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Good Luck Randy Couture!

The big fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar happens tonight. This is a bad match-up for Randy. He normally relies on his superior wrestling against bigger opponents, but Brock is a former NCAA champion wrestler. He will have to rely on experience and ring savvy to beat Brock.

Good luck Randy!

Meanwhile, back in California …

… you know, that place where all the new trends get started? Yes, that California. Right now, the homosexual lobby is gearing up for massive street protests against Proposition 8, the successful ballot initiative that affirmed marriage as the union of a man and a woman. And that most faux of faux “conservatives,” Andrew Sullivan, is cheering on the protests as a demand for extending “a traditional institution” to homosexuals.
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P.J. O’Rourke is an Elitist Pompous Ass!

P.J. O’Rourke’s lasted screed was referenced below. He does make some good points re. spending, fiscal responsibility and lost opportunities, but the good points are lost among his anti-Southern, anti-traditionalist, anti-Christian bigoted spit-flecked rants.

In the article he supports open borders (nothing could be more inherently unconservative), abortion, gay marriage, unconstitutional Civil Rights laws, and wars to spread democracy. What, prey tell, is he supposedly trying to conserve?

O’Rourke is a “libertarian leaning conservative,” my a**. He is an elitist, centrist, establishment shill.

John Zmirak at TakiMag gets it right.

The wellspring of youth and the great debate

There’s big crosswebsite debate between proponents of a bailout for the auto industry and those opposed on Takimag and Chronicles (unfortunately yours truly is caught in the middle).  Here’s the links: 1, 2, 3, 4, . Feel free readers and editors to chime in with your thoughts.

Speaking of TAC editor Dan McCarthy just wrote an article for a new conservative youth movement akin to the old YAF that helped get Barry Goldwater nominated in 1964.

Included in the article is a link to the paleoliberal blog Left Check it out.

Some articles for your consideration….

There’s a nice video on Lew today that explains the power of the Federal Reserve System and how it became powerful. It reminded me of the videos I saw in school while growing up.

Adam Nossiter of the New York Times writes that the South has become marginalized in the nation’s new politics, which should prove to be a boon for the League of the South efforts.

Bill Scher of Huffington Post  writes about conservatism’s secular problem.

W. James Antle III looks at non-major party results for President at

Steve Sailer, the best political demographer in the business, breaks down the election results at

If I was a Southerner or a Nationalist I probably wouldn’t read this P.J. O’Rourke essay, in the Weekly Standard because he does not have kind things to say about you. But if you insist you’ll find a lot of his criticisms of conservatism the same as many of us have made. I had wondered where P.J. had been for much of the Bush II era (struggling with cancer from what I was told, best wishes to him) because we could have used this essay five years ago.

The bigotry of cowards

Why are homosexuals in Los Angeles surrounding Mormon churches and protesting outside them? Because they consider the church responsible for the passage of Prop. 8, which bans homosexual marriage in the state.

Now compared to other western states, I doubt if there are a lot of Mormons in LA or California for that matter. Certainly not in numbers that would make a huge impact in the popular vote on an issue or campaign as they would in say, Utah.  Indeed, the reason Prop. 8 passed was due to percentage of African-American and Hispanics that voted for it, upwards towards 70 percent.

But these protesters are not in South Central or East Los Angeles outside Baptist or Catholic churches are they? No, they’re picking on the Mormons because they know can get away with it. After all, who in LA are going stick up for the largely white (although in LA you’ll probably find a lot of Polynesian Mormons), small community with the beliefs everyone, even conservatives, find wacky?

 Like bullies they go after the weak because these largely white homosexuals are scared they might be called bigots and racists if they protested in South Central or East LA (they also might get beat up or shot as well). Yet in their cowardice their bigotry still shows through.

The night we waved goodbye to America

The Hitchens brothers “get” the Iraq War. Both grasp the political and practical underpinnings of this continuing outpouring of blood and treasure. In a nutshell: Iraq is a war of choice. It is a war for globalism, and against culture, history, religion, and tradition. So Christopher Hitchens, who is a leftist and militant atheist, the author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, supported the US-British crusade from the moment it was first proposed.

For the same reason, his younger brother Peter Hitchens eloquently and energetically opposed the invasion of Iraq. Peter, whose political outlook is best described as paleoconservative, understood that the Iraq War would not only lead to an expansion of big government, but would erode the traditional values of Western society as much as it would weaken Iraqi society.
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Another Secession Article on World Net Daily!

This article follows on the heels of the recent seccesion article by Farah that we commented on here.

The creed of that faith in a sacredly indivisible union – a union that like Don Henley’s Hotel California allows you to check out but to never leave – is the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by self-proclaimed Christian socialist Francis Bellamy, cousin of utopian socialist writer Edward Bellamy. Francis Bellamy’s Christian socialism was so defining that losing his Baptist pulpit after preaching sermons about Jesus as socialist altered his course not a jot. His unwavering purpose in life was to promote his Pledge as the vehicle by which America’s public schools would both promote socialism from sea to shining sea and indoctrinate the coming generations in reflexive devotion to the federal government both Bellamys saw as the eventual guarantor of American socialism.

Bellamy’s socialist pontification of an indivisible union is not Sacred Writ, but its recitation by millions of impressionable school children has worked wonders. America has countless churchgoers and dozens of denominations cheerfully tolerating, and promoting, virtually all heresies while being utterly intolerant of the possibility of political secession.

Local Pensacola Article on Chuck Baldwin

A nice and fair write-up. I hope most of his parishioners voted for him.

Pensacola pastor Chuck Baldwin didn’t win his long-shot bid for president, but he said his loss could be a catalyst for future change.

Baldwin blamed the death of Republican conservatism and the national media for his inability to secure the presidency.

But the 56-year-old pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church is confident the future will be brighter for “true conservatives” willing to challenge those currently in power.

HT: Richardo Davis

Troops, retreat!

This lad pretty much sums up my feelings toward the laptop bombardiers and their violence-obsessed allies on the day after the spectacular fall of their Beloved Leader’s heir apparent:

Poor Americaneocon has announced he’s suspending his blog and retreating to his Fortress of Solitude for the duration. His blog header is now black to reflect his sullen mood. Poor dear.

These people cheered on a counter-productive, obscenely wasteful war that has wrecked the economy, and can’t understand why voters so soundly rejected a third term of Neocon insanity.

Of course, the real fun begins when Obama, a slick and ruthless manipulator, starts to wield the fun, new powers Bush & Co. have claimed for the Unitary Executive, damn the Constitution.

Payback is hell, ain’t it?

Outside the Beltway

I urge everyone to read Daniel Larison’s very good piece now up on entitled “GOPocalypse and the Future of the Right.” Here’s the money quote from the piece:

“A decentralist and decentralized populism stands the best chance of going around the gatekeepers of institutional conservatism centered in the Northeast by organizing a parallel movement based in cities and towns throughout the country. Creating institutions of this parallel movement would take time, but they would be at once more focused on state and local government, more responsive to local and regional issues and would be more representative of Middle American conservatives. This decentralized movement would not only be more responsive, but would necessarily also be more accommodating to intellectual and regional diversity.  It would avoid the ideological ossification that afflicts the mainstream movement and would make possible a far greater degree of participation from the people in whose name populist conservatives claim to speak. “

What Larison is already taking place in New Hampshire with the Free State Project, a decentralist, populist organization determined to keep New Hampshire from turning into Massachusetts North. Free Staters help to elect four of their group to the state legislature despite the Democratic tidal wave in the state. Check it out here:

Election thoughts

 - Cheer up one and all, because if there’s anything that Obama has proven, it’s that a black man (or half-black I should say) can become President and when that happens a lot of nonsense about “institutional racism” “legacy of slavery” and a lot of other P.C. terms now all wash away, along with, hopefully, any vestiges of white guilt bareing the alleged sins of our ancestors and immense benefits of being white that somehow seem to escape all those black lung coal miners in Appalachia or cotton choppers on the Plains. Finally we removed the Mark of Cain.

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