Is Intellectual Conservative Editor Rachel Alexander Being Persecuted by the Arizona Bar for Her Politics?

Intellectual Conservative has published several of my articles in the past, so I noted this story with much interest.

The story is complicated but it seems that at base we have dueling allegation of politicization of the legal process. Alexander is one of three defendants (is that the right word?) in an Arizona Bar proceeding that could end with the suspension of her law license for six months. The primary defendant, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, alleges that liberal judges were undermining enforcement of the law for political reasons. (Maricopa County is home of the famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio.) He filed suit. Those named in the suit claim the suit was politically motivated and complained to the Bar.

I can not speak to the merits of the RICO case Thomas filed because it is beyond my scope. I will note that I am skeptical of RICO cases in general. But what seems clear is that Alexander simply briefly took over the RICO case as part of her job. According to Hawkins, “Her Supervisor Peter Spaw had a much larger role in the racketeering case than Alexander did. Yet Spaw has not been charged by the Bar.” So it is entirely reasonable to speculate that Alexander is being singled out because she is an outspoken and prominent conservative blogger.

The whole thing stinks. Liberal judges appeared to not be enforcing the law for political reasons. Now whether filing suit was the appropriate way to address this concern, I don’t know, but a politicized Bar disciplinary proceeding hardly seems like the way to address a charge of politicization, especially in the case of Alexander who was only minimally involved and less involved than others who are not facing discipline.

Addition information on this topic:

Read more about Alexander’s involvement here.

The Maricopa County Republican Committee has complained about the politicized Bar proceeding here.

Several prominent Arizona attorneys, not all conservative Republicans, complain about the Bar proceedings here.

Update: This blog post has also been posted at Intellectual Conservative.

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