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Netanyahu determined to deport African immigrants from Israel

The cabinet on Sunday apppointed a committee to determine criteria for the estbalishment of an “open detention center” for infiltrators who entered Israel illegally through Egypt. The government stated that the committee would complete its work within 60 days and that the facility would be built within six months.

Ministers Benny Begin (Likud), Avishay Braverman (Labor) and Yitzhak Ahronovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu) voted against the decision. The latter said, “I don’t know what an open facility means,’ adding that the government should invest resources in enforcement, legislation and the immediate construction of a barrier on the Israel-Egypt border. He also suggested stationing additional Border Guard officers on the borderline.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained why he supports the idea. “There is a growing wave threatening Israeli’s workplaces, a wave of illegal infiltrators which we must stop due to the harsh implications on the State’s character,” he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Addressing the necessity of the prison, which he defined as a facility, the prime minister said that “we must create a humane response of lodging, food and nursing services until the infiltrators are removed from the country. People have been talking for years about stopping the wave of illegal infiltrators. Now we are no longer talking – this government, as opposed to previous ones, is doing.”

Netanyahu said the State would discuss imposing large fines on employers hiring illegal workers. He said the suggested detention facility was similar to facilities in Holland, Italy and Spain.

The refugees will stay in the facility temporarily “and will be returned to their homelands and interim countries from there,” he said. He added that “this is a combined national plan which will change the direction of the mass entry.” ~ YNet News

Good news for Israel. I hope it works out.  Like any nation, Israel has the duty to defend its borders and deport unwanted immigrants.

If only we could have such determined leadership in opposition to the Third World invasion of the U.S.!

Sadly, we have the Obama regime which currently is working to ram through Congress the DREAM Act amnesty.  If you haven’t already, join NumbersUSA so you can send free faxes to oppose this amnesty.

Neocon chickenhawks condemn WikiLeaks

The big-government, pro-war crowd is wailing and gnashing its teeth over what has been described as the “most embarrassing and potentially damaging disclosure of American diplomatic material in decades.”

Charles Johnson, for example, is outraged that anyone would dare shine a light on the government’s dirty little secrets. Why? Because everything our Beloved Leaders do is for our safety and security, and the WikiLeaks revelations might trip them up:

I don’t recall voting for Julian Assange. As he sets himself up as the arbiter of government morality, and recklessly reveals secrets that will distort and vastly complicate international relations, and very probably cause innocent people to suffer and die, who will hold him accountable? Who does he answer to?

And those war bloggers who get their kicks from second-hand slaughter are lusting for Assange’s blood — as long as someone else is doing all the bloodletting. The prime example, of course, is Americaneocon:

“I won’t think twice if Julian Assange meets the cold blade of an assassin.”

Why should a man die for exposing official lies? Anyone who respects honesty in government and the rule of law should applaud what Assange has done.

There’s Nothing Like a Little Lincoln Hagiography to Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Every so often American Spectator serves up one of these pro-Lincoln gems. If you just ate you may want to hold off on reading it so you don’t lose your lunch. My thoughts are in the comment section, and in general my fellow commenters are making me proud. Pro-Lincoln hagiography no longer goes unchallenged on conservative websites, as it should be.

Does anyone know anything about the author Roger Kaplan? I’ve Googled him and have found out some stuff, but I’m curious what his educational background is. This article is pure Jaffaite Lincoln revisionism.

SPLC makes lemonade out of lemons

No doubt disappointed that the “wave” of hate crimes they’d been anticipating didn’t materialize last year (see here and here), the SPLC found what they must see as a nugget of good news in the new FBI report: Attacks against homosexuals are up! Time to update the fundraising letters!

They even used the occasion to issue fatwas against 18 groups, lumping conservative organizations that work to preserve traditional marriage with the obsessed wackos of the Westboro Baptist Church, who insult military families. But they’re all to be shunned as “hate groups.” The Secular Inquisition has spoken!

Odd thing is, there are no black churches mentioned. If you want to see homosexuality condemned loudly and thoroughly, ask your typical black minister or reverend. (Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being notable exceptions.) Activists for same-sex “marriage” recognize this; Andrew Sullivan brands blacks as “the most homophobic racial group in America.”

Also, the SPLC admits that certain immigrant groups are violently anti-homosexual. In the same report, Heidi Beirich says:

Anti-gay “murder music,” a style of music that features lyrics advocating the murder of homosexuals and is growing in popularity far beyond its native Jamaica, is also described.

Will the SPLC add black religious organizations to its list of “homophobic haters,” or go on record as opposing the immigration of ethnic groups that threaten native-born Americans who are homosexual? Stay tuned.

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Edwin S. Rubenstein reviews Ian Fletcher’s Free Trade Doesn’t Work.

Paul Gottfried writes that a left-right antiwar coalition is next to impossible.

An anonymous attorney mocks the recent racial discrimination lawsuit against law firm Jones Day.

Srdja Trifkovic writes about Ireland’s debt crisis, discusses the rising tide of opposition in Germany, and argues that the US should leave the Korean peninsula.

Peter Brimelow writes that “an immigration moratorium would not only help solve the unemployment problem—it would benefit the GOP politically.”

A.W. Morgan writes about how black editorial writer at the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart, has stumbled upon the fact that blacks and Hispanics are more prone to commit violent crime.

MAN discusses how Mexicans have turned California’s workforce into the least educated in the U.S.

Eugene Girin discusses Rabbi Mayer Schiller on the future of the American right.

James Fulford notes, regarding the Pigford Settlement Case, that since LBJ the official policy of the federal government has been to discriminate in favor of blacks.

Richard Spencer points out how poor little Curtis© was slapped by a white teacher.

Dennis Watkins writes how Obama recently gave a Medal of Freedom to anti-white basketball player Bill Russell.

Matthias Storme discusses how opponents of a separate state of Flanders have resorted to blackmailing and scaremongering.

Christopher Roach comments on Obama’s pro-India / anti-Western worldview.

Classics Corner:

Edwin S. Rubenstein: “Legal Immigration – The Bigger Problem


Post Your TSA Slogans and Jokes Here

I have heard a lot of TSA jokes and suggestions for new slogans making the rounds. Here are two I thought of. Post your favorites in the comments.

How is the TSA like the Antiques Roadshow? Both of them assess your junk.

The TSA – We’ve Handled More Junk than Fred Sanford.

Maintaining relevance

“Conservative votes, liberal victories?” (as Pat Buchanan used to say). Before anyone gets to jazzed about the last election, perhaps one should get the book “No Right Turn: Conservative Politics in Liberal America” by for Christmas by David Courtwirght. It should give a good explanation of American politics over the past 40 years and why abortion is the hidden  hand in it. Check out this article in the American Prospect about the book.

I think it has gotten to the point where elections are the only means the Right stays relevant in American culture and politics.

Other articles for your consideration:

By SARTE:  “VAT Ends Consumer Economy” at BATR

Also by SARTE: “The Revolution against Central Banks”

By J.J Jackson: “Rubber Glove Lobby Wins Big with TSA Pat Dows” at Liberty Reborn

By Chuck Baldwin:  “America’s Bread and Circus Society” at Chuck Baldwin Live

By Russell Arben Fox “The Tea Party and the TSA” at Front Porch Republic

and By Robert Rohfling: “The Choices of Responsibility” at The Drumbeat of

And to all of our readers and anyone else who happens to be passing through, Happy Thanksgiving!

Stop the DREAM Act

As discussed recently, the Obama regime is desperately trying to ram the DREAM Act through this lame duck congress. According to NumbersUSA, the DREAM Act would “offer an amnesty to illegal aliens who attend college or serve in the military, but would open the door for massive legal immigration through Chain Migration and encourage future incentives for more illegal immigration.”

Thus it should be no surprise who are some of its most adamant supporters:

- military recruiters who, not learning the lessons of ancient Rome, seek to remake the U.S. military into a Third World band of mercenaries dangling the carrot of citizenship in front of potential recruits.

- anti-Western religious leaders like Timothy Dolan, Jose Gomez, and Leith Anderson.

- and the regular anti-Western crowds like La Raza, ADL, etc.

This amnesty, because proponents can package it as an “oh, please, help the poor children” crusade, has a higher chance of passing, which is why it’s imperative that you contact your congressmen and senators to oppose it.

Join NumbersUSA today (if not already a member) to send free faxes to Congress, and read VDare for updates.

The GOP, Free Trade, and Immigration

Ian Fletcher, author of Free Trade Doesn’t Work, writes in recent letter to Edwin S. Rubenstein:

I would also like to add that, since the book went to press, the Tea Party movement has surprised me with a significant anti-free-trade push inside the Republican Party.

The Republican leadership remains pro-free-trade, but it now has serious grass-roots opposition on its hands.

Since, as I note in my book, the Republican Party was already trending anti-immigration at the Congressional level (and has moved further in this direction in the last election), this opens up the possibility that the Republicans are gradually becoming a nationalist party: anti-free-trade and anti-immigration.

Given the ongoing decay of the Republican Party’s current ideological mainstays—laissez faire capitalism and religious conservatism—this may be the party’s only long-term hope.

Sounds optimistic, but, if true, it would make the GOP significantly better than it is today. We can only hope.  As we’ve written here before, if the GOP is to become the “Euro Party,” as some maintain, it will have to be more appealing to working class whites, which would mean it must firmly oppose free trade and immigration.

Why is the white, Christian party attacking a white Christian nation?

From the election returns a few weeks ago it is obvious from the the exit polling to the demographic breakdowns to the actual results themselves that the GOP has been established as the white, Christian party whether they like it or not.  They can display all the tokens they want but we all know who is on the dollar bill.

So given this fact, why on earth do many Republican politicians still; regard Russia as the same enemy they were back in the Cold War?  Why do they stare into the faces of the white Russians, whose golden domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior glistens in the Moscow sun, and only see the enemy.

Regardless of the merits of the START treaty, the opposition to it in the context of Russian relations is just baffling. Neocon opposition I can understand but not the opposition of everyone else on the Right.

Here’s a nation which can be a valuable ally, which suffers the same malignancy of Islamic terrorism and has sen seen many dead from it and is a nation which has similar historical traits as the U.S. in some areas.

Daniel Larison at Eunomia debunks a lot of arguments against a simple nuclear proliferation treaty and Pat Buchanan wonders why the GOP is risking a new cold war? But cynically I wonder if the Russians were Dispensationalists  instead of Orthodox Christians, would their be such push back from the GOP.  Such “other” Christians, particularly in Middle East, were offered no protection by the Bush Administration either in Iraq or in Israel (certainly not getting anything from the Obama Administration) despite the troubles U.S. foreign pyolic caused them. Orthodox Christians in Serbia and Macedonia were abandoned in the face of Albanian irredentism.  Now Republicans in the Senate wish to do the same to another group of Orthodox Christians. I ‘d like to know the reasons why.

Gov. Christie Must Pardon Brian Aitken

If Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) ever wants to get a sniff at the Republican nomination (He has been much touted as a candidate due to his budget cutting.) he has to make this right by pardoning Brian Aitken. New Jersey’s gun law are obnoxious anyway and are going to make many Republican primary voters squeamish about him to begin with. If he doesn’t free Aitken it will be hung around his neck by his opponents at every opportunity.

There is already a Free Brian Aitken website.

This website has contact information and petitions to sign.

He also has a Facebook page.

Does Obama Hate Europe and Europeans?

“Shortly after his meeting with European Union leaders, Obama offhandedly remarked: “This summit was not as exciting as other summits.”” ~ WND

This is unsurprising, considering the uncomfortableness that Obama seems to feel around Europeans and whites outside Europe. What Patrick Cleburne wrote in December of last year about the Nobel Peace Prize still applies today:

But why did Obama feel the need to be rude to Norway as a whole?

Norwegians are incensed over what they view as his shabby response to the prize by cutting short his visit.?The White House has cancelled many of the events peace prize laureates traditionally submit to, including a dinner with the Norwegian Nobel committee, a press conference, a television interview, appearances at a children’s event promoting peace and a music concert, as well as a visit to an exhibition in his honour at the Nobel peace centre. He has also turned down a lunch invitation from the King of Norway

The Nobel Peace Prize is tiny (population 4.6 Mm) Norway’s one moment in the international limelight (the other Nobel prizes are managed by Sweden). The ceremonies are standardized – Obama was asked to do nothing extra. Norway is only 6 time zones from Washington: with modern communications, hardly worse than Hawaii. Obama might feel less grateful than other recipients, but why boorishly shortchange the poor Norwegians?

He certainly has no difficulty abasing himself (and the country he personifies) before Crowned Heads – provided they are colored.

The reason is obvious and increasingly well known: Obama detests White European Christians – including Americans of that stock. Steve Sailer reports in Chapter 11 of America’s Half Blood Prince:

Obama’s first trip to Kenya (apparently in 1988, before he started at Harvard Law School) got off to an angry start, what with all the white people he kept running into. Initially, he stopped off for his three-week tour of the wonders of Europe that left him psychologically devastated because, “It just wasn’t mine.”

Increasingly, despite the efforts of the sycophantic MSM (which repressed Norway’s distress) America is realizing: He isn’t ours.

Ted Kennedy kills another woman from beyond the grave!

He didn’t stop with Mary Jo Kopechne — the man who ushered in the disastrous 1965 Immigration Reform Act is responsible for yet another innocent woman’s death:

A jury has convicted Salvadoran immigrant Ingmar Guandique of murdering former D.C. intern Chandra Levy.

Ingmar Guandique was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for attacking Levy while she exercised in Washington’s Rock Creek Park in May 2001.

How can we protect ourselves from this demon from hell that refuses to die?

How Smart is Obama?

From White House “insider“:

Well, he takes his meetings just like any other president would, though even then, he seems to lack a certain focus and on a few occasions, actually leaves with the directive that be given a summary of the meeting at a later date. I hear he plays a lot of golf, and watches a lot of television – ESPN mainly. I’ll tell you this – if you want to see President Obama get excited about a conversation, turn it to sports. That gets him interested. You start talking about Congress, or some policy, and he just kinda turns off. It’s really very strange. I mean, we were all led to believe that this guy was some kind of intellectual giant, right? Ivy League and all that. Well, that is not what I saw. Barack Obama doesn’t have a whole lot of intellectual curiosity. When he is off script, he is what I call a real “slow talker”. Lots of ummms, and lots of time in between answers where you can almost see the little wheel in his head turning very slowly. I am not going to say the president is a dumb man, because he is not, but yeah, there was a definite letdown when you actually hear him talking without the script.

[That sounds like you are calling Obama stupid to me.]  No – I am not going to call him stupid.  He just doesn’t strike me as particularly smart.  Bill Clinton is a smart guy – he would run intellectual circles around Barack Obama.  And Bill Clinton loved the politics of being president. Obama seems to think he shouldn’t have to be bothered, which has created a considerable amount of conflict among his staff.

Obama is not up to the job of being president.  He simply doesn’t seem to care about the work involved.  You want to know what?  Obama is lazy.  He really is. And it is getting worse and worse.  Would another four years of Obama be the best thing for America? No it would not.  What this country needs is a president who is focused on the job more than on themselves.  Obama is not that individual.  I actually hope he doesn’t run again.  Looking back, as much fun as the campaign in 2008 was, Hillary Clinton should have been the nominee.  Hillary was ready to be president.  Obama was not ready.  He had never lost a campaign.  Everything was handed to him.  He doesn’t really understand the idea of work – real, hard, get your heart and soul into it work.  And frankly, that is very disappointing to a whole lot of us…

Examples of Obama without a script. This is all really unsurprising, considering that Obama is a blatant product of affirmative action (which, by the way, really harms European Americans).  Whether this interview is legitimate or not, I don’t know, but it certainly does have a ring of truth to it.

HT:  Dennis Mangans

Obama’s assassination list

This is what passes for principled dissent in Imperial America:

The way is clear for the government to strip Awlaki of his citizenship, which should be a necessary precondition for any covert direct action against any American. Assassinating U.S. citizens abroad, even loathsome creatures like Awlaki, is a high crime against the Constitution. Mr. Obama would do well to take note of that before pulling the trigger.

Yes, you read that right — it just won’t do for Obama to have an American citizen executed without a trial UNLESS he pretties up the whole affair with a legalistic veneer. Since the government cannot arbitrarily snuff American citizens on a whim, the government simply MUST declare its victims “non-Americans” in order to preserve the appearance of legality. Do that, and all the anonymous Washington Times editorialists can sleep well at night, confident they have taken a stand for the rule of law.

This reminds me of what happened to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn when he was arrested for criticizing Stalin. When Solzhenitsyn protested that the Soviet Constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and right to a trial, he was informed that those rights only applied to “loyal” Soviet citizens. His criticism proved his disloyalty.

Compare that argument with the Washington Times’ conclusion:

[Awlaki's] consistent use of the third person in referring to Americans is a clear indication that he doesn’t consider himself one of us. He made this point explicitly when he stated that followers of Islam such as himself and Americans “are two opposites who will never come together.” In his heart and mind, Awlaki has left his birth country behind.

There are two vital lessons here for Americans in a time of perpetual war: 1) The president as Commander-in-Chief can determine whether or not individual citizens have rights. 2) Be very careful how you use the third person in your writing. It could get you killed.

David F. Nolan, R.I.P.

David Nolan has passed away. I was shocked to hear this. He was my Facebook friend, and I had just noticed on my homepage that his birthday was coming up when I read of his passing. I sometimes jousted with him a bit on Independent Political Report threads.

For those who do not know, David Nolan was one of the initial founders of the Libertarian Party and the creator of the Nolan Chart. He was a purist libertarian but was one of libertarianism and the LPs cooler heads. He was often a bridge between radicals and pragmatists and between left libertarians and right libertarians. His main interest seemed to be in holding the coalition together.

May he R.I.P.

Evidence of Widespread (Left, Right and Center) Opposition to the New TSA Procedures

A link to this story was sent to me from a social conservative organization called Vision to America. Notice it was titled “TSA Warns: Submit or Pay” not “The Price of Safety” or something supportive. (Right)

Here is a front page Yahoo article “Why the Public Turned on TSA.” (Center?)

Wednesday, the heaviest travel day of the season, is National Opt Out Day. (Right primarily?)

New York City Council moves to ban nude scanners at NYC Airports. (Left)

New Jersey Legislators and ACLU come out against TSA. (Left)

Orlando Airport to opt out of TSA. (Center)

Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) says a “nationwide revolt is developing” in address on the floor of the House. (Right)

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) speaks out on floor of Congress. (Right)

San Mateo County DA to investigate allegations of sexual battery by TSA agents at San Francisco Airport. (Left) (This actually strikes me as a bit of grandstanding, because he would have to prove sexual intent. The TSA agents shouldn’t be prosecuted for doing their jobs. This just shouldn’t be part of their job.)

Art Carden at Forbes: “Abolish the TSA.” (Right)

Rep. John Mica urges airports to opt out of TSA. (Right) Reported by Byron York (Right/Center)

Ann Coulter is against it. (Right)

I could go on, but I think I have made my point. For those pessimists who think Americans will submit themselves to whatever the government says in the name of fighting terrorism, I submit the above as evidence to the contrary.

Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Stop TSA Nude Body Scans and Groping

The new TSA procedures are outraging people in massive numbers. Any attempt on the part of Congress to curtail this nonsense will win praise from left, right and center. There is no constituency for this. Even the most terrorism phobic security state advocate recoils at the reality of his wife or daughter getting felt-up or ogled in the name of safety. The religious right should be a prime target for this anti-TSA appeal. These new procedures should be opposed by all right-thinking Christians on moral grounds alone. Ron Paul has introduced legislation to do just this. Here he is below discussing his proposed legislation.