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Left-Wing / Neocon Blog, No Left Turns, Censors Conservatives

I was quoting these things over at the left-wing / neocon blog No Left Turns, but the neocon PC enforcers arrived and started deleting my comments. I don’t think that one must deplore Lincoln to be a conservative, but I do think it is wrong to make Jacobin adoration of him a litmus test, especially when one considers how unconservative Lincoln was. If anyone violates the protocols of political correctness, especially as it concerns Lincoln, then neocons will be the first to silence and censor. Here are some posts that were deleted.

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The Neocons Have Distorted Our Political Spectrum

Great post here from our friend Mike Tuggle at the Rebellion blog. This is Mike commenting on a Salon article. A link is provided to the original article but it reguires registration.

I couldn’t improve on the title of Mr. Greenwald’s analysis in a million years.  Southern traditionalists, conservatives, libertarians, and Christian activists have been sold a bill of goods by a fraud and a cheat:

On every front, the Bush administration has ushered in vast expansions of federal power—often in the form of radical and new executive powers, unprecedented surveillance of American citizens, and increased intervention in every aspect of Americans’ private lives. To say that the Bush movement is hostile to the limited-government ends traditionally associated (accurately or not) with the storied Goldwater/Reagan ideology is a gross understatement.

Thank God For Lou Dobbs

Thank God For Lou Dobbs
By Chuck Baldwin

Over the years, I have been as outspoken a critic of the mainstream press as anyone. For one thing, the vast majority of mainstream media celebrities seem infatuated with liberal politicians. For example, popular news hosts are going gaga in the way they cover the presidential campaign of Senator Barak Obama. Of course, this is standard operating procedure for the majority of the mainstream media. Is it any wonder that so many people across America have serious disdain for America’s major news makers?

Furthermore, if CNN is the “Clinton News Network,” FOX News is the “Bush News Network.” For instance, Sean Hannity is nothing more than a shill for Republicans in general and George W. Bush in particular. The same is true for Rush Limbaugh and countless other media dignitaries.


Great Article on the Demopublicans

Here it is at World Net Daily.

Check out this quote.

It’s a scary thought, but, the truth be known, virtually all presidential candidates today are to the left of FDR, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. All, save a handful of non-threatening independents, are members of one of the two factions (Republicans and Democrats) of the “Demopublican” Party. (emphasis mine)

Preach it Brother! Preach it!

Great Dig by Gilmore

Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia, is a long shot running for the position of designated conservative. He is pro-choice in the first trimester so I am skeptical of his appeal to disgruntled conservatives. But this quote is classic.

“One thing I don’t have to have — I don’t have to have a $100 million to convert myself into being a conservative,” Jim Gilmore told the editors of HUMAN EVENTS during an exclusive interview Wednesday.

What a great dig. Clearly aimed at Romney, but could also apply to Giuliani and McCain. Here is the article.

A Letter From Ron Paul

Ron Paul 2008

March 29, 2007

Dear friend,

Since I announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination for
president two weeks ago, the response and activity have been
exciting. Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

After the day’s business is complete here in the U.S. House, I will
head to Phoenix this evening for two days of campaigning. I’m looking
forward to a busy and productive time there, as we had recently in New
. Some of our activities in Phoenix will be an appearance on
the Charles Goyette show on KFNX; a meeting with the editorial board
of the Arizona Republic; a luncheon meeting with several Arizona state
legislators; an interview with news anchor Jim Sharpe on KFYI; a
fundraising reception; and a brunch meeting with nearly 100 Ron Paul
2008 activists. In addition, I will be interviewed on “Real Time with
Bill Maher” on HBO tomorrow night.

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This Is Priceless

Long ago in our callow days we thought that American conservatism was the Christian social philosophy of Russell Kirk and Richard Weaver. We did not know that American conservatism was really Trotskyites, oil barons, Likudniks, Dr. Strangeloves, amoral political technicians, fringe Protestant loonies, and ignorant, vulgar media demagogues. We should have known. In retrospect, it was inevitable, given the quality of the human material available in the Republican Party. –  Dr. Clyde Wilson at Chronicle Magazine

I don’t agree with the “fringe Protstant loonies” part, but otherwise priceless.

Buchananism, Sam Francis and MARs

Tom Piatak has started a good discussion thread over on the Chronicles website concerning some comments Jonah Goldberg made on The Corner concerning the revival of Buchananism and Sam Francis’ Middle American Radicals or MARs, complete with snide, smartass comment about Francis rotting in hell, which is typical of man who would be nothing if he wasn’t in the right place at the right time.

It’s been over 10 years since Pat Buchanan was in his moment of triumph after winning the New Hampshire primary. I see that Bay Buchanan is joining the Tancredo campaign. I hope she’s not counting on Buchanan Brigades re-forming to join Tancredo. Some will be with him I’m sure. Some will be with Paul or Duncan. Some are now with the CP, some scattered to the four winds and out of politics and some are no longer with us.

I’d like to hears some thoughts about Buchananism from those who were a part of his campaigns or supporters, I think that would be a good topic for an article on Looking back, it was a mish-mash of different ideas, not all cohesive but few movements are. It was a coalition of different conservative groups and even some libertarians but once Murray Rothbard died in 1996 the whole thing began to fall apart and by 2000 what had happened in New Hampshire died on Election Day when Buchanan got snared in the Florida re-count mess.

Please chime in with some reflections……

“Amnesty” Lindsey Graham Must Be Challenged in the Primary

Are South Carolinian conservatives just pathetic? Left-winger Sen. Lindsey Graham is up for reelection in 2008, and a real conservative has yet even to step forward to challenge him in the GOP primary. This is the same Mr. Lindsey “I like judges like David Souter” Graham, Mr. Lindsey “I support the third-world invasion of the U.S.” Graham. This guy is pathetic. He is a liberal globalist in one of the most conservative states in the U.S.

What about Rep. Bob Inglis? He’s much closer to a real conservative. He recently voted for the nonbinding resolution to get us out of the illegal neocon war in Iraq, and he has a grade of B+ by Americans for better Immigration.

Come on, SC conservatives. Step up to the plate!