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Mexican Trucks to Invade United States

“The U.S. Department of Transportation has delayed plans to open the border to long-haul Mexican trucks until at least Thursday, after earlier reports that it could happen over Labor Day weekend.” ~ San Diego Tribune

If you have not heard, Bush and his globalist comrades want to implement another provision of NAFTA and completely open U.S. highways to Mexican truckers. This not only will further drive down American wages, but it will create a permanent mode of transportation for illegals to come into this country.

I just called my Congressman (U.S. Congress switchboard 202-225-3121) and demanded that legislation be passed against this insanity.

La Raza threatens Kansas City

Proof once again that concerns about Latino assimilation are unfounded—we are not only learning to assimilate to our colonizers, but to obey them unquestioningly display heightened sensitivity to their non-negotiable demands requests:

The nation’s largest Hispanic rights group is warning it may cancel its 2009 convention here because of a controversial Kansas City park board member. … Janet Murguía, head of the Washington-based La Raza, said Thursday that Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s appointment of a member of a militant group opposing illegal immigration gave pause to the Hispanic rights organization.

Semler is a member of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps and has taken a strong stance against illegal immigration and has suggested a moratorium on legal immigration.

What position of power does this little old lady have that frightens La Raza so?  Police Review Board?  Immigration Enforcement?  No—Frances Semler was appointed to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board.  Why that should fill the activists of La Raza with such fear and loathing is a mystery.  So you have to wonder—who’s the real militant here?  Continue reading

Spinning the surge

The surge is working! How do we know?  Because the people who have always supported the Iraq war say so!

What could be more convincing than this article from Family Security Matters, which is representative of the irrational exuberance displayed by all the pro-war types these days:

Momentum in Iraq is in the coalition’s favor, Bush said. The new U.S. strategy in Iraq is showing results in better security, with sectarian violence sharply decreasing in Baghdad and al Qaeda being displaced from former strongholds in Baghdad and in Anbar and Diyala provinces.

Seems like only yesterday, Family Security Matters was advocating the genocide of “Arab” Iraq (which would be news to the Kurdish north) and for Bush to declare himself president for life in order to “save” the victory that a “cowardly electorate” was about to abandon.  Continue reading

Neocon Mike Huckabee on Immigration

Although neoconservative Mike “Amnesty” Huckabee is now pretending to be tough on immigration, this has not always been the case.  In fact, Huckabee has been such an enabler of the third-world invasion of the  U.S. that many critics have cited possible charges of treason against him.  Not only has Huckabee sided with big business and the multicultural lobby, but he has all but declared war upon hard-working Americans.


Huckabee’s Record on Immigration:

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The “Education” Racket

In the newest issue of Chronicles (Sept. 2007), there’s a great article by Thomas Fleming, “Counting People and People Who Count,” on the educational racket. Many of the ills, he maintains, were popularized by John Dewey.

“John Dewey and his students developed the argument to include a soft social-science indoctrination that would liberate American kids from the shackles of race, ethnicity, nationality, region, class, wealth, religion, taste, and anything else their poor benighted parents valued. By the late 1960s, the attack was extended to sex and gender, species and phylum.”

The pragmatists were some of forerunners in deracinating Western man from his ancestral pride and traditions. The New Left only later hastens a project already underway.

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Norwegian Patriot Speaks Up

Norwegian blogger Fjordman recently wrote these words in the Global Politician:

Resisting mass immigration to Europe is not about “white supremacy,” it is about our continued physical existence. We live in a world demographically, and perhaps soon economically, dominated by Asians. Whites have a right to exist, too. Or don’t we?

His article has received much international attention, as it should.

California Assembly votes to put Iraq pullout measure on ballot

Now this has some fascinating implications:

The state Assembly voted Monday to place a measure on California’s Feb. 5 ballot urging President George W. Bush to immediately withdraw American troops from Iraq.

The 43-32 roll call vote left the proposal one step from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk.

It now goes back to the Senate, which approved a slightly different version of the bill in June. … The bill asks California voters if Bush should “achieve the immediate, complete, safe and orderly withdrawal of United States forces” from Iraq.

California has taken some significant steps toward self-government recently, which we’ve dutifully and cheerfully reported (see California steps closer toward self-government), but this takes things to a whole new level.  Continue reading

A few articles for your attention

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had much time to post anything. But I have a spare minutes so I bring a few articles to your attention:

Here’s a link to Chuck Baldwin’s latest: “America’s Pastors: Preachers of Truth or Promotors of Tyranny?”

Here’s Doug Newman’s latest: “Christians and Gun Confiscation”

And of course, I have an article up on

“Bringing Politics Back to the People: The Do-It-Yourself Campaign of Ron Paul.”