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The force of Ethnonationalism

Don’t sing your kumbyas just yet Obamaanics and one-worlders. The power of ethno-nationalism is still great as Patrick Buchanan points out in this article on

Also chiming on the subject is Russian statesman Dimitry Rogozin.

I know Russia Today is the state-run English-language network backed by the Kremlin but they’re one of the few media outlets that takes people like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff seriously, at least until now.

Commemorating Republicanism

This day in 1649 marks the advent of republican government in England. Some might ask what this has to do with America, but it’s important to American heritage as well because it set the stage for our own nation’s constitutional development. At this point in English history, Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans successfully did away with the monarchy and established a republic in its place. You’d think the Puritan-hating liberals would be thankful for this tradition, but they always seem to take our republican form of government for granted.

So lift your glass or bottle in commemoration of this anniversary. This is definitely something we ought to celebrate. The English Commonwealth was the first (and only) period in which England had a written constitution. During this time the rule of law governed, not the “divine right” of absolutist monarchs. The influence of this upon the U.S. Constitution is obvious. In our current day in which the office of president is viewed as something akin to a monarch, we do well to celebrate and remember this part of our nation’s Anglo-Protestant heritage.

Moderate Steele Becomes RNC Chair

This is really bad news. Michael Steele was the most moderate in the field of six. This likely means the GOP Establishment has been listening to THE Establishment instead of its frustrated grassroots and plan to move the party to the center instead of back to the right. (Of course we know that the GOP as rightist party has always been a joke, but that is how it is perceived by modern reckoning.)

The linked AP article describes Steele as “the most moderate candidate in the field,” and he has made a point of talking about inclusion and reaching out. In fact, this little gem from Steele is downright belligerent.

“We’re going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be a part of us, we want you to with be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over,”

Somehow I don’t think when he speaks of reaching out he has non-interventionists, constitutionalists, gold supporters, etc. in mind. Of course he wants our votes, money and leg work, but we should keep our silly little immoderate ideas to ourselves.

Rush Limabugh to Chuck Baldwin: You Wacko!

Well its official, Rush Limbaugh is now officially a “centrist” , meaning he’s nothing because he referred to those didn’t vote for the two major party candidates, all one percent of us, as  “wackos” in this  Wall Street Journal editorial page article (and no Dittoheads we didn’t take it out of context. He said it and he means it.) He believes that people who voted for Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul and Bob Barr are just as nutty as Nader and or McKinney.

What this means is quite simple. “Mr Conservative” thinks authentic conservatives like Rev. Baldwin are nuts. He and other big name talk show hosts have joined “sensible center” or the better yet the social democratic establishment and has set the parameters for who can be supported and who is a “wacko” And ladies and Gentlemen, we’re on the outside looking in.

So I propose that Mr. Limbaugh drop any pretentions calling himself a “conservative” and refer to himself for what he is: a centrist. Instead of the EIB Network’s Advanced Institute for Conservative Studies, we can have the EIB Instititue for Wishy-Washy Self-Positioning along the Chagining Tides of the Zeitgeist. Instead of being the “Conservative Voice of Freedom,” he can be the “Moderate Voice for the Establishment.” At least he would be most honest with himself and his listeners instead of calling actual conservatives “wackos.”

Judge for yourself: Here’s Chuck’s latest column. See if you can feel the wackiness.

Helio Gracie, Rest in Peace

Helio Gracie, the founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has passed. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his many living children, grand children, and family. He really was a pioneer.

Just for curiosity’s sake, notice how fast people are buried in places without access to embalming. He was buried later the same day.

American Spectator is Making Me Famous

J. Peter Freire responded to a reply I made to a previous thread.

My reply is in the thread, and reproduced below. Read the thread for context.

Hey, what’s wrong with suspenders and bowties? Although I’m more likely to adjust my cowboy boots. And if you get the Filmer reference, you will know that I’m rather proud of my unwillingness to modernize.

But that said, I’m not unaware of what you are saying. Realistically, the public does not want constitutional sized government at this time. I counseled my fellow Ron Paul supporters on this often. When they would say “we could win if only we could get our message out”, I said “we are doing as well as we are because the people don’t really understand the implications of the message.” I am not naive. I know we are not going to restore the Old Republic any time soon.

My point is how do we ever get back there from here? You have essentially thrown up your hands and settled on a strategy of mitigating the bad. I am temperamentally unable to do that. I am probably temperamentally ill-suited for politics per se. More suited for pontificating and lobbing rhetorical bombs from the sidelines.

So if others have given up on restoring the Constitution and think that mitigating the bad is the best we are going to do, then I’m OK with that. It’s not me, but fine.

But what I really hate is when people who identify themselves as conservatives take up the mantle of the enemy. When they defend the programs they used to denounce. When they act as if the people who are remaining faithful are “extreme” or “wackos” or whatever. This is not realism. This is pandering to the enemy. It is preening. “I’m a conservative, but I’m not one of those conservatives.”

For example, a conservative can accept federal welfare programs as here to stay. They can refuse to joist at that particular windmill. But they can NEVER be OK with them. It is a concession. They most certainly can not defend said program and act aggrieved that anyone would dare say they want to cut it. (The “conservative” who wants to “protect” Social Security.) And most of all, they can not call those who have refused to drift bad names – fringe, extreme, wing-nuts, wacko, etc. etc. etc.

Some articles for your consideration

Here’s Chuck Baldwin’s Latest:  “Very Real New World Order”

Here’s two articles from Frosty Wooldridge: “Trauma, Tragedy and Transformation for America.” and “Mexico and the Drug War, A Success Story?”

Pat Buchanan’s latest: “Bibi and Barak on a Collison Course?”

The New Yorker covers a the recent state convention of the Second Vermont Republic.

Bill Kristol meet Rich Kotite

Rich Kotite was the NFL’s poster boy for recycled failed coaches, somone tied in to the old buddy network of the NFL long enough to be hired and rehired despite a resume clearly lacking in success.  So one can argue Bill Kristol is following along the same path a recycled columnist among Cosmos. Good Bye New York Times – Hello Washington Post!

Family is family no matter where you find it, so why it shouldn’t the same be true for Cosmos? It was daddy Kristol’s influence with Times editor emeritus A.M.Rosenthal that got his son on the columnist roll by intervening with current Times editor Andy Rosenthal (Wow, they’re related!) and no doubt there’s some sort of connection between Post editor Fred Hiatt and Kristol (father and or son) because no one can take this statement by Hiatt on why he hired Kristol at face value:

“I think he’s a very smart, plugged-in guy,” Hiatt told Politico, “and the question of how and whether the conservative movement and the Republican party are going to right themselves, and redefine themselves, will be one of the really interesting subtexts of the Obama era.”

Sure and the Times just lets “smart plugged in columnists” go without so much as a good-bye president to their East Coast rival. And the fact that Kristol’s new gig is monthly suggests someone is doing a favor for somebody else.

Update: Speaking of necons landing, looks like Elliott Abrams is heading the Council of Foreign Relations. And the Cosmos once again take care of one of their own.

Illinois Senate Accomplishing the Impossible

They are making Blago look sympathetic. They will not let him call the witnesses he wishes to call. I think his purpose for calling most of them would just be to spread the taint, but how can you have a trial without witnesses for the defense? Besides, I think spreading the taint would be just grand.

Anyway, this whole thing has never bothered me that much. It is clearly business as usual in Illinois and elsewhere. All the feigned outrage from his fellow pols makes me sick. Blago was just too open about it instead of the usual hint dropping, insinuation, wink and nod, etc. I suspect he was a little manic, coked up, or something at the time, because no one gets that far in politics who is that disinhibited and with that poor of judgement all the time.

Dear King Abdullah, you may have to defer that ’09 Bentley purchase

Peter Schiff pointed out that U.S. citizens aren’t the only ones that are going to have to tighten their belts. Foreign govenments that buy up U.S. debt will have to do a little sacrificing of their own, something Obama didn’t point out in his inaugural:

The nations funding the majority of America’s public debt — most notably the Chinese, Japanese and the Saudis — need to be prepared to sacrifice. They have to fund America’s annual trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future. These creditor nations, who already own trillions of dollars of U.S. government debt, are the only entities capable of underwriting the spending that Mr. Obama envisions and that U.S. citizens demand.

These nations, in other words, must never use the money to buy other assets or fund domestic spending initiatives for their own people. When the old Treasury bills mature, they can do nothing with the money except buy new ones. To do otherwise would implode the market for U.S. Treasurys (sending U.S. interest rates much higher) and start a run on the dollar. (If foreign central banks become net sellers of Treasurys, the demand for dollars needed to buy them would plummet.)

In sum, our creditors must give up all hope of accessing the principal, and may be compensated only by the paltry 2%-3% yield our bonds currently deliver.

As absurd as this may appear on the surface, it seems inconceivable to President Obama, or any respected economist for that matter, that our creditors may decline to sign on. Their confidence is derived from the fact that the arrangement has gone on for some time, and that our creditors would be unwilling to face the economic turbulence that would result from an interruption of the status quo.

But just because the game has lasted thus far does not mean that they will continue playing it indefinitely. [...]

True words indeed and one in which Obama and his advisers should pay heed to. If Obama and said advisers believe that such nations will buy up U.S. debt as they always have done to prevent word wide economic chaos and social unrest, we will have once again as a nation assume an arrogant posture based upon the myth of the indepesnible nation.

The Chinese, the Saudis, the Japanese, could kill the U.S. if they wanted to simply by stopping their purchaes of U.S. treasuries. Would they do it? Is the power too tempting for them to resist?

Good video here on Peter Schiff and Ron Paul offering the siren calls of warning and the world ignoring them until it was too late:

The Darwinian Jihadists are at it Again

I had planned to post on this issue, but Patroon beat me to it. The issue is a clause in the Texas standards that requires the teaching of the “strengths and weaknesses” of a scientific theory. The nerve of them! How dare someone suggest that the gospel according to Darwin has weakness?

On the surface, the debate centers on a passage in the state’s curriculum that requires students to critique all scientific theories, exploring “the strengths and weaknesses” of each. Texas has stuck to that same standard for 20 years, having originally passed it to please religious conservatives. In practice, teachers rarely pay attention to it.

This year, however, a panel of teachers assigned to revise the curriculum proposed dropping those words, urging students instead to “analyze and evaluate scientific explanations using empirical evidence.”

Scientists and advocates for religious freedom say the battle over the curriculum is the tip of a spear. Social conservatives, the critics argue, have tried to use the “strengths and weaknesses” standard to justify exposing students to religious objections in the guise of scientific discourse.

I have no sympathy for the Darwinian fundamentalists here. They have done this to themselves. Instead of simply using Darwin’s theory to explain speciation and adaptation, which very few would object to, they are the ones who insist on dogmatic naturalism, materialism and scientism and suggest that Darwin’s theory eliminates the need to invoke a Creator. And then they get their panties in a wad when Christians object. Go figure.

Cross posted at the New Media Alliance blog.

The Nationalist Left arises again

Texas is having its annual textbook controversy over the teaching of evolution and intelligent design and or creationism.

This has been going on for years and it really doesn’t prevent the world from spinning on its axis. But apparently, now that many leftists are no longer alienated from the U.S. because THEIR man is in charge, it’s time to start using a little muscle to straighten things out down there:

“tempting as it is to “let Texas revel in its own ass-backwardness,”  it’s best to resist that temptation.

First, Texas is “one of the nation’s biggest buyers of textbooks, and publishers are reluctant to produce different versions of the same material.” Weaker science classes in Texas has far-reaching consequences for students elsewhere.

Second, Texans have elected nutjobs to the State Board of Education, but that’s not a good reason to punish the state’s public school students.

And third, this nonsense really needs to stop as a national phenomenon. Fundamentalists are entitled to their personal beliefs, but these efforts to undermine science education have gone on long enough. The country just can’t afford to tolerate this nonsense anymore — the competitive advantage the United States used to enjoy is vanishing, and conservatives’ anti-science push comes with too high a burden for the country.”

Looks like the Stars and Stripes are flying high over the Washington Monthly building. Cue John Wayne. I guess this means Vermont independence is off the table, right?

Or perhaps we should all say “Hail Science” like they did in one particular episode of South Park or better yet: “Be Like Us or Else!” 

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Obama to Repeal Mexico City Policy

The Constitution Party has the story here.

Before the week of his inauguration is over, Obama is expected to issue an executive order repealing the Mexico City Policy, a Reagan-era policy that restricts overseas funding to groups that offer or aggressively promote abortion.

Yeah, that Obama the “Christian” and the uniter is off to a great start.

Abortion, Immigration, and the Death of Conservatism

This week Pat Buchanan posted an article about whether the Republican Party has a future at all. Most of his arguments are tied to demographics and raw numbers, but he also brought up the fact that massive immigration–both legal and illegal–has created a vast new base of entitlement-seekers who will always vote for Democrats to expand the welfare-state. This effect is doubled when you factor in the abortion rate and subsequent reductions of native-born Americans. Continue reading