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Jerome Corsi: End the Income Tax

Worldnet Daily columnist, Constitution Party member, and potential Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Jerome Corsi has a new website,, and his primary issue is going to be ending the income tax.

Throughout the coming year, 1776 Nation is going to lead a movement to eliminate the income tax, beginning with a resolve to review critically the various alternatives, starting with a fair tax.

The call to “Eliminate the Income Tax Now!” is the call 1776 Nation will champion, beginning today, with this statement of purpose.

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Join the “Stop the US – Korea ‘Free Trade’ Deal” Facebook Group

Go here and send a request to join. A description of the group is below.

This group is to serve as a clearinghouse for articles, blog posts, news items, etc. related to the US – Korea “Free Trade” deal (KORUS FTA). The intent is to unite opponents of the trade deal across the ideological spectrum and arm them with the information necessary to stop this bad deal for America. Whether you are a left-wing critic of capitalism and globalization, or a union member, or a paleoconservative, or an ex-Buchanan Brigader, or an ex-Perot supporter, or an economic nationalist, or an economic populist or a purist libertarian free trader we invite you to join this group and post articles and links. Together we can stop the KORUS FTA and save America’s sovereignty.

Hope to see you there.

Stop the US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement

As a follow-up to Red’s post, I would like to encourage everyone to contact their representatives and urge them to oppose the US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement.

This agreement will result in a loss of jobs, outsourcing and insourcing, and an increase in H1B visas. It’s mind-boggling that Obama is forcing this job-destroying piece of legislation in the middle of record-high unemployment.

It’s high time to overturn the globalist religion of free trade and return sanity to American economic policy.

The deconstruction of America—California mutating into another country

Editor’s Note: This article by Frosty Wooldridge addresses the same VDH article we addressed below.

By Frosty Wooldridge

In this final part of  Victor Davis Hanson’s assessment of California, he discovered, as I also witnessed, a complete ‘mutation’ of California from an American state to a linguistic, racial and religious polyglot—unable to function financially, educationally, lawfully and ethically.  In his “Two California’s: Abandoned farms, Third World living conditions, pervasive public assistance — welcome to the once-thriving Central Valley”, he discovered the same things I watched devolve in my five bicycle trips the length and width of that once gorgeous state.

It took 40 years to end up in a quagmire today, and, more sobering, it will not climb out of its hole. Like all third world countries, illiteracy grows faster than it can be cured.  California will not be able to ‘right’ itself without the federal government finally issuing a ‘moratorium’ on all immigration and enforcement of U.S. laws.

Ironically, many of its most crime-ridden cities, collapsing hospitals, failing schools and overloaded prisons make their homes in ‘sanctuary cities’ where illegals enjoy immunity from arrest, conviction and deportation.

In California, a whopping four million illegals work, live and cheat on taxes everyday of their stay in America.  Legal immigrants ride the welfare rolls like an art form.  Regular Californians watch their state ‘mutate’ into another country right before their eyes.

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Labor Unions Dueling Over Korea “Free Trade” Treaty

According to this blog post by Doug Bandow, the United Auto Workers (UAW) supports the pending “free trade” deal with Korea.

But according to Townhall the AFL-CIO opposes it.

As does the IBEW which issued this release in opposition today.

This just illustrates an inherent problem with all “free trade” deals of this sort. They are never truly free trade. They are always some iteration of managed trade, and interest groups often oppose or support them based on what’s in it or not in it for them.

That the Korean “Free Trade” treaty is managed and not free trade is illustrated perfectly by this quote from the Bandow post: 

(UAW President Bob) King said, “I’m very supportive of the agreement because it really protects UAW members. Pickup trucks and SUVS will have full 25% tariff until year seven, passenger vehicles have full protection until year five. It opens up the Korean market to 75,000 American cars a year and it has protections against import surges. The Korea Free Trade Agreement is one of the far best treaties for auto as far as I’ve seen.”

Free trade, even in theory, is a contentious subject on the right, especially the paleo right, but we should all agree, regardless of what we think about free trade in general, that this treaty ain’t it.

Articles for your consideration

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The Re-Emergence of the Neocons by SARTE

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The Recession Bubble That Was Delayed by Robert Robert Rohlfing

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The GOP Has My Support on Bush Era Tax Rates by J.J. Jackson

You might this article from The American Prospect  interesting for it confirms from the Left what any Chronicles reader knows: culture trumps politics. Don’t believe me? Well then ask yourself how DADT was eventually repealed.

Betraying ourselves and not even caring

Did you know that the deal which extends the tax cuts for two more years violated five principals in the Republican’s Pledge to America? That’s what the Tea Party Patriots said about the centrist deal, the kind of Beltway deal which help to create the Tea Parties in the first place. Yet despite such blatant betrayal of their own campaign document, most Republicans voted for the deal anyway and there was no pressure not to do so. I didn’t see the Capitol Hill switchboards be lit up or protesters outside the capitol building to protest the deal in the same way they did healthcare. Without such outside pressure, the measure passed easily even thought it will add $900 billion to the deficit. Indeed there was more churning about the issue among Democrats than Republicans.

So were the Tea Parties all a sham from very beginning? No, but it’s easy to misinterpret what they were about No doubt there are Tea Partiers who are concerned about the deficit but they are a minority of within their own movement and certainly a minority among all voters like all deficit hawks are.

Indeed, concern about the budget deficit and national debt becomes primary only to the party out of power of the pursestrings. That’s why Republicans were deficit hawks from 2009-10 and “big government conservatives” when they have some sort of power in D.C. This is no accident and they’ve acted consistently this way ever since 1981.  Democrats can be the same way although to a lesser extent of betrayal since they are the party of government.

But its hard to blame politicians who take their cue from the voters themselves and for most voters, the deficit only enters the realm of conversation when the economy sputters. If everything was going great guns,  voters aren’t going to concern themselves with debt because spending beyond their means is something they do just as well. Why should the politicians act any different?

If we believe the Tea Party movement began with Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC (although I think we all agree it goes way beyond this) what this rant about? The deficit? Hardly. It was about the Obama Administration’s plan to help out homeowners who had fallen behind on their mortgage payments to avoid foreclosure. Why was this such a rallying cry? Because as Santelli himself said “How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage?”  With the bailout of the banks and the auto industry (which could be explained away as helping economic sectors crucial to the American economy which is why so many so-called “conservatives” supported TARP and the auto bailout) this was the last straw, and not just on the moral hazard front.  Your neighbor’s mortgage could very well have been backed Freddy Mac or Fannie Mae and perhaps used to integrate your neighborhood or subdivision and now your tax dollars would not only subsidize it but keep it from defaulting as well.

I’ve already written to my thoughts as to what the election results were really all about and if all the voters really expect from the GOP is to act as block for some of the more egregious aspects of the Obama Agenda (like the DREAM Act for example) at least for the next decade, then the fact Republican politicians just added another $900 billion to the deficit or are hiring lobbyists to either retire their campaign debt or to staff their offices is not going to upset them too much. Still, given all the campaign rhetoric about “reform” and “change”, the cynicism and obtuseness of the Republicans in Congress, both elected and newly elected, is remarkable to hold. At least the Obamaites waited until they were in office before making their idea of “change” fall far short of reality. Unfortunately the wing of the Tea Party who would call them out on this is too small and has no money to make themselves heard compared to their counterparts which belong to Conservative INC. And even if they did have a loud microphone, would anyone care to listen now that “their” people are on the inside now?

Is the War on Terror backfiring?

We’ve been warning for years that DC’s policy of Invade the World/Invite the World was a perfect formula to guarantee continued attacks on Americans here at home. But the War Hawks insisted that invading and occupying Muslim countries was the only means of keeping us safe.

One of the War Party’s leading pom-pom girls claimed back in 2008 that the Neocon Wars were keeping America safe. But now that al-Qaeda has issued threats to attack during Christmas, that same blogger now worries the terror threat has indeed worsened:

My bet is that we’ll indeed see “Mumbai-style” attacks in the U.S. at some point. The national security focus remains overwhelmingly on air travel, and the jihadi extremists will simply develop new approaches.

But — Obama escalated the Afghanistan War! He’s sent an additional 50,000 troops. US troops have been “fighting them there, so we won’t have to fight them here,” as the Neo-jingoist cheer went out at the inception of those wars.

Could it be we paleos had a point when we warned DC’s illegal and immoral invasions would only enrage more Muslims?

The DREAM Act has been defeated!

The DREAM Act (which would have provided amnesty to nearly anyone under the age of 35, encouraged lying and document fraud, provided affirmative action and special privileges for illegals, cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year, added at least 2.1 million workers to a high-unemployment job market, opened the door for massive legal immigration through Chain Migration, and encouraged future incentives for more illegal immigration) just  died in the Senate.  Despite the million-dollar lobbying efforts of pro-amnesty organizations, concerned citizens were able yet again to defeat the largest mass amnesty since 2007.   Congratulations!

Earlier House roll call.  Senate roll call.

Is Constitutionalism Starting to be Taken Seriously on the Mainstream Right?

With the success of the Ron Paul campaign, the rise of the Tea Party, the overturning of the individual mandate on Constitutional grounds, among other factors, references to constitutionalism and attempts to take constitutional originalism seriously are starting to appear in mainstream conservative venues. Here are a couple of examples.

Doug Bandow on constitutionalism at AmSpec.

Jim Antle on constitutionalism at AmSpec.

Now it could be argued that Antle and Bandow are our moles in the movement and don’t represent mainstream conservatism, but check out the almost entirely supportive comments? Now, I am not sure that the amen chorus in the comments section has actually fully thought through what a return to strict constitutionalism would mean policy wise, but it is a start.

Jim Antle on a Possible Ron Paul Presidential Run

Jim Antle has this on a possible Ron Paul Presidential campaign, and in the Guardian no less. Antle is movin’ on up.

Although Paul doesn’t seem in a hurry to make up his mind, events could force his hand. An April Politico poll found the Tea Party split between Paul and Sarah Palin. While imprecise, this survey highlighted the tensions among the Tea Partiers between the more conventional Republicans who believe the problems with big government started under Barack Obama and the libertarian-constitutionalist wing that had serious misgivings about George W Bush.

HT: Lew Rockwell

Call your senators to oppose the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act amnesty may go up for a vote tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  The DREAM Act is not just about “the children.”  It will:

- potentially provide amnesty to anyone under the age of 35
- encourage lying and document fraud
- provide affirmative action and special privileges for illegals
- cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year
- add at least 2.1 million workers to a high-unemployment job market
- open the door for massive legal immigration through Chain Migration and encourage future incentives for more illegal immigration.

Call your US Senators today and urge them to oppose the DREAM Act.

Victor Davis Hanson Gets Illegal Immigration Right

Victor Davis Hanson is a notorious pro-war neocon, but this is a surprisingly politically incorrect account of the ill effects of illegal immigration on California. Hanson grew up in California’s Central Valley and is dismayed by the transformation he sees.

I have always thought that people will get more up in arms about immigration when they see their own communities transforming around them.

Here is an earlier Hanson article about the transformation of California.

I wonder if it will ever occur to Hanson that mass immigration (invade the world, invite the world) is consistent with his universalist neocon ideology? It is particularists like paleocons who can make a consistent and coherent case against mass immigration.

New DiLorenzo Article Debunking the Lincoln Cult

Here is a Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo’s article debunking the latest nonsense from the Lincoln Cult.

The article is factually correct, of course, but I don’t like the way DiLorenzo often calls people in the North (including Lincoln) “racists,” “bigots” and “white supremacists.” This is a way of basically saying, “See it wasn’t just the South that was racist, the North was racist too.” But what DiLorenzo is condemning are racial beliefs that were ubiquitous to almost all white men in America at the time. It amounts to hindsight finger wagging. If he wants to hindsight condemn the past attitudes of people that’s fine, but he should acknowledge that is what he is doing, and not do it by expropriating the modern language of past hating Cultural Marxists. Does empowering the past haters by adopting their language and hindsight moralizing help advance the cause of returning to the Constitution as originally intended?

Daily Reading (and open thread)

Roy Beck argues that the Senate vote on the DREAM Act will be very close.

Allan Wall notes that Janet Napolitano has just signed an agreement that would give Mexicans special privileges to bypass airport security.

Steve Sailer notes that the DREAM Act could potentially amnesty anyone under the age of 35.

Rob Sanches notes that under the DREAM Act “millions of work permits could be issued, allowing them to legally compete with U.S. citizens for jobs.”

Washington Watcher discusses the prospects of the DREAM Act becoming law, and argues that the DREAM Act amnesty means affirmative action privileges for illegals.

Brenda Walker worries that neocons will pursue their own DREAM Act next year.

Paul Nachman notes the good news that Steve King will chair the Immigration Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee in the coming 112th Congress.

In an unexpected (but welcome) gesture, FrontPageMag urges its readers to give Camp of the Saints as a Christmas present.  (HT: RL)

Richard Spencer writes that John Médialle’s notion of “monarchy” is contrary to any traditionalist understanding of antiegalitarian aristocracy, notes that “quantitative easing” is really just money printing, and interviews Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor discussess Dinesh D’Souza’s dishonest “journalistic” practices vis-a-vis Steve Sailer and himself.

Chuck Baldwin discusses life in Montana.

Steve Sailer notes how anthropologists distance themselves from science (the real reason for which is the left’s growing uncomfortability with evolution).

Srdja Trifkovic writes how Wikileaks present a different take on the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

Thomas Fleming writes: “Richard Holbrooke, RIH.”

Svein Sellanraa discusses how the goal of left-wing Norwegian educators is “not the transmission of knowledge” but “a bellyfeel hatred of white Europeans.”

Devin Saucier presents highlights from Richard Spencer’s speech at Vanderbilt University.

Derek Turner discusses his recent longing to be a policeman.

Jack Hunter says that Wikileaks fights big government.

Classics Corner:

Peter Brimelow:  “Time to Rethink Immigration?


Richard Spencer notes that the largest Christian university in the U.S. goes ghetto.

Paul Gottfried describes the Richard Nixon that he knew.

Michael Steele Will Seek Another Term at RNC

It’s now apparently official. Steele will seek a second term.

This after FoxNews reported yesterday that he would not. (The headline has changed. Initially it said Steele wouldn’t run.)

This announcement comes after more embarrassing revelations about Steele’s financial irresponsibility. (This revelation borders on graft.) Steele is a buffoon. He has no shame.

The FrumForum article includes reactions from three of Steele’s announced opponents – Cino, Wagner and Anuzis.

Gentry Collins, who wrote the scathing resignation letter to Steele, has announced.

Neocon lackey Norm Coleman might run.

I don’t know much about any of these guys except Anuzis and Coleman. Both are unacceptable. We at least know that Collins has balls. Any info on these other candidates would be appreciated.