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Rooting for the overdog

According to the Israel-First, pro-war, any-war crowd, if you so much as question the Israeli Army’s use of American WMDs against the civilians in Gaza, you’re a goose-stepping Nazi who wants to exterminate all Jews. And the only moral, rational choice for the Israelis is to kill all Palestinians. Think I’m exaggerating? See for yourself.

Let’s not forget that all this is taking place in occupied Gaza, which is Egyptian territory illegally seized by Israel in the Six-Day War. UN demands that Israel return the captured territory are effectively blocked by the DC empire. So much for the myth of DC’s support for the “integrity” of UN resolutions.

This mindless support for a DC crony and blind malevolence against any who resist American hegemony can only be described as sado-patriotism. How else to describe rants like this: Continue reading

I watched Valkyrie over the weekend

I watched Valkyrie over Christmas weekend I thought it was  good movie, but I was wishing for more. Particularly a little more context into why Von Stauffenberg turned against the Nazis more so than was let on in the film. Although Von Stauffenberg’s Catholic background was hinted at, his turn against Hitler and that of the other plotters had more of the “we’re losing, let’s fire the head coach!” mentality one’s finds in American football fans.  To turn against Hitler required a deeper motive than just the sense of Germany impending defeat. Certainly the angle of the approaching Red Army and the hopes the plotters had of an armistance with Allies preventing a Communist takeover could have been better pursued as well.

Despite, it was still good film and I recommend seeing it.

Some articles for your consideration…

Justin Raimondo on the politics of the Gaza massacre.

Glenn Greenwald writes about the depravity of Marty Peretz and dictatorial control of the Israeli lobby.

An article on Lew talks about efforts to have the Vendee Massacre declared a genocide.

Also on, Venetian as a seperate language.

Austin Bramwell at Takimag talks about Bush II’s pathetic history reclamation project.

Anti-illegal immigration activists condemned for spreading “ethnic hatred”

Angered by the ongoing invasion of their nation, and the threat to their traditional culture, “nativist” trouble-makers resort to “separatism” — what the nativists call “self-determination.” For their opposition to government-sponsored colonization by an alien and aggressive culture, the police have detained many of these nativist agitators.

Texas? Alabama? North Carolina? No, this government crackdown took place in Tibet, where Han Chinese are colonizing traditional Tibetan homelands:

The police have detained 59 people in Tibet on charges that they sought to foment unrest by spreading ethnic hatred and by downloading and selling banned songs from the Internet, Chinese state media reported Thursday. …

Although news reports did not say whether the detainees were formally arrested and charged, they are accused of threatening national security by advocating for an independent Tibet and by expressing disdain for the ethnic Han migrants who now dominate commerce in Lhasa and other Tibetan cities.

Interesting how reading the Communist Chinese version of events in Tibet sounds just like the Open Borders crowd here in the US. The echoes of SPLC ideology are clear and chilling.

No Comments at TakiMag

Well the White Nats have done it. Because of their obsessive thread hijacking, comments are no longer allowed at TakiMag. I don’t know for certain that is the reason, but it almost certainly is.

This is unfortunate. TakiMag had become the hottest site for paleocons. Without comments, site views will drop. Hopefully they will re-allow comments at a future time after they have figured out how to weed out the White Nats.

I don’t think White Nats should be censored based on the content of their thought. We don’t do that here. But they definitely were violating the rule against hobby horse ridding. They would hijack every thread regardless of the subject, and turn it into a diatribe on why White Nationalism is superior to paleoconservatism. It just got very old.

Are Magazines Nearly a Thing of the Past?

The Web and the economy have not been good to magazines.

There is even a website dedicated to chronicling their demise.

What is likely to be hurt the most are the extreme niche magazines and there will be consolidation among magazines with broader appeal. What does this mean for magazines like The American Conservative and Chronicles that many of us paleos like reading? Such magazines have never broken even and have always relied on patronage from benefactors. So I guess it will depend on whether the donations continue to roll in.

The Belgian Connection

Just as Paul Belein of Vlaams Belang writes about The War on Christmas in the Low Countries, the Belgium government on the verge of collapse once again.

One can see how the economic crisis could lead to the eventual (and well deserved) break-up of Beligum but will a new Flanders be a Christian oasis in a Muslim/Secular Europe? Otherwise what’s the point? Secession needs to have a broader meaning for it to be successful.

Articles for your consideration

Maine author and head of the True Main Militia Carolyn Chute has her first book out in a decade. She’s beenprofiled in Chronicles and lauded by Bill Kauffman.

J.J. Jackson’s latest submission “The Night Before Liberal Christmas”

An organized camapaign is pushing the book The Founder’s Second Amendment by Stephen Halbrook up the best seller lists. Here’s a link to it.

Go forth and spread Magic Diversity Dust

I caught a radio ad promoting Diversity the other day on the Dennis Miller show. Here’s a partial transcript:

Obviously White young girl: “Gee, you work with lots of people who don’t look like you at all!”

White mother: “What do you mean?”

Girl: “Well, there are Asian people, African-American people, Latino people–”

Mother: “We all work together as a team.”

Girl: “Aren’t they different from you?”

Mother: “In a way, yes. But those differences are good. They mean different ways of seeing things, different ways of thinking things, different ways of doing things.”

Girl: “But if those differences are so good where you work, why does everyone where we’re living look just like us?”

Wise Announcer: “Diversity shouldn’t be left behind at work each day. Prepare your children for the coming global life that lies ahead. Your family doesn’t live in a 9-to-5 world. Why should Diversity?”

The ad is sponsored by the National Fair Housing Alliance, which proudly proclaims that it is “dedicated to the creation and sustenance of diverse communities throughout the nation.” We can be assured their vision for us is good, because its members include such enlightened entities as Wachovia, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, which, now that I think about it, are some of the chief proponents of the diversity-at-any-cost policies that gave us the ongoing Diversity Recession.

But I quibble. Let’s take the ad’s message at face value. The first thing it’s telling us is that thinking, seeing, and behaving are determined by race — an idea that I thought was considered eeeevil. Guess I’m behind the times.

And if that assumption is true, then the radio ad raises a question: Since Magic happens when people of different races work together, why aren’t all the Nobel prizes swept up every year by people in racially diverse areas, such as Brazil and south Los Angeles? And here’s an interesting implication: If a homogeneous community is fatally hobbled by its dull uniformity, shouldn’t measures be taken to prevent people from intermarrying and creating a homogenous community of mestizos? Clearly, the government should criminalize marriage among different races — how else can we continue to enjoy the mysterious creativity that emerges when the different ways of thinking, seeing, and doing things bump into one another, making those stimulating sparks when people of different races interact?

Of course, I’m not advocating those things, I’m just thinking about the logical implications of the National Fair Housing Alliance radio ad. And you’re not supposed to think when you hear ads promoting Diversity.

Barack Obama and Rick Warren

I am always amazed at the brazen stupidity shown by those on the Left. Of all the people to demonize, they’ve now picked evangelical pastor Rick Warren. The controversy concerns the fact that President-elect Obama has picked him to give the invocation at the inaugeration in January. This, of course, has enraged the homosexual lobby and they’re not too happy with their “messiah” right now. Like a bunch of spoiled brats, they’re throwing a fit because they didn’t get their way on everything. Continue reading

Paul Weyrich, Reqiuem im Pacem

Paul Weyrich passed away this morning. Here’s a blog post on his career from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Weyrich, who is from Racine in my home state of Wisconsin, was like many German Catholic of his age, making the transition from the their traditional home in the Democratic Party to the GOP but keeping his traitional conservatism. He also made the transition from lonely voice in Washington to being part of a new governing establishment. Regardless what we think of that establishment, you’ve got to start somewhere and you have to admire how far Weyrich and his contemporaries came when they first arrived in the nation’s capital. They were pretty low on the totem pol as you can get. But they also understood how to quickly rise and they did so.

It’s perhaps fitting that he passess away as one era closes and another begins.

Deindustrialization slowly killing GOP in North

Derek Leadberry made an important observation in the comments section of concerning the bailout of the Big 3:

Politically speaking, Republicans do badly in states that deindustrialize.  Think Massachusetts, which until the mid-50s had a strong, competitive Republican Party.  The Massachusetts GOP went south as that state’s industrial jobs went south.  Blue collar workers not only tend to have conservative views as long as they are paid well, industrial economies generate managers who vote and fund Republicans.  When the industries left Massachusetts, the economy of that state turned to the effete, soft economy of Paul Gottfried’s Therapeutic State. Do conservatives want Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin go the way of Massachusetts?  Count me as one who does not want the Republican Party crucified on a cross of Austrian economics.

Indeed Massachusetts is a good example of how deindustrialized states have become in effect, one-party states or where the local GOP has become incredibly weak. Michigan and Illinois are others and one could also cite New Hampshire and Conneticut as well.

Continue reading

Predictions for Obama’s Foreign Policy

I previously wrote about what I thought Obama’s administration will look like with respect to the social issues, so now I want to discuss what his foreign policy agenda will look like. As I’ve said countless times before on my own blog, I highly doubt that Obama’s foreign policy will differ very much from that of his predecessor. Indeed, a lot of neocons have warmed up to the idea of Obama being in the White House just as they liked the activist foreign policy of Bill Clinton. Neo-Wilsonians of every stripe have no problem with Obama precisely because he believes in an interventionist foreign policy. In fact, as The American Conservative magazine reported earlier this year, Obama may even be more belligerent than President Bush. Continue reading

Illegal Immigration costs Texas $3.5 billion a year

“The Health and Human Services Commission estimated this month that Texas spent $81.2 million in fiscal year 2007 on free health care for illegal aliens, mostly through the children’s Medicaid program. Additionally, the HHSC report said, Texas county hospital districts spent an estimated $596.8 million in 2006 on mandated, uncompensated health care for illegal immigrants.” ~ Dallas Blog

Other states seem to be suffering similar expenditures. From an economic perspective, much legal and illegal Third World immigration is tax-payer subsidized cheap labor for big business.

Sometimes racial discrimination is a good thing …


… it just depends on who’s doing it:

There could be another clash in the offing about who should be able to join the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

Cao, the first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress, told his hometown paper, the Times-Picayune of New Orleans, that he’s interested in joining the CBC. He also said he’s seeking a seat on the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Appropriations Committee.

And though Cao is a minority from a minority district (his district is 64 percent African-American, and 3 percent Asian), the CBC has never admitted a non-black member.

It’s true. Even a super-liberal was excluded solely on his race:

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) learned that after he was elected to succeed Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) in a majority-black district in 2006. Cohen talked about trying to join the caucus but backed off when leaders made it clear he wouldn’t be allowed to join.

This powerful caucus discriminated against a Jew, and they’re about to discriminate against an Asian — just because — they’re different. Right here in America. And obviously, no one’s going to condemn their actions, because, well — that’s just the way it is. Cue Bruce Hornsby:

They say hey, little boy, you can’t go where the others go,
‘Cause you don’t look like they do.
Said, hey, old man how can you stand to think that way,
Did you really think about it before you made the rules?
He said, Son,

That’s just the way it is.
Some things will never change.