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American Independent Party of California in Chaos

The AIP of California is the Constitution Party affiliate. Briefly, the ex(?)- State Chairman, Ed Noonan, has announced that the party is disaffiliating from the CP and affiliating with Alan Keyes’ fledgling party, America’s Independent Party. (Note the possessive, but conveniently still with the AIP initials.) Other forces in the California AIP dispute this and claim Noonan is just disgruntled and acting alone. This is too tedious to detail at length here so I will provide some links. Third Party Watch is covering the story.

See here, and please read the response from Gary Odom for the other side of the story. Also see here, here, and here.

My question is how much of this is the crazed doings of Ed Noonan and how much is actively being encouraged by Keyes and his supporters, particularly Tom Hoefling? It is being trumpeted on the Keyes’ website. If they are encouraging this, which I highly suspect, then what a bunch of sore losers. Keyes was beaten fair and square because the vast majority of the CP convention delegates didn’t support Keyes’ interventionist foreign policy. Why can’t they just accept that?

This is bound to go to court. California seems to have some rather arcane election laws regarding parties.

Requiem in Pacem Kent Snyder

Sad news this morning. Ron Paul’s camapaign manager Kent Snyder passed away over the weekend due to pneumonia. He was 49.

 I met Kent while working for the RP campaign in Iowa. A good and decent man, it was knowledge of Ron’s support on the internet that made him convince Dr. Paul to run for president when the latter was reluctant to do so.

So much has changed because Kent. Without him there would have been no campaign, probably no Bob Barr as LP nominee and the CP could very well have been stuck with Alan Keyes (perish the thought)  and no Ron Paul Republicans running for Congress. We owe him a great debt of gratitude.

All of us at CHT offer our condolences to Kent’s surviving relatives and all those who knew Kent and will take his loss very hard.

Canada Has Completely Gone Off the Deap End

Canada has an anti-”hate” speech law. Read this about an American Christian ministry that was invited to a Canadian Church to speak. Make sure you read the summary of the phone conversation they had with the Alberta Right Think Commission … err … I mean the Alberta Human Rights Commission. This is scary stuff. This law must make Heidi and the SPLC green with envy. Could such a law be far behind in the US?

HT to Takimag.

Heidi Beirich receives well-earned promotion at SPLC

With today’s release of “Behind the Veil,” a video exposé of the “anti-immigrant” movement, Heidi Beirich rises from her role of the Torquemada of the Southern Poverty Law Center to its Leni Riefenstahl.

As the publicity release for the video announces:

In the video, Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)—the nation’s premier monitor of hate groups—discusses SPLC’s research on organizations such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), NumbersUSA, and the Social Contract Press.

In the Riefenstahl tradition, Beirich draws the viewer into the video’s movement and message with an alluring grace that can only be described as Beirichy. I found myself utterly bewitched, and totally convinced by the video’s subtle and well-researched political message: Immigrants are good, and restrictionists are evil.

Produced by La Raza (translation: “Das Volk,” ) the video reveals that those who would stop the uncontrolled human flood across our borders may pretend to care about security, and upholding Federal law, but are actually violent racist extremists who should be mercilessly hounded, arrested, tortured, and forced to attend sensitivity classes:

On the one hand,” says Beirich, “the anti-immigrant system is based on pandering to the extremists that you know will join your ranks, back you, fund you, and attend your events. On the other hand, it tries to use groups like FAIR to present a more moderate face that seems disconnected from these folks, but really at the end of the day, isn’t.”

Congratulations, Heidi! Leni would be proud.

Come to the League of the South Summer Institute

The League of the South Summer Institute is 12 July. Get details here.

Dr. Clyde Wilson, Dr. Brion McClanahan, Ray McBerry, and Dr. David Aiken will speak on Southern Heroes; Lessons for Today. The Saturday program will last from 8:00 to 5:30.

There will be a “dutch” Supper program on Friday night for anyone wishing to attend it. We will meet in a reserved room at Ryan’s Restaurant (near the convention motel) at 7:00pm. Dr. David Aiken will give a talk on “Lost War Poetry” after supper.

Readers in the Southeast and beyond should consider attending.

Pro-Amnesty Republican Cannon Defeated!

This is AWESOME news. Below is the text of an e-mail on the subject.

Friends of ALIPAC,

We have some great news to report from the battle front!

Notorious amnesty supporter and Open Borders fanatic, Chris Cannon has been ousted from Congress.

Our movement has been after him for the last four years because of his support for the Bush/McCain/Kennedy Amnesty legislation. Today is a good day.

Continue reading

Additional Opportunity to See Judge Roy Moore in Atlanta Area This Weekend

We are pleased to announce that Judge Roy Moore will be speaking at
Fortified Hills Baptist Church this Sunday, June 29, at the 9:15am and
10:45am services.  Judge Moore has a powerful message:

God and America, Past and Present: Can we save our Nation?

This is an important message all Christians need to hear, and apply
for God’s glory, and to the benefit of our posterity.  Fortified Hills
Baptist Church is located in the NW Atlanta metro area.

More information can be found at:

George Carlin and Ron Paul

George Carlin’s recent death got me thinking. You know its interesting, Carlin and Ron Paul are the same age, same generation. Both started out pretty conventional people but were persons I think with a strong desire to break out on their own and be their own man and rebel against the conventional wisdom. Thus Carlin became a countercultural figure even though he was a lot older than most hippies while Ron spoke in favor of Austrian economics when Keneyisan models dominated.

Carlin would have amade a great socialoigist, because he’s very good at obeserving people. And he’s a great linguist in his study words and there misuses. If he has fewer fans today then in the past it was due to a vicious mean-streak/grouchy old man/crank he was starting to become in his later years.

An George was able to provide us with some keen economic insight that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to learn at Wharton or Harvard Biz: The pursuit of American life is obtain more stuff as we seen in this routine from You Tube. Once you understand this, you understand contemporary economics.

Here’s a couple links to some comedy routines you might find interesting from a conservative point of view on You Tube. There’s one on “Saving the Planet” and “Language”.

Feel free to avoid these if you don’t like to listen to a sailor’s discourse.

Chuck Baldwin to be at Ron Paul Revolutionary March

According to Third Party Watch, Rev. Chuck Baldwin will be one of the speakers at Ron Paul’s Revolutionary March in washington next month:

“Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, is a featured speaker along with Ron Paul at the Revolution March to be held July 12 in Washington, D.C. The march will start on the northeast lawn of the Washington Monument at 10:30 am (assembly starts at 9:30 am) and goes to the west side of Capitol Hill, where the rally begins at 11:00 am.

The march is being sponsored by Ron Paul supporters. Paul has not endorsed any candidate in the presidential race.

This is a very smart move on Baldwin’s part. Being a speaker at the march exposes him to wider audience of Paul activists that can  join his campaign and CP.

Althought victory is always the main objectives, modest goals (which would victories in themselves) would be get more votes than any CP candidate before him, expand the number of members, and make inroads not just the Paul community but also in the larger Christian communty to break the neocons evil spell over them. 

 Also, Chuck Baldwin’s national campaign HQ will be in Grand Rapids, Mich. according to IPR.

Hoppe Says We Need Intellectual Anti-Intellectuals

Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe has always been one of the more conservative of the anarcho-capitalists. I am not an anarcho-capitalist, and I have my disagreements with the latter parts of this essay, but his assessment of the state monopoly of intellectuals is right on.

“… how can one persuade the majority of the population to believe this? The answer is: only with the help of intellectuals.

How do you get the intellectuals to work for you? To this the answer is easy. The market demand for intellectual services is not exactly high and stable. Intellectuals would be at the mercy of the fleeting values of the masses, and the masses are uninterested in intellectual-philosophical concerns. The state, on the other hand, can accommodate the intellectuals’ typically over-inflated egos and offer them a warm, secure, and permanent berth in its apparatus.

However, it is not sufficient that you employ just some intellectuals. You must essentially employ them all, even the ones who work in areas far removed from those that you are primarily concerned with: that is philosophy, the social sciences and the humanities. For even intellectuals working in mathematics or the natural sciences, for instance, can obviously think for themselves and so become potentially dangerous. It is thus important that you secure also their loyalty to the state. Put differently: you must become a monopolist. And this is best achieved if all educational institutions, from kindergarten to universities, are brought under state control and all teaching and researching personnel is state-certified.

… Has the work of the intellectuals paid off for the state? I would think so. If asked whether the institution of a state is necessary, I do not think it is exaggerated to say that 99 percent of all people would unhesitatingly say yes. And yet, this success rests on rather shaky grounds, and the entire statist edifice can be brought down if only the work of the intellectuals is countered by the work of intellectual anti-intellectuals, as I like to call them.” emphasis mine

We need intellectual anti-intellectuals inside and outside the system. Outside the system takes donors and/or a patron or patrons. Inside the system is another matter.

* I think paleoconservatives and anarcho-capitalist can agree on opposition to the modern (post French Revolution) state. We can also agree that Hobbes and his conceptualization of the state is a problem.

Stop the War with Iran Bill

This Bill is making its way through Congress. More belligerence against Iran. I guess one unjust, unnecessary and unconstitutional quagmire is not enough for some people.

Call your Senators and Representative. My suggestion is to identify yourself as a non-interventionist CONSERVATIVE to distinguish your protest from the protests of the left. If you are a Republican, emphasize that.

Dobson vs. Obama

Dobson and Obama are having a public spat. I guess Dobson is not an Obamacon. Dobson still maintains he will not vote for McCain. Good for him.

Dobson has not backed off his statement that he could not in good conscience vote for McCain because of concerns over the Arizona senator’s conservative credentials. Dobson has said he will vote in November but has suggested he might not vote for president.

I wish he would endorse Baldwin. It makes absolutely no sense to not vote instead of voting for Baldwin.