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Sarah, fancy and small

Fox News continues to jettison some its most notable “contributors”  and when I heard the news Dick Morris joined Sarah Palin on the Fox ash heap (but not Karl Rove? What’s up with that? Does he have pictures or something?) I got Palin’s fate stuck in my head and pondered it.

So I dug around online and saw Game Change for the first time last night and while I still think much of it is a self-serving attempt by people like Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace to shield themselves for future political employment opportunities, one could not help but feel sorry for Palin to be thrown into difficult situation. Both she and her family had to deal with a lot they weren’t completely ready for. Had the McCain people been a little more understanding of the situation, perhaps much of the unpleasantness could have been avoided.

That being said, where Palin realy screwed up was  not so much in the campaign but in its aftermath leading up to her now apparent political exile back to Alaska. No can deny she has natural political talents that made her be able to connect to voters on an emotional level very few politicians have not to mention she’s one of the few Republicans, if not the only one, with the kind of star quality which transcend politics to pull the casual citizen into politics and campaign they normally wouldn’t pay attention to.

And yet, she squandered it all to point where not even Fox News wants her around anymore. People assumed she was going to run for President. No one would have begrudged her leaving the governor’s office early in term or any of her TV gigs or her campaigning on the Tea Party Express bus if it all done for a larger purpose, which was for the Oval Office. But when she didn’t run after so much teasing (including the fact she had people in Iowa trying their best to stir up a campaign for her on their own), she destroyed the link she had between the voters who loved her and herself. Not running made her just another celebrity, another talking head, another ex-politician trying to cash in. She made have thought it served her purposes better four to eight years down the road but it wound up wrecking such chances.  And by leaving elected office and not doing anything which would have helped her prepare to be President only made her look less serious. She self-fulfilled everything the Schmidt and Wallace said about her in the book and the movie well after that campaign concluded.

Maybe she’ll get back into politics in Alaska to try rebuild her career but I have my doubts. I vacationed there in 2010 and even at that time I saw very little from Republicans or the public-at-large which wanted to acknowledge her existence outside of a few airport T-shirts. She became a parody of Conservative INC., more interested in profit than policy. That’s fine for her and family, but for those whose hopes and dreams she spoke to from her personal story and background (and I think we all know who I’m talking about), it doesn’t do much for them.  They needed a champion and instead they got Mitt Romney. No wonder turnout was down.  She may dream of comeback but who, even amongst the talk show hosts and other activists who would be her biggest fans, even speaks of her now or takes her seriously? No, Palin can dress fancier now but she’s also shrunk a few sizes in stature.

“Conservative” PC Enforcers Need to Shut Up About Harry Reid

If I hear or read one more “conservative” crowing about Harry Reid’s rather benign comments about Obama and calling for his head, I think I am going to get physically ill. This “conservative” hysteria over Reid’s comments contributes to an already highly charged atmosphere of suffocating political correctness. Why on earth would we want to do this? We need to be challenging political correctness, not reinforcing it. What Reid said wasn’t offensive and was certainly true. Does ANYONE not believe that white people were more comfortable with Obama because he is half white and was largely raised by whites in a white setting. I recall this being openly speculated about during the campaign. So it’s true but you just can’t say it? This is silly and profoundly counter-productive. Again, we should be bucking oppressive PC thought policing, not doing it ourselves. We need less sensitivity and prickliness, not more.

A new spirit of bi-partisanship, thanks to Israel

Al Franken and Norm Coleman subjected the voters and Minnesota (and Wisconsin too because we’re so close) to the vilest amount character trashing ever known to recent politics with their TV and radio advertisements that cost untold millions all through last year.

And yet, last weekend, both shared the stage at a Jewish community center in the Twin Cities suburb of St. Louis Park along with former Minnesota U.S. Senator and still non-entity Mark Dayton to all agree that Israel has every right, in fact even a responsibility (if you believe Tom Friedman) to blow Gaza to kingdom come.

Watching it on local TV news broadcast, it all looked so surreal, seeing two men who no doubt despise if not hate each other outright, come together over bloodshed and even joke about it too. (“We agree on absolutely nothing except…”, you get the picture).

I guess one can only say thanks to Israel to bringing these two bitter opponents together for one day to forget their differences and celebrate 1,000 Palestinian dead. Now that there’s an election coming soon in Israel, maybe the two of them can run on the same Kadima slate and continue to build upon their new found friendship.

Forget about Obama promising to bring the country together, Israel’s invasion of Gaza already done that, from Minnesota all the way to Washington D.C and Congress.

Some articles for your consideration….

There’s a nice video on Lew today that explains the power of the Federal Reserve System and how it became powerful. It reminded me of the videos I saw in school while growing up.

Adam Nossiter of the New York Times writes that the South has become marginalized in the nation’s new politics, which should prove to be a boon for the League of the South efforts.

Bill Scher of Huffington Post  writes about conservatism’s secular problem.

W. James Antle III looks at non-major party results for President at

Steve Sailer, the best political demographer in the business, breaks down the election results at

If I was a Southerner or a Nationalist I probably wouldn’t read this P.J. O’Rourke essay, in the Weekly Standard because he does not have kind things to say about you. But if you insist you’ll find a lot of his criticisms of conservatism the same as many of us have made. I had wondered where P.J. had been for much of the Bush II era (struggling with cancer from what I was told, best wishes to him) because we could have used this essay five years ago.

The bigotry of cowards

Why are homosexuals in Los Angeles surrounding Mormon churches and protesting outside them? Because they consider the church responsible for the passage of Prop. 8, which bans homosexual marriage in the state.

Now compared to other western states, I doubt if there are a lot of Mormons in LA or California for that matter. Certainly not in numbers that would make a huge impact in the popular vote on an issue or campaign as they would in say, Utah.  Indeed, the reason Prop. 8 passed was due to percentage of African-American and Hispanics that voted for it, upwards towards 70 percent.

But these protesters are not in South Central or East Los Angeles outside Baptist or Catholic churches are they? No, they’re picking on the Mormons because they know can get away with it. After all, who in LA are going stick up for the largely white (although in LA you’ll probably find a lot of Polynesian Mormons), small community with the beliefs everyone, even conservatives, find wacky?

 Like bullies they go after the weak because these largely white homosexuals are scared they might be called bigots and racists if they protested in South Central or East LA (they also might get beat up or shot as well). Yet in their cowardice their bigotry still shows through.

The night we waved goodbye to America

The Hitchens brothers “get” the Iraq War. Both grasp the political and practical underpinnings of this continuing outpouring of blood and treasure. In a nutshell: Iraq is a war of choice. It is a war for globalism, and against culture, history, religion, and tradition. So Christopher Hitchens, who is a leftist and militant atheist, the author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, supported the US-British crusade from the moment it was first proposed.

For the same reason, his younger brother Peter Hitchens eloquently and energetically opposed the invasion of Iraq. Peter, whose political outlook is best described as paleoconservative, understood that the Iraq War would not only lead to an expansion of big government, but would erode the traditional values of Western society as much as it would weaken Iraqi society.
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Troops, retreat!

This lad pretty much sums up my feelings toward the laptop bombardiers and their violence-obsessed allies on the day after the spectacular fall of their Beloved Leader’s heir apparent:

Poor Americaneocon has announced he’s suspending his blog and retreating to his Fortress of Solitude for the duration. His blog header is now black to reflect his sullen mood. Poor dear.

These people cheered on a counter-productive, obscenely wasteful war that has wrecked the economy, and can’t understand why voters so soundly rejected a third term of Neocon insanity.

Of course, the real fun begins when Obama, a slick and ruthless manipulator, starts to wield the fun, new powers Bush & Co. have claimed for the Unitary Executive, damn the Constitution.

Payback is hell, ain’t it?

Election thoughts

 - Cheer up one and all, because if there’s anything that Obama has proven, it’s that a black man (or half-black I should say) can become President and when that happens a lot of nonsense about “institutional racism” “legacy of slavery” and a lot of other P.C. terms now all wash away, along with, hopefully, any vestiges of white guilt bareing the alleged sins of our ancestors and immense benefits of being white that somehow seem to escape all those black lung coal miners in Appalachia or cotton choppers on the Plains. Finally we removed the Mark of Cain.

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Why I’m Voting for Chuck Baldwin

By Luke Lantroop*

I’m a conservative. I make no bones about it. So it’s not surprising that I find the deification of Barack Obama by the left and even many so-called “moderates” to be one of the most revolting things I’ve ever seen in politics. With his vague, vacuous slogans of “hope,” and “change,” Obama has been accorded the status of political messiah, the instant cure for all our national ills, despite the incredible difficulty of demonstrating that he has ever accomplished anything to bring real positive change to this country in his entire political career. In fact Obama seems to have come out of nowhere, instantaneously thrown into the national spotlight, reason enough to give Americans pause as to the true nature of his meteoric rise. But the Obama movement seems to have little or nothing to do with what its leader has done, or even what he will do, instead focusing on his apparent personal characteristics and a sense of faith that he will know the best thing to do as president. Those supporting Obama in the belief that he will bring our troops home and cease meddling in the affairs of foreign nations would do well to note that he has taken the same belligerent stance against Russia as that of John McCain. Also, in my opinion, purely “humanitarian” military missions would be highly likely under an Obama administration. Continue reading

Questions for Bush supporters

At this point, McCain looks like toast. No, actually he looks like something you find in the back of your refrigerator and wish you hadn’t. He’s done. Finished. And he knows it.

So I wonder how Bush supporters are going to get by in an Obama administration. The one thing that kept them on board was that he let them share in the vicarious thrill of apparently quick ‘n easy military victories. Those apparent victories — first in Afghanistan, then Iraq — more than compensated for Bush’s other projects, which, if implemented under a liberal Democratic administration, would’ve had “conservatives” howling. Continue reading

America First Party Encourages Vote for Baldwin or Barr

Recently the America First National Committee voted to encourage voters to cast a ballot for either Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin or Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. The text of the resolution reads as follows:


Whereas the America First Party is not running a presidential candidate in 2008 because this would be a poor use of resources for our developing party; and,


Whereas many voters would nevertheless like to have guidance on how to vote in the general presidential election; and,


Whereas both Democrat and Republican presidential nominees are greatly at odds with the America First Party’s principles in areas of foreign policy, trade, immigration, and fiscal spending; and,


Whereas it is important that voters not waste their vote by voting for Democrat and Republican presidential candidates who are poised to violate the basic requirements of the oath of office, and who will, if they pursue their stated policy objectives, continue the process of overturning our constitutional government; and,


Whereas there are two presidential candidates which have achieved ballot access in enough states to have a theoretical possibility of winning the presidential election, and which hold positions similar but not identical to those of the America First Party;


Therefore, be it resolved by the America First National Committee:


That voters be encouraged to vote for either Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr for President in November.


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McCain on Judges? And is Obama Competent?

Can anyone help me out with McCain’s Senate record on judges?

The Republican excuse for voting Obama is McSame will appoint conservative judges. Is there any basis to this at all? Politicians will promise anything to get elected.

It’s common wisdom to go with an opportunist politician over a leftist ideologue who actually believes in the Marxism he pushes, and Obama very much appears to be a believer. But is Obama competent? Continue reading

Global socialism vs. National socialism

I think we can all sum up what Election 2008 comes down to, the globalized socialism of Obama vs. the national socialism of McCain. Before the McCaniacs fool you into thinking you’re saving the free market by voting for them, here are a few articles to show you there’s not a dime’s worth of difference on the big issues between both candidates.

“Elected Affliction” by Nebjosa Malic at

Socialist or National Socialist” by Tom DiLorenzo at Lew

and “Is Obama a Socialist?” by Anthony Gregory, also at Lew

I’d prefer an honest socialist over a phony who goes around and attacks the honest man while hiding his own socialism and hypocracy. Hopefully the good news will be on election night is that the deviant and devious one is thrown down and that honest one will survive so the case against socialism will be on its merits with a true freedom candidate making the argument.