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Non Quebec Libre’?

If Charles DeGaulle help to begin the modern Quebec secession movement with his Vive Quebec Libre! speech in Montreal in 1967, current French president Nicholas Sarkozy may very well have ended it recently with a speech at a Francophone world conference in Quebec City when he came out in favor of Canadian unity. Usually French politicians in the past since DeGaulle have taken a sympathetic but hands off approach to Quebec, but Sarkozy has broken the mold there not only in his comments but in what they mean, that even the mother country would prefer a united Canada. Now the sovereigntists are basically left to fight over the interpretation which they are already doing, with many considering Sarkozy a modern day Louis XV, the French monarch that abandoned Quebec to the British in 1762.

Support for independence in the province has decline steadily since 1995 when the Quebec came within 50,000 votes for being independent. This may very well hasten the deluge.

Ron Paul in 2012? – Dare We Dream?

Ron Paul in 2012? Dare we dream? The buzz is coming from a surprising source. This article from leftist Internet magazine Salon speculates that Paul’s anti-Fed, pro-gold message might sell better in four years given the current economic crisis, a crisis he nearly alone in Washington has been predicting.

Ron Paul appeared on CNN’s “American Morning” on Friday, pushing the same apocalyptic message he served up during the Republican primaries, with one difference. His prediction of doom makes a heck of a lot more sense now than it did then.

“This system that we’ve had since 1971 is nonviable,” he said, “and it’s coming to an end.”

Amen. He can say that again. But is there anything to a potential Paul 2012 candidacy? Well this statement from Paul is what has Andrew Leonard of Salon teasing us.

But right now there’s a fight going on in this country. Our numbers are growing. We’re not the majority, but our numbers are growing. And as this situation deteriorates, more people are going to say, “Hey, maybe it’s right. Maybe limited government and freedom works. Maybe freedom is popular, and maybe freedom really works.” And this idea that we have to depend on government for all these programs is an illusion.

Personally, I think Leonard may be reading more into that statement than Paul intended. Let’s not forget, Paul will be 77 in 2012. While Paul is reportedly a nearly pathological exerciser, another grueling campaign may be too much to ask of even the healthiest 77 year old.

The Ron Paul presidential campaign morphed into the extra-partisan Campaign for Liberty. It seems likely that Paul had his Campaign for Liberty or the “freedom movement” in general in mind when he made the statement above instead of another personal run. But as the current house of cards economic system continues to implode, who knows? Maybe by 2012 America will be ready for the harsh medicine of fiscal responsibility that Dr. Paul is prescribing.

You can’t blame a man for dreaming, can you? I hope Paul takes it easy on those chocolate chip cookies. His country needs him healthy and ready in 2012.

Hat tip to Lew Rockwell.

New Websites Say Both Obama and McCain Stink!

Editor’s Note: Both Obama and McCain Stink. I couldn’t agree more.

A Rasmussen Poll said that almost half of all voters were not happy
with their Presidential candidate choices, just before Hillary Clinton
dropped out of the race and now a new website offers yard signs, buttons,
bumper stickers, and clothing that states “Both Obama and McCain stink/suck!”

“I do not like either of the top Presidential candidates and I know
that a large number of Americans agree with me on this,” said William
Gheen the founder of the new sites and host of the Last Americans Standing
radio show. “I’m sick of the lesser of two evils game and regret that
we have to pick between two poor candidates who are both DC insiders
during this time of national crisis.”

The new websites found at and gives American voters a way to express their dismay over the 2008 Presidential elections.

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Bailey Park or Potter’s slums, hmmm….tough decision

Patrick Deehnan wrote an article on the TAC blog talking about a Washington Post column written by Ross Douthat on the pros and cons of Bailey Park, the fictional suburbia of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Given the movie’s prominence in our culture, especially around Christmas time, and the current housing crisis, don’t be suprised to see more articles which take a more nuanced and critical role of Bailey Park and I too have written such an article as well.

Let me offer a qualified defense of Bailey Park. Back then, no one had come up with the term “suburbia” or had any idea of what it would mean culturally and envionmentally. The slums of Pottersfield probably (and this is just a guess) were worker’s housing built by an industrialist like Henry Potter (because that’s how he would have gotten so rich back then, building things not packaging mortgage derivatives). Other industrialists did the same. Kohler, Wisconsin is a company town as is West Allis, Wisconsin (Home of the old Allis-Chalmers tractor factory), A.O. Smith in Milwaukee built a neighborhoods next to its massive plant, as did the Pullman Car Company in Chicago. Up on the Iron Range in Minnesota the mining companies helped building housing for their workers too.

Potter let the rental homes get run down because there was no alternative to them for those of the working class and he could charge whatever he wanted. There was no incentive for him to fix them up. Then the Bailey Building and Loan comes along and offers to build, not run down shacks, but actual decent homes for the working man and the citizens of Bedford Falls flock to them as any human being would. Who the hell cares what impact the car culture might have in the future, I’ve got running water! It wasn’t a tough choice.

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Our friend Michael Chertoff?

It may seem strange but as Joe Guzzardi points out in this article the immigration debate not only prevented amnesty from taking place, but it may very well have pushed the new ICE to start do something about illegals in order to at least keep a moratorium on all immigration from taking place. When was the last time you saw the Feds go after employers and punish them instead of just the mirgas?

“Far”-Right Austrian Leader Joerg Haider Dies In Auto Wreck

Details here.

Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider, a charismatic populist who helped thrust anti-immigrant politics into the European mainstream, was killed in a car accident on Saturday.

Haider, 58, who led the right into a coalition government from 2000 to 2006, polarized Austria and drew international condemnation with his anti-foreigner outbursts and for appearing to endorse some Nazi policies.

Last month, after years of retreat into provincial politics, he helped engineer a surge of Austria’s far right to about 30 percent of the vote in a parliamentary election, mining discontent over feuding mainstream governing parties, inflation and immigration.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

The Coming Collapse

By Roderick T. Beaman, D.O.

I have been predicting martial law in the United States by 2011 for a number of years. Someone once challenged me on the basis for the prediction and it turned out that he was factually correct but I’ve stuck with the prediction for a number of other reasons.

Predictions are always a problem for the predictor (if that’s a word), in that if you’re incorrect, that does it for your future credibility. Of course, as, I think it was Samuel Johnson, said about a hanging, nothing concentrates the mind so much as the prospect of one. As 2011 has gotten closer, I’ve wavered every so often because of that but decided to stick with it.

One of the reasons I’ve concluded this is the burgeoning secessionist movement in this country. There are movements afoot most prominently in Vermont but also among the Lakota Sioux, in Alaska, Hawaii, South Carolina and Staten Island wants to secede from New York City which in turn wants to secede from New York State. There are many others. Just do a Google and you’ll find more than just a few.

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Can Vermont break free of Obama?

Arguing for Vermont secession was easy with a Texan like Bush II in the White House, the anti of everything Vermont was about. But Barak Obama is expected to carry the state easily this fall and the Vermont Secession Movement will then face its biggest test, whether they can maintain or expand upon the support it has right now among 13% of all Vermonters in the face of a President who many Vermonters will probably support. This article in Culture 11 explores this question.

Gun Owners of America on the Presidential Candidates

Now that the NRA has sold out its principles for the sake of political expediency, Second Amendment supporters can still look to Gun Owners of America (GOA), the “only no-compromise gun lobby,”* for guidance.

GOA does not endorse Presidential candidates, but here is their take on Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, and John McCain.

You be the judge.

* According to Rep. Ron Paul.

Some articles for your consideration

Rod Dreher addresses populism, class warfare and the Republican Party, three things that have been highlighted greatly in this election.

 Doug Newman’s latest: “An Election Day Sermon I Would Like to Preach

While Obama the symbol may be a radical one for radical, Obama the man will be a quite conventional and might I dare say…conservative figure as Justin Raimondo points out Obama’s establishment ties in this Takimag article.

I found this website I thought might be interesting, “Red State Rebels”, Red State liberals of course but one’s that might take a decentralist, anti-Washington line. 

Reaction to TAC article

The TAC article I did on Sarah Palin’s former ties to the Buchanan Brigades has been spread far and wide across the blogsphere from Jim Antle’s blog at the American Spectator to Reason’s Hit and Run blog.

Jim asked an interesting question in his blog post I would love to have a discussion on:

The one question I wished he’d explored is whether there is anything paleos themselves could do to influence conservatism and appeal to the voters who have gone from Buchanan to Bush. The last few years have shown were wrong to romanticize “Middle American Radicals.” Dismissing them as red-state fascists may also prove a mistake.”

Is the base that was exciting by Palin’s selection still worth cultivating or do conservatives need to go in a new direction, say from MARs to young Paulians?