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Limerick contest

Every year between Groundhog Day and St. Patrick’s Day, the Charlotte Observer sponsors a limerick contest. Since I’ve had so much fun blogging on the Occupy Charlotte clowns, I submitted a limerick on the unpleasant surprise Charlotte police discovered in a storm drain used by the protesters.

From the Charlotte Observer:

We close with Mike Tuggle of Charlotte, who read the story about police cracking down on local protesters and later that the city learned how the protesters had relieved themselves.

The Occupy Charlotte sensation
Concluded in total frustration.
Their efforts, in vain,
Just went down the drain
By process of elimination.

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Kayla Moore has been kind enough to keep the editors of CHT posted on what’s going on with Roy Moore’s campaign for Alabama Chief Justice.  You can follow along on his campaign website.

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Are youth becoming more conservative?

It’s no secret that young people constitute the dynamic core of Ron Paul’s surprising popularity. The reasons are many. For one thing, there’s a new, deep distrust of big government felt throughout society, but especially by the young. Disapproval of DC’s wars is near universal, but young people, who are the ones who must fight these wars, feel an understandable urgency to rein in an out-of-control government that thinks it must run the world. Little wonder Paul receives more donations from active military personnel than any other candidate.

Young people are attracted to Ron Paul’s courageous stands against a ruling elite and its institutions, which they feel have betrayed them. Good jobs are hard to find. Many are saddled with crushing student loans.

Steve Sailer believes something new is taking shape, “the decline of the generation gap.” The young are no longer viewing their parents as the enemy. As Sailer reminds us, “to get organized, people need to be in opposition to somebody.” Without an external enemy, people find one at home. (See “American Civil War.”) And the rise of multiculturalism, says Sailer, is creating a new generational unity within ethnic groups.

Young people who imagine the older generation is their enemy are learning hard lessons about who’s who in an increasingly hostile, “multicultural” world. Here’s a vivid and VERY satisfying example:

A vicious Marxist gang known as “Antifa” has staged violence attacks all over Europe. The group calls itself “anti-racist” and targets members of right-wing groups. Members of the gang routinely cross national borders to commit violent assaults. One of the ongoing projects of the gang in Germany is to vandalize Thor Steinar clothing stores. The group claims that the Arab-owned clothing line caters to “Nazis” by putting Viking/Norse imagery on some of their t-shirts.

However, a group of Antifa gangbangers got some poetic justice when a mob of Kurdish immigrants stormed their Berlin gang house and brutally beat members with baseball bats. The attack occurred just days ago. The Kurdish immigrants simply wanted to attack some white people, any white people.

The newspaper quotes a white female “with dreadlocks” as saying she is leaving the area for fear of “Kurdish and Arab mafia.” The newspaper states “the left’s worldview is faltering.”

Savor that last clause: “the left’s worldview is faltering.” The more your ideology clashes with reality, the harder reality is going to hurt. The “Antifa” saw themselves as noble, altruistic whites. The Kurd gang, however, only saw whites.

As Dr. Samuel Huntington has observed, “In the post-Cold War world flags count and so do other symbols of cultural identity, including crosses, crescents, and even head coverings, because culture counts, and cultural identity is what is most meaningful to most people. People are discovering new but often old identities and marching under new but often old flags which lead to wars with new but often old enemies.” The Age of Ideology is dead, and the Age of Culture has arrived.

Upcoming Conferences – 2012

Upcoming conferences – 2012


Mises Institute: Circle at Furman
Location: Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina
Date: Feb. 25
Topic: War: Big Government’s Best Friend
Speakers: Thomas DiLorenzo, Robert Higgs, Thomas Woods, Douglas French
More info

American Renaissance Conference
Location: Near Nashville, Tennessee
Date: March 16 – 18
Topic: Censorship and the defense of Western Civilization
Speakers: Guillaume Faye, Richard Lynn, Robert Weissberg, Donald Templer, Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, David A. Yeagley, etc.
More info

Ascent of Man Conference
Location: Seattle, Washington
Date: June 21 – 23
Topic: HBD (human biodiversity), Genetics, and Political Correctness
Speakers: Gregory Cochran, Henry Harpending, Michael Hart, Walter Kistler, Dennis Mangan, Steve Sailer, etc.
More info

League of the South National Conference
Location: Wallsboro, Alabama
Date: July 20 – 21
Topic: Bringing Communities Back To Life
Speakers: Michael Peroutka, Franklin Sanders, Mike Tuggle, Michael Hill
More info

Abbeville Institute Summer School
Location: Seabrook Island, South Carolina
Date: July 24 – 29
Topic: Greatness of Southern Literature, Pt. II
Speakers: Donald Livingston, Clyde Wilson, et al.
More info

HL Mencken Club
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Date: Nov. 9 – 11
Topic: TBA
Anticipated speakers: Steve Sailer, Henry Harpending, John Derbyshire, Paul Gottfried, Christian Kopff, etc.
More info

John Randolph Club
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date: Nov. 16 – 18
Topic: TBA
Anticipated speakers: Thomas Fleming, Scott Richert, Christopher Check, Aaron Wolf, etc.
More info

The Big Money Behind the Anti-Buchanan Hate Campaign

The Big Money Behind the Anti-Buchanan Hate Campaign

Middle America News, Feb. 22, 2012

Following the strategy of their political forebears in the old Soviet Union, today’s enforcers of the government’s multiculturalism are systematically silencing their opponents. The latest victim is Pat Buchanan. Although Stalin preferred bullets to silence the opposition, his intellectual progeny in the U.S. use lies, smears, and intimidation to arrange media blackouts. Politically, the effect is the same: you never hear from those dissenters again.

Buchanan is the latest victim in a string of hate compaigns from left-wingers that has already claimed the scalps of CNN’s Lou Dobbs and Fox’s Glenn Beck. MSNBC President Phil Griffin, whose job is to make sure that on-air hirelings follow the party line, fired Buchanan because, he said, the ideas in Buchanan’s recent book, Suicide of a Superpower, should not “be part of the national dialogue.”

While corporate thugs like Griffin pull the trigger on their victims, the targets are selected by a host of Wall Street-financed left-wing extremists who now decide what can or cannot be “part of the national dialogue.”

On paper, Buchanan was targeted by a phalanx of militant left groups led by Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters for America, Rashad Robinson of the Afro-racist, Janet Murguia of the Hispanic chauvinist National Council of La Raza, and Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. But if not for their big money backers, they wouldn’t have the muscle to silence Tweety Bird.

The unpleasant reality is that the success of the hate campaign against Pat Buchanan was the product of Wall Street money. Without that cash, none of the groups would be able to pay for Web sites, hire researchers and media spokesmen, fundraisers, writers, or pay for rent. In politics, money talks. And big money talks louder than little money. In this case, much of it flowed directly from the legacy of the Soviet Union and the ideology that murderous regime spawned worldwide.

One of the biggest donors to Media Matters is the Wallace Global Fund II. According to a report in The Daily, the fund distributed more than $100,000 in 2008 and 2009 to Media Matters. The fund is named after left-wing Progressive Party presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace, identifed by Cambridge University historian Christopher Andrew as a Soviet agent. Andrew is the author of The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West, based on the papers of a high-ranking Soviet defector.

Another major donor is the notorious Ford Foundation, which in 2010 and 2011 contributed more than $900,000 to Media Matters. The foundation is a long-time financial backer of the American Civil Liberties Union, which was founded by self-professed communist Roger Baldwin. It has also provided financial backing for the National Lawyers Guild, cited by a congressional committee as “the foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party,” and described by U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell as “the legal mouthpiece of the Communist Party.” The foundation also provided financial support to the World Social Forum, whose conferences have included attendance by representatives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), a communist guerilla outfit designated in 2001 as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, and ETA, the terrorist Basque Separatist Movement., a leader in the Get-Buchanan movement, is also a beneficiary of Wall Street investment cash. In 2011, it received a grant of $1.5 million from The Atlantic Advocacy Fund, Inc., which reported in 2009 nearly $19 million in “investment income.” was cofounded by Van Jones, who was an active member of the radical group “STORM,” or Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, which said its goal was to promote “urban Marxism and Third World Communism.”

Dozens of other major repositories of capitalist wealth, far too numerous to list here, are large donors to the radical left’s continuing Soviet-style campaign to silence the voice of opposition. In stark and disappointing contrast to the tens of millions of dollars lavished on these left-wingers, here at Middle American News we have less than $10,000 in the bank. As long as America’s conservative forces lack the resources to fight back, their voices, like Pat Buchanan’s, will one day be silenced, too.

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First “ClimateGate,” Now “FakeGate”

Have you been following the “FakeGate” climate change scandal? For those who haven’t, here is a brief recap.

First, some documents (see attachments at bottom of post) from the Heartland Institute, a think tank well know for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) skepticism, were leaked.

AGW skeptics quickly suggested that one of the documents, the one labeled 2012 Climate Strategy, was a rather ham-handed forgery. (See here, here and here.) Some even speculated that Peter Gleick, a prominent AGW believing scientist, was the source of the leaked documents (Heartland does not deny the authenticity of the documents other than the allegedly forged Climate Strategy memo.) and likely the forger of the Climate Strategy memo.

Now Gleick has confessed to impersonating a Heartland Board Member to obtain the leaked documents. He has not confessed to the forgery.

As I have said repeatedly, I have stayed away from the AGW debate to some extent because I don’t like politicized science. I agree with Rod Dreher that simply believing that AGW is likely true should not be “a test of ideological purity” on the right as some have tried to make it. For example, that Newt Gingrich seemed to affirm AGW in his now infamous commercial with Nancy Pelosi has been used by many as proof that Newt is no conservative. Of course Newt is no conservative and the wisdom of doing that commercial can surely be questioned, but acknowledging the possible reality of AGW alone does not tarnish someone’s conservative credentials.

That said, again as I have said over and over, the claim by AGW believers that the scientific debate is settled is obnoxious and maddening. The scientific debate is manifestly not settled or we wouldn’t still be fighting about it. I don’t know enough about climate science to comment in an informed manner on the technical issues involved, but I do follow the debate enough to understand the state of the debate, and the debate is not settled regardless of how smugly the AGW believers insist that it is. (The link at “some documents” above is a textbook case of such smugness.)

What I have been fascinated by is the politics and psychology of this debate. There is clearly a network of AGW true-believers who are on alert to pounch on any AGW sketicism wherever it appears. See for example the Kaminsky AmSpec post. There isn’t a similar crew of Internet commandos who respond to every post on Austrian economics for example. There was a similar crew combatting birtherism as we have even seen on this little ol’ blog. This suggests to me that there is an emotional component motivating the AGW true-believers beyond the alleged integrity of science and saving the planet. My sense is that a lot of the AGW true believers are more motivated (consciously or not) by proving their “I’m not one of those ignorant climate change denialists” bona fides than they are by saving the planet. Being an AGW believer has become for them a sort of badge of enlightenment that separates the believer from the ignorant masses. Accepting AGW has become a sort of class marker for them.

I believe that the insufferable smugness of the AGW crowd has actually hurt their case. Their rhetorical bullying and casual and/or angry dismissal of all skepticism out of hand has cause the skeptics to dig in their heels and gives the impression that they are not as confident as they let on. If the evidence is so overwhelming then why not welcome debate instead of trying to stamp out dissent?

Polls show that the AGW believers are losing ground with the public and even some believers have been willing to admit this. You would think that some of them might get the message and try a different strategy. “Gee, maybe being a pompous know-it-all scold looking down my nose at “anti-science” skeptics isn’t the best rhetorical posture.”

Editor’s Note: I just added a “Climate Change” category.

Insanity as the New Norm: A Review of Tito Perdue’s The Node

In the world of the near future Tito Perdue creates in The Node, there is much the reader will recognize, but little that makes sense. And that’s the point.

The environment is wrecked. Sulfide clouds darken the skies. Older people recall a time when one could find water “free of anti-depressants.” There is a powerful government, but no stability, no social order, and the economy, what’s left of it, is perpetually on the brink of collapse. The Node vividly illustrates the seeming paradox of totalitarian anarchy.

In the territory once known as America, the population has grouped itself into warring ethnic and religious conclaves. Booby-trapped cars, corpses left hanging from cell phone towers, and gang attacks have become commonplace. One group, however, is steadily losing power and property, thanks to the government’s diversity initiatives, and that’s white people, now known as Cauks.

The story begins when the unnamed main character – referred to as “our boy,” “our man,” and, tellingly, “our pilgrim” – can no longer obtain propane for heat. He leaves his farm and sets out for the ruined city, where he hopes to find a sanctuary.

“Our man” offers much to the Cauk commune he joins, including books, a .357 with 200 rounds, and real money – 204 yuan. He proves himself to be such a valuable asset to the group that he is entrusted to take some fellow members out into the country to establish another compound for Cauks, with the ultimate and audacious goal of reclaiming enough territory to establish a resurgent Cauk nation.

The Node is an absurdist novel about an absurd world, where the illogical and fantastic have become ho-hum, and political correctness is the unquestioned standard of the good. Peering through a telescope one night, the protagonist spies a newly-discovered heavenly body named “MLK,” a name it shares with almost all new construction. Perdue displays a wicked sense of humor that lashes modern-day culture. I laughed out loud at a nightmarish cityscape where street whores attract clients by dressing “like high school girls.” Consumerism rules in this world. At one point, “our boy” is acknowledged as a worthy leader because he owns the latest model “escrubilator,” an electronic Swiss army knife which is the most prized of possessions in Perdue’s world.

The central question Perdue poses is blunt and disturbing: Can people reclaim their heritage when they’ve swallowed whole the belief system of those who seek to destroy them? One running gag is how everyone agrees that diversity benefits the economy, though diversity is the law of the land, and the economy is a disaster. When someone suggests going to “Alabama,” the response is, “All those racists?” And no one, including “our boy,” thinks stealing is wrong.

Has “our boy” undertaken a hopeless mission? Is it futile to imagine that a degraded people can rise again?

The author does not provide neat answers to these questions. However, he does affirm that certain standards once existed, that there were once men who lived and fought by a code that could not – and would not – coexist with the world described in The Node:

“This modern age! It prefers the feminine virtues, the easy ones, the ones that can be exercised while sitting on a sofa in a darkened room – compassion, diversity, tolerance, empathy. But us, we aspire to the hard virtues, the ones that hurt – courage, integrity, stamina, and will.”

Men fail, civilizations fade, but Perdue, as in earlier novels, sees heroic virtue enduring through time — despite human folly. The Node may be dystopian, but, like its author, is defiantly optimistic.

Virgil Goode to Seek Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

It’s official. Virgil Goode is in. From an e-mail from Gary Odom:

Virgil Goode for President
235 South Main Street
Rocky Mount, VA 24151


On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 3:15 p.m., former Congressman Virgil Goode, Jr., will make an announcement at Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street, New York concerning the 2012 Presidential Race.

Goode is now a member of the National Executive Committee of the Constitution Party. Goode served in Congress from January 3, 1997 to January 3, 2009. Goode lost the closest United States House of Representatives race in the country in November, 2008. During his tenure in Congress, Goode was consistently among the lowest spenders of the Member’s Expense Allowance.

New York Contact: Chris O’Hare – 347-636-3219

Editorial Comment: Recently there had been some rumors that Goode was getting cold feet since things had been relatively silent from his camp. I wonder if the rumor of cold feet had anything to do with the timing of this release, or if this date has been planned for a while.

It appears that Goode is going to run a heavily populist campaign. I think the choice of Wall Street to announce is probably intended to have some symbolic meaning.

Cross posted at IPR.

Occupy Camp Storm Drain Investigation Continues

Occupy Charlotte’s proud legacy lingers on:

City Water Quality Manager Daryl Hammock says there was clearly human sewage in that storm drain when the Occupiers cleared out.

“It looks like that it was multiple uses over some time but I wouldn’t describe it as a large amount,” says Hammock.

The city took photos and evidence from the drain and now Hammock is trying to figure out “whodunit.” The culprit could get a notice of violation and a fine. If it was the Occupy Charlotte campers, they’re leaderless and pretty amorphous.

That’s a perfect description of the Occupy movement: “leaderless and pretty amorphous.” Just like the mysterious, stinking pile the Charlotte water department is dealing with now.

One thing we do know: from little boys playing with matches, to dirty hippies using a storm drain as their outhouse, we will never forget what the Occupiers accomplished. Never.

On the decline of California

“California is in the middle of a far-reaching demographic shift: Hispanics, who already constitute a majority of the state’s schoolchildren, will be a majority of its workforce and of its population in a few decades. This is an even more momentous development than it seems. Unless Hispanics’ upward mobility improves, the state risks becoming more polarized economically and more reliant on a large government safety net. And as California goes, so goes the nation, whose own Hispanic population shift is just a generation or two behind.” ~ Heather Mac Donald, City Journal, Winter 2012, Vol. 22, No. 1

Excellent article by Heather Mac Donald showing the decline of MexiFornia  (with the one caveat that she’s wrong about the need for more high-skilled immigration, a fact outlined by Dan Rather, Norman Matloff, and George Borjas).

Jared Taylor Defends American Renaissance at American Spectator

This is interesting. John Tabin has a post at AmSpec discussing the racism charge that is being leveled against CPAC for allowing ProEnglish to organize a panel on multiculturalism. Tabin’s post, which amounts to a tepid defense of ProEnglish director Robert Vandervoort, includes this CYA caveat:

UPDATE: To be clear, if Vandervoort indeed organized events for an American Renaissance affiliate in Chicago, as a contemporaneous memo from a critical organization suggests, he should explicitly and publicly renounce his old associates; that’s a crowd that no one should touch with a ten foot pole.

Interestingly, Jared Taylor replied in the comments section.

I am the founder of American Renaissance, the group Mr. Tabin says “no one should touch with a ten-foot poll,” but he gives no reasons why AR must be ostracized. Is it because we point out that race is an important element in group and individual identity? that race is a biological reality that should be accepted rather than denied? that people of different races consistently built consistently different societies? that it is normal and healthy for American whites to with to remain a majority in their own country?

All these things are obvious and were taken for granted by virtually all Americans until the 1950s or so. By branding me as an untouchable, Mr. Tabin is cutting himself off from centuries of tradition and common sense.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

Mitt Romney raped my political idealism

As I near middle age  I am coming the point in life where I will not indulge in youthful things much longer, like investing oneself in a political candidate or cause.  As a young fellow below age 40 you can do this, but not as an adult above 40.

I can thank Mitt Romney for marking my demarcation point from idealism to practical reality and touch of cynicism (although not too corrosive). Over this past weekend the Mittster and his allies in Maine’s state Republican Party pulled off a blatant political dirty trick which basically won him the “official” straw poll vote in the Maine Caucuses.

A predicted snowstorm caused the Romney supporting chairman of the Washington County caucus to cancel their meeting on account of bad weather (which the local Girls Scout troop had no problem getting through and holding their meeting last Saturday) and reschedule it for next weekend. However, unbeknowst to him (or so he claims, you never know with this bunch), the Romney supporting chairman of the Maine GOP ruled all caucus straw poll results not turned in to the central office by last Saturday will not be included in the final total bad weather or not. Since Washington County was expected to go heavily for Paul, the 200 votes he needed to finish first could have easily been won there in a county of 30,000 people. But no, the polls are now closed and Romney now has his “mojo” back according to the media. And that was really the whole point wasn’t it? No delegates were awarded and Ron Paul may well wind up with the lion’s share of them come the state convention in May. But Romney is willing to risk this along with committing outright fraud just to look like a winner again, which is what’s important to the politically ill-informed who get most off their news from TV (which is most of the Republican Party).  Is it fair? No. Is it politics? You better believe it.  Such a move is a good way to lose one’s idealism because at what level the Powers that Be are willing to stoop to to win. The establishment once again held the line when threatened.

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Controversy at CPAC!

As we all know, “controversy” is what happens when anyone does or says something liberals don’t approve of. And what could be more controversial than questioning DC’s open borders policy? That’s what Peter Brimelow, editor of VDARE, did at the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, according to this CBS report. For example, Brimelow said California used to be “paradise” but is now “totally overrun by barrios of illegal immigrants.”

And read how the director of the American Conservative Union poked the hornet’s nest even more with his response to liberal condemnation:

Controversy over an immigration opponent who spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) blind-sided conference organizers who say they didn’t know who he was before this week.

Al Cardenas, director of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which organizes CPAC, said he had never heard of Peter Brimelow, editor of, who has been labeled a white nationalist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“I don’t really know what his values are,” Cardenas said. “I have asked my staff to delve into that.”

“I want to personally see what he precisely said or written before forming judgement,” he said.

Doesn’t Cardenas know that whenever someone accuses you of associating with a “white nationalist,” you’re supposed to put your tail between your legs, roll onto your back to expose your vulnerable belly, and whimper for forgiveness? I mean, Brimelow has been tried and convicted by the totally objective SPLC. What sort of person would question THEM?

Of course, if you’re one of those rogues who doesn’t let the SPLC do your thinking for you, you might want to determine if Brimelow might have a point about what’s happening to California.

Consider this statement:

Thousands arrive illegally from Mexico into California each year—and the state is now home to fully 40 percent of America’s immigrants, legal and illegal. They come in such numbers because a tacit alliance of Right and Left has created an open-borders policy, aimed at keeping wage labor cheap and social problems ever fresh, so that the ministrations of Chicano studies professors, La Raza activists, and all the other self-appointed defenders of group causes will never be unneeded.

That’s Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, an eminent historian who teaches at California State University, in an article entitled Do We Want Mexifornia?

So where’s the controversy? Did CPAC attendees boo Peter Brimelow? No – they applauded him. As I said, the so-called controversy is restricted to liberal outrage at conservative dissent. Here’s what the CBS report cited:

The liberal group People for the American Way released a statement condemning CPAC organizers for giving Brimelow a platform. Liberal websites have also attacked CPAC over his inclusion.

“It’s shocking that the CPAC would provide a platform for someone like Brimelow,” said Michael Keegan, president of People For the American Way. “Responsible GOP leaders should speak out against the bigotry and hatred that Brimelow and VDARE push on a regular basis.”

Shocking, isn’t it? Because the definition of HATE! is free speech and fact-based argument that counter liberal dogma.

Peter Brimelow at CPAC

The PC thought police are not happy.  Neither is Al Sharpton.


John Derbyshire’s speech at CPAC.

James Fulford on Sharpton’s rant.

Rep. Steve King’s response to someone saying Peter Brimelow has been labeled a “white nationalist” by the SPLC:  “I wouldn’t take [the SPLC] seriously. No, not at all.”  This is precisely how people should dismiss the SPLC.

Tom Tancredo defends Peter Brimelow.