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On Conservatism Inc.

This is perhaps the best article on Conservatism Inc. I’ve ever read. Kirkpatrick does a great job of illustrating how Conservatism Inc. operates and what’s at stake.

Conservatism Inc’s Uneasy Balancing Act

By James Kirkpatrick, VDare, April 16, 2012

It’s become numbingly predictable. The Cultural Marxist Left “investigates” a selected individual working in the Establishment Conservative movement—what has been called, all too accurately, Conservatism Inc. Finding impermissible unPC deviationism, the Left demands the termination of the offending employee.

Conservatism Inc. hastens to agree—instantly groveling before its supposed political opponents and sometimes even thanking them for bringing the scandal to their attention.

The employee’s life and career are destroyed more completely than it would be if he or she committed robbery or an assault.

But Conservatism Inc. receives no credit from the Left. It learns no lessons. It continues to be smeared as “racist” as ever more “links” are exposed. It continues to sacrifice its own, preferring humiliation and even political defeat to being seen as white advocates, or, in Left/ Main Stream Media parlance, “white supremacists”. The Left/ MSM call them this anyway. And the boundaries of acceptable discourse continue to shrink.

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Dude! Go See The Raid: Redemption!

If that trailer don’t get your blood pumping you’re testosterone deficient, and the movie is every bit as good as the trailer. The movie is part action shoot ‘em up and part martial arts flick, and it does them both well. As an action flick, it is the best one since The Expendables. As a martial arts flick, it is the best one since Iron Monkey.

And I wouldn’t have even know it was out if I hadn’t seen a comercial while I was watching Bellator Fighting Championship and looked it up on IMDB. The movie was filmed in Indonesia for an incredible 1.1 million dollars. So far it has a sky high 8.3 rating at IMDB.

The movie is subtitled. Be warned that while you obviously won’t be able to understand the language, the subtitles are full of the F word. There is no sex or nudity.

And just to save Kirt the trouble, I’ll go ahead and write his reply here. “The Raid sucked. The Expendables sucked. And Iron Monkey sucked.”

My Reply to Savrola: Why the Constitution Party?

I admit that I have an advantage because I have seen what Savrola has written and am able to respond to his points in particular, a benefit he did not have. But it is a good thing I didn’t attempt a reply preemptively, because I was expecting him to send me a critique of third parties in general and a defense of working within the Republican Party. What he sent me instead was largely a critique of the Constitution Party in particular. So I’ll start with the latter and finish with a few thoughts on the former.

First of all, what authentic conservatives need in general is an ideologically conservative third party alternative to the supposedly conservative but insufficiently so Republican Party. The Constitution Party happens to be by far the largest and most credible alternative at this point. There are other conservative third parties – Alan Keyes’ America’s Party, the California American Independent Party which hopes to go national, the America’s First Party (a remnant of the Buchananite wing of the Reformed Party), etc. But none of these have any real presence other than the AIP in California and we won’t go into here how I believe that party was illegitimately hijacked away from the CP anyway.

So if you are a conservative looking to join a national ideologically conservative third party, the CP is really your only credible choice. But if for some reason the CP was to disappear tomorrow and a new national conservative party was to rise in its place, I submit that it would look very much like the CP does now with perhaps some different shades of emphasis. What Savrola is criticizing is not the CP per se, but the constituency that is attracted to an ideological conservative party that distinguishes itself by being farther, for lack of a better term, to the right than the GOP.

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More Derb Links

Rather than continue to tack on links to the Derb articles below, I’m starting a new post for Derb related links. Others please add links as they come in.

Ilana Mercer “National Review Eunuchs

Paul Mulshine on the Trotskyite roots of National Review and neoconservatism.

Noah Millman on the Derb. Surprisingly, Millman is so far the only writer at TAC to address the Derb issue.

George Zimmerman is not white

In fact, George Zimmerman is a mestizo. His father is white; his mother, Peruvian.   Peru is over 85% Amerindian / mestizo.  Given the appearance of Zimmerman, he’s obviously a mestizo.

Some in the media still insist on calling him a “white Hispanic,” but this is inaccurate, as this term is already designated by demographers to refer to people in Latin America of pure, or almost pure, European ancestry.

Mestizo is not a derogatory term.  It’s used by governments and demographers throughout Latin America.  Mestizos are praised as the “cosmic race” by La Raza.  If America wants to be the hip multiracial empire, it should really get with current terminology.

Now that we have terminology cleared up, let me say that I do feel bad for Zimmerman.  He has become a political scapegoat for unhinged black activists and the Obama regime.  From what little I’ve read of the Trayvon Martin case, it seems that Zimmerman was defending himself from a criminal gang-banging thug.

By the way, where is La Raza in all this?  Shouldn’t they be defending Zimmerman?  Or is he the sacrificial lamb they must offer for a seat at the affirmative-action trough?


Savrola: Critique of the Constitution Party

Editor’s Note: I (Red Phillips) recently posted that I want to make CHT a hub of Constitution Party news and commentary because the CP has few such unofficial outlets on the web. Savrola objected and when asked to clarify why, asked if he could submit a stand alone article with his rational. Here it is below. The paragraph breaks were messed up in the word document he sent me so I had to guess at some of them. I hope I got them right. My reply will follow.

In the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the campaign of former Rep Cynthia Davis, probably the most electable Third-Party candidate since Joe Young ran for State Representative in North Carolina on the Libertarian Party ticket ten years or so ago. Rep. Davis will not win her race for Liutenant-Governor. It costs approximately ten millions to win such a race. She has no network in the counties of Missouri, and declines to focus on issues relevent to the people of Missouri—just as the more mainstream parties do.

Which brings us to the question: why does the Constitution Party continue to field candidates? Rep. Davis was formerly the most conservative Republican legislator in Missouri, and has recently termed out. Joining the Constitution Party is eminently practicable from her perspective—but considerably less so from the Constitution Party’s.

Why? Because the Constitution Party is based on culturalism. Its constituency consists of people who consider themselves capable of being governed by a document they consider to be Sacred—the Constitution.

The problem with the Constitution is that constitutions have gone the way of monarchies. Lip-service is paid, but the document has no relevence.

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Growth of Income Inequality Is Worse Under Obama than Bush

This can’t possibly be true! Obama is a liberal Democrat! But most of all, he HAS to be on the people’s side because he isn’t white. The most learned political theorists have proven whites are reactionary, while blacks are progressive.

I’m all befuddled. No one could have seen this coming…

… unless … they paid attention to the fact that Wall Street has showered Obama with contributions.

Sayyyy … that sounds familiar. An ambitious politician expands the central government and the office of president for the benefit of big business, while claiming he’s a man of “the people.” Hasn’t this act been done before?

Which of these is not like the others?

Here are three statements about the Trayvon Martin case. One is different from the rest. Can you find it?

“Had there not been pressure, there would not have been a second look.” Rev. Al Sharpton, on George Zimmerman’s arrest.

“We simply wanted an arrest.” Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother.

“We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts on any given case as well as the laws of the state of Florida.” special prosecutor Angela Corey.

More important – which statement do you believe?

L’Affaire Zimmerman

In what was thought to be the aftermath of the Zimmerman-Trayvon episode, there was a solid, if perhaps, premature, column from Matt Parrot, which noted:

Even if White Americans did want to feel guilty about the death of Trayvon Martin, the guy who shot him isn’t even White. George Zimmerman is of Peruvian descent, votes Democrat, mentors Black youth in his spare time, and is an anti-racist activist…For us, the most important and exciting development was the effectiveness with which Kyle Rogers of the Council of Conservative Citizens, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent, Nicholas Stix (Jewish) of VDare, and others from across the movement effectively subverted and scooped the lumbering and lazy media conglomerates at every turn. The mainstream media kept lying, and our people kept catching and exposing them.

But alas, the story is only just beginning.

The Republican Governor of Florida—that hotbed swing state—appointed a special prosecutor, Republican Angela Corey, to replace the local prosecutor who originally handled the death of Trayvon Martin and did not press charges.

Republican Angela Corey is moving forward with 2nd Degree Murder charges.

In the background, Presidential aspirant (then aspirant) Rick Santorum sided against Zimmerman and with the mob.  Alleged Tea Party Congressman, Allen West, sided with the mob against Zimmerman.  And most recently in the news as far as this web site is concerned, Rich Lowry sided with Sharpton and the mob.

It’s clear that this is a political prosecution of Zimmerman, or rather, a witch hunt, based on discredited political calculus that pleasing the mob, will get the mob to vote Republican.

But circle back to Zimmerman’s original defenders, the ones who will remain his defenders.

A sense of justice, or at the minimum, the old concept of a fair trial, perhaps does triumph other considerations—an ethic evolves.

Zimmerman is going to be railroaded, in some post-modern combination of the Dreyfus Affair, ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, and Bob Dylan’s (born Zimmerman) misleading account of a song, Hurricane.

Stay tuned…


Racism sells, except when it doesn’t

One of the hypocrisies of National Review and others at Breitbart or Daily Caller who wanted to run John Derbyshire out of town is how such publications and others have used race to sell their products. Richard Spencer points this out beautifully in his lastest blog at Atl. Right

“…With the Right, on the other hand, the conservative base is, in its guts, “racist”: such people grasp what is really happening to their country. They have sour memories of their (re-)educated children scoffing at the “talks,” quite similar to Derb’s, that they’ve given to them about Black people over the years. They’ve spent a great deal of their income isolating themselves and their families from “Diversity.”

In other words, the conservative base supports its “enlightened and forward-thinking” leaders despite what they say and do (and how they look). The base supports its leaders because it views them, rightly or wrongly—for the most part, quite wrongly—as on the side of the “home team.”

The Derb might have offended some NR readers with his scientific worldview, but it was always clear to them that he was in their corner.

Those who truly walk a tightrope, or who “dance around these issues” (in Rich Lowry’s words), are not the John Derbyshires of the movement (if any still remain) but the Rich Lowrys. It is they who must ensure that White anxiety, anger, and hope is safely and effectively channelled into the quarantine of the Republican Party and “Conservative Movement.”

John Derbyshire got off script.”

Spencer goes on to point out all the examples of how some supposed “mainstream” journals of opinion use race as way of selling itself to a mass conservative audience only to pull back and, as turns out, the pull the rug out from writers who probably thought  what they were writing was once okay.  As some have pointed out, Derbyshire’s latest article isn’t even the most caustic of previous things he’s written without penalty of termination.

Throughout the 2012 campaign we heard how Ron Paul supposedly profited from the racial and apocalyptic tone his own newsletters took from 1990 through 1994 and was attacked as an opportunist. Well, when will the same be said for Lowry, Beck, Carlson Breitbart et. al? Hmmm?

Ron Paul: to Third Party or not to Third Party

Here is a recent  article from Justin Raimondo urging Ron Paul to run third party.

Here is a reply from Ron Holland that appeared today at Lew Rockwell.

Read them and give me your thoughts. Here are mine.

While I would love to have someone I could enthusiastically support in November, especially with the Constitution Party likely to nominate Virgil Goode who is not a clear cut non-interventionist and the Libertarian Party likely to nominate cosmotarian favorite Gary Johnson, I hope Ron Paul doesn’t run third party or independent, but not for the reasons Ron Holland gives.

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Ron Paul Responds to Santorum Dropping Out

Via James Antle at American Spectator:

Ron Paul (through a spokesman): Congratulations to Senator Santorum on running such a spirited campaign.  Dr. Paul is now the last – and real – conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  We plan to continue running hard, secure delegates, and press the fight for limited, constitutional government in Tampa.

“Dr. Paul is now the last – and real – conservative alternative…”

If only the Republican primary electorate understood that, which they don’t.

The person Santorum dropping out hurts the most is Gingrich. People expect Paul to stay in the race because he is a message candidate, but Gingrich isn’t a message candidate and only looks like a sore loser by hanging on.

Trotskyite purges continue at National Review

It seems that the Trotskyites over at National Review in addition to purging John Derbyshire this week just also purged Robert Weissberg, author of the groundbreaking book Bad Students, Not Bad Schools.

Let’s make a list of people purged from (or gagged at) neocon National Review since its inception (add names in comments):

Revilo Oliver, Russell Kirk, John O’Sullivan, Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Murray Rothbard, Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, Chilton Williamson, Clyde Wilson, Thomas Fleming, Peter Brimelow, Edwin Rubenstein, Paul Gottfried, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Robert Weissberg, etc..

Looking at the names above, one can quickly see that National Review, over the years, has in essence purged all of its most talented writers.  Since the function of National Review is not to confront the left but to police the right, as commenters have noted, it’s no surprise that National Review is repulsed by talent.  National Review today is a three-ring circus of blathering fools like Jonah Goldberg or Ramesh Ponnuru, insane invade-the-world/invite-the-world neocons like, well, almost everyone there, or non-entity fratboys like Rich Lowry.  How many readers do they have left with IQs above 90?

As Richard Spencer noted in his recent piece, “The conservative movement deserves to die. And it must be fully de-legitimized before we can build something new in its place.”


James P. Lubinskas’ classic article “The Decline of National Review

Alex Kurtagic demonstrates how Rich Lowry borrowed his wording  from Cultural Marxists for the Weissberg purge.  Ooooops.

Alex Kurtagic interviews John Derbyshire.

John Derbyshire responds.

Freedom of speech …

… must be a wonderful thing. We wouldn’t know about that here in the DC Empire, since questioning egalitarian orthodoxy gets you fired. The latest victim is Robert Weissberg of National Review. Here’s uber-weenie Rich Lowry announcing Weissberg’s firing, and here’s Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs clucking with glee.

What can we do? If you subscribe to National Review, cancel your subscription.

Article on J.L. Mealer vs. Virgil Goode for the Constitution Party Nomination

Thanks to Darren for drawing our attention to this article from the Examiner.

There’s a battle raging for the party’s nomination for President. No, we’re not talking about the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Greens. Those political parties have all but sown up their nominees for President. One party however, the Constitution Party, is in the midst of a David and Goliath match between the outsider and non-politician JL Mealer versus the ex-Congressman, ex-Democrat and ex-Republican Virgil Goode.

One would think that an anti-establishment political party like the Constitution Party would choose an anti-establishment candidate for its Presidential nomination. One might also think that an independent party like the Constitution Party would provide a level playing field for the half dozen candidates vying for the party’s nomination for President. Sadly, that’s not the case.

For whatever reason, the Constitution Party is not so subtly promoting the party-hopping former Congressman Goode over the other handful of Constitution Party candidates. In numerous places on the Party’s website, it promotes Goode as the high-profile, presumptive nominee. It’s actually quite similar to the special help Republican candidate Mitt Romney has been receiving from the GOP establishment. Other independent news outlets and many rank and file Constitution Party members however, are vocally opposing the premature coronation of Mr. Goode during his brief stopover on the Constitution Party’s doorstep…

See more…

I’m not sure why the author focuses only on Mealer since Goode has other challengers. Maybe it is because Mealer is from Arizona as is apparently the author of the article. Mealer is not an acceptable alternative to Goode in my opinion because of his bizarre plan regarding Israel. (His Israel plan is so err … shall we say … unique that I’ll let Mr. Mealer speak for himself.)

But the author does make an important point that Goode seems to be cruising toward a coronation. This is not good for any party.

Neocon rag National Review purges John Derbyshire

It’s official, the neocon rag National Review has fired John Derbyshire for writing an entirely reasonable and realistic article. I only ever visited National Review Online to read Derbyshire’s posts at the The Corner, but now I suppose I’ll have no reason to visit NRO at all.  They’ve already either purged all their other good writers (such as Peter Brimelow and Steve Sailer) or gagged the rest (such as John O’Sullivan).

If you haven’t been following the development, Derbyshire’s article at TakiMag, “The Talk: Nonblack Version,” is a play on the “talk” that black leaders tell blacks to have with their children:  don’t trust whitey.  Looking at mundane crime statistics, Derbyshire wrote a piece advising white parents to tell their kids not to visit black neighborhoods, etc.  The leftist and neocon media went ballistic.  Derb was first attacked by PC leftists, who were quickly joined by Trotskyite neocons like Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Ponnuru.

Why now?  Derbyshire has written controversial pieces previously.  Is the MSM now pushing for a final pre-election purge of all unacceptable thought from mainstream press?  First Buchanan and now Derb?  Is it because it’s on the heals of the Trayvon Martin story?  Is it because Derb, undergoing chemotherapy, is now most vulnerable?  Or is it because what he says hits so close to home?  Although one may disagree with a few points in Derb’s piece, who’s going to disagree with its main premise?  How many white suburban liberal parents do you know that tell their kids to go hang out with gangbangers in the inner city?  Everyone knows what Derb writes is true.  Perhaps that’s his real crime.  In a state of totalitarian political correctness, telling the truth is the greatest crime one can commit.



Derbyshire is now unemployed, undergoing chemotherapy, and asking readers for donations as he lives “somewhat precariously, by the pen.”

Patrick Cleburne on incident here, on defenses of Derbyshire here, and on Derbyshire’s necessary work here.

Steve Sailer on “the talk,” on the irrelevance of National Review, and on Josh Barro at Forbes pointing and sputtering.

Paul Gottfried compares National Review to the communist Daily Worker.

Federale on Rich Lowry.

James Fulford on neocons Jonah Goldberg and Ramesh Ponnuru’s tweets.

Nicholas Stix calls it a “high-tech lynching.”

Paul Kersey defends Derbyshire.

Jared Taylor writes Derbyshire was fired for writing the truth no one is supposed to say.

Richard Spencer argues that Derbyshire is a truth-teller, not a race-baiter.

Peter Brimelow writes on Derb’s financial situation, and notes that what’s going on is similar to the journolist hysteria.

Thomas Fleming  writes that Derbyshire was too intelligent for National Review.

Taki defends Derbyshire.

Joseph Kay writes about the rationality of firing Derbyshire.

Paul Gottfried discusses the reality of black crime.

Jared Taylor notes the Atlantic Wire’s obsession with Derbyshire.