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Ben Stein vs Ron Paul

Recently, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and MTV game-show host Ben Stein were on Larry King, where Ben Stein slandered the good doctor’s non-interventionist principles as “anti-Semitic”.  Due to the controversy caused, Ben Stein has issued a clarification at the American Spectator.   In truth, it clarifies quite a lot, though not perhaps in the way Stein hoped.

Stein goes to great lengths to make the reader aware that he is hardly familiar (if at all) with Dr. Paul’s political positions, or with what he (Dr. Paul) was saying to Ben Stein on that very broadcast.  “I could be mistaken,” he writes, about Paul’s comments.  “Maybe I am misinformed,” he writes, about Paul’s position on foreign aid to Israel.  For a man whose recollections of Dr. Paul’s positions are so hazy, he was surprisingly eager to tar Dr. Paul as an “anti-Semite” because (as Ben Stein explains) Dr. Paul asserted that America is “occupying” Muslim lands (Ben Stein does not agree that we are currently “occupying” Afghanistan or Iraq), and because many people who make that claim go on to criticize American foreign policy vis a vis Israel, and to do such is “anti-Semitic”.

The neoconservatives have twisted political discourse in America to the extent that the locution “Orwellian” no longer does it justice.  Ben Stein claims that to acknowledge reality (that we are occupying Muslim lands) is to reveal oneself as an “anti-Semite”. To acknowledge – as the Defense Science Board Task Force (charged by Donald Rumsfeld to assess the ramifications of American Foreign Policy) concluded in 2004 – that the “underlying sources of threats to America’s national security” are “American direct intervention in the Muslim world,” America’s “one sided support in favor of Israel,” and “the American occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan” exposes one (somehow) as a Jew-hater, according to Ben Stein. If one acknowledges – as that same Task Force did in 2004 – that “Muslims do not ‘hate our freedom,’ but rather, they hate our policies” then you will be tarred by Ben Stein and his ilk as a quasi-Nazi.

Ben Stein is acting as enforcer for the neoconservative Thought Police.  If one criticizes or fails to show obeisance to Israel – if one even questions whether our one-sided support of that foreign nation is wise – he will tar you as a Jew-hater, he will subject you to a Two Minutes Hate, he will slander you, he will play the race card with more dexterity than Al Sharpton, and he will use all the tools at his disposal to crush any inclination you might have to keep America first in your heart – because it is not first in his.

Stein’s AmSpec clarification consists of nothing but that lone slander. Its sole purpose is to slander Ron Paul as an anti-Semite, along with anyone else who questions America’s support of Israel or acknowledges that the American military bombing, invading and occupying Muslim lands increases rather than alleviates the hatred that leads to terrorism – as the aforementioned 2004  Defense Science Board Task Force concluded.  You would think such a serious accusation would be accompanied by proof, or at least some evidence. Well, you would think wrong. It is foul calumny; naked, underhanded slander, backed by zero evidence. That is how blithely neoconservatives toss that term around – as it is meaningless to them, so it becomes meaningless to everyone else. Let him blather on – Ben Stein is irrelevant. Ben Stein’s comrades had their chance at the helm and ran us aground, stranded us in two wars, cost us the lives of thousands of American soldiers and quite literally nearly destroyed the entire world’s economy. That is the reality.  So utterly have they been discredited that to watch them continue to shriek “anti-Semite!” and “appeaser!” now thankfully engenders pity more than anything else.

Liberty and Empire, cont’d

Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation has responded to the article I posted yesterday.  Here’s his response, with my additional remarks. 

It’s a gentlemanly and rational exchange, but it illuminates the vast differences between libertarianism and conservatism.  I believe understanding those differences is crucial to the survival of liberty and Western civilization.

Decade highlights

I was on the road covering sports events today and on the radio were shows reviewing the events of the past decade.

While certainly not a good decade for the country, and there went plenty of low lights for me personally, there were some grand moments as well.

After all, I got married in 2002, the same year and just a month later than my brother. We got our first house a year later. My wife became the first in her family to graduate from college in 2005. My parents retired to our family’s ancestral farm in southwest Wisconsin this decade as well to breed dairy cows.

On the political/intellectual side, I attended my first John Randolph Club meeting in 2006. I still haven’t fogotten the wonderful time I had at the TRI Summer School in 2001 just a few months before 9-11. And of course, there was the Ron Paul campaign that took up two years, 2007 and 2008. I have some great memories from that experience and I’m glad to see so many people I’ve met along the way still active as a new decade begins.

What are some of your memories from the past 10 years? Please chime in before 12 a.m. Jan. 1.

Terrorism Is a Cost of Empire

Here’s something the pro-war, any war crowd doesn’t want to face up to: The Empire is an enemy of both American security and American freedom. Regarding the recent failed attempt to blow up a plane over Detroit, Jacob Hornberger writes:

No one can deny that if the guy on that international flight to Detroit had succeeded in blowing up the plane, the Big Government advocates would be using that as an argument for having the federal government crack down even more on civil liberties.

And isn’t it interesting that the massive post-9/11 crackdown on civil liberties didn’t prevent the guy from apparently almost bringing down the plane.

(Which didn’t stop the TSA from dreaming up even more draconian regulations for air travelers!)

Hornberger goes on to discuss how the “flypaper” theory underlying the War on Terror remains a dismal failure:

Not surprisingly, the pro-empire crowd is using the incident to show why it is more urgent than ever to continue the brutal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and to expand killing the “bad guys” to Pakistan, Yemen, and who knows where else. The idea is that the government needs to keep killing those “bad guys” over there before they come here and kill us.

But as I’ve pointed out for years, the U.S. Empire has become the world’s biggest terrorist-producing machine. The more people it kills over there, the more the ranks of those who wish to retaliate against Americans are swelled.

In other words, the pro-empire advocates say, “We’re over there to kill them before they come over here and kill us.” But what’s actually happening is this: They’re coming over here to kill us because the Empire is over there killing them.

Very valid points. But Horberger (a left-libertarian) then adds this: Continue reading

Ray McBerry on the Rise in Georgia Governor’s Race

(ATLANTA, December 22, 2009) — Having won several polls in the Governor’s race across the state in the past month, Ray McBerry’s campaign continues to pick up steam across the state.

In the past month, McBerry won first place in the governor’s race straw poll conducted in Tifton the week following two candidate forums in south Georgia, one in Tifton and another in Valdosta. Even Austin Scott, a native of Tifton, came in second to McBerry among the seven Republicans.

Meanwhile, Ray McBerry scored overwhelming victories in the online polls for the Governor’s race that were conducted by both the Augusta area Young Republicans in east Georgia and the Paulding County GOP in west Georgia.

Continue reading

Avatar: An Anti-Western Film?

Norwegian blogger Fjordman on Avatar:

Basically, the white characters [in Avatar] are portrayed as brutal, greedy and insensitive beasts who rape the environment and destroy other cultures with a smile in the search for profit. The main antagonist is the white Colonel Quaritch, a brute who hardly possesses a single positive character trait. The final climax of the movie is when he screams “How does it feel to betray your race?” to the protagonist while he is trying to murder him. Although a few of the white characters such as Jake Sully are portrayed in a more redeeming light this is only because they totally reject their own civilization and join the other team in the fight. In other words: the only good whites are the ones who utterly turn their backs on their own destructive and evil culture. As reviewer Armond White put it, “Avatar is the corniest movie ever made about the white man’s need to lose his identity and assuage racial, political, sexual and historical guilt.”

Of course, back in the real world whites are among the most self-critical and least ethnocentric people on Earth, and have been so for a long time. Whites are also disproportionately represented in the environmental movement whereas many “diverse” Third World peoples couldn’t care less about the environment. But why let the truth get in the way of making a good anti-white movie? The fact that quite a few among the predominantly white audience cheered for this movie shows that anti-white hatred and stereotypes have become so widespread and accepted that most people cannot even see it, least of all whites themselves.

Update:  Here’s Patrick Cleburne’s take on Avatar, which he considers “simply another anti-white diatribe.”

Jimmy Carter Apologizes to Jews

This thread proves what I have been saying for a while. A lot of people are completely incapable of reasonable thought when it comes to the Israel/Palestine issue or ANY criticism of Israel.

Clarification: When I said “A lot of people are completely incapable of reasonable thought when it comes to the Israel/Palestine issue or ANY criticism of Israel” I was referring to the comments in the thread. I really don’t know enough about Carter’s criticisms to comment on them.

Articles for your consideration

J.J. Jackson’s keeps in the season with “Twas the Night Before Liberal Christmas 2009″

Chuck Baldwin’s latest: “A Suggested Survival List”

Time magazine says this is the “Decade from Hell”. I don’t disagree.

Thomas Fleming tells the story of A Christmas Carol in his own way.

Rep. Michelle Bachman may not like government but she sure likes farm subsidies according to Reason

Caleb Steagall on the new Prohibitionists.

Eric Margolis thinks Obama should have listened to MacArthur from LRC.

Also from Lew, the provocative “Letter to a Christian Young Man Regarding Joining the Military”

Larison has a good piece on neocons and the Tea Partiers to which he is dead on.

Merry Christmas everyone.  If Obama kept you seeing the Charlie Brown Christmas so he could continue a war, then I’ve saved you the best part Linus explains what Christmas is all about.

Trey Grayson (Rand Paul’s Opponent): PC Enforcer

As if any was needed, we now have more proof that Trey Grayson is a moderate Establishment shill. This big nothing story about a Paul staffer caused Grayson to have this hyperventilating, over-the-top response.

“The views and behavior displayed by Rand Paul’s communications director have no place in this campaign,” Grayson said in a statement. “I think Rand Paul’s judgment is seriously in question at this point. There seems to be a pattern of these kinds of disturbing views in his campaign.”

Way to enforce that political correctness Trey. He is obviously more interested in impressing Morris Dees with his pristine political correctness than he is the conservative citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

For those unfamiliar with this pretender, Grayson is a former Democrat and Bill Clinton supporter.

Anti-Ron Paul Erick Erickson of Red State Endorses Rand Paul?

It’s true. See also here.

I don’t know what is behind this. Whether Erickson is softening his opposition to non-interventionism or if he just wants to stick a thumb in the eye of the Establishment which is backing Grayson, Rand’s opponent.

Check out the comments under Erickson’s post. He is catching some heat for his endorsement of Rand Paul. The anti-Ron Paul fanaticism of some of the interventionist crowd still lingers.

Here Chieftain 1776 gives a very sound defense of Erickson’s endorsement.

Justin Raimondo Attacks Daniel Larison

TMZ has your Tiger gossip. You can count on to bring you all the intra paleo intrigue your heart desires. Two of our friends are squabbling. :-( Justin Raimondo of attacks Daniel Larison of In a revelation that surprised me, Daniel is defending the “surge” in Afghanistan.

Daniel responds to Justin here.

White Americans’ majority to end by mid-century

This is an adjustment from the original prediction:

The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years — to 2050 — because the recession and stricter immigration policies have slowed the flow of foreigners into the U.S.

Census Bureau projections released Wednesday update last year’s prediction that white children would become a minority in 2023 and the overall white population would follow in 2042. The earlier estimate did not take into account a drop in the number of people moving into the U.S. because of the economic crisis and the immigration policies imposed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

And that suggests another idea, best expressed by an English gentleman in 1843:

The Spirit stood among the graves, and pointed down to One. He advanced towards it trembling. The Phantom was exactly as it had been, but he dreaded that he saw new meaning in its solemn shape.

“Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point,” said Scrooge, “answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?”

Still the Ghost pointed downward to the grave by which it stood.

“Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead,” said Scrooge. “But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me.”

The Spirit was immovable as ever.

Scrooge crept towards it, trembling as he went; and following the finger, read upon the stone of the neglected grave his own name, EBENEZER SCROOGE.

Further comment unnecessary.

New State to Secede from India

Today the central government of India pledged to form a new state out of India, thus caving in to pressure from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi political party. The state’s name will be Telangana, and this could spark a chain reaction of secessions.

According to wikipedia, Telangana was never ruled by the British. Here’s an idea of the size and location of the new state, which will encompass 10 districts:

A Christmas gift idea and other articles for your consideration

If you are thinking of giving someone a book for Christmas and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you could probably get the late Sam Francis’ 1993 Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism dirt cheap either on Aamazon or from the Rockford Institute (where I obtained it) if they still have any copies on hand or if its still in print.

I just finished re-reading it and am amazed at how relevant it still is even to our day and age. In fact many of the ideas, arguments and discussion we have first made their appearance in this book which is a gathering of many different articles and essays Francis wrote. I particularly liked this quote from the book:

“…a Middle American Right should begin working in  and with schools, churches, clubs, women’s groups, youth organizations, the military and police forces, even the much dreaded labor unions  to create a radicalized Middle American conciousness that can perceive ways in which the exploitation of the middle classes isinstitutionalized and how it can be resisted.”

Now for some other reading:

Rev. Chuck Baldwin has two: “The Bush-Obama Way to War” and “An Open Letter to America’s Christians”

J.J. Jackson’s latest: “Essential Acts of Piracy”

Bill Kauffman wonders if ratifying the Constitution to begin with was a mistake

Brian Dorhety over at Reason notes the new totalitarism rising among those on the Left.

From  Front Porch Republic comes Jeff Taylor’s “Crass Christmas”.

And then there’s Taki’s “Desert Farce”

The Jacksonian Way of War

The discussion over a potential rising of the anti-war Right  along with how the “Jacksonian” or better described as the “Scots-Irish” subset of American culture view war have caught my attention. Dan Larison has written on the subject on Eunomia Justin Raimondo added in his two cents today. I agree with his view that Larison is trying to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Not all those who will take a non-interventionist stance on the current situation will do so from a Ron Paul point of view and many will find it hard to do so. Rep. Walter Jones Jr. is brave man to take the views he has taken because he represents a “Jacksonian” district, complete with a military base (the Marines’ Camp Lejune). Those with a vested interest in the military as a source of employment, as a veteran, as a nationalist, or anyone who identifies with the military in the name of institutional loyalty, may very well view Ron Paul as someone who wants to put them out of business. Indeed, the dilemma the antiwar Right faces is a difficult one, how do you convince people within the military community, people who would usually be labeled as Rightist, it is in their interest to follow a non-interventionist foreign policy?

Continue reading