same expectations, regardless of race.

Handy word, “racism.” In this case, Robinson is using it to defend the old “anti-racist” policy of penalizing teachers and dooming children to failure in the name of upholding ideological bias. “You’re equal, dammit! Act that way!”

The cult of egalitarian multiculturalism is collapsing before our eyes.

New Zealand: Maori Claim Rights to Wind

The Maori (7.4% of NZ population) want new rights to tax wind farms, because the Maori claim ownership over, or at least a special connection with, the wind.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin says under the Treaty of Waitangi, Maori might have a claim to the wind.

He says the precedent has been set with Maori claims to water.

When asked if Maori had a spiritual connection to the wind, as they claim to with the country’s land and rivers, Mr Rankin said this indeed was the case.

“We can actually prove we’ve had a connection with wind since the beginning of time.”


When Treason Becomes The Norm: Why The Proposition Nation, Not Islam, Is Our Primary Enemy

Everyone should read this essay in its entirety:

When Treason Becomes The Norm: Why The Proposition Nation, Not Islam, Is Our Primary Enemy

Fjordman, Gates of Vienna

In 2009 it was revealed that the ruling Labour Party had purposefully flooded Britain with several million immigrants, without consulting its citizens, in order to socially engineer a “truly Multicultural” country. The huge increases in migrants over the previous decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt to radically change the country and to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity,” according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair. He said mass immigration was the result of a deliberate plan, but ministers were reluctant to discuss this for fear that it would alienate the party’s “core working class vote.”

Lord Glasman — a personal friend of the Labour Party leader — in 2011 stated that “Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration… and there’s been a massive rupture of trust.” He admitted that the Labour Party had sometimes been actively hostile to the white natives. In particular, they tended to view white working-class voters as “an obstacle to progress.”

To my knowledge, these shocking revelations of a Western government virtually launching a full-front attack to crush its own people have so far not caused a single word of protest from political leaders or mass media in any other Western country, although these acts could be construed as a policy of state-sponsored ethnic cleansing targeting the white majority population. In my country’s mass media, these public admissions from Neather were hardly mentioned at all, although journalists never miss an opportunity to warn against the dangerous tide of “white racism and xenophobia” that is supposedly sweeping the Western world today.

[Continue reading....]

Obama is not Anglo-Saxon

Anglo-Saxon King Alfred

The usual suspects are pointing and sputtering over Mitt Romney’s aid’s common-sense and factual statement that Obama does not understand the “Anglo-Saxon heritage” shared by  the U.S. and Britain. Or that “we are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he [Romney] feels that the special relationship is special. The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”  Of course, this makes perfect sense.  As Thomas Fleming notes:

The most obvious point is that the anti-European Obama administration, which sent back a bust of Winston Churchill given as a present, and which has made clear its contempt not just for British but for all European and American traditions, cannot understand such quaint notions as the rule of law.

One might also mention Carl Jung’s archetypes where Jung believed that people are more likely to appreciate and preserve a tradition if it’s of their own ancestral / racial archetype.

But in the propositional United States of America, where anything is possible (where horses are sheep and 2+2=5, if only people will believe), some want to bend over backwards to prove Obama is a WASP – such is the ridiculous post by Walter Russell Mead.  Americans seem to be offended by any hereditarian notion that X cannot be Y.  After all, in the great Blank Slatist, Cultural Marxist US of A, X can be Y, if it so desires, although later it may be more fashionable for X to be Q.

Unfortunately for the Cultural Marxists, modern genetics shows otherwise.  As someone said on a popular email list:  “Regarding Cavalli-Sforza’s genetic distance charts, although Obama indeed has some English ancestry, his Sub-Saharan black ancestry would create an enormous genetic distance between him and the English. For instance, the English would be about 60x more closely related to the Danes than to Obama. Obama is no Anglo-Saxon.  Obama is no WASP.”

But heaven forbid that someone point out the obvious!

Criticism of Ron Unz’s new essay on IQ and race

As part of Ron Unz’s “ongoing love letter to Hispanics” (as commenters have characterized his essay), Unz recently has cherry picked data from various IQ sources to attempt to disprove a hard hereditarian basis for IQ and race – and seems to make some of the same cherry-picking errors as the Unz we’ve all come to know and expect.  Of course, the gist and underlying motive of Unz’s essay is to send the message not to worry about mestizo immigration.  After all, shorter Unz: IQ is flexible and it’s probably only matter of a few years before Mexicans revolutionize the field of physics and the state-of-the-art Mexican space agency is landing on Mars.

Some criticisms of Unz’s piece:

Peter Frost: “Ron Unz on Race, IQ, and Wealth

Occidentalist: “No Mexican Flynn Effect (or Ron Unz is no longer credible)

David Sanders: “Has Ron Unz Refuted “Hard Hereditarianism”?

Peter Frost: “More on Race, IQ, and Wealth

Richard Lynn:  “IQ and the Wealth of Nations: Richard Lynn Replies to Ron Unz

Helmuth Nyborg: “Helmuth Nyborg’s Reply to Ron Unz

The return of white, loner, insane gunman

In the interest of equal time, since we’re spreading the word about the return of black flash mobs from last summer without being told what we should do about them other than packing heat (which I fully support of course) hating black people as a whole instead of the criminals and hoodlums for being well….criminals and hoodlums and defeating Obama  (That’ll show ‘em for being uppity!) I thought CHT should also warn the citizenry about the return of white, loner insane gunman. You know the type: Oswald, Whitman, Brenner, Chapman, Hinckley, etc.  A fellow such as this by the name Nathan Van Wilkins, 44, shot-up a bar in Tuscaloosa, Ala.  near the University of Alabama campus the very morning of July 17. He injured 17 people in the crowded bar, thankfully no one was killed. And this fellow wasn’t just shooting wildly either. According to police reports, Van Wilkins reportedly “walked up a hill on 23rd Street to the bar, fired through the bar window and then shot at people as they fled the bar.” How nice of him. Here’s his mugshot, Willie Horton-style:

Now if you read the stories on the shooting in Tuscaloosa, other than his picture and perhaps his name as giveaway,the shooter is not listed as “white” nor are colors of his victims are mentioned either. Should they be? What is one of them was black? Does that make him a racist even if he may have no racial motive in the first place?  And does it matter since this fellow has a rap sheet a mile long and may also be responsible for other crimes recently committed in the Tuscaloosa area?

You can cite statistics that blacks of a certain age group are more likely to be locked up or commit violent offenses. But if we start differentiating criminals and victims based on race rather than as individuals, then that’s the day we start taking crime and fighting crime and fighting back as law abiding citizens from the gangsters and hoodlums and yes, psychopath gunman, less seriously than we should. And that makes us all less safe.

Return of the Black Flash Mobs

The beginning of the summer of 2012 saw few black flash mobs.  The police, after all, had a year to prepare for them, which included preemptive steps such as quick-response mob-control units and full-time employees monitoring Facebook and Twitter to predict where black flash mobs might happen so they can head them off.  But despite all these costly efforts, the Fourth of July saw numerous black flash mobs.  As Paul Kersey reports at VDare:

Just when you thought the rash of Flash Mobs (what I’ve dubbed Mahogany Mobs) had ended, the July 4th celebrations across the country unleashed a new wave of black assaults on white people.

Colin Flaherty of WND reported on racial violence in six separate states on July 4th, including an incident in Albany, Ga. that forced police to cancel the grand finale of the fireworks display.

Now comes news that a fireworks display in Columbus, Ohio had black-on-white racial assaults that the police weren’t prepared to handle. This wasn’t reported by a writer for the Columbus Dispatch, but came in the form of any angry letter to the paper that was only published on July 7th:

During the 2012 Red, White & Boom celebration, there were dozens of police officers at the fireworks. Most of these officers were clumped in bunches near the Scioto River and simply watched the fireworks along with the hundreds of thousands of spectators.

After the show ended and people started walking back to their cars, things turned violent. A gang of approximately 30 black youths (both male and female) started walking and running down Broad Street and randomly assaulted white people — old people, children, women.

I was first aware of the violence in front of the church at the corner of Third and Broad streets. One block east of there, a man crossed the street through the traffic holding his crying son. They clearly had been assaulted. When others asked if they were OK, he said, “No, we’re not OK; we got separated from my wife and daughter, and they’re still over there.”

Finally, two Columbus officers were seen slowly walking toward the scene of this violence. At this point, the black youths crossed the street to the opposite side of the officers and started randomly attacking more white people on the north side of Broad Street. I know; I was assaulted by five different youths.

At this time, the police meandered to our side of the street. Some of us went to the officers and said, “Do something, innocent people are getting assaulted right here on Broad Street.” One officer replied, “We don’t have enough officers.” After seeing the dozens of officers near the riverfront, I went home feeling this officer’s answer was a poor one.

And then last night produced yet another flash mob: a large group of more than 300 black youths looted a Walmart in Florida.  News4Jax refuses to report honestly on the event – such as pointing out the race of the looters – but, unfortunately for News4Jax, some of the involved blacks recorded the event themselves and put the video up on YouTube:


A black flash mob loots Albertson’s drugstore in Troutdale, Oregon.  Video here.

Irony Lost on NAACP as They Condemn White Group

Christian Identity is a heretical cult which I have no use for. That said, this article by Jim Goad at TakiMag is worth reading, and this blurb is classic.

Last week in rural western Alabama, members of the Christian Identity movement teamed up with Klansmen to host a three-day shindig that ended on Friday with a cross burning. The event gained national attention after local residents complained about a flyer that specified “All White Christians Invited.”

Without a dandelion petal’s worth of irony among them, News One for Black America and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People condemned the blasphemous idea of an event designed exclusively for whites. On the other side of Alabama, the preposterously well-funded Southern Poverty Law Center, helmed disproportionately by members of a group who deem themselves “God’s chosen people,” have condemned the Christian Identity movement as a hate group for daring to deem themselves “God’s chosen people.” (emphasis in original)

Read more…


People are Hardwired to be Ethnocentric

Racism is ‘hardwired’ into the human brain – and people can be prejudiced without knowing it

Rob Waugh, Daily Mail, June 26, 2012

Racism is hardwired into the brain, say scientists – and it operates unconsciously.

The same circuits in the brain that allow us to see which ethnic group a person belongs to overlap with others that drive emotional decisions.

The result is that even right-thinking individuals make unconscious decisions based on a person’s race. But most racism operates on an unconscious level, say researchers – and even ‘right thinking’ individuals may react in a racist way.

Brain scans have proved that interactions with people of other ethnic backgrounds set off reactions that may be completely unknown to our conscious selves.

The finding may force researchers to think about racism in entirely new ways.

It’s possible, the researchers say, that even right-thinking, ‘egalitarian’ people could harbour racist attitudes without knowing.

The chemicals involved in perceiving ethnic backgrounds overlap with those for processing emotion and making decisions, according to new research.

And the findings published in Nature Neuroscience could lead to fresh ways of thinking about unintended race-based attitudes and decisions.

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“So-called racism [sic] is a perfectly natural in-group bias which has been stigmatized by the politically correct West.” – Martin Sewell, professor of economics, Oxford University


SPLC Thoughtcrime Unit Goes After Michael Hill and the League of the South Again

Mark Potok, lead investigator of the SPLC’s Thoughtcrime Unit, recently wrote another hit piece … um … I mean issued a cease and desist order to repeat offenders Michael Hill and the League of the South for violation of right-groupthink.

Here is the Michael Hill essay Potok is responding to.

Hat tip: Michael (not Hill) at the Southern Nationalist Network