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Ramesh Ponnuru: Unpatriotic Shill

“A patriot will indeed prefer the interests of his countrymen to those of foreigners, but he wouldn’t have to place zero weight on foreigners’ interests. At some point there would have to be a trade-off that he would take. If a policy reduced some Americans’ incomes by 0.5 percent and ended world poverty, would it be worth supporting? If you think it would—as I do—does that make you unpatriotic?” ~ Ramesh “Last Chance Armada” Ponnuru

Yes. In the classical sense of the word ‘patriotism’, ole Ramesh couldn’t be patriotic, at least not this side of the Arabian Sea, as the Latin pater suggests, he has no ancestral ties regarding the survival of Western man and his totemic traditions. He does not even have a dog in the fight for which he can cheer. But even in a modernized (i.e. dumbed-down) sense of the word, the mere fact that he would economically harm his own countrymen to benefit third-world invaders shows where his true loyalties lie. It’s discomforting that left-wing globalists like this are allowed to masquerade as conservatives, a point that Paul Gottfried recently made.

Addendum: Another point of follow-up regarding this global tripe is Thomas Fleming’s Morality of Everyday Life, where he convincingly demonstrates that this post-Enlightenment creation, global “humanitarianism,” is really contrary to the classical Christian and Western spirit. It is modern perversion that portends our own doom.

Ramesh Ponnuru:  Neoliberal Globalist

War what war?

It always amuses me when the neocons keep saying “we’re a nation at war.” Perhaps they should leave the coasts and the beltway and visit this nation at war and see how seriously we’re taking it. As Niall Ferguson shows us in this column I’ve linked to, you would hardly know we’re a nation at war.

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Scottish Nats poised to take over parliment

This article previews the upcoming Scottish parlimentary elections and the potential for an SNP takeover of the body which could lead to an independence referendum some time in the future.

 One statistic the article pointed out I thought interesting was that the percentage of British voters voting for the two main parties: Conservative and Labour, is down to 68 percent from as high as 98 percent in the 1950s.,5942,21641679,00.html

Chertoff, Aguilar and Open Borders

“The leaders of the U.S. Border Patrol’s rank-and-file agents have unanimously voted a no-confidence resolution against Chief David V. Aguilar, citing, among other things, his willingness to believe the “perjured allegations” of criminal aliens over his own agents. The resolution won endorsement from all 100 top leaders of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), which represents all 11,000 of the U.S. Border Patrol’s nonsupervisory field agents, and targeted Chief Aguilar’s lack of support for field agents, several of whom have been prosecuted on civil rights grounds involving arrests of illegal aliens and drug-smuggling suspects.” ~ NBPC

Dual Israeli-US citizen Michael Chertoff was made chief of Homeland Security to do what, exactly? He screened David Aguilar for head of Border Patrol, who has done almost everything in his power to undermine and subvert the border patrol.

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Barack Obama = Interventionism on Steroids

“In today’s globalized world, the security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people. When narco-trafficking and corruption threaten democracy in Latin America, it’s America’s problem too. When poor villagers in Indonesia have no choice but to send chickens to market infected with avian flu, it cannot be seen as a distant concern. When religious schools in Pakistan teach hatred to young children, our children are threatened as well.” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

What would not be in the United States’ interest? Trash-collection rackets in Istanbul? Truancy in Quito?

Hat tip: Michael Brendan Dougherty

Comments on paleo wars

For some odd reason I have been unable to publish my comments on the topic E. Michael Jones’ “revolutionary Jews” comments at a press conference about Sam Francis’ new book. So I am posting them here:

I remember Scott Richert shaking in head in disbelief at last fall’s JRC meeting describing a recent Culture Wars magazine that had an old White Russian propaganda poster with a devilish Trotsky lording over the Kremlin with the title “The Revolutionary Jew.” Needless to say messrs. Taki, Brimelow and Gottfried were upset that Jones hijacked the press conference to talk about “revolutionary Jews” rather than Sam Francis’ book because the press conference was held at the National Press Club and CSPANs camera were there. Because of Jones’ remarks, now CSPAN will never broadcast the press conference and all the canards about paleos being anti-Semitic are revived yet again.

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Is There a War Brewing in Paleo-land?

Wow. Check this out.

E. Michael Jones is the editor of Culture Wars. He is a very partisan Catholic and focuses a lot on the “Jewish question.” He might or might not consider himself a paleo, but he is at least in that orbit. He made a speech, apparently focused heavily on the “Jewish question,” at the conference honoring the late Sam Francis and his book Shots Fired. Apparently Taki, Paul Gottfried, and Peter Brimelow took exception to his speech.

I am not sure exactly what the issue is, but I will explore further.

What Is a Troll?

The Soggy Liberal has seen fit to respond to my blog post below. Normally, I would respond to him at his site instead of making this a game of dueling blogs, but Mr. Soggy Liberal has said my comments are no longer welcome there because I don’t toe the PC party line. 

First, there is much to respond to, and I don’t have time for a lengthy reply at this time. I do, however, want to briefly address the definition of a troll since I have been accused of being one. Wikipedia defines a troll as follows: 

In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding.

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Bill calls for NAFTA pullout

WASHINGTON – Three members of the House of Representatives have co-sponsored a resolution calling on President Bush to provide notice of withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement. Republican Reps. Virgil Goode of Virginia, Walter Jones of North Carolina and Democrat Gene Taylor of Mississippi introduced the bill, which has been referred to the House Subcommittee of Trade.The trio objects to NAFTA because of the rising U.S. trade deficits with Canada and Mexico, the loss of American jobs, the safety threat posed by foreign truckers on U.S. highways and the security risks it has meant in increased crime and drugs and the potential for terrorist activity. ~ WND

Let’s hope more people join them.  NAFTA is probably one of the worst pieces of legislation of our lifetime.

Illegitimate Births Among Immigrants

Illegitimate Births Among Immigrants

Study: Overall Rate Now Nearly the Same as Natives, Hispanic Rate Higher

WASHINGTON (April 24, 2007) – President Bush and others argue that immigrants have a stronger commitment to traditional family values than do native-born Americans. However, a new analysis of birth records by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that about one-third of births to both immigrants and natives are now to unmarried parents. Illegitimate children are at higher risk for social problems, and the risk may be even greater for those with immigrant parents because they need strong families to adjust to life in America.

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Christopher Hitchens: Fifth Columnist

This evil man [Christopher Hitchens], who writes about how religion poisons everything (though his real target is of course Christianity), is welcome to publish in almost every “conservative” venue in America. Why? Because he supports President Bush’s supposed war on terror. Just wondering, but if Hitchens wrote a book called “How Free Enterprise and the Rule of Law Poison Everything,” or if he wrote a book called “How the Belief in Universal Human Freedom and Equality Poisons Everything,” or if he wrote a book called “How Civil Rights for Blacks Poisons Everything,” or if he wrote a book called “How Mass Third-World Immigration Poisons Everything,” or if he wrote a book called “How Homosexual Liberation Poisons Everything,” or if he wrote a book called “How Bush’s War on Islamic Fascism Poisons Everything,” does anyone think that FrontPage Magazine or City Journal would continue publishing his articles? ~ Lawrence Auster

Philosophically, all these neocons are liberal globalists, so they certainly would find a Trotskyite like Hitchens less offensive than someone actually interested in preserving Western man and his traditions.