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Kevin Thompson Leaving the Constitution Party

Editor’s Note: Kevin Thompson is a friend of this website, so I thought I would pass on his thoughts. While I am sad to hear he has made this decision, in some ways I don’t blame him. I agree with part of what he writes, and I disagree with part of it. I will post this now and let it simmer and then I plan to post a rebutal tomorrow. Thoughts? ~ RP

Here is a link to the original.

Dear Constitution Party Members,

This letter comes after much prayer, thought and discussion.  I have decided that it would be best to conduct my political activity within the Republican Party.  This was not an easy decision, but it is one on which I am confident.  Let me reasons for leaving the party.

(1)    For quite some time, I have been growing disenchanted with the Constitution Party.  The fact of the matter is, I no longer see the rationale of placing much time, effort and money into a party that will constantly and consistently lose in the end.  In the summer of 2008, I can’t think how much time I spent traveling all over Massachusetts dropping off and collecting signatures for Chuck Baldwin.  While it was nice seeing the sights, was all that effort worth the less than one percent that Pastor Baldwin was able achieve.  I also think of my own campaign for Congress three years ago.  Several months of my life were spent in an effort that gave me less than half of one percent of the over all vote.  While this race taught me a lot about the political system and gave me an experience I am now able to pass on to my students, but overall it really did little to help the party or the state of Massachusetts.  The party has been in existence since 1992.  What signs of growth or accomplishment can we really show to justify the party’s existence?  What is the point in exerting all this effort to accomplish nothing?  What really bothers me is that some in the party actually take pride in losing.  They proclaim their moral and ideological superiority as the reason for their defeat.  At least I didn’t compromise…  But, the problem is, you didn’t do anything else either.

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Duelling State Conventions for California AIP Factions

Independent Political Report has the story. Sean and I have already commented there.

For those unfamiliar with this story, due to some shoddy work on the part of the California’s Secretary of State, the minuscule Keyes’ faction is the officially recognized faction by the State, and they are now technically affiliated with America’s Independent Party, Keyes’ personal vanity vehicle. Technically the Constitution Party does not have a state affiliate in California even though the CP loyal faction is much larger.

Roy Moore for the Constitution Party Nomination in 2012?

Our friend Trent Hill, who edits Independent Political Report, made this comment in the Roy Moore post below.

Look for Moore to go to the CP meetings now and start stumping for the Presidency in 2012.

I had had this thought myself. Moore has long flirted with the CP and the CP has openly pursued him. Moore would be at home in the CP, but I believe he held out against pursuing their nomination in the past because he had plans on running in the GOP primary in Alabama and knew that open affiliation with a third party would hurt him. But now after two less than stellar showings in GOP primaries,  he has little to lose.

While Moore’s status as a marquee candidate nationally has been diminished by his lack of electorial success in conservative Alabama, he remains a celebrity in CP circles and could likely have the nomination for the asking. No offense to past nominees Howard Phillips, Michael Peroutka and Chuck Baldwin, all honorable men and faithful servants to the cause, but Moore has a higher national profile than any of these men even after his loses in Alabama. And recall that the CP could not hardly give its presidential nomination  away in 2008. Interloping neocon Alan Keyes would have likely claimed the nomination in ’08 against some decent but not nationally credible contenders had not Chuck Baldwin been persuaded to step up to the plate and drop his name in the hat. (Again, I mean no disrespect here. I support the CP and attended the 2008 nominating convention, but I can say as someone who was franctically grasping for an alternative to block Keyes that credible candidates were not coming out of the woodwork.)

While Moore would have been a bigger coup for the CP right after his Ten Commandments battle, the CP could certainly do worse in 2012 than Moore.

Have any other contenders even been floated so far?

Baldwin and Keyes to Address Same Conference

Well this should be fun. As our readers who were following this blog at the time know, we were heavily invested in the 2008 contest for the Constitution Party’s Presidential nomination. The fight for the nomination got pretty nasty, and much bad blood still remains. Just check out the comments below the linked article.

Here is a link to the Faith and Liberty Conference.

A Christmas gift idea and other articles for your consideration

If you are thinking of giving someone a book for Christmas and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you could probably get the late Sam Francis’ 1993 Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism dirt cheap either on Aamazon or from the Rockford Institute (where I obtained it) if they still have any copies on hand or if its still in print.

I just finished re-reading it and am amazed at how relevant it still is even to our day and age. In fact many of the ideas, arguments and discussion we have first made their appearance in this book which is a gathering of many different articles and essays Francis wrote. I particularly liked this quote from the book:

“…a Middle American Right should begin working in  and with schools, churches, clubs, women’s groups, youth organizations, the military and police forces, even the much dreaded labor unions  to create a radicalized Middle American conciousness that can perceive ways in which the exploitation of the middle classes isinstitutionalized and how it can be resisted.”

Now for some other reading:

Rev. Chuck Baldwin has two: “The Bush-Obama Way to War” and “An Open Letter to America’s Christians”

J.J. Jackson’s latest: “Essential Acts of Piracy”

Bill Kauffman wonders if ratifying the Constitution to begin with was a mistake

Brian Dorhety over at Reason notes the new totalitarism rising among those on the Left.

From  Front Porch Republic comes Jeff Taylor’s “Crass Christmas”.

And then there’s Taki’s “Desert Farce”

Some articles for your consideration

Now that I’m back blogging I have some submissions and other pieces to offer for your reading pleasure:

I have repeatedly called for sensible white nationalists to move to the “forgotten corners” of our country and this article in the left-wing American Prospect suggests that’s already starting to happen.

Here’s a submission from J.J. Jackson “Starting off Right”

Here are some articles from Chuck Baldwin and his son Tim:  “These are not Negotiable“, “You Might be  Constitutionalist”, and “Freedom’s Destruction

And my latest is up at

Articles for your consideration

Here’s the latest from J.J. Jackson: “America’s Becoming like the Home Run Derby”

Here’s two from Chuck Baldwin: “Romans 13 Revisited” and “Let it Come!”

Here’s an article from Front Porch Republic on rural ministry and a movie review of Notting Hill by Patrick Deenan.

Ben Bernanke testifed before the House today. Lew has this good post about everything that Bernanke has gotten wrong over the past four years along with this article from AmCon: “Fire Ben Bernanke!” Check out LRC for Ron Paul’s questioning of Bernanke.

Here’s Ilana Mercer at Takimag on Obama’s “Court of the Red Czars”. Orthodoxy, Autocracy and Nationality I always say, although that’s hardly true of our current Czars these days.

Opposing the Democrats version of health care reform is nice but pointless if saying “No” is the only answer (The GOP said no a lot of times during the New Deal and the Great Society. Didn’t matter). Here are some actual policy solutions to actually reform health care to market principals we alls upposedly agree on, right? One from Arnold Kling and one from Ron Paul.

It wasn’t just banks and financial institutions that blew it. So did universities like Harvard as this very good Vanity Fair article shows.

Some articles for your consideration

Justin Raimondo prepares us for the left-wing version of HUAC, coming to a Congress near you..

Here’s a couple from Chuck Baldwin:  “Gods Comes Pretty Cheap Nowadays” and “The Freedom Documents” the perfect gift for Independence Day.

Juan Cole has some good analysis as to why the Iranian election was stolen in “Ahmadineajad the Fraud”

Lew Daly wrote this interesting political article for Front Porch Republic entitled “Face Right, Move Left”

Also from Front Porch, considering that FDA is now going to be regulating tobacco, Katherine Dalton writes “A Eulogy for Tobacco”.

Here’s an email from the Campaign for Liberty which details some of the progress they’ve made in over a year’s time:

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Some articles for your consideration..

J.J. Jackson’s latest: The Flaccid Right

Chuck Baldwin’s latest: Can Christians Serve in the New World Order Army?

There’s a good debate and discussion going on Dan Larison’s Eunomia about how our rootless culture and economic system prevents a true conservative polity from even forming. You can also link to articles on Front Porch Republic on the same topic from there.

Just when you thought it was safe to get into the stock market again, Gary North over at Lew warns about a “suckers rally.”

Derek Turner writes a good piece on Takimag about the banning of Michael Weiner (a.k.a Michael Savage) in the UK .

And Chronicles magazine is taking up the immigration question again leading in with a good online piece by Dr. Feming on the subject.

Some articles and swine flu thoughts

It will be interesting to see the steps the Feds will take to combat the swine flu epidemic. Will they act exactly the way the Rockwellians believe, and go the forced vaccination route or will they go more sensible route that protects the public without enslaving them by shutting down the border with Mexico and banning all flights until the Mexican authorites get a handle on the problem (with U.S. assitance if they ask for it of course)?

Maybe I don’t want to know the answer. In any case they haven’t closed the border yet, which strange when you remember how the Canadian border was closed after 9-11 for a long stretch of time. That was just a few terrorists, this is a widespread public health problem. How baffling the ways of our rulers.

Here are a couple of articles for your consideration: the Rev. Chuck Baldwin on the survelliance state  and  J.J. Jackson on fat people and global warming

Articles for your consideration

Here’s Chuck Baldwin’s latest:  “President and Congress Grovel Before Fed”

Pat Buchanan’s latest  “Buy American or Bye-Bye America.”

I like Austin Bramwell’s defining the two faces of libertarianism in this article. I would include Virginia Postrel in the comic category with her book The Future and its Enemies. Oh, she is a hoot.

In another good Takimag article, Justin Raimondo writes about the old California.

Showing both the harmful effects of the so-called “War on Drugs” and why prisons should not be privatized and reason No. 1,123,456 why our justice asystem is beyond scrwed up  is this horrible case in Pennsylvania where judges were bribed by private prison companies to incarcerte non-violent offenders. Got to fill those cells!

Some articles for your consideration…

Here are Chuck Baldwin’s latest: “Christians use Prophecy to Excuse Laziness,” and “Do American’s Cherish Freedom Anymore?”

This Newsweek article confirms what I’ve felt all along “We’re All Socilaists Now,” well, at least most of the Republicans are anyway.

Andrew Sullivan finally gets what neo-conservatism was all about.

Frosty Wooldridge thinks the bailouts are a complete fraud against the American people.

Pat Buchanan responds to the nasty attack on him by the New York Times and why that attack took place (and it wasn’t because they were in a lousy mood.)

Rush Limabugh to Chuck Baldwin: You Wacko!

Well its official, Rush Limbaugh is now officially a “centrist” , meaning he’s nothing because he referred to those didn’t vote for the two major party candidates, all one percent of us, as  “wackos” in this  Wall Street Journal editorial page article (and no Dittoheads we didn’t take it out of context. He said it and he means it.) He believes that people who voted for Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul and Bob Barr are just as nutty as Nader and or McKinney.

What this means is quite simple. “Mr Conservative” thinks authentic conservatives like Rev. Baldwin are nuts. He and other big name talk show hosts have joined “sensible center” or the better yet the social democratic establishment and has set the parameters for who can be supported and who is a “wacko” And ladies and Gentlemen, we’re on the outside looking in.

So I propose that Mr. Limbaugh drop any pretentions calling himself a “conservative” and refer to himself for what he is: a centrist. Instead of the EIB Network’s Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies, we can have the EIB Instititue for Wishy-Washy Self-Positioning along the Chagining Tides of the Zeitgeist. Instead of being the “Conservative Voice of Freedom,” he can be the “Moderate Voice for the Establishment.” At least he would be most honest with himself and his listeners instead of calling actual conservatives “wackos.”

Judge for yourself: Here’s Chuck’s latest column. See if you can feel the wackiness.

Some articles for your consideration

Here’s Chuck Baldwin’s Latest:  “Very Real New World Order”

Here’s two articles from Frosty Wooldridge: “Trauma, Tragedy and Transformation for America.” and “Mexico and the Drug War, A Success Story?”

Pat Buchanan’s latest: “Bibi and Barak on a Collison Course?”

The New Yorker covers a the recent state convention of the Second Vermont Republic.

Sentences commuted for Ramos and Compean

Here’s the link.  Your cries have been heard. Take a bow Lou Dobbs and Chuck Baldwin.

And I must admit I am suprised. Their cause was championed by people one would think the Bush crowd would care little about and yet he did so for whatever reason. Maybe its a legacy building thing, who knows? Either way, kudos to Bush II for seeing justice done.

Update: Here’s Chuck Baldwin’s take on the communtation.

Update II: I see Lew was in full Libertarian mode with this post. As much as I like LRC, things like this from time to time make me cringe. I wouldn’t have a problem with Mexican ganja dealer either so long as he stayed on his side of the border where he belongs.

Some articles for your consideration

Here are Chuck Baldwin’s latest: ” Recommended Reading for 2009″ and “Virginia Takes Center Stage in Con-Con Struggle”

Frosty Wooldridge takes about the parallel societies of America.

And to Pat Buchanan, Bush II’s ending is looking a lot like Harry Truman’s, (alhtough I doubt Obama is going to be another Eisenhower) which was graciouslly submitted to us by fellow Brigader Linda Mueller.