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It’s Halloween – Fear the Hippie

The American Prospect and Washington Monthly are the two best regular liberal mags. Here’s an interesting article that writes about the conservative phobia about hippies and how they wish the distinctly un-hippie Hilary Clinton into one.

     As a young paleo I have written of my pleasure of seeing the Culture Wars finally come to an end when the Boomers are safely confided into nursing homes. I imagine the political conversation will turn in a more favorable direction towards decentralization and non-intervention.

Divisions show inside Evangelical churches

As per usual, the MSM catches up what what’s been written about in the pages of opinion magazines like Chronicles.  Nonetheless it’s a very good article and it shows how the war and near slavish devotion to the GOP has split a lot of churches and religious communities.

Kevin Phillips wrote in his latest book that Anglican church begane to decline in England because it too closely identified itself with Rule Britannia which was wrecked by World War I. He warned the sqame could happen to churches like the Southern Baptists if disillusionment about the war spread and right now he looks like prophet.

Why California burns

Good front page article on on how immigration to California, upping its population from 16 million in 1960 to 37 million today, has caused the population patterns to shift from the Pacific coast to chappral covered hills that go up like a torch when the weather is dry and Santa Anna winds are blowing.

Dobbs Targets Spitzer

“Lou Dobbs is sorry about calling Gov. Eliot Spitzer an idiot. Sincerely. As for ripping the New York Democrat as arrogant, spineless and “a spoiled rich kid brat,” the host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” stands by those nationally broadcast broadsides. Absolutely. Dobbs has made Spitzer an almost daily target over his recent plan to ease restrictions on illegal immigrants seeking New York state driver’s licenses, mixing vitriol with sarcasm while endlessly lambasting the governor’s decision. The lifelong Republican has taken on politicians of every stripe, as when he blasted the Bush administration over port security. But his nightly diatribe against Spitzer is notable for its intensity, and for elevating a state proposal onto the national stage. “What he’s doing is an outrageous, arrogant abuse of power,” Dobbs said in an interview before a recent show. “He’s pandering to a constituency aligned directly against the interests of U.S. and New York state citizens.”” ~ Washington Post

Hopefully the remaining patriots in NY State will commence impeachment proceedings against the traitor Gov. Spitzer, as has already been suggested.

Neocon Michael Medved is a Repugnant Human Being

Michael Medved, a truly repugnant person, has hit a new low in his most recent boilerplate smear of Ron Paul. Notice that he uses the typical modus operandi of the Left: let’s insinuate the accusation of “racism,” a charge that was popularized by NeoMarxists (of the Frankfurt School) to undermine Western Civilization. But given the fact that Medved subscribes to what I call the “Bill Kristol School of Patriotism” (let’s (1) spend billions of American dollars to defend the borders of Israel, and (2) simultaneously support the open-borders, third-world invasion of the U.S.), it should be unsurprising that Medved is no champion of preserving Western man and his totemic traditions. Fortunately, the comments below the article reveal that many are not buying this snakeoil salesman’s poison.

Ron Paul Campaigning Hard on TV and Radio

Flush With New Millions, Underdog Vies to Compete

In the last two weeks, Mr. Paul — a Republican presidential candidate — has spent nearly a half-million dollars on radio advertisements in four early primary states, the first major media investment of his campaign. On Tuesday night, he will take a seat opposite Jay Leno.

Ron Paul Gaining Momentum in NH with 7.4% of support.

No Love for the Huck

Pat Toomy is not jumping on the Huckabee bandwagon. Toomy is the president of the Club for Growth.

Notice with the recent Huckabee boomlet that the claws are now coming out. The claws are much deserved because Huck is no conservative, but this smells to me like a concerted effort. Who is Huck a threat to assuming their motives are not really the preservation of conservatism?

Of course the Club for Growth is not really the Club for Growth. They are the Club for War. If they were really the Club for Growth they would be supporting Ron Paul. But they haved dissed Ron Paul and actually are supporting challengers to anti-war Republicans.

The Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America?

Family Security Matters is a website posing as a resource for “security moms,” but is actually a front for the Neocon war machine.  You may recall it was Family Security Matters that once featured an article calling for the genocide of all Arabs, and for Bush to declare himself president for life. Nothing controversial about that.

Well, they’re at it again—this time, they’ve compiled a list of the Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America.  Oddly, you won’t see MS-13, the Cripps, the Bloods, or even the SPLC on the list. 

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Buchanan’s “Case For Torture”

Back in 2003 Buchanan wrote a controversial article defending torture. A policy of torture not only weakens America’s image but also justifies the torture of captured American soldiers. Yet Buchanan defends it:

The morality of any act depends not only on its character, but on the circumstances and motive. Stealing is wrong and illegal, but stealing food for one’s starving family is a moral act. Even killing is not always wrong. If a U.S. soldier had shot Mohammed to save 50 hostages, he would be an American hero.

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Weyrich Drops the Ball on Ron Paul

I find this essay very odd. Weyrich is sizing up the candidates. He says Paul has some “strange” ideas. He says Romney has the most grassroots support. I don’t get it.

Weyrich has been becoming more paleo in recent years. He has always been one of the better of the beltway conservatives. What views of Ron Paul does he think are “strange?” The gold standard? Getting rid of the Fed and the IRS? Of course Weyrich has been around long enough to know that these positions were once conservative boilerplate. Weyrich owes Ron Paul and his supporters an explanation.

The SPLC: Blackwater in business suits

Uh-oh.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has detected yet another deviation from orthodoxy.  Seems they don’t like Peter Applebome’s piece on iconoclast Kirkpatrick Sale of the Middlebury Institute—and if Heidi ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy:

The Oct. 18 Times article is essentially a pillow-soft feature that paints a picture of Sale as a father figure to the somewhat goofy but nevertheless endearing secessionists. …

What Applebome never says is that Sale arranged a co-sponsoring agreement for the Oct. 3-4 convention with the League of the South. He doesn’t note that most people familiar with LOS consider Sale’s new partner a white supremacist hate group…

Aha!  Seems part of the problem is that the SPLC thinks it owns the legal rights to all the mainstream media’s puff-pieces, and they’re just jealous that someone else gets some MSM lovin’. 

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Hilary Hate Fest

After eight years of constant attacks only led to a U.S. Senate seat, you would have thought conservatives and Republicans would have learn their lessons about approaching Hilary Clinton. Apparently not after last Sunday’s debate. A good article by David Weigel in this month’s American Conservative shows why Hilary hate is not a substitue for having a message and why its a losing strategy: 

It Takes an Agenda

Conservatives cannot live by Hillary-hate alone.

by David Weigel