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Ted Cruz Wins RLC Presidential Straw Poll, Ben Carson Comes in Second

It isn’t news that Ted Cruz won, but it is news, IMO, that Ben Carson came in second. I don’t know that much about Carson. He may be a good guy. And as I have said before, I’m not going to criticize him just because he is a non-traditional candidate, because I don’t think there are any traditional candidates out there so far who would advance our thing. But I have no real reason to think he is some sort of paleo. But this is further evidence that conservatives are desperate for a black candidate so they can say, “See look. We’re not racists.” Do these conservative not realize that this reinforces the liberal PC narrative?

Glenn Beck Not Backing Bundy

Most on the right have intuitively sided with Clive Bundy in his dispute with the Fed Gov, but, perhaps surprisingly, Glenn Beck is not one of them. In fact, Beck is grandstanding his anti-Bundy stance.

Glenn Beck believes the Bundy Ranch incident was “Insurrection” and a call to “Revolution” as opposed to the people standing up to a tyrannical government agency. He stated that it is the “right’s version of Occupy Wall Street” and that a percentage of the people who support Cliven Bundy are “truly frightening”. Beck invited the people who support the Oath Keepers, Militias. Constitutional Sheriffs and citizens who stood with Bundy to ‘unfriend’ him, to ‘unsubscribe’ to his newsletter and to ‘cancel’ their subscriptions to his TV program.

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Here are a couple of links.



I think this might wind up hurting Beck, who is coming off like a faux radical.

Establishment Hack Republicans in Georgia Legislature Attack Liberty Minded Republican

This story is a couple of days old now, but someohow I was asleep at the wheel and missed it. Once I started hearing about it I looked into the details and was outraged, but I wasn’t outraged at the naivete of an newly elected and obviously green Paulesq Campaign for Liberty backed Georgia House member. I was outraged by the calculated attack by Establishment hack Republicans who staged a piece of grand political theater to attack their right flank and put in his place a upstart who threatened to upset their old boys club.

In brief, Rep. Sam Moore submitted a bill to the Georgia legislature that was intended to decrease the authority of the police to  arrest people based on vague anti-loitering laws. It contained language that would have loosened some restrictions on sex offenders and the hacks saw their chance to pounce on an uppity new House member whose focus on liberty threatens their reason for being. Whether that particular language was good law or not, what is at issue here is not a particular piece of legislation. What is at issue is the fact that a bunch of shameless hacks chose to grandstand rather than attempt to govern rightly. If the language was bad, either from an actual legislative standpoint or from a looks bad politically standpoint, then just calmly suggest to Rep. Moore that he might want to make some changes. For several House members to take to the floor to publically express outrage reeks of an orchestrated political hit job.

Here is some commentary on this travesty that gets it right.

And here.

And here is one that gets it wrong.

I include this particular example, among many that get it wrong, because I posted a comment below it. My comment is a bit harsh, but hardball from hacks begets hardball back.

Give me a break Jason. The Establishment Republicans deliberately used this opportunity to attack someone they see as a threat and not part of the old boys club and YOU KNOW IT! To pretend like this was all a legitimate uprising because of some truly awful offense is a deliberate sham. Any issues with the bills, whether actual or just potential opportunities for grandstanders to make rhetorical political hay, could have been addressed in a measured sensible way in a back room somewhere as is usually the case. More senior members of the party who were actually interested in right governing instead of striking a blow against their right flank would have quietly made suggestions to Rep. Moore with an eye toward protecting a new member rather than grandstand like a bunch of shameless peacocks. They have taken a page stright from the PC Cultural Marxist rightthink enforcement playbook with their “point and sputter” and feigned outrage game playing. Pretending not to recognize this does not make you a “statist” or a “patsy.” It makes you a co-conspirator. And I dare you to forever sacrifice your credibility as a political commentator to here for all the world to see pretend that you don’t realize that this was about political game playing and not about the merits or lack thereof of any piece of legislation.

I hate it when the left uses these tactics, but I expect it from them. It’s what mindless morally stunted leftists do, but when supposed conservatives do it to their right flank, it makes my blood boil.

Update: Here is an article that gives an explanation of the background of the bill.

Hot Dog! Rowdy Roddy Piper is a Winger!

Rowdy Roddy Piper is one of us! Who knew?

Piper references one of his movies, the much underappreciated classic They Live, in a series of tweets. (They Live has the best fight scene of all time, IMO.) In the movie, aliens have taken over the earth unbeknownst to all but a few resiters. You’ll have to read the link to get the full story, but the gist is that Piper is saying we live in a police state, and if the government tries to take his guns away, he’s going down shooting.

Old Kentucky Ointment

This past January, on a Patroon column criticizing Jack Hunter amongst others, I wrote:

Would you agree that the best message that can be sent is a hard right challenger against McConnell/Benton?

It’s never so simple as one Matt Bevin, a native of New Hampshire, reached out to “Tea Party” sorts a few weeks, maybe a month back, and put together a challenge.  Bevin is a typical stock jobber Republican of the Romney mold, but unlike Romney, actually seems to have a nose to for politics.

Not exactly Hard Right-don’t mention the War, drones, NSA, and no mention on immigration, but if Bevin wants to win, he might just start using some now tried and true tactics in Kentucky…might be worth following.


I wrote on Kentucky elections here.


Why the Tea Party is doomed to failure

Here’s part of an email I received today from the Tea Party Leadership Fund:

Your signature on our petition will mean more than just a name on the internet. Every single petition signature to get Allen West back in Congress will be hand delivered to him, so that he knows just how loud the call is by We the People to have his voice back in our service.

In the last election, Allen got knocked down by a smear-campaign of lies and untruths coupled with sketchy happenings at the ballot box. But, as an American hero, we know he has the capacity to get back up, and we want him to know that we’ll be behind him when he does.

The author was Todd Cefaratti, who signed off as a “Freedom Organizer.” The email ended with a link to a list of the Tea Party’s hand-picked candidates, including Allen West.

Why would someone claiming to be a “Freedom Oraganizer” urge voters to donate money to Allen West? West is a staunch supporter of the national security state. West not only supported W the Conqueror’s stupid wars, but voted for the USA Patriot Act, which crippled the protections of the 4th and 5th Amendments. West justified his vote for the Patriot Act with what he called “the threat of radical Islamic terrorists.” West is so pro-Pentagon that after his tour of duty in Afghanistan, he went to work for Military Professional Resources Inc., a “defense” contractor.

Oh, and did I mention that one of the people West cites as shaping his worldview is none other thatn Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman? Need I say more?

Marco Rubio Defends Karl Rove’s Pro-RINO Project

Tell me again why “conservatives” love this guy?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gave a strong defense of GOP strategist Karl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project in a recent interview, arguing that the super PAC offshoot, designed to quash conservative Senate candidates who might be too extreme to win general elections, was sensible.

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Rubio may end up regretting this. Karl Rove is fast becoming a bete noire of conservatives and Rubio may not be helping himself by publicly siding with him.

If 2016 comes down to Rubio and Rand (more on him in my next post) I may gouge out an eye.

Update on Todd Welch Republican Party Dispute

This is from Todd Welch’s FaceBook page:

Here is the latest on Dunn County Richard Rust denying my membership in the Republican Party. This means that they are refusing to follow the rules as laid out in Roberts Rules of Order:

The Executive Board of the Republican Party of Dunn County met on Sunday, January 27 and has decided after consultation with Dave Anderson, Chairman of the Constitution Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, to reaffirm our decision to take the denial of your membership to the county membership at the annual caucus on Saturday, Feb 2nd 10:00 am at Fuzzy’s Bar & Grill, N5729 410th Street, per our original notification to you of this on Jan. 22nd.

… Richard Rust, Chairman
Republican Party of Dunn County

Sen. Saxby (a.k.a. Taxby) Chambliss will not Seek Another Term in 2014

Taxby Chambliss is retiring. Rumor has it that Taxby is stepping down rather than face a bruising primary fight. Well Taxby, if you don’t want to get challenged in the primary, then don’t say stupid stuff like this:

Georgia conservatives are already taking credit for the decision, arguing that they pushed “Taxby” into retirement. And they probably did … His admission that maybe, just maybe, the Republicans would have to accept higher taxes as a necessary evil made him unacceptable in their eyes, guaranteeing a bitter primary fight.

This is a reference to this statement during the fiscal cliff battle.

Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said solving the nation’s fiscal woes may mean breaking the anti-tax pledge he signed years ago.

Chambliss signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, penned by conservative activist Grover Norquist.

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” Chambliss says. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

I say, “Good riddance Taxby!”

A Couple of Articles on Boehner: Resignation or Coup?

I’m going to pass along a couple of articles on Boehner. One suggests he should resign. One suggests there may be a coup attempt in the works. Of course I think Boehner should step down, and if not he should be replaced, although I’m not sure any of the current leadership would be much if any improvement. Otherwise I’m not going to add much commentary because my take on the tax increase issue is already abundantly clear, and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. So for your reading pleasure:

Boehner Should Resign as Speaker

House GOP Circulates Plan to Oust Boehner

Ha Ha … Plan B Vote Cancelled Due to Lack of Support

Take that Boehner!

In a stinging setback for Republican House Speaker John Boehner, a lack of support from inside his own party for his “fiscal cliff” fall-back plan forced him late Thursday to cancel a much-trumpeted vote on the measure.

“The House did not take up the tax measure today because it did not have sufficient support from our members to pass,” Boehner said in a written statement released after an emergency meeting of House Republicans…

It appeared that Boehner faced a rebellion from conservatives opposed to any tax hike, while House Democrats starved the bill of their support, making passage impossible.

See more at Yahoo News

You know what happened here. Conservative Reps in conservative districts didn’t want to go back home and try and sell this stinker. It is a cave on taxes. It is allowing themselves to be bullied by the President, and their constituents know it.

Update: Here is the Roll Call article on this story.

(Some of) Conservative Inc. Denounce Boehner’s Plan B

A group of “conservative” “leaders” have issued a statement denouncing Boehner’s Plan B. The group reads like a Who’s Who of Conservative Inc. But this is the problem with opposing Conservative Inc. per se. Occasionally they get something right. They should be opposed when they are wrong and worked with when they are right. Here they are right.

Prominent conservative leaders … scheduled a press conference this afternoon to denounce Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” tax increase for addressing the fiscal cliff. Some are accusing Grover Norquist of giving cover to the establishment to facilitate this cave-in and hand President Barack Obama a liberal victory.

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Huffington Post Essay on Ron Paul and Third Party Voting

Here is an essay by Brian LaSorsa from Huffington Post, “Is a Vote for Ron Paul a Vote for Obama, or the Product of a Disenfranchised Right?”

In the end, though, we have meaningful questions to ask: are third-party voters betraying the Republican Party, or are these voters a product of the Republican Party betraying the ideals of small government? And, even if Ron Paul were to swing the election, is it possible that conservatives and libertarians are so disenfranchised that their symbolic votes of displeasure have become more important than winning a race to the White House?

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Cross posted at IPR.

The author, Brian LaSorsa, is listed as an intern at FreedomWorks. He might not be after they see this. FreedomWorks has tried to serve as an organizing force for the TeaParty, but it is reliably Republican.

When Norman Met Leni

At the recent League of the South National Conference in Alabama (see video here), I talked about the Tea Party’s utter failure to conduct and carry out a real campaign for liberty. Indeed, as I pointed out in my talk, the Tea Party is little more than a tool of the Republican party and the National Security state. One example: politicians the Tea Party helped elect have supported legislation that expands and consolidates the central government’s power over us, such as the Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing And Protection Act, which gives the government the authority to monitor all online communications in the name of national security. That’s a helluva way to protect our rights.
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Pro-Life, TEA Party Republican Faces the Republican Establishment (CA 9th District)

By Timothy Yung

Here is a dilemma that true conservatives face: Do you join a third-party or do you remain in the Republican Party and try to transform it? I have reluctantly decided to re-join the Republican Party. While I was at a TEA Party event I heard a speech from someone who had made the same decision. The man was John McDonald who is running for Congress in California’s 9th Congressional District. As a principled Ronald Reagan conservative, McDonald left the Republican Party in disgust when George W. Bush abandoned the conservative principles he ran on. McDonald was alarmed when George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (2001), Medicare Expansion Act (2003), and refused to veto a single spending bill. He became an Independent, but McDonald returned to the Republican Party after seeing the impact the TEA Party could have in transforming and returning the party to its roots. He opposes the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education, Department of Housing, and Department of Energy. He supports domestic drilling. He wants to go beyond the Paul Ryan Plan and make meaningful cuts. John McDonald is also for lowering the income tax and the corporate tax rate. John McDonald is a businessman who I believe will transform Washington, D.C if elected. As a business executive he understands the dangers of excess environmental regulations, eminent domain abuse, and the myth of man-made global warming.

The problem is that the Republican establishment has lined up in support of Ricky Gill. Ricky Gill is a 24-year-old law school student (turns 25 by the election time). He has the backing of the California Republican Party, the California College Republicans, Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor, etc. According to the Washington Post Ricky Gill  “knows he’s not playing to hard-core conservatives,” which many will recognize as code for being a moderate, centrist, and even a liberal on many issues. Ricky Gill claims that he is against federal intervention in education, but he believes the federal government should encourage higher standards. He claims he is against Obamacare, but he wants to preserve the pre-existing condition ban and the government cost controls. He is against unilateral foreign intervention but wants to use the United Nations as the world’s policeman. He is also “personally pro-life” but is for a woman’s right to make that decision. His parents’ used to own an abortion clinic that was protested by Operation Rescue. His parents also received over $200,000 in farming subsidies.

Why mention his parents? His parents have used their connection with the Sikh business community to help their son raise over $ 1 million in campaign contribution including from gambling interests linked to Harry Reid. Thanks to the Republican Establishment and the money, John McDonald is fighting a uphill battle.

John McDonald opposes the U.N. and Agenda 21. John McDonald understands that health care works best when the free-market, not the government, determine costs. John McDonald supports the personhood rights of the unborn. He and his wife have volunteered several hours at a pregnancy crisis center. My friend, a hard-core Catholic social conservative, re-calls marching with him in the San Francisco Walk for Life. (My friend told me this story after I talked to him about John McDonald.)

If John McDonald wins the primary he has a good chance of winning the general election. His Democratic opponent, Jerry McNerney, won the 2010 election against David Harmer 48% to 46.9%. In San Joaquin County, David Harmer won the majority of votes however the district included an extremely liberal county. Due to the census most of the district now consists of San Joaquin County which gives John McDonald a fair shot at winning. Now he just has to overcome the Republican-established backed candidate.

Timothy Yung is the Co-Founder of the UC Davis Chapter of Young Americans For Liberty.

More Judson Phillips Intemperance Regarding Ron Paul

Judson Phillips announces in his headline that Ron Paul is an “idiot.” Apparently he disagrees with Paul’s concerns about the drone killing of al-Awlaki. Here is the reply I posted.

Mr. Phillips, calling someone an idiot in the headline does not bolster your credibility as a serious commentator. (In the heat of passion I have done it in the past on my blog [mostly in response to interventionists and other Paul haters], but I now regret doing so because it is childish and harms whatever point I was trying to make.) Would it not be better to just declare that you think Rep. Paul is wrong?

In the past we had a terrorism problem with Puerto Rican nationalists? Did we bomb Puerto Rico in response? Did we treat it as a military problem? Or did we treat it as a law enforcement (and intel I’m sure) issue?

As you say yourself “Al-Qaeda and the other Muslim terrorists are not a traditional army.” This is why it cannot be dealt with by traditional military means. Bombing far off nation states does not deal with stateless domestic terrorism at home. The way to deal with domestic terrorism is with immigration restriction, border control, intel, and law enforcement.

A modest proposal to the Congressional Black Caucus

The almighty CBC has a well-documented record of blatant racial hypocrisy — so this shouldn’t surprise anyone:

Unhappy members of the Congressional Black Caucus “probably would be marching on the White House” if Obama were not president, according to CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

“If [former President] Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House,” Cleaver told “The Miami Herald” in comments published Sunday. “There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

I have a solution for the Black Caucus — stage a noisy, angry march on the White House, but only on the distaff side.

Judson Phillips – Just Another Paul Hater

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation gives us his take on the winners and losers of last night’s debate. (You have to sign up for Tea Party Nation, a social networking site, to see it.) He uses the oportunity to takes some shots at Ron Paul, who he clearly doesn’t like and likely doesn’t understand. Here are some excerpts. My thoughts follow.

Ron Paul.  It is hard to lump Ron Paul as a winner or a loser.  He did his usual ranting around the stage, like a demented old uncle, talking about militarism and war mongering.  He basically said no other nation is a threat to America.  He is nuts but he has his following.  It does not matter what Ron Paul would say, they would be there to stuff a straw poll for him.

The references to mental illness or dementia or whatever are really getting tired. Perhaps Paul’s critics would actually like to make an intelligent argument instead of resorting to name calling like some playground bully. Paul’s critics need to grow up.

As far as other nations being a threat to America, perhaps Mr. Phillips (no relation as far as I know) could enlighten us with some plausible scenarios whereby America is invaded or otherwise attacked by another nation. Is Russian planning to paratroop in Red Dawn style? Does Canada have its eye on Maine? I anxiously await his reply.

Ron Paul will win the straw poll, as winning straw polls is the only thing Ron Paul does well.  By winning the straw poll he will pretty much invalidate it. 

Oh really? Well isn’t that convenient? (Said in my best Church Lady imitation.) Phillips has apparently been reading George Will. If you don’t like the results, just dismiss them.

These sort of hand waving dismissals of Paul and his supporters are so 2007. The playing field has changed since then. A lot of people have converted to Paulism and even those who haven’t have been exposed to it enough to realize that it is a substantial position and not just lone eccentricity or flakery. Those who are at all informed, whether they agree or not,  understand that the Fed, Gold, Constitutionalism, non-intervention, etc. are all part of an integrated whole. So dismissive unsubstantial rant’s like Phillips’ amount to whistling past the grave yard and cater to the lowest element (those who just don’t get it instead of those who know enough to disagree intelligently) and/or are just mean spirited.


We’d be lost without DC

We’re over $14 trillion in debt. (Hey, anyone out there know who got us into that mess?) Anyway, the best and the brightest convened in DC, where they squabbled, haggled, and hectored to find a way out of this crisis. Finally, they hammered out a solution, one that I must confess I would never have thought of:

Add another $7 trillion to our debt.


Yes, you read that right. Already drowning in debt, the DC Empire just passed “the largest increase in the debt limit in U.S. history.”

As I’ve said before, trying to survive in the 21st century without a huge central government would be like trying to swim the English Channel without your barbells.