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Dale Peterson Update

This post recently appeared on Dale Peterson’s Facebook page. It is a bit cryptic, but take from it what you will.

Dale’s wife, Kathy, here. For some time, I have been posting updates to Dale’s facebook page. Today, due to circumstances only the real Big Guy understands, Dale is going off line. God bless all of you for supporting my buddy. He definitely is worth every ounce of support each of you can muster. BTW, we celebrated our 35th anniversary last Monday. I love my “cowboy” so much. As for me, we are a team and our country, state and grand children are worth the fight. While Dale is fighting the problem that is confounding his memory, he has passed the baton to me. This is about all of us. Never quit on your partner and never quit on your country. Go to Kathy-Peterson for further updates. Kathy Peterson

Our Man Dale Peterson Arrested?!

What is going on here! Remember Dale Paterson? He was the Alabama Ag Commission candidate with the gun toting videos. See here. Well he has been arrested for shoplifting?! Twice?! There has got to be some sort of back story here? Is the guy having financial problems? Does he have some sort of mental illness? Is he an alcoholic? This is just insane. The guy endorsed Herman Cain, which knocked him down a notch or two in my book, but I still loved the way he horrified Blues. I pray that he gets whatever issues he has settled.

Update: Here is Peterson’s explanation for the peanut (second) incident. It’s plausible. Maybe he is getting a little senile. Maybe the Powers That Be are out to get him. From what I have read on Facebook from a few people who say they know him, apparently he is a bit eccentric/peculiar, but this is out of character. Anyway, I hope this gets worked out because I want Peterson to stay on the scene.

#Don’tStandWithRand on Immigration Flip-Flop

Sorry this is a little delinquent, but I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to get this post up. Most of you probably already know that Rand Paul stirred up a bit of a hornests’ nest when he spoke to a Hispanic organization on Tuesday where he endorsed a path to legal residence. The speech was typical pro-immigration cliches and platitudes. Intially it was reported that he had endorsed a path to citizenship, but Rand protested and said he hadn’t. What he had actually endorsed was a path to legal residence which is only marginally better. So this generation of illegals won’t get to vote for bigger government, but their birthright citizen children will. Great, we get to put off our electoral irrelevance for a few more years.

I really do not believe that Rand Paul is the master political operator many seem to think he is. The filibuster was a masterstroke of political theater, but I’m not convinced he didn’t just bumble into it. There is no way he could have anticipated what happened. I think he was primarily trying to throw a bone to his libertarian base that he had pissed off with his hamhanded handling of the Hagel nomination.

On immigration, Rand doesn’t seem to know what he has gotten himself into. The best thing he could have done politically would have been to either keep his mouth shut on the issue and let his past campaign statements stand or repeat simple secure the borders boilerplate. He should have let Rubio and the rest of his potential rivals step out in front on amnesty, then in the end (2016) he could have said he was the only one still holding the line. It seems to me that he didn’t want Rubio and company to get too far out in front of him, but at the same time wanted to split the difference. Hence, a path to legal residence vs. a path to citizenship. (A path to legal residence was actually the position that Jeb Bush endorsed in his book then fell all over himself to reject once it was published.)

There are a bunch of articles I could link to since his flip-flop has been so much discussed. VDARE in particular is ripping into him. Here are a few of the better ones.

Michael Thompson at WND documents that this is, in fact, a flip-flop for Rand

John Derbyshire takes Rand to task, and praises Ann Coulter.

Washington Watcher isn’t pleased either.

Is Ann Coulter the Only Conservative Inc. Personality Who “Gets it” on Immigration?

If CPAC is any indication, maybe so. (Link to the always insightful James Kirkpatrick.)

While we have had our differences with Coulter on some things, she has always been fearless on immigration.

Ann Coulter distinguished herself from the Conservative Inc. herd at CPAC by declaring herself a single-issue amnesty voter. (Link to the always solid Ilana Mercer.)

“What public policy will harm average Americans, drive up unemployment, change America permanently in negative way, and is supported by businessmen who will never vote for a Republican anyway?

Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Half of the elected Republicans support it, most conservative talk radio and TV hosts support it: You want the Republican establishment? That’s the Republican establishment.

There are many negative consequences to amnesty. The one that I think ought to concern this crowd is: If amnesty goes forward, America becomes California and no Republican will ever win a national election [IM: that goes for libertarian candidates too].

As it is, the state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan will never elect another Republican.

I can see why Democrats would want amnesty, but why are Marco Rubio and the endless Bushes supporting it? [IM: that should be obvious.]

We cannot get the votes of a dependent society without changing our principles…”

What is so frustrating is how obvious this should be to any remotely thinking Republican.

Update: Here’s more from VDARE.

And to give credit where credit is due, Rush Limbaugh remains solid on immigration.

Rand Paul wins “C”PAC Straw

Senator Rand Paul won the “C”PAC vote, which is both impressive, and a reminder that the bad guys are onto him.

Back in the day, Ron Paul folks had to actually travel and buy tickets–but then they got to boo Dick Cheney and Rummy, so I can see how it would be worth the price for a little political theater.

Senator Rubio came in second, and must be feeling concerned about the whole Amnesty Bill  he is promoting with Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

The paleo simply notes that without a dog in the fight, there is only one potential free agent, Rand Paul, who might take some tactical advice.

CPAC Shilling for Amnesty – Freezing Out Immigration Restrictionists

This whole article from VDARE is well worth a read. My how far Conservative Inc. has fallen.

Apparently the organizers (and funders) of CPAC, like the innumerate GOP pro-amnesty caucus, either have a death wish for their causes and their party or they can’t do simple math.

The demographic shift unleashed over the last 40 years by massive immigration—legal and illegal—is on course to crush Republicans and conservatives utterly.

Of course, paleoconservative writers have been warning about this since the 1980s. But Conservatism Inc. has done nothing to stop or even slow the invasion. 

Jeb Bush Flip-Flops on Immigration – He Wasn’t Pro-Amnesty Enough

Apparently Jeb Bush is another one of those Republicans who either has a death wish for his party or can’t do simple math. As I have said before and will say again and again until it sinks in, immigration restrictionism is the only position that is compatible with the future existence of the Republican Party as a viable force at the national level.

But this spectacle is too pathetic for words. Jeb’s book, which went to press in Dec., was supposed to move the debate in the GOP in the direction of liberalization by proposing legalized residence for illegal aliens but without a path to citizenship. Now that the innumerate* caucus of the GOP (McAmnesty, Grahamesty, Rubio, etc.) have gotten out in front on a path to citizenship, Jeb’s position seems downright reactionary. Hence the groveling apologies.

Would somebody please implant these mathmatical illiterates with a pair of testicles. They are both IQ and testosterone deficient, and their humiliating public attempts to court favor with the PC Thought Police is shameful.

* unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods (courtesy of the Yahoo dictionary)

Marco Rubio Defends Karl Rove’s Pro-RINO Project

Tell me again why “conservatives” love this guy?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a strong defense of GOP strategist Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project in a recent interview, arguing that the super PAC offshoot, designed to quash conservative Senate candidates who might be too extreme to win general elections, was sensible.

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Rubio may end up regretting this. Karl Rove is fast becoming a bete noire of conservatives and Rubio may not be helping himself by publicly siding with him.

If 2016 comes down to Rubio and Rand (more on him in my next post) I may gouge out an eye.

Rand Paul Endorses Proposition Nation Foolishness

Thanks to Palmetto Patriot for pointing this out. I didn’t listen to the SOTU Address. Couldn’t stomach it. And I haven’t watched the two Republican responses yet – Rand and Rubio. If you watched any or all of them, let me know your thoughts.

This, however, is very disappointing.

Paul insisted in his speech that race and ethnicity are unimportant (a notion that none of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence would have agreed with), using the tired-out, Leftist phrase ‘complexion of our skin’ as if colour is the only thing which that makes Eskimos, Nigerians, Chinese, Frenchmen and Greeks different. Along the same lines, Paul spoke about the ability of a person from anywhere on Earth to ‘become an American.’ If Paul is right, then ‘American’ is simply a proposition – a notion that one accepts or rejects – or a piece of government paper which is handed out for political and economic concerns. Or perhaps both. It’s clear though that if Paul is correct in his view that ‘American’ is universal then it does not define nationality. There is no single notion that the 310 million people who live between Canada and Mexico hold in common. They do not have a common religion. They do not have a common background. They don’t even have a common language. Nothing unites them except that they are all subordinate to a single city on the Atlantic coast – which about half of them pay income taxes to while the other half lives off of those taxes. The United States that Obama, Rubio and Paul believe in is a universalist construct. It’s a motley collection of everyone and no one.

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Some Karl Rove Bashing

Karl Rove has been making the news some recently. Here is a sample.

Howard Fineman says “Karl Rove is Done.”

Deep-dyed conservatives have a right to ask the Roves of the world what the establishment GOPers have done to erase the debt, limit the reach of the federal government or enhance a libertarian view of the world. The answer, to the Rand Pauls of the world, is simple: nothing.

Trump says “Karl Rove is a total loser.”

Donald Trump has tweeted his way into the war between the tea party and Karl Rove, taking aim at the former adviser to President George W. Bush.

Trump bashed the veteran Republican consultant in a series of messages Thursday, calling him a “total loser” and encouraging people not to donate to Rove-controlled groups.

Steve Deace on “How to beat Karl Rove at his own game.”

They’re (“Rove and his ilk”) always willing to do things to those of us in the grassroots they’d never do to Democrats, because in the end these people want to pillage and plunder the public trough every bit as much as the Democrats do. They just want the check from the U.S. Treasury made out to their cronies instead. The leadership of the Democratic Party wants to run a country. The leadership of the Republican Party wants to run a party. They would rather lose elections than lose control of the party to us.

Did Rove fib about working for Reagan?

More Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Reaction

The Weekly Standard, via the Kagan Brothers, is not impressed. I’m sure that shocks you.

FrontPageMag is not impressed either. Again a shocker.

It is no surprise that the interventionist fanatics aren’t fond of Paul the Lesser’s speech, but I actually think they are not being very strategically wise here. The interventionist jihadists are so eager to stamp out even the slightest dissent that they don’t seem to realize that Rand has given away the store. If I was a hard core interventionist I would be dancing an obnoxious victory dance right now because I would know that we just made the best hope of the other side very publicly repudiate his father and genuflect to our side. Publicly I would be saying, “Way to come around to our side Rand.” Privately I would be thinking, “We made you blink.”

Update: Justin Raimondo isn’t impressed either, although obviously for other reasons.

The Daily Beast recognizes the speech for what it was, Rand’s way of saying “I’m not my Dad.”

Speaking of Judge Napolitano for President

In a thread below, I said that I thought Rand Paul had disqualified himself from carrying the Paul mantle and that any Paulite candidate in 2016 was likely to come from the activist and/or punditry ranks because there are so few if any Paulite elected officials at the national level. I also said that the name I heard tossed around most often was Judge Andrew Napolitano who has really hitched his wagon to the Paulite “Revolution.” Well whaddaya know, a Judge Nap for President ad has been popping up on my Facebook page recently.

The site is “Paid for by The Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano for President. Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.” And supporters are urged to go here to sign a petition to draft the Judge.

Judge Napolitano would be a good candidate IMO except for one thing, he is horrible on immigration. He has swallowed the ideological libertarian line that immigration is a “right.” This appeals to some purist libertarians who can’t see past their ideological noses, but it is a suicidal position. Current demographic trends already doom the GOP at the national level. Any libertarian who thinks we are going to have a country that is politically favorable to the “liberty movement” if those demographic trends accelerate is living in ideological la la land.

Todd Welch Loses Battle With Dunn County (WI) Republican Party

From the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty website.

This Saturday February 2nd of 2013 the Dunn County Republican Party assembled at caucus voted 16 to 34 to deny my membership for being too Republican and holding Republican’s accountable to their principles and the constitution.

I call on all of my friends that believe in Liberty, Freedom, and the Constitution to join their local political party because the changes we all seek will only happen if we make them.

I vow that I will continue the fight for liberty, will continue to consider myself a Republican and will fight to regain my membership.

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Update on Todd Welch Republican Party Dispute

This is from Todd Welch’s FaceBook page:

Here is the latest on Dunn County Richard Rust denying my membership in the Republican Party. This means that they are refusing to follow the rules as laid out in Roberts Rules of Order:

The Executive Board of the Republican Party of Dunn County met on Sunday, January 27 and has decided after consultation with Dave Anderson, Chairman of the Constitution Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, to reaffirm our decision to take the denial of your membership to the county membership at the annual caucus on Saturday, Feb 2nd 10:00 am at Fuzzy’s Bar & Grill, N5729 410th Street, per our original notification to you of this on Jan. 22nd.

… Richard Rust, Chairman
Republican Party of Dunn County

Sen. Saxby (a.k.a. Taxby) Chambliss will not Seek Another Term in 2014

Taxby Chambliss is retiring. Rumor has it that Taxby is stepping down rather than face a bruising primary fight. Well Taxby, if you don’t want to get challenged in the primary, then don’t say stupid stuff like this:

Georgia conservatives are already taking credit for the decision, arguing that they pushed “Taxby” into retirement. And they probably did … His admission that maybe, just maybe, the Republicans would have to accept higher taxes as a necessary evil made him unacceptable in their eyes, guaranteeing a bitter primary fight.

This is a reference to this statement during the fiscal cliff battle.

Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said solving the nation’s fiscal woes may mean breaking the anti-tax pledge he signed years ago.

Chambliss signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, penned by conservative activist Grover Norquist.

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” Chambliss says. ”If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

I say, “Good riddance Taxby!”

Rand Paul Has Officially Sold Out on Israel

This is outrageous. Rand is now officially off the list of potentially acceptable 2016 candidates. His dad needs to put that boy over his knee and give him a good whipping and send him to his room.

“…absolutely, we stand with Israel, but what I think we should do is announce to the world, and I think it is well-known, that any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United Sta tes.”

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We really need to start to identify potential candidates who can carry the non-interventionist banner in 2016, because Rand Paul is not one of them.

Shocking News Flash! Establishment Toadie Reince Priebus Re-Elected Chairman of Establishmentarian RNC

It looks like the Establishmentarians on the RNC have circled the wagons around their man Reince Priebus. Yahoo News has the story.

The 40-year-old RNC chairman ran unopposed in his bid for a second term, which begins less than three months after what most Republicans consider a disastrous election cycle. The GOP in November lost a competitive presidential election and gave up seats in the House and Senate.

“The task before us is transforming the party — to be a force from coast to coast,” Priebus said Friday in his acceptance speech in Charlotte, N.C., where Republican National Committee members from across the country gathered this week for the GOP’s annual winter meeting.

Maine national committeeman Mark Willis tried to challenge Priebus but could not muster the backing of three states needed to qualify for the ballot. All but two of the Republican National Committee’s 168 members — both from Maine — voted to reelect the chairman.


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