First Things vs. Front Porch Republic (Joe Carter vs. Jerry Salyer)

Rod Dreher brings our attention to a battle that is taking place between First Things and Front Porch Republic. The main antagonists are Joe Carter and our own Jerry Salyer, who occasionally posts here.

CarterĀ fired the first shot with a criticism of Distributism.

Salyer replied.

Carter replied with a general critique of FPR and FPRism.

Be sure to read the comments below the most recent Carter article.

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One thought on “First Things vs. Front Porch Republic (Joe Carter vs. Jerry Salyer)

  1. Matt Weber

    Salyer does a good job of pointing out some of the things that annoy dissenters about the modern conservative zeitgeist, but it’s definitely more of a rant than an engagement, and I can understand Carter’s bafflement at the can of worms that was opened and slung all over the place.

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