Herman Cain just as politically correct as Obama?

“Businessman Herman Cain on Sunday called it “insulting” that the family of Rick Perry owned a hunting camp with a racially charged name well into the 1980s and possibly even later.” ~ Fox News, Oct. 2, 2011

The pro-immigration, pro-war Rick Perry may well be the worst of all possible GOP presidential candidates, but Herman Cain is proving himself to be just as politically correct and racially charged as Barack Obama.  What’s particularly annoying about Cain is his preachy manner, and the last thing we need is another preachy black president demanding that European Americans atone for their “past sins” (i.e. past breaches of political correctness).

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14 thoughts on “Herman Cain just as politically correct as Obama?

  1. mike1988123

    hands down agree! I wish we had someone like pat buchanan but he’s not going to run. I guess we’re sticked with RP.

  2. John

    And NumbersUSA gives Cain a C- for immigration.

    I’d vote for Romney, Bachman or Paul before I’d ever vote for Cain or Perry.

  3. jacy

    I like statements like with absolutely no proof…What we have in the White House now wins the throphy for being the most complete, without question the biggest snd corrupt fraud in the history of this country…for this we have proof! At last Jimmy Carter can reliquish his title of the worst president. I think someone has been drinking kool aid again.

  4. RedPhillips

    Use of the n word is tatseless and low class. It was low class even before the advent of political correctness. I don’t mind people objecting to the n word and the hunting camp was right to change the name. The problem is that Cain is grandstanding about it and echoing the left-wing chorus line which is used to hurt conservatives, conservatism, the GOP and black conservatives. Cain would be wiser to dismiss this as left-wing PC grandstanding rather than joining the chorus for temporary political advantage.

  5. Matt Weber

    This is one of those stupid non-stories Americans love to hear. No one is offended by the name of a hunting camp they didn’t know existed two weeks ago. The left wants to draw equivalency with Jeremiah Wright, but no one cared about his rantings either. Anti-racism is now worse than anti-communism ever was.

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  7. Bruce


    “Use of the n word is tatseless and low class.”

    That might be true now but it wasn’t always that way. My great-grandfather used it and he was middle-class (a veterinarian and a retired army officer). Working class men used it. Kipling used it and Kipling wasn’t lower class.

  8. Monte

    Since Reconstruction, when the whites were disenfranchised and blacks were given the vote, they have been political tools and pawns, willing to do and accept anything for a handout. They were given guns and clubs to patrol the polling places and make sure that all of them were voting Republican. Thus, the Republican death-grip remained in place while the carpetbagger governments stole everything of any value out of the Southern states. During the early 20th century, communists, realizing the class divisions of the old world didn’t exist in the new, decided that race should be the engine to drive the revolution. Martin Luther King was funded and supported by communists. Therefore, anything dealing with race I find suspicious. Any black man running for office I instinctively believe to be a cover for something else. To call me a racist does not offend me because I believe that term is used to silence opposition and force forward an agenda.

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