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The freedom to obey your leaders …

… is what Neocons mean by “freedom.” What else to conclude from the latest online creepiness from Americaneocon:

List of French Citizens Who Collaborated With the Nazis During WWII to Be Published Online

At London’s Telegraph, via Theo Spark.

One day, we’ll also see a list of Americans who collaborated with global jihad in the post-9/11 era.

This is nothing new from the chickenhawks. Tough guy Michael Reagan once giggled about the prospect of executing anti-war activist Mark Dice:

“You call them traitors–that’s what they are–and you shoot ‘em dead. I’ll pay for the bullet. How about you take Mark Dice out, and put him in the middle of the firing range? Tie him to a post, don’t blindfold him, and let it rip and have some fun with Mark Dice.”

And who can forget David Horowitz’ blanket condemnation of all who failed to support the Neocon Wars?

“Protesters against America’s war on terror are not peaceniks, they are America-haters and saboteurs, and they should be treated as such.”

If you’re puzzled that so-called “conservatives” could sound so anti-American and totalitarian, just remember the Trotskyite foundations of Neoconservatism.

Rising GOP Superstar, Gov. Chris Christie, is Weak on Immigration

Christie is doing good work in the blue state of New Jersey trying to trim spending, and as such he has received notice and praise in fiscal conservative circles. Some have even talked about him as a potential Presidential candidate in 2012. Unfortunately he is very weak on immigration. Not only does he seem to advocate for amnesty (a “clear path” to citizenship), but he also is critical of state level action such as Arizona’s new law. As I point out in the comments, immigration and the demographic change it brings about is an existential issue for the GOP. Apparently Christie can’t do simple math or is perfectly OK with his party being permanently relegated to an increasingly irrelevant minority status.

Addendum: It seems like the Politico writer Smith has spun Christie’s statement somewhat. I’m still not crazy about Christie’s statement, but Smith does appear to have embellished it some. Thanks to RonL for pointing this out.

Daily Reading

Tom Piatak discusses Hans Herman Hoppe’s characterization of Pat Buchanan as a Nazi.

Jerry Woodruff discusses how left-wingers intend to transform America’s racial demographics to solidify their power.

Paul Gottfried notes that Elana Kagan (an overweight, Jewish lesbian) is representative of the elites of our age.

William Quirk argues that Goldman Sachs, in many respects, is a government-subsidized casino.

Thomas Fleming continues his discussion on the Aeneid (III A).

Paul Belien notes how some Flemish secessionists want to become part of an even bigger autonomy-robbing bureaucracy (the EU).

The Norwegian blogger Fjordman discusses IQ and race among Europeans.

James Fulford notes how the Obama Regime does not want civil rights laws to apply to European Americans (whites).

Richard Spencer notes the rise multiculturalism in Israel, interviews Derek Turner about the rise of right-wing parties in Europe, and calls attention to a black rapist in France who defends the rape of at least 15 white women on the grounds of his hatred of white people.

Peter Brimelow discusses how naive (intentionally so?) the liberal elite are on immigration, and laments the naive open-borders ideology of libertarians.

Steve Sailer cites more evidence on the minority mortgage meltdown.

Apparently a small-scale race war (Asians vs. Africans) has broken out in Paris.

Donald Collins, a Democrat, is disgusted by the Obama Regime’s federal suit against Arizona.

Patrick Cleburne discusses the possibility of the Obama Regime enacting a stealth (executive order) amnesty.

Richard Hoste notes how trashy liberals can be.

Classics Corner:

Rob Sanchez follows up his original article on the India Lobby with a second part.


The Obama Regime’s “Russian Spy” Distraction

The Obama Regime has trumpeted the recent arrest of “Russian spies,” which is seemingly odd. First, many nations have intelligence gathers (“spies”) within the U.S. It comes with being a empire. Second, the Obama Regime more than likely has been informed about Russian spies in the U.S. for quite some time. Why arrest spies now and, in particular, why Russian spies?

As some have suggested, this may be a desperate act to try to save a failing presidency. Obama is prodding the Russian bear to divert public attention away from his own incompetence and sinking presidency.

But why Russia? Is it because Russian leaders refused to shake the meglomaniac’s hand? Is it because Russia is a white, Christian nation, a natural ally?

If it’s spies he wants to arrest, why not go after non-Western spies? What about India? China? Or, better yet, why not go after the country that possibly has the most spies in the U.S.?

Objective Weigel

His recent termination from the Washington Post thanks to the hit done by his fellow Orange Line Mafiosi hasn’t driven Dave Weigel underground as he wrote a recent piece for one of Andrew Breitbart’s online pubs.  One juicy tidbit: Apparently Weigel’s departure from Reason as a regular reporter wasn’t so amicable as we were lead to believe:

“After the 2008 election, I drove up from Atlanta to D.C. and was greeted by my editor, Matt Welch, with surprising news. It would be better, he said, if I worked somewhere else. I’d voted for the Obama-Biden ticket (having joked, semi-seriously, that I was honor-bound to vote for a ticket with a fellow Delawarean on it) and wasn’t fully on board with the magazine’s upcoming, wonky focus on picking apart the new administration. “

Again what you have here is the world’s biggest high school (Beltway High) where one faction of the student council, in this case Cosmotarian Cool Kids Club, decides to cast off the geek who follows them around because he won’t join in on their planned attack to undermind the new student body president.

To me Weigel’s problem as a journalist was not that he voted for Obama, it’s that you could never quite figure out from what angle he was coming from and thus were pissed off whenever he wrote something that seemed out of line from what you thought he was. That plus an edge of snarkiness too (I still remember how he trashed a friend of mine for his wardrobe at the Iowa Straw Poll)  probably didn’t  endear him within his new clique at Beltway High, so they published embarrassing info like one would publish “sexting” pics and got him fired.  Did WaPo hire him to cover “conservatives” like one would observe monkeys at the zoo (I’m sure he probably thought so)? Or did they feel he was a “insider” within the movement which could provide information, background, and context to what they were thinking? (which he definitely was not).  Because this wasn’t clear, his work wasn’t clear and in some cases incredibly shoddy.

Continue reading

Senator Robert Byrd, RIP

It is with sorrow that I today heard of Senator Robert Byrd’s passing.

Although he might have been the typical “pork barreling politician,” at least he tried to put the people of his own state first. And throughout his career, he has been right on a number of issues.

- He filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

- He, along wtih Strom Thurmond, voted against the Immigration Act of 1965 (possibly the worst piece of legislation in American history), while people like Bob Dole voted for it.

- He voted against NAFTA.

- He voted against the Iraq War.

- And he voted against the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill of 2007.

He also was an amateur historian and well read in European history – both ancient and modern. His charm and grasp of the political tradition (unlike the idiocy of other Democrats) will be missed. At least on the bright side, we no longer will have to listen to PC Republicans and neocons say that the only former klansman in Congress is a Democrat.

AddendumLeave it to the homosexual Satanist Alex Knepper to “remember Byrd’s racism.”

Everyone should read Rob Sanchez’s “Requiem for Senator Robert Byrd

Unsurprisingly, Obama “disses” Byrd.

Duelling State Conventions for California AIP Factions

Independent Political Report has the story. Sean and I have already commented there.

For those unfamiliar with this story, due to some shoddy work on the part of the California’s Secretary of State, the minuscule Keyes’ faction is the officially recognized faction by the State, and they are now technically affiliated with America’s Independent Party, Keyes’ personal vanity vehicle. Technically the Constitution Party does not have a state affiliate in California even though the CP loyal faction is much larger.

Glenn Beck’s South-Bashing

I try not to watch the MSM very often, but today I tuned into Glenn Beck for his “Founders Friday” program. Sadly, it turned out to be nothing more than a pitch to the multiculturalists where he praised the efforts of black Americans throughout history, particularly in the War for Independence. Beck and his guest David Barton were groveling at the feet of those who demand that history should be studied from month to month, each month honoring some ethnic minority wronged by evil white males, past and present. Nothing new.

I certainly wasn’t surprised by any of this, but what really got under my skin was the fact that Beck and Barton both made time in this program to bash the South replete with very glaring historical inaccuracies. Beck prides himself on “rediscovering” historical narratives which differ greatly from the Establishment’s verion, yet today he revealed himself to be thoroughly hypocritical and inconsistent. I was never a huge fan of Beck before all of this, but he now has zero integrity as far as I’m concerned. Continue reading

Trouble in Cosmoterian Land: Dave Weigel Resigns

Prototype cosmoterian Dave Weigel has been forced to resign after a storm of controversy over some leaked “private” e-mails in which he savages the conservatives he is supposed to be covering.

Some conservatives who must be unaware of Weigel’s work have called him a “standard issue liberal,” but he is not. What he is is a standard issue cosmoterian.

Weigel could be a snarky ass, and he was definitely a purveyor of cosmo opinion, but he was smart, and he seemed to understand intricacies of the conservative movement that truly outsider liberals never could. I am surprised he let himself be so stupid. E-mails to a listserv are not private.

(A related thought to ponder: why is snark and outright ridicule the main weapon of cosmos left, right and center? Is making a real argument that difficult?)

Will South Carolina Conservatives Regret Nominating Nikki Haley?

The nomination of Nikki Haley is a mixed blessing from a paleo perspective. She may be weak on immigration. There is good reason to believe she is. But on the other hand, immigration wasn’t really an issue in the Governor’s race, and Haley was the identified candidate of the TEA Party movement (with some justification) and therefore her victory is a very public victory for the TEA Party. And it was a public repudiation of Gresham Barrett for his vote for the bailout.

That said, I fear that South Carolina conservatives may come to regret that they so vigorously rallied to her defense against the allegations of extra-marital affairs and so cavalierly turned a blind eye to them. How should a supporter of a candidate respond when these types of allegations arise? Here is my take in the replies to this post from Quin Hillyer at AmSpec. Mr. Hillyer seems to have some of the same reservations I do.

… an allegation is not untrue because we politically support the accused. Allegations must be judged on their merits just as you would if the allegations were against someone you were disinterested in. To automatically defend someone against a charge because you support him/her politically risks winding up with an enormous amount of egg on your face. Hasn’t experience taught us that these types of allegations are often true (Clinton, Foley, etc. etc. etc.)? Just ask Lanny Davis what it is like to defend someone based on political sympathy later to find out they were guilty.

I have a hard time believing that Folks, who has much credibility to lose, would just completely make something like this up. On its face, the allegation is at least as likely true as not. I won’t believe anyone in this mess for sure unless they volunteer to take and pass a polygraph. In fact, the fact that Haley didn’t DEMAND to take a lie detector test when the allegations first arose inclines me to believe they are either true or have some element of truth to them. What would you do if you were publicly accused of something you were totally innocent of? I know what I would do. I would take an army to keep me away from a lie detector. (This is the same logic I use when I conclude there is likely something fishy about Obama’s long form birth certificate or else he would release it to silence his skeptics.)

Last I read, Haley’s second accuser (the less credible one in my original estimation) volunteered to take a polygraph test and Haley, who was asked publicly, refused. (She didn’t exactly refuse. She gave a very fishy non answer.)

Here is Haley refusing.…..?id=466015

Here are Marchant’s results.…..?id=467390

I am afraid that the conservative voters in SC reacted in sympathy to Mrs. Haley, but they may be sorry if this ends up blowing up in their face before the general.

Marchant’s results were “inconclusive” but more positive than not. Read the link for an explanation.

Getting it from both ends

For state’s and communities on the Gulf Coast, the twin swords of Damocles are hanging over them. On the one hand you have a large multi-national oil company incapable of either following its own safety procedures or telling the truth about the extend of the oil spill. On the other hand, you have a federal government ensnaring efforts of local officials and ordinary citizens from taking steps to protect their coastlines from this disaster. The Gulf coast is getting it from both ends, big government and big business.

But don’t take our word for it. Go ask James Carville.

Secession is a conditions often caused when citizens feel the powers that be from far away places no longer either pay heed to their voices or concerns or feel powerless against those who wish to despoil their land and their waters. No doubt Louisiana governor Bibby Jindahl is doing all he can in this crisis but as governor in these United States he’s dwarfed by the twin swords with limited power.

I’d say, if the League of the South needed a better reason to call for Southern independence or at least a broad decentralization, I can’t think of one right now.

The Great Purge continues

What great fun it’s been watching the Empire and its cheerleaders self-destruct! It all started with left-Neocon Charles Johnson attacking the patriotic conservatives he’d buddied with to support the Neocon Wars. Charles, like Bush and Cheney, welcomed Middle America when cannon fodder was in short supply for the war that would supposedly spark the global democratic revolution. Middle America swallowed their handlers’ lies that these wars supported traditional American values, though people such as Johnson openly despised those values.

As I said at the time, Johnson was never a conservative. He was a leftist promoting war — the ultimate big-government project — to advance a leftist cause.

Now the Neocon purge has ratcheted up yet another notch. Blogger Debbie Schlussel is tossing out accusations that certain pro-war bloggers aren’t sufficiently pro-Israel. In the mind of ideologues, insufficient militancy means apostasy, so Schlussel accused these backsliders of being “anti-Semitic” — a charge aimed at early opponents of the Neocon Wars, including those scary paleoconservatives.

However, Schlussel’s targets have fired back, affirming their faith in the orthodox Neocon doctrine — and the essential tenet of that faith is the centrality of Israel to all that is good and worth fighting for. Here’s how warblogger John Hawkins defended himself from Schlussel:

Yes, the same guy who has written articles like The Moral Superiority Of Israel and Seven Reasons Why Israel Will Never Get a Fair Shake was no different than Hitler in Debbie’s eyes.

Naturally, Charles Johnson, who’s as militant as any Israel Firster, couldn’t sit idle. He pronounced Schlussel as “mentally ill.”

Like I said, what fun!

The French Revolution had its terror, the Soviet Union its purge, and Red China its Cultural Revolution. Now the Neocons, just the latest batch of militant ideologues whose revolution is consuming its young, have their own purge.

Have at it, fellas. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Coffee Time

From Front Porch Republic:

“The Cherry Now” by Kathleen Dalton

Tea Time” by Patrick Deenan

John Medallie had a really good piece on how the nation-state and not religion was the cause of the 30 Years War. Remember this:  “Religion is voluntarty. The State is compulsatory.”

This is a good article from the leftist American Prospect on how the state colludes with big agribusiness.

Public employee unions on the defensive in this Lew piece.

Tom Piatak at Chronicles on soccer and the metric system.

Obama is no Superman according to Kelly Vlahos at

Obama’s court journalists by Glenn Greenwald over at

Jack Hunter’s writes at TAC about the Return of the Real Right.

Those Poor Longsuffering Centrists

It must be difficult to be a centrist. They seem to live with an ever present fear that the country is on the verge of falling into the hand’s of extremists (if only) unless reasonable centrists heads save the day by dragging us back from the brink.

Consider that oh so reasonable and thoughtful bastion of centrist opinion making, E. J. Dionne. He is all “disturbed” that the Tea Party right is growing dangerously anti-government, what with all those sinister references to the Constitution and Founding Fathers they keep making.

Daniel McCarthy has an excellent analysis of the Dionne article here. Daniel is entirely correct that once “their party” is in power the established GOP elite will co-opt the Tea Partiers, but I point out in the comment section another dynamic involved here.

“Dionne and his ilk’s,” (described beautifully by Mr. Grigg as the “custodians of acceptable opinion”) professed concern about the TEA Party movement is less about some particular new development on the right than it is a generalized centrist fear of some imagined ever-present emerging “extremism.” Just as there is an enduring GOP elite, there is an equally enduring centrist elite (sometimes one and the same) that reacts with predictable hysteria at any whiff of “extremism.” The centrist whining about polarization, hyper-partisanship, overheated rhetoric, the poor underrepresented center, extremism, blah, blah, blah is with us every election cycle.

What is ironic about all this centrist hand-wringing is how unnecessary it is. They have managed to create a political culture that couldn’t be any more pristinely centrist if they drew up a blueprint. Surely they recognize this. These periodic outbursts of concern about rising extremism from the keepers of conventional opinion are just one more tool for maintaining the centrism they so dearly love and that has served them so well. So Mr. Dionne can spare me his feigned concern. I’m not buying it.

We do it for you

” … all the different issues that the president is dealing with, I think that a little time to himself on Father’s Day weekend probably does us all good as American citizens that our president is taking that time.” White House spokesman Bill Burton

“We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organisation of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink the milk and eat those apples.” Animal Farm spokespig Squealer.

Obongo Regime to block Arizona Immigration Law

As predicted, Obama plans to block the Arizona immigration law.  From the NY Times:

The Obama administration has decided to file suit to block a new Arizona law aimed at deporting illegal immigrants, thrusting itself into the fierce national debate over how the United States enforces immigration policies. The move is a rare instance of the federal government forcefully intervening in a state’s affairs, and it carries significant political risks.

Unsurprisingly, Obama will stop at nothing to flood the U.S. with the Third World — driving down American wages and irrevocably changing the demographics of the U.S. Let’s  hope that Arizonans have the guts to fight back. They should ignore Obama’s dictatorial decree and continue to apprehend illegal aliens.

“Methodist” Seminary to go Multi-Faith

A liberal “Methodists” seminary, apparently not satisfied with limiting itself to the heresy of liberal Christianity, is now becoming multi-faith.

As I said before, poor John Wesley must be rolling in his grave. What did he ever do to deserve having the once orthodox denomination he founded dragged through the mud in such a way?

Have any of these characters who are dragging the UMC leftward ever read any of John Wesley’s sermons, much less the Bible? Hint: the man was no theological liberal and even our Calvinist partisans who would vehemently object to Wesley’s Arminianism should acknowledge that.

In the name of decency and intellectual honesty, why don’t these folks officially disaffiliate themselves from the Wesleyan tradition? Why the UMC long ago didn’t disaffiliated them is a separate but related question.

Roy Moore for the Constitution Party Nomination in 2012?

Our friend Trent Hill, who edits Independent Political Report, made this comment in the Roy Moore post below.

Look for Moore to go to the CP meetings now and start stumping for the Presidency in 2012.

I had had this thought myself. Moore has long flirted with the CP and the CP has openly pursued him. Moore would be at home in the CP, but I believe he held out against pursuing their nomination in the past because he had plans on running in the GOP primary in Alabama and knew that open affiliation with a third party would hurt him. But now after two less than stellar showings in GOP primaries,  he has little to lose.

While Moore’s status as a marquee candidate nationally has been diminished by his lack of electorial success in conservative Alabama, he remains a celebrity in CP circles and could likely have the nomination for the asking. No offense to past nominees Howard Phillips, Michael Peroutka and Chuck Baldwin, all honorable men and faithful servants to the cause, but Moore has a higher national profile than any of these men even after his loses in Alabama. And recall that the CP could not hardly give its presidential nomination  away in 2008. Interloping neocon Alan Keyes would have likely claimed the nomination in ’08 against some decent but not nationally credible contenders had not Chuck Baldwin been persuaded to step up to the plate and drop his name in the hat. (Again, I mean no disrespect here. I support the CP and attended the 2008 nominating convention, but I can say as someone who was franctically grasping for an alternative to block Keyes that credible candidates were not coming out of the woodwork.)

While Moore would have been a bigger coup for the CP right after his Ten Commandments battle, the CP could certainly do worse in 2012 than Moore.

Have any other contenders even been floated so far?

Daily Reading

James Fulford points out another absurdity by the anti-Western neocon Ramesh Ponnuru.

Richard Hoste notes that the French soccer team is no longer even French.

Heather MacDonald discusses the anti-European American (anti-white) bias in reporting crime.

Pat Buchanan mocks Obama’s ridiculous plan of bailing out corrupt politicians.

Thomas Fleming discusses the Aeneid (Preliminaries, Historical Introduction, I A (to 295),  I B: Compassion,  II A, II B, Metrical Excursus)

Srdja Trifkovic writes about Israel, the West and the rest.

Derek Turner discusses the electoral success of the Partij Voor Vrijheid (PVV) in the Netherlands.

Soeren Kern gives a political risk analysis of Spain.

Richard Spencer interviews Kevin DeAnna, Founder and Director of Youth for Western Civilization, and Jan Lievens of the Vlaams Belang.

Steve Sailer notes how Third World immigration is driving down the average IQ of Germany.

Brenda Walker discusses how immigration fuels overpopulation in the UK.

Kevin MacDonald discusses the much-awaited English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “In the Camps of Gulag”

James Edwards discusses his new book, Racism, Schmacism, on how the left attempts to smear Western patriots with the charge of “racism.”

Steve Burton discusses a racially motivated attack against a 16-year-old European American (white) boy.

Patrick Cleyburn discusses Nimrata “Nikki” Randhawa Haley’s (“Nikki” Haley’s) neoconservative immigration position, and Nicholas Stix predicts she’ll be promoted to the national stage via GOP affirmative action.

Ethologist Frank Salter shows why it’s in our genetic interest to oppose open borders.

Classics Corner:

Rob Sanchez discusses the growing power of the menacing Indian Lobby.