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Michael Ledeen: Neocon Nutjob

Read it twice, I had to. But Carl Levin has endorsed my longstanding proposal to go after terrorist training camps and weapons assembly facilities in Syria and Iran….. Yeah, Carl Levin, the newly minted neocon from Michigan. My kinda guy. Just read it and cheer. It’s from hearings yesterday. ~ Michael Ledeen, National Review

It should be no surprise that a left-wing neocon like Michael Ledeen (aka Mr. “creative destruction” / Mr. “perpetual revolution”) would support a liberal like Sen. Carl Levin (D – Mich.). After all, what is the neocon’s litmus test? Tradition? Religion? Love of one’s region? Don’t be silly. No, such notions are too conservative for the neocon. All that matters is that one support the globalist gulags in the Middle East.

And his newly minted neocon says, “It’s more than just — we’re trying to close down the Iranian border area too.”

Hey, Senator Levin (Mr. “I have a grade of D by Americans for Better Immigration”), why not stop worrying about Iran’s borders and worry about our own?

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Tom Tancredo on Education

Tancredo believes that “control over the education of our children must be in the hands of the parents.” To that end, he supports tax credits that will allow the parents to choose the best educational vehicle for their children be it, in his words: “private, parochial, or home school.” Tancredo also states his opposition to “increased federal involvement in education” as the reason he voted against the No Child Left Behind Act. ~ Whym Rhymer

Tancredo was one of only a few Congressmen who voted against the socialist No Child Left Behind, which, I think, shows he does have good conservative instincts.

My greatest disagreement with Tancredo is his support of the war in Iraq. Granted, he has become quite critical, and many thought he would vote for the resolution, but in the end he voted against it.

More Rudy “Gun Control” Giuliani Bashing

Here is John Gizzi at Human Events on Mayor Amnesty.

Since momentum for Rudy seems to be growing, should conservative be on the warpath now to divert it? Or should they give it time to see if he fades as his record and personal life become more familiar to people? He may implode down the line anyway.

What worries me is the potentially heavily front-loaded primary.

Boo Rudy at CPAC!

Is anyone going to CPAC this weekend? Rudy “Amnesty” Giuliani has accepted an invitation to speak at CPAC. I have been to CPAC a couple of times in the past, but I can’t make it this year. Anyway, Mayor Amnesty should be soundly booed. The rock star treatment he gets sickens me. What kind of message will it send if he is warmly received at CPAC? Spread the word to your activist friends. Boo Rudy at CPAC! Continue reading

Confused Evangelicals

…today’s evangelicals are extremely shallow in their discernment. They seem to love Republican candidates who wear religion on their sleeve. Whether the candidate walks the walk does not seem to matter near as much as whether he talks the talk.

Hence, evangelicals are already warming up to John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and even to Rudy Giuliani… ~ Chuck Baldwin

Many Evangelicals are either at heart internationalist liberals, or just very confused.

Dick Morris Thinks McCain Is Finished.

Dick Morris at News Max writes this. Very interesting stuff.

Whatever you may think of Dick Morris, his political instincts are generally sound. So who does this help? Giuliani obviously, but does it help a conservative alternative candidate like Paul or Tancredo? Perhaps. If Giuliani starts to look inevitable early, conservatives may be more energized to side track him. Plus Giuliani is harder for even pragmatic conservatives to rationalize, even though many are trying hard.

Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo: Kings of the Grassroots

The e-mails to get Tom Tancredo or Ron Paul elected as the next president of these united States of America are running fast and furious on the Internet. That’s great, networking is basic grassroots at its best…..

Those who support either Tancredo or Paul must begin the process now of getting elected as a delegate to the convention or it’s all over and the GOP faithful will get the shadow government’s choice shoved down their throats… ~ Devvy

From what I’ve been told by a source in the GOP, the grassroot networks of the Paul and Tancredo campaigns are larger than those of all the other GOP candidates combined. Yet the liberal media anoint, and will only anoint, hacks like McCain, Giuliani or Romney. Will grassroots efforts be able to compete? A David and Goliath story is in the making…

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Amnesty Bill Cometh

The lackeys of big business and multiculturalism in DC will be pushing for amnesty next week, and Ted Kennedy is expected to offer a bill in the Senate.

Anti-immigration activists (aka, American patriots) seek to persuade 41 senators to vote against cloture on the amnesty bill.

If you would like to join in this fight, and send faxes and make phone calls next week, then please join NumbersUSA, where you will be able to send free faxes and get information about making telephone calls.

In order to gain 41 senators, patriots will have to do the following (courtesy of Roy Beck):

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National Review Peddles Liberalism

My heart says Tom [Tancredo] but my head says Rudy. ~ John Derbyshire, NR

Derb, why not try being a man and go against what your neocon overlords demand? You are one of the few writers at NR who has something interesting to say. And the real dichotomy is not head vs. heart. There is no long-term gain for conservatism in caving in and endorsing a liberal candidate, especially one who supports the third-world invasion of the USA. All the wishful thinking in the world will not change the fact that Giuliani supported sanctuary for tens of thousands of illegals in NYC. The real dichotomy is integrity vs. peer pressure. “My integrity says that Tancredo is the right pick, but all the neocons / neoliberals demand loyalty to Giuliani.”

The Minister of Golf Propaganda Speaks

Tancredo, hoping to be elected on the “Hispanics, Hey, Let’s Round Them Up and Kill Them” platform, has been seeing his worst nightmares become reality recently. ~ William K Wolfrum

I never knew that a golf magazine could be so politically correct. Given that the tops of golfing caps are cut out, it seems that one’s brain should not bake, but what then is William K Wolfrum’s excuse? Inherited stupidity? A religious desire to spread PC propaganda, even if it means spreading disinformation?

More on Rudy “Amnesty” Giuliani

This is a good article outlining Rudy “Amnesty” Giuliani’s liberal record. He is indistinguishable from a NY liberal except on the War. Sadly, I think the War is all some “conservatives”/Republicans care about any longer. The sad fact is that immigration is a much graver threat to this nation than is terrorism, but “Amnesty” Giuliani is hawkish on the War, and that makes him good enough for some people.

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Rudolph Giulinai is a Liberal

It shouldn’t be breaking news that Rudy Giuliani is a liberal, as any informed man should know. But for any newcomers and those not belonging to the choir, please allow me to preach.

Guiliani is pro-abortion, pro-secularism, pro-gun control, pro-gay marriage, pro-homosexual activism, pro-big government, pro-liberal interventionism in foreign policy, and, regarding immigration, adamantly supports the third-world invasion of the USA. Regarding the last point, Giuliani went out of his way to undermine law enforcement and the rule of law to allow sanctuary to third-world invaders in NYC.

Giuliani is a slimeball. No real conservative would ever vote for him. If the gets the nomination, save your soul and vote Constitution Party.

And what is even worse than Giuliani’s liberal voting record, is the GOP machine (e.g. National Review, etc.) trying to neoconn Middle America into believing that Giuliani shares their values.

Strom Thurmond & Al Sharpton

I couldn’t describe the emotions that I’ve had the last few days thinking about this; everything from anger and outrage to reflection and to some pride and glory. ~ Al Sharpton

New York Daily News has recently uncovered that Strom Thurmond’s family once owned Al Sharpton’s. I can see ole Al showing up with thousands of hoodlum protestors on the front lawn of the Thurmond estate: “It is reparations that I seek!”