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Chuck Baldwin to Officially Kick Off Campaign

Grand Rapids, MI- June 21, 2008: The Constitution Party, the largest third party based on voter registration (Ballot Access News) announces the official launch of the presidential campaign of the party’s nominee Chuck Baldwin. (

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, at 5500 Division SE, the campaign officially begins on Tuesday, June 24th at 5:30 pm with a family-friendly catered dinner and activities for children. The event is free and open to the public.

Baldwin will address an earlier forum sponsored by the Family Rights Coalition of Michigan , June 23rd at 7:00 pm at Oakland County Commissioner’s Auditorium, 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac, in the Oakland County Complex . The topic will be: Health care Policy and Family Breakdown.

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Neoconservatism: America’s Tradition?

Here’s my latest theory: the lower public support falls for Bush’s costly and counter-productive military adventures, the more other-worldly his dwindling supporters turn.

How else to explain Robert Kagan’s latest agitprop entitled “Neocon Nation: Neoconservatism, c. 1776.” Your fingers will fall out of their sockets googling the web trying to find a more dishonest distortion of American history (unless you look here first). Kagan’s piece could only find traction in an age when more that half of American high school students think British General Cornwallis surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Yorktown. As the title of Kagan’s piece proclaims, Neoconservatism is really THE American way of governance – and the foundations of this ideology of an interventionist, highly-centralized government backed by a massive, aggressive military were laid at the founding of our Republic. Continue reading

Confidence in Congress: Lowest Ever for Any U.S. Institution

We didn’t really need a scientific poll to tell us this:

Gallup’s annual update on confidence in institutions finds just 12% of Americans expressing confidence in Congress, the lowest of the 16 institutions tested this year, and the worst rating Gallup has measured for any institution in the 35-year history of this question.

But other conclusions from the same poll reveal surprising trends that raise disturbing questions: Continue reading

Man kills neighbor he suspected of plotting terrorism

Don’t dismiss this story of a man gunning down his neighbor while the victim grilled supper as the actions of a madman.

The accused was perfectly justified in his actions. And I’ll prove it.

Rene Stermole acted in pre-emptive self-defense, and he had good reasons to believe his neighbor was out to get him:

Stermole said he believed Wright was a member of the El Rukn street gang, as well as a terrorist. Stermole believed Wright wanted to kill him and believed Wright had repeatedly threatened to kill him.

These beliefs were not figments of an over-active imagination, but based on an actual attack on Stermole:

He had seen two African-American men that he believed were El Rukn gangsters hanging out in a threatening manner near a bus stop. One of the men looked like a guy that had beaten him up in 1986. He drove past another African-American man whom he believed reached into his coat in a threatening way.

Let’s not forget that America was also attacked on 9/11. And our glorious leaders assured us Iraq was involved — somehow — with that attack. Some of the 9/11 terrorists even looked like many people from Iraq.

Let’s also remember that after 9/11, the Federal government launched Operation TIPS (for “Terrorism Information and Prevention Service”) to encourage Americans to alert the FBI if they suspected their neighbors of terrorist activities or sympathies. The program was even expanded to include 10,000 truck drivers to watch the roads for pro-terrorist drivers. So Mr. Stermole was simply acting the way his government had encouraged him to act — fear everyone around you, and shoot first if you think there’s even a 1 percent chance they’re going to harm you. You can always ask questions later.

Which is exactly what he did:

As Stermole pulled into his alley, he stopped his car near Wright, who was in or near his own backyard, pulled out a camera and photographed him.

In the picture, Wright’s arms are spread out in a gesture of apparent disbelief. He is holding a bag of garbage and some cooking utensils. He is wearing a polo shirt, shorts and sneakers.

Stermole told the jury that he interpreted the gesture as an invitation to a gunfight. He believed Wright was wearing a bulletproof vest, was packing two handguns and had a sniper backing him up.

Just because the neighbor didn’t have those weapons doesn’t prove that he couldn’t have. No doubt he had the capacity to possess such weapons, so Stermole was clearly justified in his actions. He was only protecting himself and his mother.

And if you don’t agree, you’re just an American-hating Moonbat.

Bells returned to Danilov Monastary in Moscow

Here a wonderful story about a set of historic and holy bells for the Danilov Monastary in Moscow, the home of Patriarch Alexi II of the Most Holy Russian Orthodox Church, will be returned from the U.S. to Russia. The bells were saved from being melted down by Stalin’s Communist monsters because the cynical bastards were desperate for money so an American philanthropist bought them and kept them safe at Harvard where they rang for 70 years.

Who has a “September 10th” mentality?

Obama does, that’s who! At least, according to the McCain camp:

“Senator Obama is a perfect manifestation of a September 10th mindset. He brings the attitude, the failures of judgment, the weakness and the misunderstanding of the nature of our adversary and the dangers posed by them to a series of policy positions,” said Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s senior foreign policy adviser.

No, yelp the Obamaites  — McCain is the one with the pre-9/11 mindset:

The Obama camp responded to the criticism on Tuesday afternoon in a conference call of its own featuring Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. Kerry blasted McCain for embracing an “Iraq war mindset.”

McCain “has fully embraced willfully, openly, fully embraced the failed, tragic policy of the Bush administration over the last seven and a half years. … He’s really defending a policy that is indefensible. He’s proving every day that he doesn’t understand Iraq, or the Middle East or the War on Terrorism,” Kerry said.

McCain “failed to learned the lessons of 9/11. He is the candidate of the Iraq war mindset, a mindset that completely misunderstands and dangerously underestimates the threats of the 21st century.”

The fact is, both of these big-government, interventionist candidates have the “September 10th” mindset. Both want to expand the US military and attack Iran. Which means neither learned the real lesson of 9/11: that America cannot meddle in other nations’ affairs without getting its fingers burned.

Kill ‘em all and let Bush II sort them out

I don’t know what’s worse, the delusional neocon or the bloody thirsty nationalist. If you wish to see a portrait of the kind of fellow who wants to “Nuke ‘Em” and then gets pissed when you don’t share his enthusiasm for destruction, check out this debate at myself (Sean Scallon) and Red Phillips have been engaged in with blogger Christopher Roach.

Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3

Some articles for your consideration

And we have quite a few of them (you become popular, you get submissions):

 From the Economy in Crisis website we have “Abu Dhabi plans to buy Chrysler Building.” and we have “Mortgage Delinquincies Rise 62 percent in the First Quarter” and finally we have “Powerful Congressmen look to block Airbus deal.”

From Frosty Wooldridge we have “California leads our Crisis”  and “Our Troubled Country: Importing Poverty”

And from Doug Newman: “Will Churches be our next Gun-Free Zone?”

And from the Rev. Chuck Baldwin: “The Perfect Gift for Independence Day”

Is Bush Becoming a Catholic?

Maybe, according to this story.

I’m not sure the Catholics would want him.

Bush’s Faith has always been a bit of an enigma. He is popularly perceived as a conservative evangelical, and he does claim a conversion experience, but since his conversion he has generally attended moderate Methodist churches, and he seldom attends church in office.

He has made many statements that are very theologically problematic from a Christian standpoint. For example, that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. If Bush does convert to Catholicism, to me it would indicate more that he is theologically adrift than that he has found a home.

Neocons form a circle and fire

It’s no wonder Neocons want to ditch the name “Neocon,” which is now forever associated with creeping totalitarianism, mind-boggling duplicity, and failed wars. But even if these war criminals and traitors do adopt a new alias, they can’t escape the fate of all radical ideologues, and that is the inevitable blowback when their revolution eats its own. Well, the crunching and screaming have begun. Here’s the long version, and here’s the short one — but notice that both are by long-time war supporters:

Following a post called “White Supremacists for Obama,” the predictable member thread discussed all the Neo-Nazis, Klan and white supremacists on the Right. …

Among the names of the white supremacists and fascists thrown out were, among others, Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, Gordon Lee Baum and Lawrence Auster. Some of these names are certainly suspect, but Lawrence Auster? The thread quickly focused on Auster when some LGF lizards dared defend him.

Ten or twelve LGF members had their accounts promptly terminated for disagreeing with the group over Auster’s alleged fascism. If you disagree that someone is a fascist, it is proof that you too are a fascist, or so CJ seems to think.

As one of the more irritating war bloggers would say, “Sweet!”

What makes it even sweeter is that the purge was sparked by yet another of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s breathless reports on the imminent neo-Nazi takeover of America — to be accomplished, believe it or not, through the election of Barack Hussein Obama.


Anyway, as we’ve noted before, the SPLC makes a pretty bundle demonizing opponents of DC’s power-grabs. If you object to affirmative action or open borders, you’re racist. Similarly, Neocon war bloggers insist that if you object to DC’s glorious liberation of Iraq, you’re anti-American, isolationist, and probably anti-Semitic. Condi Rice fused these two notions when she compared the US occupation of Iraq with the Civil Rights movement. Since the League of the South consistently denounces DC’s unconstitutional power grabs at home and abroad, we’ve been called every name in the book, especially by angry Neocons, who often rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fear-mongering reports to de-legitimize us.

Now they’ve been hoisted by their own petard. It’s almost like Christian Karma: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Sweet indeed.

Neocons no more?

What does a criminal do when he’s about to be caught?

For one thing, he quits using his old alias. With approval ratings for Bush and his disastrous war dropping faster than the value of the dollar, British Neocon Douglas Murray advises his Yankee co-conspirators to do just that:

For left and right, neoconservatism has laid down the case which needs answering. Ideologically it has few competitors and there is no school that unifies people from such a wide range of the political spectrum. That said, we might have to avoid flaunting the term around for a while. There’s no doubt that the willful misrepresentations and misunderstanding of what neoconservatism is, as well as the desire to pin the strategic mistakes made in Iraq on the neocons have combined to blacken the term.

Yeah, it’s SOOO unfair when you get blamed for the things you’re responsible for.

So who’s misrepresenting Neoconism? Well, Conservative Heritage Times for one, at least according to the author of this pro-war, pro-big government, Neocon (but I repeat myself) blog:

Willfull (and unknowledgable) misreps like old War Between the States Confauxderates [??!!??] that are flat out scared to death of long dead bolsheviks, or blatant daydream deceivers – even drive by players who are totally bass ackwards in the intelligentsia biz.

If you have the stomach for it, check out that site. It celebrates — no, wallows in — the most bizarre perversion imaginable, ballistophilia, and does so with what has to be the most irritating, cloying patter in the entire WWW:

“Crunk! Safe as milk! Sweet! Love it to death!”

I may vomit.

But it’s good to see the Neocons sweating, and so worried, they’re planning their escapes. As Monty Burns would say, it’s time to release the hounds.