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Erick Erickson: “No third party is or will ever be viable.”

Erick Erickson, the editor of and a conservative commentator for CNN, has a new book coming out. Here he gives us a sample of what to expect. He doesn’t have much good to say about the two major parties, but dismisses third parties out of hand.

They’re all terrible. All of them. Democrats. Republicans. The so called “leaders” of both parties do nothing but compromise away our freedoms. The good guys are few and far between and need reinforcements…

Therein lies the terrible conundrum for voters. We’re not choosing the lesser of two evils. We are choosing between the assorted evils of two lessers. The problem is compounded by a very simple fact: there are no betters than these two lessers. No third party is or will ever be viable. The deck is stacked against them. [emphasis mine]

Note: This is my first post at IPR. My question for Erick would be if he supports efforts to unstack the deck such as reformed ballot access laws.

The League of the South Issues a Statement on the Arizona Lawsuit

Re: Feds strike down central provisions of Arizona immigration law

Imagine that! A federal judge ruling in favor of the federal government in a case against a State! But that’s what you can expect when there is no impartial arbiter to determine matters of constitutionality.

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, encourages the sovereign State of Arizona to either 1) nullify the decision of U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton that removed the teeth from Arizona’s immigration law, or 2) begin immediately to prepare the State for secession from a union in which the compact has been broken by the general (federal) government. Anything less will not be sufficient to protect the lives, liberty, and property of the citizens of Arizona.

The League also encourages Southern Patriots (and those elsewhere of goodwill) to give aid and comfort to the beleaguered citizens of Arizona and their elected representatives and conversely to oppose the federal government and its minions by refusing the same.

For too long the federal government has shown itself to be an organized, criminal enterprise that defines the extent of it own power and rules for the benefit of the elite. This is but the latest example. Such criminal behavior must be stopped by the citizens of the sovereign States acting in concert with each other. We have the legal and moral authority to do so; but do we have the will?

While it might seem meet and right for supporters of Arizona to make the trek to that State to provide aid and comfort, we in the League suggest you focus your efforts against the feds at home. It is more difficult to extinguish a thousand brushfires than one larger conflagration. Be bold and creative in your dissent.

A Message From Tom Tancredo

Dear Conservative,

As a longtime partner with me in the battle to secure our nation’s borders and stop the scourge of illegal immigration, I want you to be among the first to know that this week I filed my papers as a candidate for governor of Colorado.

I am running for governor in part because the leading Republican candidates for governor are both enmeshed in serious ethical and financial scandals that not only reflect badly on their character, but that are so bad they also guarantee the election of the Democratic candidate, liberal Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.

And John Hickenlooper, just like Barack Obama, is committed to the “sanctuary” and open-border policies that have made Colorado a front-line state in the illegal immigration wars!

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Whitey, pack up your desk!

This week indeed has been a bad week for European Americans. First, we hear how poor whites are the most discriminated against in college admissions. Second, we learn that the Obama Regime, during the auto bailouts, deliberately targeted white-owned dealerships for closure.   Earlier today we find out that the Obama Regime, via the tyranny of federal courts, has sided with Mexico and mestizo invaders against American citizens trying to enforce laws.  And finally today we discover a little-noticed provision in the Obama Regime’s financial regulatory bill that gives the federal government more power to compel financial firms to replace whites with minorities. Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Yes, the bill gives Treasury the power to liquidate banks that pose a threat to financial stability. But it essentially exempts minority-owned banks and those approved by Acorn-style urban organizers.

“The orderly liquidation plan shall take into account actions to avoid or mitigate potential adverse effects on low-income, minority or underserved communities affected by the failure of the covered financial company,” it says.


Sen. Richard Shelby and other GOP conferees moved to strike the language, arguing that making an exception for minority neighborhoods defeats the whole purpose of reform, which is to protect all consumers against systemic risk.

But Sen. Chris Dodd, who’s running the conference committee with his fellow Democrat, Rep. Barney Frank, shot them down by suggesting that they wanted to deny minorities access to credit.


Studies show that CRA home loans have much higher failure rates. {snip}

Another section of the bill requires the proposed Financial Stability Oversight Council (headed by the Treasury secretary) to consider a zombie institution’s “importance as a source of credit for low-income, minority or underserved communities” before winding it down. {snip}


The bill mandates placement of a diversity czar in each federal financial agency—including the Fed and its 12 regional banks.

Establishing a so-called Office of Minority and Women Inclusion within each agency is the idea of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, a Congressional Black Caucus leader and conferee.

According to her amendment to the bill, “Each agency shall take affirmative steps to seek diversity in the workplace of the agency, at all levels of the agency,” including:

* Recruiting at “historically black colleges and Hispanic-serving institutions.”

* Recruiting in urban communities.

* Placing ads in African-American and Spanish newspapers.

* “Partnering with organizations that are focused on developing opportunities for minorities.”


Each agency, in turn, is required to report to Congress detailed information describing the actions it took to diversify its staff and contract with minority-owned firms. Which means they’ll do what their diversity officers advise. No official—particularly no regional Fed bank president—wants to be dragged before Barney Frank’s panel and accused of racism.

Still, as insurance, the bill also calls for an audit of Fed “governance” to examine, among other things, “the extent to which the current system of appointing Federal Reserve bank directors effectively represents the public without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.”

From a chain email:

The widsespread discrimination against European Americans should be unsurprising.

All other racial groups have powers lobbying on their behalf. Blacks have the NAACP, mestizos have La Raza, Asians have the 80-20 Initiative, Indians have USINPAC, etc. What do European Americans have?

When groups E, D, C & B lobby on behalf of their ethnic interests, and group A does nothing, group A is bound to be shafted.  And all the while this is taking place, many whites pursue the “ostrich strategy”. They stick their heads in the sand and wish it were otherwise.

What Arizona should do regarding its immigration law

Regarding the decision today by U.S. District Tyrant Judge Susan Bolton to block certain parts of the AZ immigration law (SB 1070), and depending how things play out over the next few days, Arizona has a couple options.  It can certainly appeal the decision, as it already is doing, but radical tyranny may require more drastic solutions. More realistically, Arizona could:

(1) following the Tenth Amendment,  ignore the federal court and implement their law regardless


(2) following Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution,  pass an emergency resolution removing any jurisdiction from the federal courts on state laws involving immigration.  Although Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution reserves this right for the U.S. Congress, seen through the lens of the Tenth Amendment and given the tyranny of the federal courts, states could presume this authority e re nauta.

Other states then should pass similar immigration-enforcement laws, attaching to them language that removes  judicial review from the federal courts.

Addendum:  What particularly is disturbing about the Obama Regime’s refusal to allow Arizona law authorities to check the immigration status of suspects is that it’s contrary to general law-enforcement practice.  In nearly every country in the world, the local police have the authority to check the immigration status of those detained.  By not allowing the police to verify immigration status of suspects, the Obama Regime is not concerned about the “constitutionality” of such measures but simply does not want immigration laws enforced.  In short, the Obama regime has failed to protect the citizens of Arizona and can no longer be viewed as interested in the wellbeing of American citizens.

The real point of the anti-SB 1070 protests

A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel. – Robert Frost

I’ve long maintained that it’s not a quest for “racial justice,” whatever that means, that motivates white multicults. Instead, it’s the same personality disorder that defines all fanatics, from John Brown to Jim Jones, and that’s the burning desire to prove one’s moral superiority to others. What fuels that desire? Self-hatred.

Stephen Lemons, the pro-open borders “Feathered Bastard,” makes it pretty explicit in this invocation urging fellow multicults to “raise freakin’ hell” in Phoenix on July 29th, when SB 1070 goes into effect:

There will be plenty of opportunities to get your activism on over the next few days, and even be arrested, which, with the right kind of crowd, will get you treated like a Medal of Valor recipient.

Seriously, how do you treat people who got arrested during the Civil Rights Movement? One day, you too could be able to tell your youngins about how you put your body on the line to stop a racist law that was backed by an army of ignorant rednecks led by neo-Nazi-huggin’ state Senator Russell Pearce.

So here’s a run-down of some of the activism that will ensue. Get off your duff, be a part of history, and go growl at some toothless pro-SB 1070 hillbillies, because you know they’ll be out there.

That’s the real point: Get out there and show off your superiority to those “ignorant rednecks” and “toothless hillbillies.” You’ll feel soooo much better about yourself. And that’s who it’s really about — you.

Shape shifter

Even though he was fired from his last job (and the job before that) there was never any danger of Dave Weigel ever going to the poor house. When you’re in with the in-crowd, which has been Weigel’s career goal, good things tend to happen to y0u. So Weigel apparently has new job with Slate to go with his gig at MSNBC.

Bully for him I guess. But once again Weigel cannot help himself. He simply has to remind everyone why there’s  feeling out there that he’s a self-gratuitous little prick. His opus in the latest American Prospect online is way of saying there’s nothing wrong with trying to be everyone’s pal even you are only pretending to be everyone’s pal and use them for fodder for your next article. Reading this, you realize it’s no wonder someone leaked his emails from JournoList. They were probably beginning to feel the same way.

But apparently Weigel does feel strongly about supporting the war. He said so in a tweet to Glen Greenwald. It just goes to figure that if one wishes to advance onself in Cosmoland, there are stands that must be taken and compromises that cannot be made (until Cosmoland declares the war a failure and everyone declares they knew all along, which is what happened in official Washington after Vietnam). Luckily Matt Bargainer does a good job of putting Weigel in his proper context of Cosmo social climbers.

The sad thing is, Weigel probably isn’t aware of how much in contempt he’s held in by the people who he thinks are his friends.

What Should Be the Attitude of Non-Interventionists to Recent Converts?

There has been much discussion in the right-wing blogosphere on the movement of such prominent conservatives as Joseph Farah and Anne Coulter toward a more skeptical of war perspective. The problem with embracing their movement our way unequivocally is that they have not become “full-throated non-interventionists” (see Antle link). What they are expressing is a “Jacksonian” skepticism of nation building and long wars and maybe (we hope) a skepticism about war as a type of do-gooder project (spreading democracy, policing the world, etc.). Here are a few links that I think hash out what our reaction should be pretty well.

Daniel Larison is skeptical.

Jim Antle responds.

Larison replies.

Larison is largely right on the facts, but I question the wisdom of publicly slapping down movement in our direction. This seems counter-productive. Who is going to want to join us if they think they will be chastised if they do? They are more likely to just keep their new found reservations to themselves. Farah’s change of heart took courage. It seems to me more helpful to cheer on such public movement our way.

My reason for some optimism on foreign policy is that all the movement, whether great or slight, has been in our direction. Are there any former non-interventionists being won to uber-hawkish militarism these days? It is a shrinking faction that only speaks to itself. There is no audience, except the choir, for fear peddling militarism these days. Not that all its former audience has become principled non-interventionists. They haven’t. They have just moved on to other concerns and priorities.

I also agree with Larison that Iran remains a kind of litmus test. Second thoughts on Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t particularly helpful if the person still wants to plunge us into a much more potentially disastrous war with Iran. But I also believe that a lot of the current discussion about Iran is just rhetorical posturing. Wiser heads realize that we can’t attack Iran even if we wanted to. We are overextend militarily, economically and politically and an attack on Iran would be utterly disastrous, so they saber-rattle as a substitute for action. Kind of like the guy at the bar who talks trash because he knows his friends will “hold him back.” Later he can say, “If it wasn’t for my friends holding me back I would have clobbered that guy. Really, I would have.”

Shirley Sherrod & Obama’s War against European America

In the past few weeks, Europeans Americans have seen unmasked the hostility they encounter in their daily lives:

- A recent study confirms that poor whites are the most discriminated against group in college admissions.
- A recent report shows that the Obama Regime deliberately targeted white-owned auto dealerships (for closure) during the auto bailouts.
- The Obama Regime, in an Orwellian twist of logic, attempts to keep Arizona from enforcing the law, thus siding with Mexican invaders against Americans, and is contemplating a stealth amnesty either via executive order or during the lame-duck session of Congress.

What is the liberal establishment’s response to these injustices? Some think that European Americans should be censored, so these inconvenient truths cannot be reported. Others have moved their spotlights to the Sherrod story, trying to resuscitate the dead horse that the real injustice in the U.S. is white-against-black (yea, right).  Although the Sherrod story is legitimate (Andrew Breitbart edited the video to take the quote out of context), it is being used by the liberal media to distract from the above issues.

Regardless, as the media bend over backward to excuse Sherrod and castigate “racist whites,”  this video by Charles Sherrod (husband of Shirley) comes along:

Text: “Firmly, we must stop the White man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections. We must not be afraid to vote black. We must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests. . . . And tell white folk, all over, wherever we are running somebody for an office … that blacks are going to TAKE that office over. And thousands are coming to the polls. And you gotta get it.”

What will be the anti-Western left’s next move? Who knows, but as Put Buchanan recently noted, “white racial consciousness has visibly begun to rise.”  Still, I don’t yet see any European American equivalents to the NAACP, La Raza, the 80-20 Initiative, or USINPAC.


To be poor and white in America II: No Dissent Allowed, All whites are rich!

It’s hard to have a dialouge about race when one side wishes to engage in monalouge. Actually its more of a diatribe when you read the Virginia NAACP’s response to Sen. Jim Webb’s recent op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal.

And judging by the background of the author of the NAACP’s response, you can pretty much guess what the content is going to be:

Khalfani has been the head of the state NAACP since 1998. On his official biography page, Khalfani writes, “My greatest accomplishment is that I am by choice a revolutionary Afrikan Man. I am a Pan-Afrikanist. I am one who speaks truth to power unashamedly on behalf of Afrikan people. I have not cringed or cowered when faced with criticism, ostracism or bodily harm.”

The bottom line to NAACP and others whom everyday is Selma, 1965:  All whites are rich! You cannot dissent from this!

Me thinks a few people need to see the documentary “Harlan County USA”

Support your county fair II

Tom Fleming state online recently that instead of activism one should “Stay home and pick up trash from the street, turn off the TV and practice the piano or read a book or play Scrabble with your wife and kids.”

Well I’m happy to report I’ve done exactly that. I have no TV for the summer (and we may go longer) and this past weekend I volunteers in the Pepin County, Wis. Fair.

I’m on the Pepin County Board of Supervisors and revitalizing our fair has been a project of mine and other board members, county and UW Extension employees and countywide 4-H volunteers and their families. Our efforts were successful in making for a wonderful event that we hope to continue to get better year after year. 

As one of the smallest counties in Wisconsin, our viablity depends upon community events like a fair. I also think that’s true throughout rural America. If you get the chance and the time, you should do the same. It’s quite rewarding.

Tancredo is In! Constitution Party for Governor of Colorado

Independent Political Report has the story.

I would love your comments here, but I would also ask that if you are supportive of this make a comment at IPR as well. The website is for all third party and independent news, but it seems to be primarily frequented by libertarians and there is a strong PC element there so I am sure they will be out in force calling Tancrado a xenophobe and otherwise PC grandstanding as is their MO.

Also, some background. The two Republican candidates have both been hit with scandals and appear to be seriously damaged goods. McInnis was hit with a plagiarism scandal and Maes was hit with a campaign finance disclosure problem and may have been over reimbursing himself for mileage. Tancredo asked them to step down, but both refused. Absent the scandal I don’t think Tom would have necessarily made the move to the CP.

Daily Reading

The recent study showing that lower-income European Americans (poor whites) are the most discriminated against in college admissions has prompted thousands of articles and blog entries around the web.

Patrick Cleburne notes that the Obama Regime and its cronies may try to ram all sorts of unpleasant legislation (amnesty, taxes, wealth redistribution, etc.) through Congress this fall in a lame duck session.

Having written about recent adventures in evolution, Steve Sailer writes that the NY Times science section is actually “getting it” on race – just wait until the PC left finds out.

Patrick J. Buchanan argues that white racial consciousness is on the rise.

William Tate describes how the Obama Regime, during the auto bailouts, deliberately targeted white-owned dealerships for closure.

Rob Sanchez  notes that the Obama Regime fails to make legal case to stop Arizona immigration law.

Derek Turner discusses what Othello can still tell us today.

James Fulford writes that immigrants from the Third World bring all sorts of diseases to the U.S.

Steve Sailer notes that when Vicente Fox is asked what great accomplishments mestizos have produced, the first thing he thinks of is tacos.

Donald Collins notes that a black journalist is censored at Huffington Post for opposing mass immigration.

Edwin S. Rubenstein writes that the Obama Regime is suppressing numbers on immigration.

Elizabeth Wright discusses the bogus “racism” of the tea parties.  And speaking of racism, it seems that Dick Morris is now using Peter Brimelow’s definition of “racist.”

Daily Finance reports that the real unemployment rate of the U.S. is 22%.

In a french round of race riots in France, blacks and Arabs loot Grenoble.

Classics Corner:

Mel Bradford, “Dividing The House: The Gnosticism of Lincoln’s Political Rhetoric


Rush Limbaugh maintains that  “this [Obama] regime is tribalizing this country. They are dividing this country. It’s not just enough to say that they are dividing us. They are tribalizing this country. We aren’t Americans anymore. We’re all members of different racial tribes, and we are to be pitted against each other: Black Americans, White Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans. We’re all being divided up racially, by tribes.”

Former war supporters abandon the Neocon agenda

Wow. Last week, Ann Coulter slapped the grin off Bill Kristol’s face, famously declaring she could no longer support the Afghanistan War: “But now I hear it is the official policy of the Republican Party to be for all wars, irrespective of our national interest.”

Thursday, World Net Daily’s Joseph Farrah, who once seemed to think any sacrifice was worth it to counter the fearsome threat of “Islamo-Fascism,” confessed this in his regular column:

For the life of me, I cannot begin to understand our objectives in either Iraq or Afghanistan any more.

Because I appreciate the sacrifice our men and women are making over there, it is with a heavy heart that I make this proclamation. But enough is enough. We have spent over $1 trillion on these two wars and spilled far too much American blood.

Today, the heel-clicking Day by Day cartoon, which once cheered on anything the government did in the name of anti-terrorism, denounced Obama for using the domestic spying powers that Bush and Cheney bequeathed to the office of Temporary Dictator.

We’ve been sounding that alarm for some time. The ultimate threat to our liberty is not big-government Democrats or big-government Republicans — it’s big government.

To be poor and white in America

To be poor and white in America basically means you’ll probably stay poor and white. I say probably because there’s always the occasional go-getter or two, but when a recent study showed that elite academia has no interest in having poor or middle to low middle class whites attend their colleges and universities, even such go-getters are steered to the local state school or community colleges. Or join they join the military because they find no other reasonable chance for advancement without putting their lives at risk or come back from Iraq with a limb shot off  just to pay for college. It sounds like career tracking to me.

Elite schools can congratulate themselves thinking they’ve recreated study bodies that reflect a post-racial, managerial based society. But also may very well have created large pockets of resentment in the rural ghettos of our nation. In past they may not have been a huge problem because a white person could work at a  factory or own a farm and make a decent living without having to go to Harvard. Such options hardly exist anymore. He or she would have to take on mountains of debt and have own 2,000 head of livestock to make any kind of living on the land. What factories their are may very well employ illegal immigrants working willing to have their hands sliced off for $1.25 an hour just so they can experience the joys of indoor plumbing. Its hard to see what job skills community colleges are supposed to teach since glass towers are rarely found outside big cities that thousands of poor whites flee to every year looking for work.

Some enlightened college administrator may look at this study and ask themselves  “Do we really want to create more Tim McVeighs”? The “fire next time” for whites may very well come with demobilized vets from “Global War on Terror” finding themselves working McJobs after leading whole squads, companies and platoons in Iraq. Given that they may be no majority race by 2042, the call for white quotas may become stronger and stronger. Sarah Palin may very well be to underclass whites was Jesse Jackson was to underclass blacks. The question is for conservatives, are these the paths we want to follow down? Because if they are, then years of rehtoric about meritocracy, affirmative action and identity politics along with snide remarks about elitism at Harvard might as well be chucked out the window right now.

This brings up an interesting point in a recent article Patrick Deenan just wrote. We can point out the Ivy League’s bigotry against poor whites as we should. But is encouraging the young and the ambitious to join the “creative class” in a blue state when they graduate really what we want to encourage?

Members of the meritocracy are well aware of whom they have left behind, and rather than assuming the personal obligation of old to those less fortunate, they elect instead to pay an impersonal middleman—government—to deal with the aftereffects of what Wendell Berry has called the “strip-mining” of talent from every town and hamlet in the world. At the same time, they demand that everyone else pay up as well—what would have been personal forms of responsibility have instead been spread to the entire population, including those they purport to succor. As Christopher Lasch wrote, “obligation, like everything else, has been depersonalized; exercised through the agency of the state, the burden of supporting it falls not on the professional and managerial class but, disproportionately, on the lower-middle and working class.”

Continue reading

Creed of Gold … Coming Soon

A movie that bashes the Fed. Now that sound entertaining. Check out the trailer.

A lot of conservatives and Christians have been saying for a long time that we should bypass Hollywood and make our own stuff. I agree. This is a start.

Hat tip to Bill Green of RightMarch who can be seen in the trailer. He’s the fat cat banker who utters “All we have to do is make sure the credit remains tight. We’ll be buying the wealth of the world at half-price.”

Tancredo for Governor?

Bay Buchanan at Team America PAC passes this along to us.

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make sure you are aware that our Co-Chair, Tom Tancredo, is considering running for Governor of the State of Colorado.

It appears that due to circumstances that have developed in the last few weeks that neither of the two GOP candidates running in the August primary are any longer viable general election candidates. To make matters worse, the Democrat in this race is the big spending, open border, sanctuary city Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper.

Tom finds this situation so unacceptable that he has announced that he may seek the nomination of the American Constitution Party so as to give the people of Colorado a conservative alternative who will battle illegal immigration as hard as he battles the deficit spending.

As we have told you before–Tom and I will fight this battle of open borders wherever we can and Tom is certainly not going to let his home state fall into the hands of a pro-amnesty, sanctuary city mayor–NOT IF HE CAN STOP IT!

Be assured Team America will continue to support our great conservative, anti-amnesty candidates every possible way we can and, of course we will keep you up-to-date on this exciting development.

Thanks for always standing with us,

Bay Buchanan

This is significant on two counts. First that Tancredo might run for Governor, and second that he would do so as the candidate of the Constitution Party.

Charles Johnson skillfully defeats Charles Johnson

How does he do it? The man is a genius, I tell you! Back in the fun days of the Neocon Wars, when W the Magnificent was strutting around in his, uh, enhanced flight suit, the Lizard King cheered on American power as it whupped Muslim butt in Afghanistan and Iraq. And back then, Charles agreed that the Islamization of the West was an evil to be resisted, as he argued in his post entitled One Third of Muslim Students OK with killing for Islam. In his post Radical Islam Marches in London, he warned that Muslims in the West supported their fellow Muslims rather than the Western nations they lived in.

Lately, however, he’s dropped his former pretense that the Neocon Wars were aimed at keeping the West Western. Today, he’s claiming Pam Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” is guilty of “increasingly open bigotry.” He ends his post with this show-stopper:

Now that high profile conservative figures like Sarah Palin are also endorsing hatred of Muslims and not-so-veiled calls for violence, decent Americans need to make their voices heard. The so-called “anti-jihad” movement has metastasized into something ugly and hateful.

Violence. Right. What do you call it when you cheer on the invasion of nations that had not threatened us that wipes out a million innocent people?

Apparently, invading Muslim nations is okey-dokey, but trying to defend one’s civilization is bad, bad, bad. Got it.

Note to conservatives who supported the Neocon Wars: You were used. You were fooled into thinking these illegal wars were about protecting America, including its traditional culture of liberty. They weren’t; they were about expanding the Empire’s reach and power at home and abroad. Out liberty is significantly diminished, and the Neocons are using their power to complete the globalization of America.

Some additional reading…

Here’s two more articles on poor white discrimination from Alt. Right and from Pat Buchanan. Sen. Jim Webb writes about the myth of white supremecy in the Wall Street Journal.

Some other articles:

Here’s two submissions from J.J. Jackson at Liberty Reborn: one on acceleration problems with Toyotas and the other “Liberals Ask: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

From Chuck Baldwin: “Assembly Line Medicine”