Won’t get fooled again?

I despise Newt Gingrich. It’s not just because he’s a serial philanderer, or that his current wife has lunatic eyes and a Star Trek hairdo.

No, it’s because he’s going to bring back the Bush administration. And by that, I don’t mean more insane military adventures and floodtide immigration – heck, we’ve already got that under Obama. What bothers me is that he’s going to wrap up those noxious policies as “real American conservatism,” which they are not.

So first Newt has to lure conservative voters, and he attempts to do just that with this retch-inducing ad:

Gee, you’d never suspect that the candidate wooing the white majority with this ad was already working on “immigration reform” [translation: amnesty] that even the immigration lawyers like.

And Newt hasn’t forgotten the Bushian newspeak about perpetual war being a “conservative” value, never mind its proven record of boosting big government, opening the doors to more Third-World immigration, and eroding liberty. Heck, Newt has even found his own Condoleezza Rice.

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6 thoughts on “Won’t get fooled again?

  1. Savrola

    lets be specific. Newt is targeting geriatric whites aka the people who actually vote Republican aka the people voted for John McCain.

    This is no time to lose heart.

    Conservative establishment is crumbling. I saw a piece of the wall fall down, just yesterday, in Southern Missouri, where for the first time since ’96 we will be holding a Iowa-style caucus. (Buchanan won in ’96 by these means).

    it only takes one day of global cooling in Iowa to keep the bluehairs home and Ron Paul is off to the races.

  2. Bruce

    Yet another reason to question Newt’s judgement.

    If he has to continually commit adultery he should find more attractive women.

    Newt is not the smartest man in the room, did he earn a Medical degree from Duke ?

    Newt needs to drop 50 pounds himself.

    Has anyone noticed that Mike Huckaby has regained much of the 100 pounds he lost ?

    Apparently the Huckster has given up on dieting and politics for good…….

  3. rjp

    Condi was a little better looking than her. But then Bush was a little better looking than Newt.

    I have always thought Condi was Bush’s African concubine; she was well educated but didn’t have anything to justify appointment to National Security Adviser, let alone Secretary of State.

  4. C Bowen


    I think he is targeting old White Women with this ad, the people who actually turn their minds over deciding who to vote for-not so much that they would ever attend a caucus though–that is like, what, an hour, maybe two?

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