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Obama Disses TEA Party Goers

Watch this video, but make sure you have taken your blood pressure meds first.

Notice the dissengenuos debate tactic. He brings up the TEA Parties which were about spending, debt, and taxes, and then starts babbling about health care and manages to work in a nice little class warfare remark as well. I suspect most of the people at the TEA Parties want the government to stay out of health care, but he plays to his liberal audience anyway. Perhaps he could start out by pointing to the Article and section of the Constitution that authorize any federal government intervention in health care at all. Since he took an oath to uphold the thing, that might be a good place to start.

Billions for AIG but not one red cent for Chrysler

Barak  Obama said last night he doesn’t want the Feds to run a car company and he’ll get his wish for Chrysler today will head into bankruptcy because it could not work out a deal among lenders to salvage the company, probably because (and this is just my speculation) the Feds weren’t willing to put enough money forward to satisfy bondholders and other lenders.

But if AIG was threating to go under, well all they have to do call Tim Geithner and say “Either give us another $80 billion or we pull the plug,” and the money would be in their accounts in no time.

A nation that became a superpower based on what it made has traded its muscle for silly hands that count money every day. If no man, no party or anyone can make a populist issue of this against the Administration, then we deserve to be a one-party country.

Our Friends at Youth for Western Civilization Get Some Mainstream Publicity

FOX News covers them here. Check out this bit of Cultural Marxism.

Those opposed to YWC say its message teeters on hate speech and has no place at institutions of higher learning.

“‘Western’ is a veiled term that means ‘white,’” University of North Carolina graduate student Tyler Oakley wrote in an e-mail to “I believe that our democracy is strong enough to allow extreme forms of speech, but YWC’s message is essentially a negative one, an assault on not being white or non-Western, and is therefore hateful, if not blatant hate speech.”

So is it safe to assume that Mr. Oakley condemned all the black people who were celebrating the election of Obama simply because he is black? Somehow, I think not.

And catch this not so veiled threat.

“We’re definitely monitoring them,” said SPLC spokewoman Heidi Beirich. “We will look at them for hate group status.”

Oh no! Not the dreaded “hate group” status. Does Heidi have any idea what a clown she is?

Keep up the good work YWC. You are making the right enemies.

Some articles and swine flu thoughts

It will be interesting to see the steps the Feds will take to combat the swine flu epidemic. Will they act exactly the way the Rockwellians believe, and go the forced vaccination route or will they go more sensible route that protects the public without enslaving them by shutting down the border with Mexico and banning all flights until the Mexican authorites get a handle on the problem (with U.S. assitance if they ask for it of course)?

Maybe I don’t want to know the answer. In any case they haven’t closed the border yet, which strange when you remember how the Canadian border was closed after 9-11 for a long stretch of time. That was just a few terrorists, this is a widespread public health problem. How baffling the ways of our rulers.

Here are a couple of articles for your consideration: the Rev. Chuck Baldwin on the survelliance state  and  J.J. Jackson on fat people and global warming

Buchanan Defends Torture Again

In “Is Torture Ever Moral?” Buchanan defends torture:

Even many opponents against torture will concede we have the same right to execute Khalid Mohammed as we did Timothy McVeigh. But if we have a right to kill him, do we have no moral right to waterboard him for 20 minutes to force him to reveal plans and al-Qaida accomplices to save thousands of American lives?

Leave it to Buchanan to put principle ahead of popularity to defend something like this. I personally disagree with his conclusion, but I admire his willingness to take a stand. Buchanan previously defended torture in 2003, and he’s remained consistent. Continue reading

Is Captainchaos a Moby? Discuss

Is Captainchaos a Moby? You have to wonder. Could even his monomaniacal dumb a** be so stupid as to think that posting paeans to Hitler on a thread about the Episcopal Church helps his White Nat case? For those unaware of the term, the definition of a Moby is posted below.

An insidious and specialized type of left-wing troll who visits blogs and impersonates a conservative for the purpose of either spreading false rumors intended to sow dissension among conservative voters, or who purposely posts inflammatory and offensive comments for the purpose of discrediting the blog in question.

The term is derived from the name of the liberal musician Moby, who famously suggested in February of 2004 that left-wing activists engage in this type of subterfuge…

Bacevich’s spot on critque of Obama Administration D-plus 100

Here’s the link. I especially like his opening sentence because it is so true:

THE HISTORY of American liberalism is one of promoting substantively modest if superficially radical reforms in order to refurbish and sustain the status quo. From Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to Bill Clinton’s New Covenant, liberals have specialized in jettisoning the redundant to preserve what they see as essential. In this sense, modern liberalism’s great achievement has been to deflect or neutralize calls for more fundamental change – a judgment that applies to President Obama, especially on national security.

Episcopal “Church” Elects Buddhist Bishop?

The Episcopalians recently defrocked a Muslim priest (a female I might add), but I guess a Buddhist priest is alright. The Anglican Church (which isn’t always much better) needs to abolish the Episcopal (American) branch outright. They are an embarrassment to even moderate Anglicans.  They are a caricature of liberal Christianity. A laughingstock. This is a shame. Theoretically the high church with direct ties back to England should be a bastion of conservatism. I’m working on an article on this subject right now.

“Blowback” Echos in Pakistan

After watching recent news reports, it seems that Taliban forces are a mere sixty miles away from the Pakistani capital, capturing large areas of territory along the way. Establishment political commentators in the MSM assure us that the Taliban won’t be able to take the capital, but it remains a realistic threat nonetheless. Regardless of whether they succeed, it’s remarkable to look at the progress of the Taliban despite being removed from power in Afghanistan. Eight years ago, the Taliban sanctioned Al-Queda’s testing of primitive chemical weapons on animals with no serious weapons program in operation. Today the Taliban is on track to taking over a nuclear-armed nation. With this possibility in mind, we have to ask ourselves a very important question: how did we get to this point? Continue reading

Listen to Hannity squeal about domestic spying

“If you disagree with that liberal path that President Obama’s taken the country down, you may soon catch the attention of the Department of Homeland Security.” Sean Hannity, Neocon windbag, on the DHS report about the “right-wing menace.”

Hey, Sean, where were you when many of us warned that REAL conservatives would never agree to sacrificing American troops to advance some fuzzy notion of universal human rights? Or when we warned that the authoritarian powers claimed by the Bush regime could soon be used by his lefty successors?

Big Government, whether run by Democrats or Republicans, is the greatest enemy to freedom. When will they ever learn?

Columbine Massacre Revisited

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of the infamous Columbine High School Massacre and I still get chills up my spine reflecting upon what happened that day. I was a freshman in high school at time and I recall vividly all of the various reactions to this event. Looking back on it now with hindsight, the responses to this and other massacres were based on hysteria rather than rational policy-making. Every time something like this happens, the panic lasts for days, weeks, months, and even years in some cases. The residual panic takes on the form of great moralistic crusades to rid the world of whatever material evils allegedly contributed to these tragic events. Continue reading