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Sarah Palin Says There is a Third Party of “Good Guys”

From Politico:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is stepping up her rhetoric against the “Republican establishment,” who she believes has turned its back on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), commenting that there may already be a third party in American politics.

“I dare say we already have a third party. We have the liberal party, the GOP machine, and then we’ve got the good guys,” she told Neil Cavuto on Tuesday on Fox News, while Cruz was crossing the hour and a half mark of speaking on the Senate floor. “That is the third party. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul … Those are the players in the party whom I will support.”

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Palin isn’t really suggesting the formation of a third party, but there is an implied threat here. Palin has hinted around about a third party in the past.

My question is how much of this is just posturing for the proles on her part, and how much is real. I don’t think it’s out of the question that Palin has been genuinely wounded by the way she has been cast aside by the Establishment. Forming a third party would be a perfect way to screw them. Never underestimate what a powerful motivation that lack of recognition and appreciation can be for a narcissist. Just ask Walter White.

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Sarah, fancy and small

Fox News continues to jettison some its most notable “contributors”  and when I heard the news Dick Morris joined Sarah Palin on the Fox ash heap (but not Karl Rove? What’s up with that? Does he have pictures or something?) I got Palin’s fate stuck in my head and pondered it.

So I dug around online and saw Game Change for the first time last night and while I still think much of it is a self-serving attempt by people like Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace to shield themselves for future political employment opportunities, one could not help but feel sorry for Palin to be thrown into difficult situation. Both she and her family had to deal with a lot they weren’t completely ready for. Had the McCain people been a little more understanding of the situation, perhaps much of the unpleasantness could have been avoided.

That being said, where Palin realy screwed up was  not so much in the campaign but in its aftermath leading up to her now apparent political exile back to Alaska. No can deny she has natural political talents that made her be able to connect to voters on an emotional level very few politicians have not to mention she’s one of the few Republicans, if not the only one, with the kind of star quality which transcend politics to pull the casual citizen into politics and campaign they normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

And yet, she squandered it all to point where not even Fox News wants her around anymore. People assumed she was going to run for President. No one would have begrudged her leaving the governor’s office early in term or any of her TV gigs or her campaigning on the Tea Party Express bus if it all done for a larger purpose, which was for the Oval Office. But when she didn’t run after so much teasing (including the fact she had people in Iowa trying their best to stir up a campaign for her on their own), she destroyed the link she had between the voters who loved her and herself. Not running made her just another celebrity, another talking head, another ex-politician trying to cash in. She made have thought it served her purposes better four to eight years down the road but it wound up wrecking such chances.  And by leaving elected office and not doing anything which would have helped her prepare to be President only made her look less serious. She self-fulfilled everything the Schmidt and Wallace said about her in the book and the movie well after that campaign concluded.

Maybe she’ll get back into politics in Alaska to try rebuild her career but I have my doubts. I vacationed there in 2010 and even at that time I saw very little from Republicans or the public-at-large which wanted to acknowledge her existence outside of a few airport T-shirts. She became a parody of Conservative INC., more interested in profit than policy. That’s fine for her and family, but for those whose hopes and dreams she spoke to from her personal story and background (and I think we all know who I’m talking about), it doesn’t do much for them.  They needed a champion and instead they got Mitt Romney. No wonder turnout was down.  She may dream of comeback but who, even amongst the talk show hosts and other activists who would be her biggest fans, even speaks of her now or takes her seriously? No, Palin can dress fancier now but she’s also shrunk a few sizes in stature.

Is CPAC Reverting to Form?

For the last two years at least, when Ron Paul supporters were showing up in droves to help him win the straw poll, CPAC appeared to be becoming a more hospitable place for libertarians, constitutionalists, paleocons and other outside the mainstream rightists. I wonder if the CPAC Powers That Be got spooked by this, because CPAC (which started today) certainly appears to be reverting to mainstream interventionist movement “conservative” form.

Check out the list of speakers. It would be hard to imagine a more cookie-cutter selection of interventionist movement “cons” if you tried. I don’t see an easily identifiable non-interventionist in the whole lot. Grover Norquist and Phyllis Schlafly have nodded toward non-interventionism at times, but neither is identifiably such as far as I am concerned.

Romney, Gingrich and Santorum will be there. Ron Paul will not. At first there was some consternation among Ron Paul supporters who assumed he had not been invited, but he was invited and declined saying that he had campaigning to do. I don’t know this, but I suspect he and his team knew it wouldn’t necessarily be a friendly environment this year since he wasn’t making an all out effort to get his supporters there to vote in the straw poll.

On the bright side, The American Conservative magazine will be there and the non-interventionist Committee for the Republic will host some sessions.

Franklin Graham Says Palin Not Running

Franklin Graham made a lot of headlines based on his recent interview. This is one of them. He says Palin is not running. (More on the other headline he made in a separate post.)

I predicted here earlier that Palin and Huckabee would not run. I’m still sticking by my prediction on Palin, but I am not so sure about Huckabee. (More on the Huck later.) Palin’s star is fading in polls. She still has some hard core supporters, but she also has a lot of hard core detractors and not all of them are RINOs who don’t want a “conservative” carrying the banner. I think she knows she can’t win, so why run and diminish her stature by performing poorly in the primary? She can retain her present iconic status and stay in her good paying gig with FOX pontificating and “writing” more books without having to subject herself to the scrutiny of a presidential campaign. Or she can run, probably do poorly, and never again regain her current stature. Anyone heard from Fred Thompson recently?

Graham makes an interesting observation. He says she doesn’t like politics. This sounds odd, but may be more true than it seems on the surface. Palin probably likes politics in the same way that the writers and readers of CHT like politics. She has long been an activist as was her husband Todd. She ran for city council twice and mayor twice and governor once before stepping down half-way through her term. But this, and I certainly mean no disrespect, is small time compared to national politics. During the Presidential campaign and afterwords she didn’t seem to respond very well to the visciousness of a national campaign. (Not that anyone would or should.) She came across as thin-skinned, and just simply not used to not being liked. She ran for Governor of Alaska as a “good government” anti-corruption candidate and actually won some praise from a broad spectrum of the commentariate. She wasn’t prepared to become the poster child of Red America with the irrational hate that that inspired in the other side.

(BTW, Graham seems to be a surprisingly asute political commentator.)

Walter Russell Mead on a “Paulite” Foreign Policy

I like WRM’s Jacksonian, Wilsonian etc. categorization of schools of foreign policy thought, but he is otherwise a fount of conventional wisdom. Here he discusses the Palinite vs. Paulite foreign policy divide within the Tea Party movement.

The first is that the contest in the Tea Party between what might be called its Palinite and its Paulite wings will likely end in a victory for the Palinites. The Palinite wing of the Tea Party (after Sarah Palin) wants a vigorous, proactive approach to the problem of terrorism in the Middle East, one that rests on a close alliance between the United States and Israel. The Paulite wing (Rand Paul) would rather distance the United States from Israel as part of a general reduction of the United States’ profile in a part of the world from which little good can be expected.

The Paulites are likely to lose this contest because the commonsense reasoning of the American people now generally takes as axiomatic that security at home cannot be protected without substantial engagement overseas.

I do think he explains the Paulite side fairly if only briefly, but beyond that the whole essay drips with elitist condescension toward the attitudes of us common folks that he is supposedly trying to explain. It’s like he is deliberately trying to prove Codevilla’s “Ruling Class” thesis. “Oh there go those populist common folks getting uppity again.”

He may be right that the Palinites will eventually triumph over the Paulites, but it is not because “commonsense reasoning” dictates “substantial engagement overseas.” (Is “substantial engagement overseas” necessary for the security of Switzerland? Do the Swiss lack commonsense?) Many Americans take for granted overseas engagement because it is all they know, and it has been drilled into their heads by both the liberal/moderate internationalist consensus and the interventionist “right.” Until recently there has been almost no voice for non-interventionism to compete for their loyalty.

The problem that the non-interventionists are going to have is that the constituency for non-interventionism is entirely idea based. There are no vested interests in non-interventionism except maybe people who would like to use the defense budget for some other purpose. Deficit hawkishness is more an idea than a vested interest. But there is a huge vested interest in maintaining the current defense/foreign policy status quo. I live just north of a military base town that would be utterly devastated if we were spending what we ought to be on defense, which is a mere fraction of what we do. Not just active duty military members, but civilian personnel, contractors, defense industry workers, etc. Do you think those people want a non-interventionist foreign policy and serious cut backs in national defense spending?

Daniel Larison makes the same point here. (I had considered this dynamic before Larison mentioned it, I swear.)

Palin Wins January Town Hall Straw Poll, Paul Places Third

Here are the results. (Curiously they make you go to their Facebook page to get the full run down. Likely a way to increase the number of people who “like” it.)

Sarah Palin – 22.27%
Mitt Romney – 14.48%
Ron Paul – 11.52%
Mike Huckabee – 10.76%
Newt Gingrich – 10.03%
Herman Cain – 7.14%
Chris Christie – 5.55%
Tim Pawlenty – 3.02%
Jim DeMint – 2.97%
Mitch Daniels – 2.90%
John Bolton – 2.57%
Undecided – 2.55%
John Thune – 1.55%
Haley Barbour – 1.03%
Rick Santorum – <1%
Gary Johnson – <1%

Here is their story (what there is of it) covering the release of the results.

Go here to vote in the Feb. straw poll.

Town Hall is about as conventional conservative “movementy” as they come. I really don’t know what to make of these results. The strength of Palin is not surprising. The relative strength of Romney may be or it may not be. I suspect the average Town Hall reader fancies himself a conservative activist, but is still Republicans to the core and not devoid of political pragmatism. It is not surprising that the alleged front runner, Romney, would place second among that group relative to how he might do among generic Republicans. But that such an obvious flip-flopping opportunist garners much support at all is rather sad. Obviously Paul’s Internet brigade has not yet cranked into high gear for this election. Whether or not his showing is exciting or disappointing depends on what percent of his voters were Town Hall regulars vs. people who just went there to vote for him. If a lot of them were Town Hall regulars then that might be somewhat encouraging.

Barbour, Santorun and Johnson can not be happy about the results.

What is glaring is how awful the field is except for Paul. I don’t consider Johnson an acceptable non-interventionist alternative because he is horrible on immigration and is not rhetorically pro-life. DeMint is solid in many ways, but would have to distance himself significantly from belligerent mainstream “conservative” rhetoric on foreign policy for me to consider him as a possible alternative. As I have said before, Palin and Huckabee have all the right enemies but are too interventionist on foreign policy to deserve support. That jingoistic alarmist buffoons like Gingrich, Bolton and Santorum get any support at all is depressing.

If Paul decides not to run (I think he will run), non-interventionists are going to have to draft a candidate. Rep. John Duncan comes to mind, but I have no idea if he has any interest in running.

If Paul doesn’t run and no non-interventionist steps up, I will be turning my sights to the Constitution Party nomination battle early on.

Sarah Palin: Traditional Housewives are Neanderthals Who’ve Failed to Evolve

Sarah Palin calls housewives who believe women should stay at home with their children, Neanderthals.

With views like this, what basis does Palin have for opposing homo “marriage”, defending monogamous marriage, opposing prostitution, opposing sex out of wedlock, and opposing pornography? Real conservatives ultimately oppose these because they’re bad for the children (the institution of marriage serves the children). Good parents, both, put their children before personal “fulfillment”.


There are still the Neanderthals out there, who pick on the petty little superficial meaningless things like looks, like whether you can or can’t work outside of the home if you have small children. All those type of things where I would so hope that at some point, uh, those Neanderthals, will evolve into something a bit more, um, with it, a bit more modern, and a bit more understanding that, yeah, woman can accomplish much…

Btw even though Neanderthals aren’t around anymore, how do we know we were the more highly “evolved” being? (Neanderthals had larger brains.) Change isn’t always for the better.

Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

This is late breaking news. See the PPS:

First, I want to tell you the latest. With one day to go we remain in a statistical dead heat with the tax and spend, pro-amnesty Hickenlooper. It’s just remarkable! Hickenlooper has spent over $4 million in his campaign and we just broke $1 million last week.

Yet here we are, on the eve of Election Day, poised to win! One pollster even predicted I will win tomorrow because our turnout will be so strong. Another prominent polling firm reported yesterday that I am a few points behind Hickenlooper, but when it comes to intensity of voters we win 47% to 41% –that means our supporters are far more certain about who they are supporting and far more likely to vote!

It all comes down to getting out the vote. Our volunteers have been working relentlessly for the past ten days making calls day and night.

And thanks to your generosity last week we have also been able to reach hundreds of thousands of voters with robo calls –reminding them to get their ballots in the mail.

Tonight we expect to reach 100,000 voters who haven’t yet cast their vote to remind them to get to the ballot box tomorrow.

On this final day of campaigning I wanted to again express my heartfelt thanks to you. Your support has been amazing—every turn of the way you were there to help push me closer to our goal of electing a conservative for Governor—someone who will cut taxes, cut spending and stop illegal immigration cold.

Only then will Colorado be able to return to its citizens the hopes and dreams that come with a better, brighter future.

I have one more rally to go and plenty of radio interviews—Bay Buchanan even has me working tomorrow encouraging voters to get out and cast their vote for common sense, conservative government.

But as I prepare for these final twenty-four hours of my campaign I wanted to take some time and let you know how grateful I am for all you have done. I am so blessed to have you as a supporter and a friend. Thank you and God Bless you.

Warmest regards,

Tom Tancredo

PS. If you live in Colorado please make certain you vote–and that your families and friends vote as well–that is if they are voting Tancredo for Governor! Call them, email them and get them to the polls–it could make the difference! Thanks again!

PPS. Sarah Palin has just endorsed me and is doing a robo call asking voters to get out and vote for me!! That should help with turnout!

Ditching Sarah?

The Weekly Standard has done a lot to promote and defend Sarah Palin, not because the neocons are impressed with her and her homely ways (seemingly to impeccably cosmo), but because they see her as someone, like Bush II, they can manipulate and use a Palin Administration as their meal ticket back into power.

So when Bill Kristol, their current neocon Godfather spoke at recent American Enterprise Institue (AEI) Dinner (The Irving Kristol Dinner no less) honoring Gen. David Petraeus (The Irving Kristol Award!), he made some interesting remarks according to news reports:

“The late Mr. Kristol’s son, Bill Kristol, noted in a tribute to the award’s three decades of honorees that none has ever gone on to become president. He then added to applause and laughter, “Perhaps this curious and glaring omission will be rectified.”

How many neocons still take their cues from Kristol still remain to be seen but I think it’s safe to safe to say that without Kristol, Palin would still be back in Alaska as governor.  So he is still influential with many power brokers.  That he dropped this line about Petraeus may signal he’s shifting his presidential hopes (even if his track record is less-than-stellar) to someone not only close to other neocons like Kagans, but one probably more acceptable to a broader base of Republican voters. The neocons read polls too and they see Palin is not exactly the most popular person in the room. Perhaps a  general with political savvy can unite the neocons with the Jacksonian voters they need to win. They also see the same polls showing no one a front-runner for the GOP nomination, the perfect environment for a candidate to come in suddenly from off stage and sweep the field. Petraeus may be coy about Presidential aspirations, but they bare watching, especially with the always plotting and scheming neocons on board.

Sarah Palin’s Lapel Pin

I happened to be watching “Fox News Sunday” where Chris Wallace interviewed Sarah Palin. She had just recently given her speech at the Tea Party Convention and I noticed her lapel pin. There were two flags on it, the Israeli flag with the Stars & Stripes. No one is surprised that she’s a proponent of the Israeli state, but I think it says something that she would wear such a thing to an event like the Tea Party Convention. This is yet another sign that the neocons may be using her as a “useful idiot” to co-opt this movement. Continue reading

Sarah Palin is Endorsing Rand Paul!

Believe it or not, it’s true.

Did Palin’s neocon advisers have any input on this? What are their thoughts? Inquiring minds want to know.

And why is Rand Paul able to attract support from movement cons, while his dad evoked hysteria in some movement con circles? I have a few ideas on why this might be, but I would like to hear some other people’s thoughts on this.

Hat Tip: American Spectator

“Tea Party” Convention bars Campaign for Liberty

It’s not unusual for the creation to turn on its creator. That’s the essence of Frankenstein, of the Garden of Eden and so forth. So it’s not unusual to find out from this thread on Ron Paul Forums that Judson Phillips’ little shindig in Nashville next month he’s calling the “Tea Party Convention” will not have the organization that was the genesis of the whole Tea Party movement itself, the Campaign for Liberty, from even having a booth at the convention.

We here at CHT have been warning this little get-together is nothing more than a party for Conservative INC. and this move only confirms it. These person can’t complain about lack of transparency in the Obama Administration if they’re willing to restrict media access to only “favored” outlets or decide what groups can or cannot buy booth space, at least those that share their views.

If you really want hear Sarah Palin speak, watch a You Tube video. It will be a lot cheaper than filling her bank account, which word on the street has between $50,000 and $100,000 the price for her words of wisdom. This is on top of $100,000 she got for appearing on the cover of In Touch Magazine.

Oh by the way, Palin has now agreed to campaign for McCain this spring, no doubt to ward off any primary campaigns against him by using her “street cred” against J.D. Hayworth. Far from being a Tea Partier, Mrs.Palin seems to be going all out to please her establishment gurus like Bill Kristol and Fred Malek who are no doubt telling her supporting McCain is smart politics in order to win the 2010 nomination (you know, you’ve got to impress the party bigwigs first and foremost and show your loyalty). Sadly, without anyone saying otherwise, she’s buying their BS.

Is Sarah Palin Dissing the John Birch Society?

Palin will not be attending CPAC this year. Is it because CPAC is allowing the John Birch Society to co-sponsor the event, and she doesn’t want to be tainted? This article suggests that, although it doesn’t really ring true to me. Palin wasn’t concerned about taint in the past when she addressed the Alaska Libertarian Party for example. In fact, her willingness to do so contributed to her outsider image. If this is true, I suspect she has some handlers who have a visceral reaction to the JBS whispering in her ear. Or maybe she has some personal grudge against David Keene and/or CPAC based on their past differences and various explanations are being floated. (See my comments below the AmSpec article.)

While I don’t have much use for the John Birch Society’s conspiratorial orientation, they have long been rock solid on the issues. They are consistently constitutionalist, unlike most of the advocacy groups that make up Conservative Inc. which are politically pragmatic, certainly not strict constitutionalists, and overly deferential to the GOP in their perspective. I will take conspiracy theorist true constitutionalists over non-conspiracy theorist “mainstream” conservatives any day of the week.

Has the JBS sponsored CPAC in the past? Is this a new development? If so, Keene deserves praise for allowing this once pariah group (after one of Buckley’ famous “purges”) back in the good graces of the “movement.” And if this is really one of Palin’s justifications, then she needs to seriously reconsider. The JBS has more support on the activist “far” right than she might realize.

Obama Ecstasy pills hit the streets

Don’t laugh — this is for real. And it has its uses:

There is now a line of Ecstasy pills made in the image of the 44th president of the United States, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets.

Ecstasy is known for a sense of elation, diminished feelings of fear and anxiety, and ability to induce a sense of intimacy with others.

Perhaps a good Election Day strategy to get out the vote?

This isn’t just a narcotic for liberal Democrats who imagine they’re getting a peace president. For gullible Republicans, there are Sarah Palin Ecstacy pills to induce hallucinations of a savior in skirts who’ll deliver us into a land of small government, peace, and prosperity.

But then, some people will swallow anything.