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Daily Reading (plus open thread)

Paul Gottfried discusses the infantilization of American conservatism and the rise of the post-conservative right.

Martin Lichtmesz discusses German’s remarkable Thilo Sarrazin smashing PC taboo.

Ellison Lodge speculates that the radical influx of people into the U.S. will have radical consequences.  He writes, “Will we completely deplete our natural resources by 2050? Will the U.S. break down on racial lines? Will it resemble a Third World country like Brazil?”

Steve Sailer argues that the rich, poor and MSM are ganging up on the middle class.

Richard Spencer interviews classicist Steven Farron about his new book on affirmative action, and notes that our leaders aren’t even as sensible as the Bolsheviks.

Philip Giraldi writes about the U.S. outsourcing internal security to Israeli companies.

Rob Sanchez writes that over the next decade “there will be 20,000 per year more foreigners who will enter the U.S. computer/IT labor market than there are jobs being created.”

Sarte discusses “totalitarian collectivism.”

Derek Turner discusses the UK’s ridiculous war on “racism” among children.

Brenda Walker notes that 62% of Americans believe that the current government encourages people to enter the U.S. illegally.

Steve Burton discusses the increasing rate of bastardization in the U.S.

Patrick J. Buchanan writes about the growing presence of China.

Daniel Larison criticizes Rush Limbaugh’s notion of “American culture.”

Katherine Dalton discusses small-town civility.

Matthew Richer hopes the Ground Zero mosque will awaken Americans to the growing Muslim menace in the U.S.

Classics Corner:

John Tanton:  “The Durable Rev. Malthus


Contribute to Tom Tancredo’s campaign for Governor of Colorado.

Boycott Home Depot (a.k.a. PC Depot)

I used to like Home Depot and would go out of my way to patronize them. When my older brother was working on his Eagle Scout service project, Home Depot provided him with all the materials he needed for free. As a result I was a loyal Home Depot customer. Plus they were headquartered in my home state of Georgia so I had an additional reason to be loyal to them. But since that time Home Depot has morphed into a slavishly PC company.

My first hint of this was when they inserted themselves into our state flag fight here in Georgia. Loyal to mammon before honor, they lobbied to have the Confederate Battle Flag removed from the Georgia state flag because it might be bad for business, and we can’t have that. What is an insignificant thing like loyalty to place and heritage compared to the almighty dollar?

Now they’re sucking up to the homosexual lobby. The American Family Association sends this along:

The Home Depot’s own website shows it embraces the spread of homosexuality, including gay marriage.

On its website, The Home Depot states it “is honored to say we support the following diversity-oriented organizations:” It goes on to list at least three groups which radically support the homosexual marriage agenda in America – The Human Rights Campaign, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates and Diversity Best Practices.

That’s not all!

The Home Depot sanctions its very own homosexual employee group, which receives financial backing by the company, The Home Depot Pride (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) employee group. The Home Depot marches in numerous gay pride parades and sets up Kids Workshops at gay pride festival events each year (more photos and list of events are available at

And there is more…

The Home Depot responded to an annual survey by the Human Rights Campaign. Here’s what the company offers:

- Full health insurance benefits to homosexual employees and “partners.” The Home Depot recognizes two homosexual men who sleep together as “married.”
- Insurance for complete sex-change operations.
- Requires some employees to attend diversity (homosexual acceptance) training.

TAKE ACTION1. If you have not done so, sign the Boycott Pledge at

 2. Call your local store manager. Let the manager know that you will not be shopping at The Home Depot until the company stops supporting the homosexual agenda. You can find the number here. (click “Store Finder”).

3. Print the paper petition and distribute it at Sunday School and church.


Looks like I’ll be going to Lowes. I wonder if all those NASCAR fans know about  Home Depot’s anti-Southern and pro-homosexual shenanigans?

FBI raids Minneapolis homes of five antiwar activists

Does speaking out against a war constitute terrorism? These government goons think so:

FBI agents searched eight homes in Chicago and Minnesota on Friday as part of an investigation the law enforcement agency said related to “the material support of terrorism.” No arrests were made related to the raids, FBI spokesmen in Minneapolis and Chicago said….

The FBI did not release the names of the targets and said the search warrants were under seal.

Minneapolis peace activist Mick Kelly’s apartment was searched, and agents confiscated computer hard drives, his cell phone, writings, and his passport, Kelly and his lawyer said.

“It’s harassment at the highest level of those of us who have spoken out and tried to build an anti-war movement,” said Kelly, who helped lead marches during the 2008 Republican party convention in Minneapolis.

“It’s an attempt to trample on our right to speak out against U.S. intervention abroad. It’s outrageous on every level,” he said.

There’s a precedent for accusing critics of providing material support to the enemy — and of course, Abraham Lincoln set it:

After Congressman Clement Vallandigham of Ohio charged Lincoln with waging war “for the purpose of crushing out liberty and erecting a despotism” and “restrain[ing] the people of their liberties,” General Ambrose Burnside arrested him for “disloyal practice[s] affording aid and comfort to Rebels.” The arrest triggered a substantial outcry from Lincoln’s opponents and supporters alike….

Lincoln defended the arrest because he believed that Vallandigham “was laboring, with some effect, to prevent raising of troops [and] to encourage desertions from the army.” “Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier boy who deserts,” Lincoln asked, “while I must not touch a hair of a wily agitator who induced him to desert?”

In fact, Vallandigham had confined himself to general criticism of the war and of Lincoln and had not urged his audience to disobey the law.

To Lincoln, speaking out against his war was treason. We saw that same attitude in the early days of the Iraq War when Neocon David Horowitz demanded that anti-war protesters be prosecuted as saboteurs.

If we are to resist modern-day tyranny, we must repudiate Lincoln’s legacy, which claims the primary allegiance of all Americans is to the central government.

Huge Confederate Battle Flag Going Up on I-75 in Georgia

Speaking of flyover country yokels sticking a thumb in the eye of the big city elitists, the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans bring us this:

(ATLANTA – 21 September 2010) In conjunction with the launch of events to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States, the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans will be erecting a 100′ flagpole with a Confederate battle flag on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at I-75 Exit 71, just north of Tifton.

The flag raising is part of the ongoing Flags Over Georgia project of the Sons of Confederate Veterans here in the state and is designed to increase awareness of the significant role that Georgia played during the War. Due to the current political climate in America, there is more interest today than any other time in the last hundred years regarding our Confederate heritage as people attempt to understand the South’s stand against an out-of-control federal government.

Earlier this year, the Florida Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans received national attention when they, too, raised a large Confederate battle flag alongside a major expressway in their state.

Georgia Division Commander, Jack Bridwell, had this to say about this Saturday’s flag raising, “This beautiful Flag signals the start of our celebration of the Sesquicentennial of the War for Southern Independence. We will continue to highlight times, sites, and people over the next 4 years; hopefully the public will join us in this celebration.”

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are also preparing to launch a statewide radio and television campaign with commercials which will educate the public about Georgia’s Confederate heritage and role during the War in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States.

Interviews or more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the flag raising may be obtained by contacting the Georgia Division at 1-888-SCVinGA or online at

More Dale Peterson Awesomeness!

Here is Dale on the lame duck Congress.

Below I wrote, “I love the iconography this guy represents. This is us yokels in flyover country sticking a thumb in the eye of Big City Elitists everywhere.”

For proof that Dale Peterson’s appeal is all about this yokel vs. elitist divide, take a look at these threads.

Here and here.

The reaction against Peterson from some of the commenters is palpably visceral, all out of proportion to the actual content of what is being said. (As is admittedly the reaction in favor of him.) But he really isn’t saying anything different than what any suit wearing conservative talking head on Fox News would say.

To the Elites, Dale Peterson represents the people who shouldn’t be heard from and who should just wait around for marching orders from their Elitist betters. But the yokels are getting uppity, and it both frightens and revulses them. Event for Rand Paul


The Liberty community is closer than ever to electing one of our own to the United States Senate.  As a US Senator, Rand Paul will help stem the tide of ever encroaching, heavy handed and oppressive government.  Please join us on Septemer 28 – 30, for the “One in the Senate,” first ever, video moneybomb telethon.  The event will be broadcast live on the internet , and will be hosted by Jack “The Southern Avenger” Hunter, Robert Scott Bell, Charles Goyette and Kurt Wallace, and will feature top tier guests, including Jim DeMint, Joe the Plumber, and both Rand and Ron Paul. 

Earlier this month, Rand’s competitor Jack Tough raised over $300,000 in his own money bomb.  A strong showing now for Rand will help him compete and keep him on top in the the final stretch of this race.  The election is just over a month away.  A victory for Rand will give Senate support for Liberty legislation, and will increase credibility for a Ron Paul presidential run in 2012.

I would really appreciate it if you could help promote this event with a mention on your blog, and/or by posting a banner on your website.  You can find copy/paste banners on the moneybomb site here:  In recognition, we’ll be doing linkbacks from the moneybomb site for all incoming links.

If you want to brush up on why Rand deserves our support here is a great post that summarizes his stances on the issues and how he will represent us in the United States Senate.

I appreciate your help.  Thank you for everything you do in the cause of Liberty.
Trevor Lyman

Dale Peterson is Getting Out the Vote

I just love this guy. I don’t really buy the idea that if we just elect more Republicans everything will be better, but I love the iconography this guy represents. This is us yokels in flyover country sticking a thumb in the eye of Big City Elitists everywhere.

That this guy lost his election in Alabama is a travesty, but here Peterson is being a good GOP soldier and ingratiating himself with the party. I suspect he plans to run for something again.

Murchison on Hawking on God

Stephen Hawking has been making waves recently because in his new book he makes the claim that God is not necessary to explain the universe. According to Hawking the universe created itself. William Murchison responds at Chronicles.

The atheist mode is pure assertion. It’s, shut up, listen here, I’m giving you numskulls The Facts. I imagine there have been, here and there, pleasant atheists. If so, one rarely runs across them. They’ve all got some Hawking, some Hitchens, some Mencken or Shaw or Robert Ingersoll in them: the desire to strut before the Stupid Masses; to show off a bit; to puncture the illusions of folk less enlightened than themselves, pinned down by the weight of superstition and terror. What a bunch of rubes and yokels, these believers! Not that they don’t come in handy as rhetorical foils and customers.

It’s really all too funny, as things tend to get when certain people—over and over without pause—do the same stupid things. Such as instruct the whole of human history to get off this God thing and start believing in spontaneous creation.


Barack Obama heckled in Manhattan

With Obama’s sliding poll numbers and growing voter rejection of DC’s wars, amnesty schemes, and socialized medicine, some heckling is expected.

But in Manhattan? At a Democratic function? And not just any Democratic function, but at a fundraiser. Wow. Seems like only yesterday, Obama was blazing new trails in fundraising.

Now it looks like this presidency has the shelf life of live bait.

A salute to the staffers

Today I wish to raise a glass and offer a toast and salutations to staffers of all politicans. You who toil in the shadows of your bosses and yet are thrust into the light of blame when everything goes wrong. Take President Obama’s recent Oval Office speech on Iraq for example. If the speech was vapid and said nothing, it was probably because Obama didn’t have much to say. But to a columnist like the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen, it had to be because some White House staffer screwed up and must be fired. Indeed staff shake-ups are a Washingtonian’s favorite way to assign blame to someone else. After all, it can’t possibly the politican or cabinet member’s fault? It has to be the staff.

Oh, but just think how the whole of the Beltway would completly shutdown if all these incompetents suddenly disapperared and left those “in charge” to fend for themselves? Then we could really see who would sink or swim (call it Survivor: Potomac Island). Alas, until that happens, the lowly staffer will have to remain, if nothing else, to be the scapegoat and the target of ire. What, and you thought it was all just sharpening pencils and getting coffee?

And that’s why I say here’s to you all gophers of government: You may be dumped on now, but if you just hold on, someday you can be the one doing the dumping. And you too will need a flunky to blame all those missed votes or garbled speeches or poorly written out checks on and yell at if need be. Just wait your turn.

War Socialism and some other submissions

Michael Lind wrote a great piece in Salon about a topic that I’ve written about. No matter what GOP politicans promise this fall, nothing of what they say means anything (even Paul Ryan’s Roadmap) unless they are willing to tackle this hypocrisy and clarify if they are willing to truly cut government or just once again lie to Tea Partiers. It’s up to them…

Some other submission for your attention:

“The Future of the Conservative Movement” by Sartre

“Why we moved to Montana” by Rev. Chuck Baldwin

“Prepare for Betrayal” by Lew Rockwell

“Self-Esteem vs. Standards” by Mark Signorelli at Front Porch Republic

and Daniel Larison says Americans are turning against hegemony at Eunomia.

Constitution Day TEA Party Event Excludes Constitution Party Candidate

This is an outrage! There has long been a debate about whether the TEA Party movement is really an independent non-partisan affair or if it is simply an adjunct of the Republican Party. This is a complicated matter due to the spontaneous and decentralize nature of the phenomenon. In some communities it is more the former, and in some it is more the latter.

I think the trend has been toward the movement being co-opted by Republican centric (although not necessarily Establishment oriented) forces. And I think this largely has to do with those groups having the funding to provide higher level organizational structure to the local level.

This episode tends to confirm this trend although the message is decidedly mixed. Libertarian Alex Snitker is being allowed to speak, for example. Glenn Lord, who seems to be speaking for the group, is clearly imposing his own personal beliefs about the utility of third parties on the TEA Party as a whole. His e-mails attempting to justify the exclusion of DeCastro strike me as unprofessional. If there was a legit reason to deny him a speaking slot due to time, (Which I highly doubt. If they wanted to make time they could.) that would be one thing, but on what grounds is he also being denied a table? There isn’t room for one more table? The reason from Lord’s e-mails is clear.  Lord doesn’t want him to have one because Lord doesn’t think third parties are useful.


Obama: Mexicans were here before Americans

“Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. The British and French, the Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land,” President Obama to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Mexico declared its independence on September 16, 1810. It was recognized on September 27, 1821.

The United States of America declared its independence in 1776.

Who’s Obama’s history advisor, Ed Sebesta?

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Colin Liddell writes that much of Europe’s political correctness was imported from the United States.

Peter Brimelow argues that the tea party represents a stirring white giant.

Thomas Fleming comments on the tea parties.

Srdja Trifkovic notes that the “conservative” Joseph DioGuardi, the GOP Senate candidate in New York, is an apologist and fundraiser for the terrorist KLA.

Richard Spencer interviews Gonzalo Lira about hyperinflation, questions how revolutionary the tea party movement is, argues that Christine O’Donnell is a trainwreck, observes that the supposed “conservative” German Chancellor Angela Merkel is criticizing everyone to her right, forecasts possible currency wars, and criticizes the censorship of the pro-Swedish Sweden Democrats in Sweden (imagine that!).

John Derbyshire notes the 10-year anniversary of Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone.

Rob Sanchez reviews the anti-white movie Machete.

Paul Gottfried discusses Fjordman’s recent piece on multiculturalism.

Chuck Baldwin discusses why he’s moving to Montana.

Edwin S. Rubenstein notes that more pundits acknowledge that immigration is driving down American wages.

James S. Fulford observes that immigrants are importing poverty to the U.S.

“The Whistleblower” discusses a new strategy.

Daniel Larison argues that Americans are turning against hegemonism.

Patrick Deneen discusses Americans’ obsession with being number one.

Patrick Cleburne writes that Mexico has approved a border fence (to protect itself from its southern neighbor).

Classics Corner:

Paul Gottfried:  “Strauss and the Straussians

Special Note:

Call your senators today to oppose Harry Reid’s DREAM Act (aka a stealth amnesty)