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Homeland Security has advice for confronting mass murders: scissors

Those cynics who claim the Department of Homeland Security is more concerned with expanding government power than with the safety of Americans need to read this handy advice about what to do if a madman attacks your workplace. Step one: Cower. Here’s how:

“To protect your hiding place, lock the door if you can. Block the door with heavy furniture,” recommends the male narrator, speaking in measured, authoritative tones.

Other survival strategies promoted in the video include hiding “behind large items such as cabinets or desks. Remain quiet. Silence your cellphone or pager. Even the vibration setting can give away a hiding position.”

That’s great advice. However, my new cell phone and I do not get along very well. Even when I’m not being fired at by a lunatic with a gun, I have difficulty figuring out how to set my phone to vibrate. No matter what I push, I get the message “You have selected AT&T’s Premium Text Messaging Service. A charge of $6,000.29 will appear on your next bill.” So I can just imagine myself fumbling with my cell phone while Omar Thornton is stalking the cubicles searching for co-workers to aerate.

The DHS video even provides this tip on how to take a stand against your murderer:

“If you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover, you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available,” says the narrator in the video, which shows an office worker pulling scissors out of a desk drawer.

Because, obviously, no one would have something as icky and scary as a handgun at work. So behold the weapon of choice of Metrosexual America:

But then, it’s just a matter of time until liberals and Neocons start demanding scissor registration. Me, I’m stocking up on these babies. Let Diane Feinstein try and stop me. Molon labe!

Update on Todd Welch Republican Party Dispute

This is from Todd Welch’s FaceBook page:

Here is the latest on Dunn County Richard Rust denying my membership in the Republican Party. This means that they are refusing to follow the rules as laid out in Roberts Rules of Order:

The Executive Board of the Republican Party of Dunn County met on Sunday, January 27 and has decided after consultation with Dave Anderson, Chairman of the Constitution Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, to reaffirm our decision to take the denial of your membership to the county membership at the annual caucus on Saturday, Feb 2nd 10:00 am at Fuzzy’s Bar & Grill, N5729 410th Street, per our original notification to you of this on Jan. 22nd.

… Richard Rust, Chairman
Republican Party of Dunn County

More than just a game

Jack Hunter’s latest Southern Avenger article was critical of those who weren’t exactly enamored of Rand Paul’s recent statement concerning Israel and U.S. protection thereof if said nation was ever attacked.

Jack was critical of libertarians who tend to focus in one area of disagreement of the 20 areas of agreement. Well, if was just one thing I would agree. It is not I can assure you. It is multiple “things” that go all the way back to the campaign and beyond.

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Erick Erickson Leaving CNN

Our favorite mainstream con whipping boy is leaving CNN. This announcement is mostly a collection of thank yous. He doesn’t say why he is leaving or where he is going? Possibly FOX? I’m sure we’ll know more soon.

I do think this paragraph is telling.

For some reason saying something negative about the GOP was fine here at RedState, but saying the same damn thing on CNN brought in a flurry of emails from conservatives accusing me of selling out. Funny how that works.

Our criticism of EE from the right has always been that he was either attempting to quash authentic expressions of conservative resistance (opposition to the Fed, gold, Ron Paul, secession) to the Machine, or that he was peddling an inauthentic variety of “conservatism” (globalist interventionism). It was never that he was being insufficiently faithful to the GOP.

This illustrates the two fold task us paleos have. We have to counter the inauthentic versions that call themselves conservative with an authentic version, and we have to overcome blind partisanship.

Addendum: BTW, EE recently floated his name as a possible primary challenger to Taxby Chambliss. Now that Taxby is out of the picture, does this mean a Senate campaign is in the works?

Update: This is from EE’s Facebook page: “Now the rest of the story: As of this afternoon I am a Fox News political contributor.” Well that didn’t take long.

Update II: Was Erickson actually let go as part of a purge at CNN?

Some Alternate Opinions on Mali

Here are a couple of articles on Mali. I’m not picking on Patroon, I just wanted to counterbalance his post below.

Here are Ron Paul’s thoughts. He wants to know why there has been no Congressional approval for our actions in Mali.

There is a reason why the framers of our Constitution placed the authority to declare war strictly with the Legislative Branch of government. They knew well that kings were all too willing to go to war without the consent of those who would do the killing and dying — and funding. By placing that authority in Congress, the people’s branch of government, they intended to blunt the executive branch’s enthusiasm toward overseas adventurism. The consequences of this steady erosion of our system toward the unitary executive are dire.

Here is Philip Giraldi’s take. He seems to generally concur with Patroon’s take on the causes and potential implications of the rebel war in Mali, but he reaches a different conclusion about  the wisdom of intervention.

It is an all too typical situation wrapped in Washington’s ignorance that is just waiting to become the next crisis. The White House knows almost nothing about the militants in Mali and even less about what happened in Algeria. General Carter Ham, who heads the Army’s Stuttgart-based Africa Command, admits that it is difficult to get reliable intelligence about what he perhaps conveniently refers to as the terrorist “safe haven” in Mali. The New York Times notes that Washington has only an “impressionistic understanding” of the militants involved. The perceived wisdom mandating the suppression of insurgencies everywhere coupled with the belief that all militancies tend to metastasize creates a U.S. interest in Africa that might not be credible. The fall of Timbuktu to extremists who have a local agenda does not actually threaten the United States and the ability of such groups to strike the U.S. is nil, so one might well plausibly decide that Washington has no real interest in Mali at all. Based on the performance of the Malian Army, one would also have to conclude that Africa Command is possibly not worth the time, money, and effort that is being committed to it in support of an agenda that continues to be somewhat opaque.

Roundup of Criticism of Obama-Rubio Amnesty

Roundup of Criticism of Obama-Rubio Amnesty:


Brenda Walker:  Amnesty To Cost $2.6 Trillion

Washington Watcher: Rubio’s Ridiculous Immigration Plan: So Bad, It Might Sink Amnesty

Steve Sailer: Obama To Go To Highest Unemployment State To Call For More Immigration To Fill The Jobs Americans Just Can’t Get

James Fulford: Meet The New Amnesty, Same As The Old Amnesty

Brenda Walker: Mickey Kaus Has A Few Items for Amnesty Supporters to Consider

Mickey Kaus: 6 Simple Questions on Immigration

James Fulford: Who Is Marco Rubio Betraying, And Who Is He Supposed To Be Loyal To?

Mickey Kaus: The Rubio Con: Sometimes a political con is just too transparent to fly

Patrick Cleburn: Rubio Swings Left, Supports Amnesty, Open Borders – Wall Street Journal Cheers

Mark Krikorian: Lies, Damn Lies, and Enforcement Promises

Mark Krikorian: They Think We’re Stupid



Washington Watcher: Five Reasons Why The Rubio Amnesty Is NOT “Better Than The Status Quo”

Donald Collins: Same Old, Same Old: Comprehensive Immigration Reform (a.k.a. Amnesty) Lies Intensifying Again

Jesse Mossman: End Of The STUPID Party?

Federale: Don’t Believe The Lies— There Will Be NO Enforcement Of ANY Immigration Laws

Tom Tancredo: The Gang of 8 Proposal is Akin to Amnesty


Other stuff:

Steven Camarota:  “Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Workers,” “Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children,” and “Who Got Jobs During the Obama Presidency?”

Ann Coulter: “America Nears El Tipping Pointo



Read VDare daily, call 202-224-3121 to tell your senators that you oppose the proposed amnesty, and join Numbers USA to send free faxes.

Please add other articles in the comments below.

Sen. Saxby (a.k.a. Taxby) Chambliss will not Seek Another Term in 2014

Taxby Chambliss is retiring. Rumor has it that Taxby is stepping down rather than face a bruising primary fight. Well Taxby, if you don’t want to get challenged in the primary, then don’t say stupid stuff like this:

Georgia conservatives are already taking credit for the decision, arguing that they pushed “Taxby” into retirement. And they probably did … His admission that maybe, just maybe, the Republicans would have to accept higher taxes as a necessary evil made him unacceptable in their eyes, guaranteeing a bitter primary fight.

This is a reference to this statement during the fiscal cliff battle.

Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said solving the nation’s fiscal woes may mean breaking the anti-tax pledge he signed years ago.

Chambliss signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, penned by conservative activist Grover Norquist.

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge,” Chambliss says. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

I say, “Good riddance Taxby!”

Rand Paul Has Officially Sold Out on Israel

This is outrageous. Rand is now officially off the list of potentially acceptable 2016 candidates. His dad needs to put that boy over his knee and give him a good whipping and send him to his room.

“…absolutely, we stand with Israel, but what I think we should do is announce to the world, and I think it is well-known, that any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United Sta tes.”

Read more…

We really need to start to identify potential candidates who can carry the non-interventionist banner in 2016, because Rand Paul is not one of them.

Shocking News Flash! Establishment Toadie Reince Priebus Re-Elected Chairman of Establishmentarian RNC

It looks like the Establishmentarians on the RNC have circled the wagons around their man Reince Priebus. Yahoo News has the story.

The 40-year-old RNC chairman ran unopposed in his bid for a second term, which begins less than three months after what most Republicans consider a disastrous election cycle. The GOP in November lost a competitive presidential election and gave up seats in the House and Senate.

“The task before us is transforming the party — to be a force from coast to coast,” Priebus said Friday in his acceptance speech in Charlotte, N.C., where Republican National Committee members from across the country gathered this week for the GOP’s annual winter meeting.

Maine national committeeman Mark Willis tried to challenge Priebus but could not muster the backing of three states needed to qualify for the ballot. All but two of the Republican National Committee’s 168 members — both from Maine — voted to reelect the chairman.


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Quote of the day

“I think people have come to the sensible conclusion that you can’t say a woman’s life is more valuable than a man’s life,” retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught.

Perfectly sensible – except to a reactionary such as myself, who’s still bitterly clinging to many un-hip notions, as well as to his guns and religion.

In quoting General Wilma, columnist Gail Collins THINKS she’s exposing the irrationality of those who oppose sending women into combat. After all, as EVERYONE KNOWS, equality is what this nation was founded on. By implication, those obstructionists who say women should not be exposed to front-line combat are anti-American.

Here’s the bottom line: Some things do not change. Human nature is one of them. The rigors of war are another. The DC Empire may proclaim equality all it wants. But in fact, human equality is a biological impossibility. It’s also a social and political catastrophe when government tries to impose it – just take a look at the real-world results of trying to implement it.

In fact, General Wilma is not just wrong, but disastrously so. There’s a reason that men have historically gone to war, and that is to protect their future. A nation can lose many of its young men but still recover. However, if it loses its women, it will fade away.

DC thinks it’s replaced the old-fashioned “Band of Brothers” with the new and improved “Swarm of Siblings,” but has instead landed yet another self-inflicted wound. When the history of the DC Empire is written, its epitaph will be “Death by Ideology.” It’ll be covered in the same chapter as the Soviet Union, which was a victim of the self-destructive idiocy of communism.

Rep. Steve Stockman Waffles on Debt Limit

Say it isn’t so Steve. Please say it isn’t so.

Among those voting with Boehner were Reps. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) and Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), who just three weeks ago refused to support Boehner in the formal vote for House speaker. Later, after the measure easily amassed enough votes to pass, Stockman joined some other conservatives in switching his vote to “no” — a sign that he opposed the measure but was willing to support Boehner if his vote had been needed.

Read more…


When I wrote below that I was anxious to see the roll call on this vote, I thought to myself that Stockman was sure to be one of the no votes. What a disappointment. And no, switching your vote to a “no” doesn’t count.


The Club for Growth Pulls a Norquist and Gives Cover to Debt Limit Cave-in

This is pathetic. Looks like the Club for Growth needs some of that left-over Lance Armstrong testosterone also. The headline says it all: “Club for Growth Gives GOP Cover on Debt Vote” And all the hand-wringers at The American Conservative say the problem is GOP intransigence. If only.

The conservative Club for Growth announced Tuesday that it will not oppose the House vote to temporarily extend the government’s borrowing capacity, a move that could provide the GOP rank and file cover to approve the measure.

House Republican leaders are bringing a bill to the floor Wednesday that would raise the debt ceiling without making commensurate cuts — the first time they have dropped that demand since 2011’s debt limit fight — but contingent upon Senate Democrats approving a budget, which they have not done in more than three years.

“The Club for Growth will not oppose tomorrow’s vote on the debt ceiling,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement. “The Club for Growth will, on the other hand, strongly oppose any efforts during the upcoming debate over the continuing resolution and sequester that fail to arrest out-of-control spending and put sensible limits on the growth of government.”

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Why France (or someone) has to intervene in Mali

“It’s dirty job but someone has to do it” as the old saying goes describes exactly why France finds itself in position its does having to intervene military in Mali. France’s actions hopefully put an end to the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” stupidity that exists on the American Right. I don’t see a lot U.S. troops on the ground in Mali nor will we. Drones have pretty much replaced actual soldiers at this point in the GWOT. At least France has real soldiers on the ground ready to fight.

Of course, the first important reason for France’s intervention in Mali is cleaning up the mess it help to create when it insisted they other NATO nations intervene in the Libyan Revolution. Having been defeated, Col. Kadahfy’s Tuareg mercenaries simply grabbed what heavy weapons they could from the Libyan army arsenal and went back to Mali and Niger and Algeria and the other countries these nomads roam through and starting causing trouble. The revolt by Tuaregs to carve off northern Mali into an automous state of Azawad and the political upheaval it caused in Mali was the first blowback caused by the Libyan intervention. The second was Islamic terrorists groups using the chaos as it’s angle to take control of northern Mali and push aside the Tuaregs, who only wanted self-government not seeing their women flogged in public for wearing the wrong clothes.

The second important reason has to do with collective security in response to aggression. It’s no secret France moved as quickly and surprisingly as it did because a red line was crossed in their minds which left them no choice. When the Salafist forces moved with 250 miles of the Malian capital of Bamako, then French knew they had to get involved. Had they not done so, it is conceivable the terrorists could have drive their pick-up trucks all the way Bamako and taken over. There would have been nothing to stop them considering the putrid state of Mali’s military, which is nothing more than a police army which is better at abusing its own citizens than fighting the enemy. And if the such armed Salfists groups took over, it would be the first time that such a trans-national terrorist group had seized control of another country right from the native people’s grasp (the Taliban were Pashtun tribalists allied with Al Qaeda).

Mali may well be a nowheresville to rest of the world but in this case it happens to be a central nowhere which touches everywhere. A Salafist takeover of Mali would have put them right in direct contact with the vicious killers of the Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria and providing an even more direct threat to that nation,which is the most important in all of West Africa, and to Christian populations the further south you go in Nigeria and states like Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Chad, Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Togo and the Central African Republic.  It would destabilize the entire region which is filled with artificial  states left over from colonial times whose in some cases governments hang by a thread. If Mali fell to such well-armed terrorists, then the same could happen to these states as well. Continue reading

More Ghosts of Waco: Boykin Does Libya Damage Control for the Company

April 2012’s article on PATCON in FP was a major breakthrough in high brow reporting on an often observed and discussed federal government operation of domestic agent provocateurs.

Coupled with Jesse Trenteadue’s FOIA releases as relating to his search for justice for his deceased brother, and placing Fast and Furious in the context of PATCON (as well as placing Waco and OKC within PATCON), the picture is pretty clear.

I came of age with the incident at Waco, and its corollary at OKC.  I have written a couple pieces over the past year (here, here) on one of the actors, General Boykin, the representative of Delta Force who came up with the idea to use CS gas on the women and kids at Waco, being hired by the Family Research Council after he, to borrow a pro-wrestling term, did a ‘turn’ into an anti-Islam Crusade conservative.

Soon after his hiring, there was a ‘lone nut’ who helpfully got Family Research Council in the news in a protest against their stance on gay marriage.  I am not suggesting that it was a publicity…well, whatever nevermind.

Boykin is out today exonerating the CIA for any ‘fast and furious’ connection to the recent unpleasantness in Benghazi, and guns for radical Islamic ‘rebels’ in Syria.   (Don’t hesitate to click over and give ole Local Ale a like bump.)  Boykin’s placement into the media stream splits the ‘evangelical’ media, as WND has leaned populist over the years.

Rand Paul is on his Plague Tour, comparing what happened in Libya/Syria to Fast and Furious. 

And of course, Jesse Trentaeadue has noted that Fast and Furious is but an extension of PATCON.

Might be an opportunity here.

The Ghosts of Waco


Todd Welch, Wisconsin State Coordinator of Campaign for Liberty, Denied Republican Party Membership

Here is a copy of the letter on Facebook.

FreedomWorks has the story.

The purge of truly limited-government activists from the Republican Party has reached new lows, as one of Wisconsin’s top activists found out.

Todd Welch, Chairman of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty and constitutional activist, has been “declined” membership in the Republican Party of Dunn County in Wisconsin and his dues check returned. His crime? Holding the Party accountable to its rhetoric and promises.

Here is the contact information for the Dunn County GOP. Perhaps you would like to let them know what you think of their Politburo like purges.

Republican Party of Dunn County
P.O. Box 311
Menomonie, WI 54751

Current Office (during election period)
815 6th Ave E.
Menomonie, WI


Chairman –

Burn the Constitution!

An openly Marxist magazine calls for scuttling the Constitution. Marxists know their projects require the heavy hand of omnipotent government if they’re ever to be implemented. And the whole point of the Constitution (and further reinforced by the Bill of Rights) was to LIMIT the power of the central government.

We are entering the Era of Interesting Times.