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Orson Scott Card versus the Neocons?

As satisfying as it was to see the grass roots war supporters reject McCain for his pro-amnesty stance, this latest opinion piece by author and commentator Orson Scott Card trumps even that delicious moment of I-told-you-so. Card is mad as hell at the triumph of the “gay” agenda — so mad, he even preaches what would once be called sedition by his fellow war supporters: Continue reading

Thomas Fleming Tells it Like it Is About Obama!

Get a load of this essay at ChroniclesMagazine(dot)org. One thing you can say about Dr. Fleming, he sure tells it like it is. I guess it is a sad commentary on our emasculated, PCfied culture, that telling it like it is is a remarkable quality.

Jeremiah Wright not only hates Whites, he does not even pretend he doesn’t. Imagine the SPLC in a parallel case, if it found out that Pat Buchanan regarded the comparatively mild David Duke as his mentor. The DNC and the media can tell any lies they like, but they cannot change the fact that the Democratic presidential candidate hates Whites, including the members of his mother’s family who showed him every kindness. Compared with the average self-proclaimed white bigot who says he loves his ancestors, Obama is one sick and sorry excuse for a human being.

Some articles for your consideration….

Chuck Baldwin’s latest: “America’s Greatest Threat”

Frosty Wooldridge’s latest: “America is Approaching a Human Katrina

Amconmag cover piece for this month’s issue is a good one “The Anthrax Files”

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic explains the updated score in the Caucus crisis over at Chronicles

And I’ll throw in a good article by Gene Heleay of Reason on the Cult of the Presidency.

A lot of things, a lot of events seem to be happening all at once, especially in my neck of the woods like the Great American Walk for Freedom which is crossing Wisconsin until it reaches the Twin Cities by the date of the RNC, Ronstock 08 and the Rally for the Republic. You’ll see that Sara Evans is the headliner for the Rally on Sept. at the Target Center. I guess the event has become so big it’s an all-day event. Just looking at my schedule I’ll probably have time to do Ron Paul Nation Celebration on Labor Day and then rally on Sept. 2.

If anyone here’s is heading to the Twin Cities let me know and we can hook up.

Incorporation v. Interposition (Part 1 of 2): The False Doctrine of Incorporation: Its Fatal Attraction & Deadly Addiction!

by Jay Madison

“But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government.” — Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

The American Bar Association published Federalism: Reconciling National Values with States’ Rights and Local Control in the 21st Century in the Spring of 2001.[1] Dr. Michael Greve, John G. Searle Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute,[2] made the following observation and prediction during that symposium:

“A constitutional principle without an actual constituency to back it up will soon crumble. I also agree that conservative constituencies with a nominal interest in federalism have been very inconsistent. I suspect that the arrival of the Bush administration will exacerbate that tendency.”

Continue reading

Is the “conservative movement” worth conserving?

Austin Bramwell asks the question and a lot more on that most so-called “movement conservatives” won’t ask themselves.

To me, there is no “conservative movement” any more. It’s long since passed away. Movements are organic and happen spontaneously. Like Ron Paul’s. No such thing exists in conservatism today.

 But there is a conservative establishment, as we all well know….

The men behind the scenes

Robert Higgs wrote a very informative article on Lew the other day about powerful people who like work behind the scene and often bend Presidents to their will (Dick Cheney anyone?). Higgs focuses on Col. Edward House who was the power behind the throne in the Wilson Administration and did much to create the world of the 20th Century.

Chinese Neoconservatives?

An absolutely fascinating article from The New Yorker about a group of young Chinese intellectuals.

Yes, yes, I know every and all sarcastic crack about The New Yorker in advance. But they do have some interesting pieces. This one seems fairly neutral to me — just a good, lively, and informative bit of journalism.

An excerpt:

In their years together, Wan watched Tang fall in with a group of students devoted to a charismatic thirty-nine-year-old Fudan philosophy professor named Ding Yun. He is a translator of Leo Strauss, the political philosopher whose admirers include Harvey Mansfield and other neoconservatives. A Strauss student, Abram Shulsky, who co-authored a 1999 essay titled “Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence (By Which We Do Not Mean Nous),” ran the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans before the invasion of Iraq. Since then, other Strauss disciples have vigorously ridiculed suggestions of a connection between Strauss’s thought and Bush-era foreign policy.

I saw Mansfield in Shanghai in May, during his first visit to China, at a dinner with a small group of conservative scholars. He was wearing a honey-colored panama and was in good spirits, though he seemed a bit puzzled by all the fuss they were making about him. His first question to the table: “Why would Chinese scholars be interested in Leo Strauss?”

Professor Ding teaches a Straussian regard for the universality of the classics and encourages his students to revive ancient Chinese thought.

Read more…

More on the California AIP Baldwin vs. Keyes Struggle. (BTW, Keyes is Broke.)

It’s going to court. Below is a post from Bill Lussenheide explaining Keyes’ financial situation.

Don’t expect much from our friend Alan Keyes, now or in the future. His campaign is totally broke, and had only $2,461 on hand as of June 30th. He OWES more than $15,900, so actually, his campaign has a NEGATIVE NET WORTH! There is still debt leftover from his 2004 campaign.

His grassroots organization was unable to get him on the ballot of any state and was dismal in its efforts to petition etc. The only state that he got on was Colorado, which lets anyone run for a very small fee, $750, without any nomination signatures.

With fewer than 90 days until election, they do not even have a rudimentary mediocre campaign website that is much beyond “under construction”. Other than snaring 3 exiting disgruntled California officers in the AIP, Keyes has shown himself and his movement to be a complete and utter, impotent and bankrupt failure. The overwhelming majority of the AIP’s officers and membership support Chuck Baldwin.

Do not imagine that Keyes will develop a groundswell of a new party that has any potential. Keyes and his so called party movement are at the door of oblivion even as you read this. No matter what the current situation holds, the future for our party in California in any meaningful sense is with the growing and dynamic Constitution Party.

Below are the official campaign financial records of Alan Keyes as of June 30th, 2008 as found on the Federal Election Commission Website. Read for yourself the sad shape of affairs for Mr. Keyes.

Presented by the Federal Election Commission – 2007-2008 Cycle

Total Receipts: $244,155
Transfers From Authorized Committees: $0
Individual Contributions: $244,155
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees: $0
Contributions from Party Committees $0
Candidate Contribution: $0
Candidate Loans: $0
Other Loans: $0

Total Disbursements: $261,574
Transfers to Authorized Committees: $0
Individual Refunds: $0
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds: $0
Candidate Loan Repayments: $0
Other Loan Repayments: $0

Beginning Cash: $19,881
Latest Cash On Hand: $2,461
Debts Owed By: $15,909

Through: 06/30/2008

What’s Sauce for the Goose…

Over at Touchstone Magazine, S.M. Hutchens makes a good point when he criticizes liberal Christians who attempt to water down C.S. Lewis:

“Among those who wish to have their cake and eat it too–to be admired among progressives as smart and among traditionalists as orthodox — a revised C.S. Lewis appears to have been born…”

I can certainly agree with Mr. Hutchens, in that the “opinions of Lewis are clear to anyone who knows his work”, and those opinions certainly don’t include enthusiasm for either feminism or egalitarianism. To be honest, I was rather surprised that anybody had made such a preposterous suggestion.

But …. the 800-lb gorilla-of-irony raised when I read the words “wish to have their cake and eat it too” is neoconservatism.

Continue reading

Christian killer

The blood of the Orthodox on both sides is on the hands and the head of the neocon lackey Mikhail Saakhasvili for starting a needless war over South Ossetia. May God have mercy on his soul for the hell has already caused.

Why is it the Georgians and Ossetians living side by side in their villages get along fine but the politicians can’t? Is it because it’s the politicians that cause the bloodshed to begin with. Let’s hopes this ends quickly. 

Chuck Baldwin’s next money bomb

The newest Chuck Baldwin moneybomb, and probably the most popular yet, is the “No New World Order Moneybomb”. This was conceived and designed by Eric Nordstrom. Nordstrom, a former Ron Paul-activist and original proprietor of the “Ron Paul Moneybomb“, is hoping to raise Chuck Baldwin a large amount of money by appealing to people who oppose “the new world order”.

News flash: Ed Sebesta hates the South

We haven’t blogged on Edward Sebesta, the Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Junior G-Man Division, in some time. The reason is that he continues to whip out his masterpieces at a pace that can only be described as — glacial. I suppose it’s the anticipation that whets readers’ appetites for his masterpieces, such as this shot at Charleston City Paper’s Southern Avenger, with the dyslexic title, Is Southern Avenger called me politically incorrect? [sic]

So whatever Sebesta does in the long stretches between his blog posts, it obviously doesn’t include proof reading. Continue reading

Should Bush go to China? Discuss.

Patroon has already remarked on this. Chuck Baldwin says no. Lawrence Vance disagrees.

See the discussions at Independent Political Report and Third Party Watch.

I think I agree more with Vance. Here is what I wrote at IPR. 

I disagree with Baldwin on this. As non-interventionists, we need to discourage the idea that normal diplomatic relations equals some sort of moral approval.

Bush appearing at the opening ceremonies does not constitute approval or endorsement of China’s policies.

I think I’m beginning to sense a pattern here

The Politico reports today that Ron Suskind’s new book on the Bush II Administration will alledge that the Administration tried to have a letter forged in order to prove an Iraq-Al Qaeda link.

Is someone noticing all these attempts to manufacture causes bellis? Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthly’s blog, is certainly one:

“The White House, of course, adamantly denies Suskind’s story. Coincidentally, though, the Daily News reports that the FBI received similar treatment after the 2001 anthrax attacks:

“In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks, White House officials repeatedly pressed FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove it was a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda….Mueller was “beaten up” during President Bush’s morning intelligence briefings for not producing proof the killer spores were the handiwork of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden, according to a former aide. “They really wanted to blame somebody in the Middle East,” the retired senior FBI official told The News.”

Add to this the uncontested fact that George Bush once mused to Tony Blair about flying fake UN planes over Iraq to try and create a pretext for war, as well as Seymour Hersh’s revelation that Dick Cheney recently discussed similar kinds of schemes to foment war with Iran. Maybe it’s coincidence. Maybe all these sources are just making stuff up. Maybe. But that’s a helluva similar pattern of allegations, isn’t it?