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2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Bob Barr Endorses Mitt Romney

This after he endorsed Newt in the primary.

I promised to lay off Virgil Goode until after the election, but this is one reason I’m not so sure that ex-major party elected official are the best sort of “big name” candidates for a third party.

More on that after the election.


Did Bob Barr Just Endorse Newt Gingrich?

It looks like he did, along with a lot of other pathetic Georgia Republicans. At first there was some skepticism that this was legit, but so far there have been no objections from the Barr camp. Barr was considering a run for Congress as a Republican, but recently announced he wasn’t going to run. But he does seem to be attempting to re-ingratiate himself with the GOP.

On a larger scale, this mass endorsement by elected Republican officials seems to indicate that establishment Republicans are coming to terms with the fact that Gingrich is the last remaining alternative to Romney. Of course there is still Ron Paul, but these types of Republicans are too fearful and/or wishy-washy to endorse a real alternative like Paul.

Update: The “some skepticism” link above was incorrect. It is now fixed.

Proof MSM Ignores Third Parties

As if proof was needed. Here is an excellent Baltimore Sun article documenting how the media rigorously ignores third parties. This is a surprisingly good critique from a Professor of Journalism. (It is not surprising that it comes from someone outside the MSM, but surprising they published it.)

While the news media did an effective job this year of covering the presidential campaign between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, the press still has a major blind spot when it comes to writing about third-party contenders.

According to a basic LexisNexis database search of election coverage from Aug. 5 to Nov. 5, The Washington Post and The New York Times published a combined 3,576 news stories, editorials, op-eds, photographs and letters to the editor about Mr. Obama and 3,205 items about Mr. McCain. By contrast, the two dailies published only 36 items about independent Ralph Nader, 22 about Libertarian Bob Barr, five about Green Cynthia McKinney and three about the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin…

None of these candidates garnered more than 2 percent of the popular vote on Election Day. But how third-party candidates are covered by the news media is an important issue that should be taken more seriously, given that we live in a democratic society that proclaims deference to the First Amendment and honors the notion that we are all better off when a wide range of proposals are aired.

The news media are allowing themselves to be co-opted by the Democrats and Republicans into viewing campaigns solely through the prism of the two-party system. This means that the major parties control which issues are permitted into the debate, thus denying the public a chance to hear proposals that might seem extreme today but could gain traction in the future if only voters had an opportunity to consider them more seriously.

HT: ThirdPartyWatch.

Some articles for your consideration

Steve Sailer takes Karl Rove to the woodshed for his disasterous electoral polices over at

Ron Paul was a big backer of legalizing Hemp farming once again and one such farmer North Dakota is set to become Speaker of the State House of Representatives.

Brian Doherty at looks at what went wrong with Bob Barr’s campaign…

J.J Jackson’s latest: “Obamaburger”

America First Party Encourages Vote for Baldwin or Barr

Recently the America First National Committee voted to encourage voters to cast a ballot for either Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin or Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. The text of the resolution reads as follows:


Whereas the America First Party is not running a presidential candidate in 2008 because this would be a poor use of resources for our developing party; and,


Whereas many voters would nevertheless like to have guidance on how to vote in the general presidential election; and,


Whereas both Democrat and Republican presidential nominees are greatly at odds with the America First Party’s principles in areas of foreign policy, trade, immigration, and fiscal spending; and,


Whereas it is important that voters not waste their vote by voting for Democrat and Republican presidential candidates who are poised to violate the basic requirements of the oath of office, and who will, if they pursue their stated policy objectives, continue the process of overturning our constitutional government; and,


Whereas there are two presidential candidates which have achieved ballot access in enough states to have a theoretical possibility of winning the presidential election, and which hold positions similar but not identical to those of the America First Party;


Therefore, be it resolved by the America First National Committee:


That voters be encouraged to vote for either Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr for President in November.


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Third Party Presidential Debate Tonight at 9:00 on C-SPAN 2 (Update)

There will be a Third Party Presidential Candidates Debate tonight at 9:00 pm ET. It will be aired live on C-SPAN 2. The debate will originate from the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. A live web feed will also be streamed by Restore the Republic Radio at or

This 90-minute forum is being sponsored by The Free and Equal Elections Coalition ( A total of six presidential candidates who are on enough state ballots to be eligible to win the election have been invited to participate.

Constitution Party nominee and the only authentic conservative in the race, Chuck Baldwin, will be participating. Independent Ralph Nader has also confirmed. Libertarian nominee Bob Barr could not attend due to a “scheduling conflict.”

I don’t doubt that Bob Barr has a scheduling conflict since this debate was arranged rather hastily. It was originally scheduled for last Sunday. But skepticism is warranted because Bob Barr has generally tried to avoid appearing with the other third party candidates, I believe in the mistaken belief that he is a more serious candidate, and that appearing with other third party candidates will somehow diminish him. Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader followed the same rational in 2000. But I believe Barr is making a big mistake. This attitude has already cost him support. His now infamous snub of Ron Paul’s press conference was labeled Snubgate on the Web, and earned Baldwin Ron Paul’s specific endorsement. Prior to Barr’s grandstanding, Paul had simply urged supporters of liberty to vote third party without endorsing any candidate specifically. Barr is acting, as my Mom would say, too big for his britches. He needs to get down off his high horse and get his hands dirty with the rest of the third party candidates.

Anyway, tonight’s debate should be a refreshing change of pace. After watching three debates of Social Democrat A vs. slightly less Social Democrat B, it will be nice to hear from an authentic conservative and Constitutionalist, Chuck Baldwin.

Update: We’ve got the video replay of the debate for all those who may have missed it.

Gun Owners of America on the Presidential Candidates

Now that the NRA has sold out its principles for the sake of political expediency, Second Amendment supporters can still look to Gun Owners of America (GOA), the “only no-compromise gun lobby,”* for guidance.

GOA does not endorse Presidential candidates, but here is their take on Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, and John McCain.

You be the judge.

* According to Rep. Ron Paul.

Update: Rumors Prove True. NRA Endorses McCain and Disses Board Member Barr

The rumored NRA endorsement of John McCain has indeed happened. This is astounding. McCain has a long history of being squishy soft on Second Amendment issues. This is a blatant thumb in the eye of the NRA’s own Board member Bob Barr.

The NRA rates Barr, one of their own board members, with an A+ rating. McCain has earned a C+ rating by the same organization.

McCain’s disdain of the Second Amendment has earned the ire of virtually every gun rights organization in the country.

This is clearly a case of the NRA putting party and pragmatic politics above principle.

NRA to Stab Barr and Baldwin in the Back?

Third Party Watch is reporting via American Spectator that the NRA may endorse John McCain today. This is surprising to many who follow gun issues closely because McCain is notoriously weak on the Second Amendment. It had previously been assumed that the NRA would sit this Presidential election out.

This would be a real slap in the face of Libertarian nominee Bob Barr and Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin. Both are much stauncher defenders of the Second Amendment than is McCain. A McCain endorsement would be an especially cruel betrayal of Barr who has been on the NRA Board of Directors.

This is another example of why supporters of gun rights should instead support Gun Owners of America, the “no compromise” gun lobby. Here is GOA’s take on McCain’s sorry Second Amendment record.  

Take gun to head, cock, pull trigger….

Apparently Bob Barr was in quite a stupid mood today. Scheduled to be at Ron Paul’s press conference today at the National Press Club, he pulled out just a half-hour before the event. And don’t think the Campaign for Liberty people were happy about it as this post from Reason shows…..

Ron Paul’s press conference with the top third party candidates just wrapped up, but it was missing one of the scheduled speakers: Libertarian Bob Barr. Barr pulled out of the conference this morning, but the LP’s Austin Petersen hadn’t been told. He showed up with campaign literature and was kicked out of the hallway by Paul spokesman Jesse Benton. “He was extremely angry,” Petersen said. “I feel like the fall guy.”

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Biden Voted to Authorize the Iraq War

Well, this should end all talk of anti-war Obamacons, a notion that was nonsensical to begin with. Obama, for all his talk of change, is proving himself to be just another Establishment tool. Biden is Establishment approved.

Also, I hope the lefty anti-war netroots see what’s going on also.

Authentic conservatives (which means anti-intervention) should vote for Baldwin.  Anti-war libertarians should vote for Barr or maybe Boston Tea Party nominee Charles Jay. Anti-war leftists should vote for Nader or McKinney. Anyone who votes for Obama hoping he will bring the troops home is deluded or a mighty wishful thinker.

Is Glenn Beck Endorsing Third Party Voting?

It kind of sounds that way. Here is our friend Pastor Kevin Thompson’s take on the story.

Beck says Ron Paul is likely to endorse Chuck Baldwin. I actually highly doubt he will. If he did it would really make him persona non grata with the GOP, even more than he already is, and it would allienate his L(l)ibertarian base as well. I suspect Paul will say nice things about both Barr and Baldwin but will officially endorse neither.

And the 2008 Libertarian Presidential Nominee is… Bob Barr!

“I’m sure we will emerge here with the strongest ticket in the history of the Libertarian Party,” Barr stated in his victory speech shortly after being selected as the Party’s nominee. “I want everybody to remember that we only have 163 days to win this election. We cannot waste one single day.”

LP Press Release

The nomination race was neck and neck between Barr and Ruwart.

However, Barr managed to stay ahead in the sixth and final ballot, making him the winner:

Bob Barr: 324, Mary Ruwart: 276, NOTA: 26

Wayne Allyn Root won the Vice Presidential Nomination:

Root: 289, Kubby: 255, Williams: 14, NOTA: 6 Continue reading

The Barr is open

Bob Barr official announcement is here from USA Today via Third Party Watch ( Go over to ( Hit and Run for more, including audio from his press conference.

The Libertarian Party Convention is May 22-24 and it will be the party’s most important IMHO given the circumstances of the times. While there are a lot of candidates running, they fall into two distinct groups: purists and pragamatists. Bob Barr, Mike Gravel and Wayne Allyn Root are the leading pragmitist candidates and Mary Ruwart, George Phillies and Steve Kubby are the leading purist candidates.

If the LP choosely wisely (Barr, event Root, a Gravel on the ticket) they could break the million vote barrier and deep-six McCain. If they choose poorly (Phillies, althought he’s more unknown than anything else, Kubby, and especially Mary Ruwart), they might as well take a gun to their heads and pull the trigger, (especially if Ruwart wins). They will either be a credible non-major party after that weekend or become a collection of freakos who might as well nominate the ticket of Cheech and Chong and get it over with (wait, maybe I shouldn’t suggest this).

I know who would love to see Mary Ruwart win the LP nomination, Chuck Baldwin. In fact I think he’ll be her her biggest fan, tounge and cheek. Certainly it would change the political dynamic and open new options for the Constitution Party.

You can keep up with news on the LP convention at Third Party Watch.