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Update: Rumors Prove True. NRA Endorses McCain and Disses Board Member Barr

The rumored NRA endorsement of John McCain has indeed happened. This is astounding. McCain has a long history of being squishy soft on Second Amendment issues. This is a blatant thumb in the eye of the NRA’s own Board member Bob Barr.

The NRA rates Barr, one of their own board members, with an A+ rating. McCain has earned a C+ rating by the same organization.

McCain’s disdain of the Second Amendment has earned the ire of virtually every gun rights organization in the country.

This is clearly a case of the NRA putting party and pragmatic politics above principle.

When $85 billion just isn’t enough anymore

It shows how much the value of the dollar has tanked when insurance giant AIG has apparently blown through the $85 billion it said it needed to reamin solvent. Now the Feds are putting another $37 billion in petty cash in AIG’s drawer.

 Oh, and here’s what AIG execs are doing with your money.

Of course, when you know you’re special and can get away with anything, it’s human nature to be brazen I guess. And since we all know that the reason AIG was bailed out while other banks and financial institutions (Wachovia, Bear Stears, Lehman Brothers, IndyMac) were either left to die or being taken over and liquated by the FDIC, is none of them were in hock to Goldman Sachs for $25 billion.

And did I mention the Treasury Secretary used to run Goldman Sachs. And did I mention again he’s hiring Goldman Sachs flunkies to head the new federal agencies designed to buy up worthless assests?

 I must have been sleeping but someone please tell me when did the Goldman Sachs coup de tat take place?

NRA to Stab Barr and Baldwin in the Back?

Third Party Watch is reporting via American Spectator that the NRA may endorse John McCain today. This is surprising to many who follow gun issues closely because McCain is notoriously weak on the Second Amendment. It had previously been assumed that the NRA would sit this Presidential election out.

This would be a real slap in the face of Libertarian nominee Bob Barr and Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin. Both are much stauncher defenders of the Second Amendment than is McCain. A McCain endorsement would be an especially cruel betrayal of Barr who has been on the NRA Board of Directors.

This is another example of why supporters of gun rights should instead support Gun Owners of America, the “no compromise” gun lobby. Here is GOA’s take on McCain’s sorry Second Amendment record.  

Secession of the mind

A new secession movement is brewing in northern California and southern Oregon, calling itself the state of Jefferson. What’s interesting about it is that it’s not just a computer movement. If you read this article, you find that many people living in this area the size of Wales already refer to themselves as part of “Jefferson.”  They realize they have nothing in common with SoCal or San Fran or Portland and therefore wish to be independent and on their own.

Politcal secession cannot take place without mental secession first. This is what all secession movements,  from the Second Vermont Repuiblic, to the AIP, League of the South, and native Hawaiians need to stress first andf foremost. First make people believe they are separate, and then the politics just follows naturally. 

What Hamilton Has Wrought

Here’s is America’s real “original sin” — the adoption of the British Mercantilist (or, “crony capitalist”) system which the Founders had fought a war of secession to escape. Hamiltonian political-economic principles provided the foundation for Lincoln’s counter-revolution, and explain the mess we’re in today, as economist Tom DiLorenzo argues here:

Hamilton was a compulsive statist who wanted to bring the corrupt British mercantilist system – the very system the American Revolution was fought to escape from – to America. He fought fiercely for his program of corporate welfare, protectionist tariffs, public debt, pervasive taxation, and a central bank run by politicians and their appointees out of the nation’s capital.

Jefferson and his followers opposed him every step of the way because they understood that Hamilton’s agenda was totally destructive of liberty. And unlike Hamilton, they took Adam Smith’s warnings against economic interventionism seriously.

Of course, the debate between Hamilton and Jefferson was recognized at the time as one between whether America was to be a peaceful republic or an authoritarian mercantilist state.  It was also evident that such a division could only lead to a split between the States. Jefferson himself said, “I would rather the States should withdraw which are for unlimited commerce and war, and confederate with those alone which are for peace and agriculture.”

And after the War Between the States, the winners clearly understood the real point of the war. Joseph E. Brown, the collaborationist governor of Georgia, saw the writing on the wall and proclaimed, “The Hamiltonian construction of the Constitution has been established by the sword.”

It is at the point of that sword that we, the people, stand today. And if we feel like helpless subjects forced to pay for our rulers’ corruption and incompetence, that’s why.

As Ye Have Sown…

I Don’t Believe In Atheists

by Chris Hedges

Free Press, 224 pp., $28.99

I Don’t Believe In Atheists is an effort by Chris Hedges to expand his longstanding criticism of the pro-war, pro-imperial Religious Right into a criticism of fundamentalism per se, to include the pro-war fundamentalists of the militant-atheist movement. On the plus side, the former New York Times journalist directs a strong critique toward the cult of progress, noting that our supposedly-liberating mass-culture has actually exacerbated “the insatiable demands of an all-consuming self,” leaving people “cut off, engulfed in the fruitless search to find an unachievable happiness in the things they accumulate, the experiences and products they are sold, or the careers they have built.”

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The Northern Agrarian Endorses Ralph Nader

Here’s what he says about Chuck Baldwin:

Chuck Baldwin represents ideological purity for traditionalist conservatives but is accompanied by some serious problems as well. His desire to reopen the investigation into 9/11 is an early warning sign, and further investigation reveals radical comments on 9/11 as “punishment from God for American sin” and his numerous affiliations with anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic characters in radical Baptist circles. Character counts in a candidate, and his tendency towards the support of extremist theories is enough to worry any clear-headed intellectual. Neither a political chameleon nor a radical conspiracy theorist, Ralph Nader offers a conservative alternative.

I like Nader, don’t get me wrong, but I found this surprising. Can Baldwin keep Paul’s less traditional and/or less Baptist followers?
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If the Senate is Full of Weasels, the House is Full of Rats!

In my last post I said the Senate is full of weasels for their despicable and lopsided vote for the bailout. Well the House has gone and done it also. They voted for the bailout. What a bunch of rats. The vote switchers deserve special contempt. A bill that was unconstitutional, socialistic and unwise on Monday was still all those things today. I hope the voters will not soon forget this act of treachery.

And lo and behold “conservative” (Ha!) George W. Bush has already signed this abomination before us plebes could know what hit us. I guess we couldn’t have any delay in bailing out fat cats with Federal Reserve Monopoly money.

Professor Médaille Explains the Banking Crisis


[M]any of the “assets” that the banks hold are not real assets and hence do not have real value; they are largely derivatives, that is, side bets placed on the movement of some particular market, say interest rates or housing values. Right now, everybody is knows that housing values are in the tank—and are likely to get worse—and both the mortgages and the derivatives are not worth much, and certainly not worth their nominal values.

Since the banks’ assets are not worth anything, the banks are insolvent and can’t make loans. Continue reading

McCain’s missed opportunity

Speculate if you will what would have happened if McCain joined with the majority of House Republicans in opposing the bailout and whipped the party behind him against it instead of being seen as one of its proponents all in an effort to “leadership” and “bi-partisanship.” McCain had a chance to do this and according to Pat Buchanan in a very good piece, he blew it.