2 thoughts on “America’s best community colleges

  1. Bede

    It’s horrible everywhere. I don’t why community colleges would be immune. The managerial state wants proletarian specialists, and that’s what almost all community and four- year colleges provide. Most community colleges are concerned only with job training and vocational skills. It would be hard to receive a classical liberal arts education (the type of education endorsed by many at Chronicles) at most community colleges. Students would do better to buy some books and self-educate themselves or join a secret gentlemanly society and have the elders guide them.

  2. Patroon Post author

    I think it’s obvious that the American university, outside of a few institutions, has pretty much given up on intellectual development. Administrators are basically fundraisers, TAs and foreign profs who can’t speak English do most of the grunt work and the supposedly great professor is basically a researcher and grant machine working to bring money into the old U. Because of this, they know their value and have become like football coaches, demanding higher salaries in accordance to the market which forces tuition up and puts more students (indentured servants?) Or else they’re just propagandists for a cause. Social forces and economic changes have played a large role in this but the main point of college is now what high school used to be, the trainer for the current job market which is why so many go nowadays compared to the past, especially community colleges.

    For intellecutal development, you’re better off skipping school and get a subscription to Chronicles.

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