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Ray McBerry for Georgia Governor in 2010!

This will be of particular interest to our readers who live in Georgia. You may remember that Ray McBerry ran as a conservative challenger to Gov. Sonny Purdue in the GOP primary in 2006.

Ray McBerry is a friend of mine. He is a good guy and a very solid conservative. He is the kind of authentic conservative you just don’t find running in the Republican Party anymore.
The “big names” who are also likely running, John Oxendine and Casey Cagle, are both mainstream establishment types. So a McBerry candidacy would give Georgians a real choice. (To be fair, Oxendine and Cagle are probaly a little better than your average mainstream GOP types, but they are not Ray McBerry.)
If you want Ray to run, he is asking for us to let him know. Go here for details.
I say, “Run Ray Run!”

The Obama Birth Certificate Saga

I have avoided commenting on this issue because it is more complicated than most are making it, and I didn’t have the time nor the inclination. But here is a very good discussion of the issue. My thoughts are in the comment section. I may collect my thoughts into a more coherent column at some point, but the comment thread is well worth reading.

I am not normally inclined to believe conspiracy theories, but what is being alleged here is not completely implausible. Aspects of it border on implausible.

But something definitely seems fishy? Obama could shut everyone up by just paying the 12 bucks and getting a copy. Why has he not done this? You hate to ask someone to prove a negative, but this whole thing could be put to rest so easily that it has to make you wonder why he hasn’t done so.

It is not even clear that he would be inelligible even if he was born in Kenya since “natural born” likely was not intended to mean born on American soil but rather not a naturalized citizen.

Do note that our old nemesis Alan Keyes is publicity seeking again.

US Government Pledges Surpass $7.7 Trillion

Hyperinflation here we come.

The unprecedented pledge of funds includes $3.18 trillion already tapped by financial institutions in the biggest response to an economic emergency since the New Deal of the 1930s, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The commitment dwarfs the plan approved by lawmakers, the Treasury Department’s $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. Federal Reserve lending last week was 1,900 times the weekly average for the three years before the crisis.

The money that’s been pledged is equivalent to $24,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. It’s nine times what the U.S. has spent so far on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Congressional Budget Office figures. It could pay off more than half the country’s mortgages.

“Some have asked us to reveal the names of the banks that are borrowing, how much they are borrowing, what collateral they are posting,” Bernanke said Nov. 18 to the House Financial Services Committee. “We think that’s counterproductive.”

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Proof MSM Ignores Third Parties

As if proof was needed. Here is an excellent Baltimore Sun article documenting how the media rigorously ignores third parties. This is a surprisingly good critique from a Professor of Journalism. (It is not surprising that it comes from someone outside the MSM, but surprising they published it.)

While the news media did an effective job this year of covering the presidential campaign between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, the press still has a major blind spot when it comes to writing about third-party contenders.

According to a basic LexisNexis database search of election coverage from Aug. 5 to Nov. 5, The Washington Post and The New York Times published a combined 3,576 news stories, editorials, op-eds, photographs and letters to the editor about Mr. Obama and 3,205 items about Mr. McCain. By contrast, the two dailies published only 36 items about independent Ralph Nader, 22 about Libertarian Bob Barr, five about Green Cynthia McKinney and three about the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin…

None of these candidates garnered more than 2 percent of the popular vote on Election Day. But how third-party candidates are covered by the news media is an important issue that should be taken more seriously, given that we live in a democratic society that proclaims deference to the First Amendment and honors the notion that we are all better off when a wide range of proposals are aired.

The news media are allowing themselves to be co-opted by the Democrats and Republicans into viewing campaigns solely through the prism of the two-party system. This means that the major parties control which issues are permitted into the debate, thus denying the public a chance to hear proposals that might seem extreme today but could gain traction in the future if only voters had an opportunity to consider them more seriously.

HT: ThirdPartyWatch.



By Frosty Wooldridge

“America: the world’s most powerful nation, bankrupt and armed to the teeth; flooded with diametrically opposing cultures–turning it into a balkanized third world country. Frightening! “ ~ Rolando

Our U.S. Congress signs America’s death warrant by the tens of thousands every month. While one in every six American children lives below the poverty line, Congress imports 200,000 immigrants every month that equal 2.4 million legal and illegal immigrants annually that need housing, medical care and education. While 28 million Americans subsist on food stamps, we host 20 million illegal aliens that displace jobs from those Americans without jobs. With 14 million Americans unemployed, our U.S. Congress outsources, insources and offshores jobs with incredible alacrity.

Now, as if we do not suffer enough problems, the Bush administration flies 1,000 Iraqi refugees into our country every 30 days. Thus far in 2008, 11,000 more Iraqi immigrants live off American tax dollars, with another 17,000 expected in 2009. But these aren’t just ‘usual’ immigrants; these people represent Sunni and Shiite Muslims that have battled each other for hundreds of years. These folks don’t just ‘hate’ each other; they despise and kill one another! Continue reading

Should the Libertarian Party Go Away?

There is a lot of chatter these days making that argument. And the same arguments apply for the Constitution Party as well. My thoughts are in the replies.


The system needs third parties. If nothing else they serve as a safety valve. Libertarians are by definition ideological and eschew pure political pragmatism. (Even the pragmatists within the LP aren’t pragmatic by GOP or Dem standards. If they were they wouldn’t be in a third party.)

All the complaining that Barr wasn’t Libertarian enough. How are those people going to work within one of the two parties? Even if you work within the major parties in the primary, you have to have a third party in the general as an outlet.

The same thing is true for the Constitution Party.

I will elaborate more on this later.

Some articles for your conisderation…

UC Irvine professor stands up to the PC police on campus.

Is talk radio killing conservatism? Read this article and see if you agree and ask yourself this question: When was the last time anybody, politicians, pundit, media person etc., ever persuaded you to change your mind?

Out with the Texas, in with the Californians. Henry Waxman’s dethroning of John Dingell for the Chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee now means a handful of leftist California Democrats now basically run the House.

So which for of suicide do you prefer, hemlock or cyanide?

And finally, had interesting article about Israeli organized crime and its ethnic make-up.

Does Consumption or Investment Drive an Economy?

Since all ideas and votes are equal, I figured I’d put up a poll to answer this eternal debate once and for all:

Does consumption or investment drive an economy? That is to say, does it help an economy if consumers waste money or credit on things they don’t need and that ultimately do not help the society as a whole?

Or, is it better for consumers to waste little and invest much, ultimately creating a cycle of investment and research to create and maintain more and more ability, power, and defense?

Does Consumption or Investment Drive an Economy?

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By Frosty Wooldridge

According to the New York Times, 524,000 Americans lost their jobs in September and October. Unemployment spiked at 6.5 percent. Additionally, 28 million Americans subsist on food stamps. Millions maintain heat and lights with assistance from ‘energy banks’ subsidized by other Americans who still enjoy jobs.

“The economy is slipping deeper into a recessionary sinkhole that is getting broader,” said Stuart G. Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. “The layoffs are getting larger, and coming faster. We’re likely to see at least another six months of more job reports like this.”

For the past eight years, George Bush watched, and assisted as some eight to twelve million illegal migrants crashed U.S. borders to displace American workers while they wreaked chaos in American schools, hospitals and prisons. At press conferences, he said, “They do the jobs that Americans won’t do.” While reports show illegal aliens killed more Americans via drunk driving, murders and rapes than combat soldiers suffered death in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Bush no longer speaks about illegal migrants doing the jobs that Americans won’t do. Gees! Can’t figure that one out now, can we?

At the same time, Bush and Congress gave away jobs by pushing for millions of H1-B and H2-B visas for foreign workers to displace American jobs. Bush worked hardest at offshoring, outsourcing and offshoring American jobs. He and Congress killed U.S. manufacturing. He finished the job that Clinton started! Continue reading

Paleo Nemesis David Frum Leaving National Review

I guess National Review is getting too “conservative” and hoi polloi for Frum’s growing elitist centrism. He must no longer be comfortable with those grubby Palin supporting “conservatives” at NR.

I say good riddance. Hopefully National Review will bring in someone to replace him who is … oh I don’t know … perhaps … maybe … actually conservative.  A man can dream can’t he?

Via Daniel McCarthy at the AmConMag blog.

Some articles for your consideration

Steve Sailer takes Karl Rove to the woodshed for his disasterous electoral polices over at

Ron Paul was a big backer of legalizing Hemp farming once again and one such farmer North Dakota is set to become Speaker of the State House of Representatives.

Brian Doherty at looks at what went wrong with Bob Barr’s campaign…

J.J Jackson’s latest: “Obamaburger”

Neocon chickens coming home to roost …

… and many of our formerly enthusiastic cheerleaders for authoritarian liberation are stuck under those roosts, with no umbrella to shield them. Michelle Malkin, to name one example, is horrified at homosexual activists determined to bypass popular will to impose same-sex “marriage” in California, condemning those activists as “unhinged” as they loudly (even violently) protest the Mormon church and other supporters of Proposition 8. And here’s one champion of universal rights in Iraq sputtering about how the homosexual lobby is “straining” the concept of equal rights. Priceless! Continue reading

Another Conservative Diocese Leaves the Episcopal Church

Good for Fort Worth. The Episcopal Church, which is the Anglican fellowship in America, is basically Christian in name only.

The theologically conservative Diocese of Fort Worth
voted Saturday to split from the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church, the
fourth traditional diocese to do so in a long-running debate over the
Bible, homosexual relationships and other issues.

About 80 percent of clergy and parishioners in the Texas diocese supported
the break in a series of votes at a diocesan convention.

A Biblical Look at Abortion

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