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According to Frum, the Republican’s Problem With Healthcare Was …

we didn’t play ball enough with the Democrats. No. I’m not kidding. That really is what he is arguing here. Because this plan has “conservative” DNA you see.

The Obama plan has a broad family resemblance to Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan. It builds on ideas developed at the Heritage Foundation in the early 1990s that formed the basis for Republican counter-proposals to Clintoncare in 1993-1994.

Actually, it does have a “broad family resemblance” to RomneyCare, which is bankrupting Massachusetts and is a good reason why RINO Mitt should never get within 100 miles of the White House. And it may well “build on ideas” developed at the Heritage Foundation, but that is an indictment of the  Heritage Foundation which has never been know for it’s stalwart constitutionalism.

And oh bye the way, according to Frum the GOP should not now run on repealing this abomination. He may be somewhat right about the politics, but as usual he cast principle totally aside.

Addendum: Doug Bandow, one of the good guys at AmSpec, comments on the Frum article here.

A Libertarian Who Gets it on Immigration?

Well maybe. DiLorenzo is not here endorsing immigration restrictionism, but he does point out the obvious demographic problems for the GOP given current trends.

The Obammunist’s socialized health care legislation promises to cut Medicare spending by hundreds of billions of dollars while increasing Medicaid spending by hundreds of billions.  At least half of all Medicare enrollees vote Republican; almost all Medicaid enrollees vote Democrat.  This is why the Obammunists are so euphoric today.

Wicked Witch Pelosi (D-Botox) says this law is reminiscent of the Civil Rights legislation of the ’60s.  Not really.  It’s more like Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law that drastically reduced the number of Europeans who could immigrate to the U.S., more than half of which voted Republican, while vastly expanding Third World immigration quotas, almost all of whom vote Democrat.

Not that we should necessarily be all about saving the GOP, but we are not here talking about ushering out the GOP in favor of the Constitution Party. This would be the marginalization of even the inept “conservatism” of the Republican Party in favor of the Democrats and their spoils system.

Articles for your consideration

My latest is up at “When Northern Irish Eyes are Smiling”

“The Rights’ Wrong Turn” is an interesting book review at TAC.

Here’s Pat Buchanan’s latest: “Wars of Tribe and Race”

Jeff Taylor on Front Porch Republic writes about the potential of the Anti-Empire coalition.

From the von Mises Instittue: “Nation-Wrecking in Afghanistan”

And from Lew “Revenge of Homeowners”.  If bankers can walk away from their bad debts, why can’t home owners too?

What can you do to stop amnesty?

The NumbersUSA stop amnesty in 4 days campaign has begun:

Day 1 (Friday 3/19):  Visit local offices of your congressman and senators and send these faxes.

Day 2 (Saturday 3/20): Sign petition, send more faxes, and spread the word.

Day 3 (Sunday 3/21):  Watch streaming coverage of March on Mall at 1:30PM live on the NumbersUSA website.

Day 4: (Monday 3/22):  Call Congress as amnesty marchers enter offices. (Talking points.)

Treason Lobby Pushes (again) for Amnesty

Along with invading the rest of the world and bankrupting our government, Barack Hussein Obama apparently is in high-gear to flood the U.S. with the Third World:

The pro-amnesty activists at La Raza and Reform Immigration for America are cautiously optimistic that President Obama is on the verge of obliterating current immigration restrictions and caving to the pressure of his left-wing Latino supporters. The leadership of these two radical organizations must be slavering over the chance to catch President Obama at the height of his platform-promoting zeal. Surely they are figuring that if the President can pull off the passage of healthcare “reform,” then there must be nothing he can’t do … including enactment of some equally odious immigration package.

To evince his commitment to the overhaul of America’s immigration policies, President Obama sent invitations to Senators Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to meet with him at the Oval Office to discuss the matter and to try and hammer out an agreement that would satisfy both sides of the debate.

And Obama is not alone.  Along with neocon Lindsey Graham, neocon Dick Armey has Obama’s back. Armey has anointed himself as the godfather of the tea party movement, and recently attempted to excommunicate Tom Tancredo:  “I was for example not really happy to see Tom Tancredo calling himself a tea party guy.” He told the National Press Club:

“Who in the Republican Party was the genius that said that now that we have identified the fastest-growing voting demographic in America [Hispanics], let’s go out and alienate them?…When I was the majority leader, I saw to it that Tom Tancredo did not get on the stage because I saw how destructive he was.”

Perhaps Armey did not receive the memo, but mass immigration and small government are incompatible. Contrary to the belief of naive libertarians, immigration grows, not shrinks, government. Third World immigration, in essence, is government-subsidized cheap labor.  Poor immigrants, on average, take from the taxpayer coffers more than 4 – 1 to 10 – 1 than they put in (when one considers public education, hospital visits, crime, the cost of the therapeutic state to mediate ethnic tensions, ESL programs, etc.).  Why is California bankrupt?  And once these “immigrants” become a majority, they are not going to be voting for someone like Ron Paul who will cut off their entitlements. No, they’ll vote for the demagogue who’ll promise more handouts. But we’ll not end up with a semi-functional European socialist nation of the 1960s, because our shrinking and disproportionate tax base will not allow it. We’ll end up with a dysfunctional Brazil.

What can you do? If you are not already a member of NumbersUSA, you should join. It’s fast, easy, and it allows you to send free faxes to Congress. Also, read daily the VDare Blog and inform others.

Obongo Regime gears up for War with Iran

Apparently, the Obongo Regime may be gearing up for war with Iran – which is in no way a threat to the U.S.  Obama now has troops engaged in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Haiti, and soon it looks like we’ll be in Iran. (I still think Obama  will invade Darfur before his term ends.)

From Paul Craig Roberts:

According to news reports, the U.S. military is shipping “bunker-buster” bombs to the U.S. Air Force base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The Herald Scotland reports that experts say the bombs are being assembled for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The newspaper quotes Dan Piesch, director of the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the University of London:

“They are gearing up totally for the destruction of Iran.”

The next step will be a staged “terrorist attack,” a “false flag” operation as per Operation Northwoods, for which Iran will be blamed. As Iran and its leadership have already been demonized, the “false flag” attack will suffice to obtain U.S. and European public support for bombing Iran. The bombing will include more than the nuclear facilities and will continue until the Iranians agree to regime change and the installation of a puppet government. The corrupt American media will present the new puppet as “freedom and democracy.”

Obama has increased Bush’s extreme military budget two years in a row.  Added with the bailouts (some of which we’re now learning went to China, Dubai, India, Mexico, Africa, and Haiti), America is nearly bankrupt.  It is beginning to seem impossible that the US could possibly ever pay its debt.  And Obama is starting another costly war?  For what?

How Wilsonian nation building and bombing Middle Eastern countries “fights terrorism” is beyond me. Terrorism is an immigration – not a foreign policy – issue. Barring ICBMs, people in Muslim countries can in no way harm the U.S. If you want to stop terrorism, terminate all visas from threatening countries (India, Guyana, and those in the Middle East), end all immigration from the Third World, and deport threatening characters from the West.

FrumForum Launches Anti-Western Assault

The Jewish French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut recently opined that anti-racism will be the new Bolshevism of the 21st century.  Surveying the headlines of recent news items, there could be truth to this statement.  Regardless, as the charges of “racism” grow, their sting weakens.  No one can foresee the future.  That said, any true partisan of the West, regardless of his views on race and temporarily setting aside the fact that ethnocentrism is sociobiological, should ad minimum take up the gauntlet of anti-anti-racism.  If anti-racism remains a threat to the West, then patriots should be completely intolerant toward anti-racism, thus adopting a firm anti-anti-racism position.

Recently taking up the cause of  anti-Western Bolshevism is FrumForum, David Frum’s new Trotskyite neoconservative website. Tim Mak recently launched an attack upon Richard Spencer (editor of AltRight), only to be followed by three anti-occidental posts by the homosexual Satanist Alex Knepper. (Richard Spencer responds here, here and here.) That FrumForum has taken up this cause should be no surprise, given Frum’s previous hit piece.

While FrumForum accuses various whites of being “racist,” take a look at the demographics of FrumForum and its writers’ causes:

Frum and his friends promoting an Israel-first line.
Meghashyam Mali promoting the interests of his co-ethincs.
Tim Mak promoting the interests of his co-ethnics.
Richard Ivory promoting the interests of his co-ethnics.
Demetrius Minor promoting the interests of his co-ethnics.
Kapil Komireddi promoting the interests of his co-ethnics.
Daniela Chacon Arias promoting the interests of her co-ethnics.
And a bunch of military or ex-military confused white guys sadly risking their lives for the above.

Why aren’t Westerners allowed to support their co-ethnics? How much more anti-Western can it get?

“Let’s win this one for all the small schools”

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is starting up Thursday. If you don’t have a favorite team or an alma mater in the field or are just a casual fan, perhaps you can root for Butler University, a program that sells itself  on tradition and whose roster relies heavily on place as htis New York Times article shows. This is an old picture of their home arena, Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis and site of the famed basketball movie “Hoosiers”

“Too much brains and not enough whiskey”

In 1872, a political reporter made this statement after a faction of the dominant Republican Party went ahead and nominated the radical newspaper publisher Horace Greeley as their candidate for President:

“there was too much brains and not enough whiskey at the convention.”

So are there too many brains in the conservative establishment? That’s what this writer is saying in an article Filmer was kind enough to bring to my attention. I agree with many of the thoughts in the articles, that so-called conservative think tanks have become top heavy with scholars fleeing universities and colleges. That they’re paid a lot of money and make comfortable living talking to each other and saying the same things they said 30 years ago and so long as the money keeps coming in, the continue on in this way.

A donor who would rather see his money well spent rather than thoughtlessly getting the tax write-off, would be wise to find think tanks outside the Beltway and the coasts, the home of the cosmos, outside of the big cities, for fresh and different approach that could pay off towards something substantial if the resources are provided. But that’s the rub isn’t it? Many of these donors are corporations who sensibly don’t want to fund groups that question their power and influence or would promote the politics of decentralization. They spend on the same ones because they know its a safe investment.  The early conservative movement depended upon individuals like oil wildcatters and family trust foundations for its support. But as soon as big money rolled in after 1980, the cosmo think tanks stopped thinking and simply repeated what they were told. It easier to raise money that way.

Well, you get what you pay for.

Hey, it’s our birthday too!

I know this is the one-year anniversary of Front Porch Republic, but it was in February in 2007 that Conservative Heritage Times made its appearance on the blogosphere, a project put together by young paleos coming  and we’re still at it three years later. Thanks to our readers and editors and writers for keeping us going through all this time. Thanks again.

As gifts to you all may we offer the following articles for your consideration:

Pat Buchanan “The Dismantling of America”

Rita Handrich’s  “America Hates Atheists”

and another from Buchanan “The Poodle Gets Kicked” on Vice-President Biden’s recent humiliation tour of Israel. This is an exclusive CHT because apparently, acocrding to Buchanan Brigade webmaster Linda Mueller, the neocon censors now in control Human Events have banned the article for their publication and website. Well, you don’t have worry about those jokers. You can read the latest from Pat and other writers and from our editors right here at Conservative Heritage Times, one of the few conservative blogspots where dissent (outside of the foul and the national socialist) isn’t deleted.

Speaking of Anti-Birtherism … Red State (Erick Erickson) Bans Birthers

Erick Erickson, the editor of Red State, is a perfect example of the “taint phobics” I mentioned below. Previously he has banned Ron Paul supporters, and he has little tolerance for people who discuss the gold standard and the Fed.*

Now he has banned birthers.

I am working on a longer article on the phenomenon of taint phobia, but thought I would pass on this latest development.

* I have read it alleged that Red State bans positive discussions of the gold standard and criticisms of the Fed, but I can’t confirm this. The ban may be more along the lines of not tolerating much open advocacy. If anyone can direct me to a link regarding Red State and their policy on gold standard/Fed discussions I would appreciate it. Red State’s posting policy is actually quite sparse, but the ban on new Ron Paul supporters was openly posted on the site as was the recent birther ban.

The Stateless society – Iceland, Ireland, Somalia and the American West

I found these separate You Tube videos posted together (must of have been a symposium or lecture of some sort) on a thread at Ron Paul Forums about stateless societies from old Ireland and Iceland to the American West and modern day Somalia. You might not be a libertarian, but listening to them reminds one of the ways past societies organized themselves on a local level (hardly anarchy as the speaker will claim) before the rise of the nation state.

And really this discussion goes all the way back to Biblical times. Ancient Israel was organized at first on a loosely based tribal confederation until the desire for a king to unite said tribes more centrally for war and defense took place. The Lord told Samuel to warn the people what would happen if they chose to do this, but they did not listen and demanded a king, wresting such power from God’s hands to their own.  “It is not you they have rejected as their ruler, it is I” God said to Samuel. Indeed, we all have to a certain extent in creating leadership cults.

Articles for your consideration

Bonnie Alba writes about the campaign between John Dennis and Nancy Pelosi at the Renew America website.

Pat Buchanan’s latest: “Who’s Going to Pay the Piper?”

Tom Fleming looks at the true meaning of property rights.

Remember the movie Wag the Dog?  Well Justin Raimondo says the recent Battle for Mahrja in Afghanistan may well have been it.

In the context of the recent violence in Nigeria, Phillip Jenkins writes in TAC about the Clash of Civilizations already going on in many parts of the Southern Hempishere.

There’s lots of good stuff at Front Porch Republic but here are couple of posts “WhyUs God?” by Patrick Deenen and “It’s the Land, Stupid!” by D.W Sabin.

Krsiean for Congress

I know some of you might be working for candidates this year, like Ray McBerry in Georgia for example. I’m supporting Michael Krsiean for Congress in the Third District which covers where I live in Western Wisconsin. Mike is a farmer and small businessman from rural Houlton, which is near Hudson. He’s running as an independent conservative who bring a new voice into our tired political debate between the “two wings of the bird of prey” as Pat Buchanan describe the two major parties.

Mike Krsiean is not a party man. He’s not a company man. He’s his own man. And he’ll be your Congressman if you elect him in November. Mike Krsiean: A Congressman You Can Call Your Own.

Here’s his campaign website, please check it out and donate.

Speaking of elections, I’m up for re-election to the Pepin County Board on April 6. While I’m not facing opposition I’m not taking anything for granted. I did some politicking today.

On Obama’s Murky Origins

I am not a “birther” if birther means I think Obama was born in Africa. I have always been skeptical of this claim. First, why would a pampered and privileged young white female go to Africa near her due date? And then the logistics of getting back to America with a new baby by the time the birth was officially registered in Hawaii would be difficult to pull off to say the least. That said, I am very much an anti-anti-birther. It is entirely legitimate for people to want to see the “long form” birth certificate, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO legitimate reason why Obama shouldn’t release it.

But that said, I have been interested in Obama’s rather murky background, and his refusal to release other important documents. It is entirely reasonable to conclude that the reason he has been unwilling to release so many of his records is because he is hiding something. Did he self identify as Muslim at some point in the past? Did he self identify as a citizen of Indonesia? Were his grade so poor that it would reveal his admission to Harvard Law to be a clear cut case of Affirmative Action?

Whatever the case, the liberal media is definitely covering for the guy. One thing that has intrigued me is the growing evidence that his first book, Dreams From my Father, was ghostwritten by Bill Ayers. You know, that guy Obama said he barely knew.

Here is a good article from the neo-con but widely read American Thinker by a literary critic who is analyzing one of Obama’s alleged undergraduate poems. He addresses many of the issues above.

I too had wondered if Barack Sr. was really Obama’s father. They look nothing alike. And I had read before the speculation that Frank Marshall Davis might be his father. But Obama does look very much like his alleged African half brother, so I do think Obama Sr. was probably his real father, although he played almost no role in his life.

Via Christopher Manion at LewRock.

Addendum: Here is a link to all of Jack Cashill’s American Thinker articles. He has done some good work on Obama’s murky origins, and they deserve review.

Spain’s Pro-Life: Close the Psychological Health Loophole

From the BBC:

Spain’s existing law, dating from 1985, allows abortion in cases of rape and when there are signs of foetal abnormality.

Currently, Spanish women can also end a pregnancy if their physical or psychological health is at risk. In practice, the last category has been used to justify the vast majority of abortions – of which there were 112,000 in 2007.

I know “pro-life” Americans who hold a similar stance on abortion to what’s already in Spain, and yet it looks like a psychological health loophole is abused there. With the loophole’s closing, I’d like to believe the number of abortions would be greatly reduced.

Continue reading

My Reply to Ron Unz

Here is my reply to Ron Unz. It is currently in moderation. Hopefully it will make the cut. Note: My comment has made the cut, and is now up.

That we are having this debate on Hispanic crime is all well and good, but Hispanic crime is ultimately a secondary issue. Mr. Unz, have you ever looked into how hard it is to immigrate to Japan? To become a Japanese citizen? Why is it so difficult? Because the Japanese people want to keep Japan Japanese. This is clearly a conservative sentiment. Likewise, immigration restrictionism among Americans is clearly the conservative sentiment. It seeks to conserve. Support for “liberal” immigration policies is clearly a liberal sentiment. Immigration transforms, it does not conserve. The massive immigration rates (both LEGAL and illegal) that we are currently absorbing which are unprecedented in our history, are not just liberal, they are radical. It would be hard to imagine a more radical transformative policy than demographic replacement in the span of less than 100 years. (Dating from the Immigration Act of 1965 to 2050.) A magazine called The American CONSERVATIVE can not support liberal immigration policies without ceasing to be conservative in any meaningful sense. An authentically conservative magazine must be restrictionist on immigration because this is the inherently conservative position.

Victory amidst defeat

Although  Debra Medina did not come close to winning the Republican primary for governor in the state of Texas, amidst her 19 percent showing were many smaller victories for the freedom movement.

1). Her presence drove up turnout to the highest it’s ever been for a mid-term GOP primary.

2). She DID NOT go back to 4% in the polls despite Glenn Beck’s attempts to smear her as 9-11 “Truther” at the behest of his corporate bosses and good-old boy friends. The interview may very well have stopped her momentum from surging past Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson into a run-off with incumbent governor “Slick” Rick Perry. Republican voters that might have been interested in her stuck with Perry.

3). Even so, with little money and name recognition, battling an incumbent governor and U.S. Senator, she rose from nothing to 19 percent in the polls, over 200,000 votes statewide and wins in several counties. Her coattails helped elect a Ron Paul supporter to the state legislature and drew many such supporters to becoming delegates and precinct captains in statewide party caucuses that traditionally take place on primary day in Texas.

4). Such a showing means she’s still a viable candidate to run for public office in the future, whether for Rep. Paul’s seat at some point or maybe the Senate in this year or 2012. By contrast, Kay Bailey Hutchinson has pretty much hit that proverbial glass ceiling.

5). She forced the incumbent governor to take positions and say things he probably would not have if she weren’t in the race. Granted Perry is a scheming little opportunist (he certainly wasn’t anti-Washington when Bush II was in power) like any politician but it also means he knows which way the wind blows and to stick with it (so long as it doesn’t mess up his hair).

So Debra Medina did make an impact despite her third place finish in the primary. Politics can be a funny game when such defeats can lead to little victories. But ultimately they can add up to big ones.

Of course, Ron Paul had a big win himself, garnering 80 percent of the vote against a bunch of neocon nobodies.